Everybody wanna be a dope boy.

Every bad bitch is a mom.

Every real nigga is a thug.

Every teen in the hood wants to be a rapper.

every guy wants a girl with huge titties and a fat ass.

Everybody wants to be on instagram looking like they damn rich but they not.

everybody wants to rock couture clothes.

everybody needs a homie like TRINIDAD JAMES.

Every artiste needs asong featuring 2 CHAINZ.

every white boy wants that NIGGA SWAG.

Every rapper has a clotheline.

every rapper is struggling to be an OG Like TUPAC.

Everybody wants the latest smartphone.

everybody says that they started from the bottom.

every rich guy owns a yatch.

every rich person wants to own an island.

every rapper says they dropped outta college.

every dude wants to have abs and tattoos.


Every stupid bitch is a video vixen or a stripper.

every tall girl is a model.

Every male person is a chauvinist.

every female person is a feminist.

everybody wonders why everybody listens to MIGOS.

Everybody calls TAYLOR SWIFT by her 2 names.

everybody wants to be their own boss.

every girl should wax their XXXXX.



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