Love is the most precious gift given to us by GOD, but human beings tend to fail to understand what love is.
Love is not sex it is a warm and affectionate liking for someone. Well Saint Paul teaches us that love does not insist on its on way> This is what makes it warm.
Its like the willows in the wind. Willows do not bend on their own/know/plan when to bend but they bend when the wind comes.
Human beings defile love by planning when to fall in love and forcing it to work.
Go meet friends, hang out, choose a sexy one, go for a date, if you like the personality go for another date, What i am trying to say is that love is earned at the right time by the right qualities ~>
trust,kindness e.t.c.
Love says for itself, you do not have to say I LOVE YOU Because it will say for itself at the right time. LET IT FLOW.
Take life slow because your prince will come. Love is not going anywhere, life is a game meant for everyone and love is a price.

It is the most beautiful feeling. Opposite to grief.


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