I am pontificately telling you that art is artistic in its own right. Ranging from its flexibility through its ability of changing according to the situation at hand. It differs according to the human cultures by portraying itself according to the society it is present in and its environs.


A beautiful thing well accepted by Homo Sapiens that betrays them and inveighs their ignoble acts.
You couldn’t lock art into a Gold Lamp like a Genie, It has no boundaries. It spreads to every part of the earth that human beings live on. To the dirtiest sordid slums and Ghettos.


Who ever thought that art and its aesthetic nature could go to the gutter? How down to earth.

I have no room for hate in me but I personally hate it when I see a person who lacks a sense of art. If someone fails to appreciate or interpret a piece of art correctly, I normally feel my scrotum twist into antagonizing knots. You must have Alhmeizer’s disease for not being friends with this eccentric being.
We see art crossing borders to very hostile neighbourhoods and societies. The Ghettos. Art ardently befriends the gutter with its indifferent dwellers/ trash & poverty. It learns the ghetto mechanisms, evils and Hood Politics then channels these factors back to a society that accepted it through forms such as Painting- Graffiti


, Poetry Hood Poetry, Rap and spoken word, Dance.
Call it a societal mirror.

Welcome to Ghettogether Where :-

Disability means income,
Ability means crime,
Begging means fraud,
Stealing means bold.

Earned cash is blown fast,
And dirty money grows fast,
The world is black and white,
All you have to do is see green.

Hood poetry infuses street slang making it easily explained by them thugs. A wise man said-The streets ain’t meant for everybody thats why they made sidewalks. But the funny thing is that art still survives in these streets.

The Therapeutic functions of art are even more ethereal. Nobody gives you art, It is intrinsic. The profound manner in which it travels through troubled and traumatized minds of schizophrenic/ psychotic people to visual perception by these people in form of drawings and paintings to provide healing chortles only proves that Art is Life. It has no boundaries. It is congenitally in you.
Art is a congenial Alter-ego in every person making it completely mandatory for everyone to accept it and identify with it. The sleeping art will come alive in you and make you forcefully accept it. Express it through creative talent; Draw, Dance, Do Poetry, Sing.Let art evolve.
Preserving tradition is being scared of change.

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