Error of Convenience in Women.

I’d really like to say out loud that ladies are the most stupid, superficial, lighthearted and disloyal beings that God ever created; but I will not.
This is because their behavior is as a result of an error of convenience that God put in them.
Imagine a world where women were loyal, clever like men/thought like men, did not get drunk on the slightest compliment/did not blush when swept off their feet by charming men, accepted suitor without  challenge or playing hard to get, did not get emotional or catch feelings on the slightest provocations, did not concern themselves with grooming and lookin beautiful, weren’t lighthearted thus couldn’t submit to their husbands, would not get euphoria when told of LOVE….. What a mess.
Did you know that even the most powerful women lack depth of character like that of men.
God understands and acknowledges their superficial nature when he tells men not to covet another man’s wife because of the error HE put in them of getting carried away by the littlest charm. Ladies are so lighthearted that Jesus couldn’t select any as HIS disciple.
I’m a chauvinist. Every male guy is a chauvinist but only a few are man enough to exercise it and show it. Sorry I can’t apologize for not hiding my chauvinism side because this is the only error of convenience God put in us men.
Someone has to be on top and it can’t be the weaker one, one has to be a Dick and the other the swallower; God and Satan, Man and Woman, the one who was created from someone’s rib is subject.
Women also love men who push them and control them a bit not always licking their asses only trying to please them.

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