This is one of the most epic oldskool hip hop beefs with healthy competition after the greatest one ended with the tragic demise of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G

. Many would say that JAY Z won the battle but this may only be if we introduced a technical phrase. Technically JAY Z won the battle but if we came back to the drawing board NAS was a Hip Hop revolutionaryand a very skilled rapper who lacked the entreprenurial ability like JAY Z had and friends like KANYE WEST

and collaborations like Numb

that JAY Z did. Fixing the statistics not beyond 2002, NAS won the battle with the best  album ever made [ILLMATIC] With songs such as ETHER where he heavily murders JAY Z with his lyrics. JAY Z had  a major breakthrough after teaming with linkin park and producing the GRAMMY winning song NUMB. HE then had it pretty smooth , getting endorsed as DEF JAM President and producing one of the best contemporary albums WATCH THE THRONE with long time friend and producer KANYE WEST

. This really raised his bar outweighing NAS’ victory.


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