Hopeless men in our society are fixing us with stereotypes that slowly recruit us into their loser lifestyles. The definition of a man is a leader but this has been corrupted by a society with so many failures who failed to take up their roles as men.

Alcohol is a reaper that harvests hope from any living soul. Problems are part of a man’s life; trying to escape them by drowning oneself into a booze spree is not so man-like. I don’t see how drinking alcohol could be a ticket to the table of men. You think that you are tucking in your misery by drinking whereas you are just making a urine recipe. Problems are faced head on and turned into opportunities for growth by men.

That sexy whore who sits on your lap dressed skimpily making you think that you are in control of her because you will be banging that ass tonight is a conscience thief. That is her position to use what is in her proximity to exploit you. Saying that bitches completely obliterate men is an understatement.

I was born with a high Intelligence Quotient and I would be something close to a genius by now were it not for Marijuana. As much as it is a better option compared to other stuff, it suppresses the brain. Smoking Sativa to oblivion is wasting away your talents and limiting your own brain from achieving the greatest heights it could reach. Stop smoking and you will thank me later.
Instead of claptrapping all those words I simply should have said Drugs Alcohol and Women obfuscate men from their true potential and divert their destinies.

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