Adult Man Code


Honesty, kindness, Mature.

Acting like the man; the person on top, the head, pushing her habit, being chauvinistic and somewhat cocky and arrogant

A useful person in life, doing something good with his life, not necessarily rich but having a respectable hustle

Ladies ain’t necessarily wise or too knowledgeable on stuff so the male has to be with good judgement and firm ideologies, to cater for both sides with wisdom.
A firm and stable person shaking the girl,

girls love to be shook habit and they love men who challenge them, not always agreeing to every term or condition the lady says only to please her but a man who also brings his views on the table whether extreme and deep or stupid.
Its a hostile animal kingdom where females ain’t loyal and go for the man with the whole package -all these good qualities.
A man who can support them financially. Its so wrong to call a girl a gold digger. Will you take your wife’s surname. Its the guy’s duty in the life ecosystem to be producers.. We just have to get that into our thick muscular heads.
A man who can work hard trying to win them over and earn them. After working so hard and doing what is required, it naturally happens and gets spiced up when the lady initiates the move suggesting acceptance.
A virile, robust and masculine man who can own them in bed, touching and grabbing their ass right

between the sheets and making them lustily scream.

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