Muslims are blatant hypocrites lying straight to our faces when they claim that Terrorism isn’t part of Islam while we outrightly understand Mujihadeen as an Islamic doctrine. When these terror groups e.g. Al Shabaab

claim to be Muslims then this is defiling and downscaling Islam and the Muslims are supposed to form a kind of warfare against the combatants who continue to tarnish Islamism instead of feigning nonchalance. They are also supposed to exercise their extreme sharia laws on these combatants. The fact that no divinely appointed Muslim leader has declared any retaliation to attain moral perfection means that Islam supports Hezbollah, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, Egyptian Islamic Brotherhood, ISIL/ISIS

& Al Qaeda.
I can prove it.
Many Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are extremely rich and have the philosophical notion of them changing the world through Islam-Their dominant religion & Oil-Their main mineral, alluding to the fact that they are dominant Main World Oil Producers. Many Muslim scholars such as Ali Mazrui claimed that Europeans used the Gun & A Bible to change the world so now Arabs are using the Qur’an’ and Oil to change the world.
Credible Conspiracy Theories state that Saudi Arabian leaders are active and diligent using their considerable financial resources in funding and promoting Salafism (Which is the fastest growing Islamic movement in the world) all around the world. More than 1500 Salafi mosques were built from Saudi public funds over the last 50 years. Saudi rewarded journalists & Academics who followed it and built satellite campuses around Egypt e.g. Al Ahzar, the oldest and most influential Islamic University. Al Qaeda the main global militant Islamic organization is an Islamist/ Wahabbi/ Salafi Jihadist group. It follows Salafism ideology making it possibly supported by Saudi Arabia financially. Saudi Arabian Mecca is the Islam headquarters main mosque.

Out of the suspicion that terrorism isn’t part of Islam we now come to the part of why Islam does not condemn these heinous acts committed by these radical groups. This is because these acts are in favor of Islam. Terrorism hinders every form of development technologically and intellectually which cause change in every fragment of human life fabric especially abandoning

primitive religion ac


‘ e.g(Sharia laws and the disregarding of women as of lower status) to embracing more neutral ways easy to cope with. These changes include educational bound lives which is a very powerful tool in positive coercion. Creating terror in certain regions slows down development and drives away non-muslim contaminants from such regions.

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