Just think about it, wrap it up in every instance you are having Jezebel sex. Instances of Jezebel sex- With a prostitute, teenage sex, one night stands, orgies. This is forbidden unplanned sex whose main purpose is pleasure. For crying out loud its just ten minutes of pleasure while its negative effects are tremendous. The effects are not worth the act. You don’t have to deal with abortions and HIV diets or siphyllis check ups just for an act that people commit with their hands. Its not worth it. Just use a condom.

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  1. In case you missed it, it was hot at the 2010 BET Awards and not because of the weather in Los Angeles. The fashion was on fire. The ladies’ dresses, the men’s suits, and the ladies’ shoes were worth an honorable mention today. Not sure how the ladies stood in those shoes all night, but the motto for shoe game last night had to be, the higher the better and the hotter the color and style the more it complimented your dress or outfit. Let’s not get too overboard, there were some outlandish outfits at the show, but the shoes made a clear statement.
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