Music is the type of shit that makes you feel like your heart is pumping gold instead of blood. How the hell so sequenced combined sounds become so pleasant to the ear and deeply connected to our temperament?
Well this is because human beings have mastered the art of mimicking the singing Angel- Lucifer’s skill.
Composers of music are upholding Satan’s apotheosis by making people drunk on rhythmic incantations.
There is an unimaginable effect of music on the lives of people owing to the fact that every human being listens to music.
The power and virtuosity of the composer is in the form of a master-slave system where he/she shits and a listener swallows.
Glamorous trends and cosmetic surgeries invite high appraisals from the consumer thus inflating egos and conceit into these talented artists.
The mammoth-size power of music only proves that a stray angel leaked a heavenly secret to an earth of aping human beings. This vagabond angel has seemingly cast a spell on everything that sounds musical from electro, dub step,  hip hop, Rock and RnB explaining their hypnotic effect on people and how every human being identifies with a certain genre.

Kinging With Opeezy The Kenyan Boy +254702161160


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