Africa has hardest kind of environment ever for someone to get born in. Kids and teenagers from here are faced with conflicting cultures and many foreign “contaminants” too extreme and outrightly seems negative to the set up notions of living by society and the older generation. These foreign factors seem appealing and free as compared to the known standards.
Its a confusing state of two extremes that tolled down so heavy on the FORMER GENERATION causing many of the past teenagers to stumble and fall due to an inclination towards the unknown appealing foreign factors. These stumblings created stereotypes of a generation which still overlooked and forced them on their offsprings who now make the African contemporary teenage generation. Its some sort of paranoia in the parents with their children. A Normal mum can’t stand and watch her daughter talk to a boy without pregnancy ringing  a bell in her mind.
These parents need to understand that we are also growing human beings who can learn from the failures of their generation. Boy-Girl relations on a friendship level have been corrupted by these Old people who label stereotypes and focus on irrational negative perception rather than the casual positive.
These factors make these adolescents to mainly adhere to clandestine operations. How do you expect me (A boy) to talk to a girl normally in your eye view while I know that you will label her a ratchet or maybe a whore.. And stupidly think I will make her pregnant.
Fuck these stereotypes.

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