You look at her and admire her sultry ethereal looks, sensual voluptuous figure, pillowy boobs, damn the smile and her aura of a chic goddess And then you wonder Who taps that.. Who drives such a car? And you start labelling stereotypes, she is probably taken, she is just an aloof snobby bitch. When you see her put on short skimpy dresses you think of her as a ratchet whereas she is just a flower blooming to the world.
If only you knew that she is also human and what you are seeing is just a beautiful skin well put on her body you would scratch what you thought of her. She is demure probably fierce due to the zillion annoying men she has encountered. You think of her as aloof and snobby but she is just tired of unwanted attention.
Take the step, be smooth and sweep her off her feet. You will find yourself riding that shit. You never know, maybe she is just a humble, loving blushy girl caparisoned by glamorous looks

Kinging With Opeezy The Kenyan Boy +254702161160


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