War is a violent expression of human beings fed up and only using it as a last resort. Throughout human history, war has been prevalent as a tool for the shaping of humanity. Fighting for humanity as a cause has hitherto been considered larger than or even above the human race. Human beings posess an inner hands off nonchalant nature which spontaneously comes to life/ or is made volatile by aspects that mess with humanity. The nature of human beings fighting for an improvement of life is so fiery and filled with intrepid fortitude that not even death could deter. Most of the aspects that human beings go to war for are so intense to be solved to common grounds by diplomacy or other peaceful means. Resistance from other human beings who posses opposite standpoints leads to war.


The root cause of The American Civil War was slavery. President Abraham Lincoln supported the banning of slavery in all the US territories, something the Southern States e.g Mississippi viewed as a violation of their constitutional rights. Seven of the Southern slave States with cotton based economies formed a Confederacy and prepared for war. Abraham Lincoln called for other states to bring out troops for war in an aim to emancipate the slaves. The strategy of the anti-slavery forces was containment- to stop the expansion and thus put slavery on a path to gradual extinction. This wan one of the earliest true Industrial wars. It proved to be a death struggle and it remains the deadliest war in American history resulting in the death of an estimated 750 000 soldiers. Dying for a cause.

The rise in intellectualism and the prevalence of an educated generation has led to an evolution of war to achieve mainly revolutionary effects. The necessity of Industrial warfare has also waned due to cemented border agreements and a rise in Education. Education has had a tremendous effect on war through its ability of making people hypothesize future wars and allowing people to formulate ways of curtailing and preventing future wars The League of Nations, NATO & The UN. These organizations create forums for ideological wars by world leaders to come up with a common ground of mutual understanding.

Cases of tyranny, corruption, absolute monarchy, misuse of power and resources, dictatorship and infringement of human rights are faced with a different type of war by contemporary citizens who fully understand their rights and are well educated on government issues. Such cases lead to protests, uprisings, political unrests and revolutions to achieve a goal. This even proves war evolution, the power of the people and the effects of education on war.


The Egyptian revolution was spearheaded by Egyptian youth and vast usage of social media and computer literacy.

The contemporary world no longer faces a threat of a major war between countries. However, these countries face wars from within. People with heavy hungers for democracy, equality and employment conduct strikes in trying to fight for their rights and protest for an Anti-Presidency regime which oppresses them.


War has proved to be a tool for human beings to champion their wants. The results of war also prove that nothing good comes easy. The human being has learnt that struggle for existence is still in play and that to achieve affluence, or any good, we must sweat for it.

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