Females are the most unloyal gender even in the animal kingdom. Strong male animals fight to claim teritorry and females stick with the strongest or during mating seasons the females go for the show off males with bright colours to rear strong and attractive offsprings. It is in their nature to leave a not so handsome and not so tall and not so wealthy to go for the handsome and wealthy. You cant blame them.
Females are designed for child bearing and rearing. In the hostile animal kingdom, they go for strong males who will protect them and their kids from imminent danger. Their brains are designed to go for males with large teritorries thus large hunting grounds. In human beings too, they also go for the rich men inorder to have a nice secured future so dont call them unloyal because to modern ways, ladies fail to understand their high affinity for men who have it all which is starting a good family which is well catered for, but instead they hop from one rich man to the next richer highest bidder leading to the stereostypical naming of ladies as ratchets/whores or unloyal bitches.


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