There is a cliché misguided form of propaganda in our modern age that claims that the boy child is endangered. The person who coined this phrase is a DICKHEAD, excuse my French. There is no way a woman could take up male roles , what is happening is that external forces are acting on the young male members of the society pressurising them to take up their roles. Telling a boy something ain’t enough, their thick skulls need these heavy life lessons and experiences for them to be wise men. Its an incomplete metamorphosis from boy to man without the hustle.

Men are born great, thus the saying The Definition of A Man is Leadership. There is too much strength of character vested upon a male brain. This makes them to have uneasy minds leading to instances of this sense of power channelled out in the wrong way. It is considered morally unsocial to drink alcohol alone. The society kills men by coming up with stereotypes that wastes away these powers.
Men rapport is achieved very fast as compared to female rapportaking it very easy for a group of men to get coerced through incitement into like minded people forming cliques, gangs and harmful packs.
These uneasy minds of men need an outward force controlling them. Men need other men to standardize the glaring male harzardous characteristics that could turn to havoc spontaneously.
Being a man is a choice ignited by wisdom. This is why we see widows run families both as a father and a mother.
Men getting defined by their superficial acts is anachronism. Stuff such as Bravery, fighting, knives, Vikings, Gladiators, Scruffy, Gambling, Casinos, Beers, Chess and Checkers, Women, Sports, Cars, Sons, sadomasochism, Bullying, Chauvinism, Manual work, Braggadocio, Drugs, Guns. This is like piggy bulldog behavior that contrasts heavily with the male code of conduct. Contemporary definitions should infuse Bipedal Gait, Success, Proper Dressing, Suits and Cologne, Wisdom, Councils/Forums/Table of men, Leadership, Shapers of Society, Generation determiners and Honour.
Apparently both lines are sides of male characteristics. It has been statistically postulated that male children are a wide source of parental headache, but after stepping above boyish shenanigans they take all the blessings in a household. Honour is associated with wise men.
What surprises me is that despite the changes in society through the Medieval to Renaissance and now the modern age, men still remain a backbone to this society.
Hermits and monks with severe austerity of seclusion with no female, Vikings fighting and Bloodshedding brutally, Gladiators slaying each other, Homo Habilis cutting meat and forming fire from rubbing stones, lives full of juxtaposed stuff such as guns and women.
Men are still the spearheads in every society. A fragment of society warps is not complete without men interlacing it as wefts to form a fabric.

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