There are so many weird and wrong personal and cultural patterns of choice and preference that people have adopted into the mainstream of their cultures. Taste is drawing distinctions between things such as styles, manners, consumer goods and works of art and relating to these. Contemporary human beings are defying the social inquiry of taste by inclining towards awful and mediocre tastes. Social inquiry of taste is about the human ability to judge what is beautiful, good and proper.
These actions go against nature’s law of human preference of the Crème De la Crème:::-
1. Fellow peers can’t talk about beneficial deep rooted intellectual issues and philosophy, What fills every conversation is claptrap showbiz propaganda and gossip.
2. I still fail to understand how a large mass of people chose Instagram over Pinterest. I mean Instagram is just a plain way of posting and cataloging photos for likes while Pinterest is more of a photo Website, you pin photos according to categories on your Pinterest boards. This should be mainstream.
3. How else would anyone chose/ prefer senseless tweeting over blogging. Twitter is limited in words posting making its users only talk short bullshit compared to blogging with unlimited word use. Yeah Twitter is for Kids.
4. BDSM & LGBT. These people take criticism personally but its only right to reprimand awful tastes. BDSM is painful and hurts. Its also a glorification of rape. Why fight for it to be mainstream. LGBT- Jesus CHRIST. The most awful form is Gayism. How do you get attracted to a fellow thing dimorphised masculinely to perform roles same as yours.
People who chose Jewish Religion/Islamism over Christianity are definitely far from Narcissism. These religions are harsh with weird Nefarious beliefs that their adherents are supposed to run so fast away from them. Christianity on the other hand is a beautiful neutral tolerant religion which gives each a personal intimate relationship with God.
5. People who claim that alcohol is better than marijuana are MAD.

Aesthetic preference & attendance to various cultural events are associated with education and social origin. In this modern world, I think there is a problem with the two.

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