My writing is inclined towards braggadocio musings, Encomiums, Vignettes, Philosophical ideologies with a strong sense of point of view, precepts, rational thinking, Activism, Critical Analysis of Societal Issues e.g Music and Popular Culture/ Religion and Government. I simply have a way of conveying life issues by using grandiloquence in an ethereal level of virtuosity.

I am so conversant about music especially HipHop music and all it entails. I am simply a muso or rather a Hip Hop buff. I could take you on a journey of music discovery and you will thank me later after you are done with bullshit music. Sieve for you good music then extripate trashy sounds away. Am that guy.

When you talk about five senses, I have a sixth one, Sense of Art. I can draw, write and rap; simply in love with the ARTS. Am a polymath. Who knows, maybe I am the Contemporary Renaissance spearhead. Like Leonardo da Vinci who epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal; Speaking of which, I could be an incarnation of Leonardo da Vinci. Here is the proof, my name is Leonard, just like Leonardo, I was also raised by a single parent. I am an artist too as he was, I am also a free thinker who has a third eye that scrutinizes situations. If Karma works then I am Da Vinci.

Kinging With Opeezy The Kenyan Boy +254702161160


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