Learn to get angry when necessary and avoid that detached feeling. Anger can be good but it shouldn’t lead to brawls or altercations.
Human beings are fixated creatures and not like animals which do not think of what others think of them but only about what it thinks of itself. If it is horny/on heat it will look for a mate and fuck it.
Anger turns you into an animal and makes you to stop thinking about what others think & you start thinking of yourself. You do not care in the heat of the moment.
Use that anger well; put it into good use before it wears out. It needs to be driven out either by throwing a blow/fighting or throwing a tantrum or ALTERNATIVE B. Which is
1.You could read a book/bible
2.You could think hard and reflect on zones in your life that need change and even in the process a business idea could pop up.
3.You could study.

After years of slavery then racism & prejudice, this Negroes formed their own way to vent out. This was HIP HOP Music.
Cuss words (fuck) were used to emphasize rap lines that complained about the U.S.A Systems and spoke of the gangster hood life.
This music type turned out to be the most successful and lucrative music genre thanks to their anger.


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