There is a lot of bad music out there called Trap. Trap is a soft kind of Hip Hop genre that sounds so airless & claustrophobic not even fatalistic. A subgenre of Trap called Drill is even more awful. It could make a Hip Hop fan ooze blood through the ears just by listening to it. Drill is gritty/violent/nihilistic with a Grim deadpan delivery often filtered through Auto tune, influenced by the stoned aimless warbling of Soulja Boy. Notable drill rappers are Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, Lil Reese, Fredo Santana, Chief Keef, Lil Durk, O.T Genasis, OG Maco, Silento, Migos, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan.These rappers make stupid bullshit music. They basically rap about nothing.
Drill music is oftenly associated with violence in Chicago-A culture mainly represented by Chief Keef. Trap beats are often slower and the artists are often prominent in their teenage years thus capturing a large mass of teen attention. The reason why I say this is bad pointless music is because it tends to glorify and celebrate drugs, violence, sex and misogyny. The lyrics are plainly unintelligent blatantly showing lack of education on the rappers’ part. Drill rappers have a lack of concern with metaphor or wordplay. There is a long history of overlap between Chicago’s gangs and Chicago’s rap. The rappers are often gang affiliates who dropped out of school, sold crack now using music as their way out. These rappers have an experience with criminal lifestyle. This sound is joy less.
Trap maintains a strong presence on the mainstream Billboard music charts. Man fuck these bitches at Billboard music telling us what to listen to. When you have bitches that do not know shit about Hip Hop to sample Hip Hop music this is what happens. How the hell do they not put conscious hard intelligent Hip Hop on these charts. Non Hip Hop fans listen to Trap thinking they know Hip Hop. If you listen to T.I, Tyga, Chris Brown, B.O.B, Ferry WAP, Dej Loaf e.t.c you are a Trap fan. Trap scares me. This is not Hip Hop. Only Hip Hop fans understand what I am saying.

There is still hope for Hip Hop though. There is still a sound out there of young rappers who have maintained the real original Hip Hop culture.
These rappers are mainly inclined towards conscious Hip Hop which addresses social and political subjects, decrying the poverty, violence and dead end lives of the urban poor of the time. They also show an overlap between Gangsta rap, socio-political commentary, using the now standard hardcore rap motifs of crime and violence to comment on the state of society and expose issues found within poor communities to society at large. Its impressive how young artists aged between 19-27 years can rap commentary on revelation/urban life and radical politics. Its also nice how they experiment on their flow and sporadically insert wordplay, punchlines and rhyme. It is simply beautiful intelligent Hip Hop.
The problem is that these rappers are very underated than usual only limited to die hard Hip Hop fans yet their music sounds so good. The good thing is that these rappers make up the next real Hip Hop generation. These rappers are
A$ap Rocky
A$ap Ferg
Joey Bada$$
Cj Fly
T’nah Apex
Tyler the Creaor
Earl Sweatshirt
Mike G
Frank Ocean
Mobb Deep
Captain Murphy (Flying Lotus)
Action Bronson
The Alchemist
Trinidad James
Slaughter House
Royce da 59
Travis Scott.
These are the next people who will bring about another Golden age of Hip Hop after Biggie PAC HOVA etc.

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