In a scenario whereby a federal state collects taxes from salaries/ profits and charge Value Added Tax on goods sold, everyone contributes to the centrally collected country’s money or the fattening of the nation’s treasury thus improving the budget.
So I wouldn’t call it scrounging when a citizen seeks a certain amount from the public coffers to improve his/her life, I’d rather call it claiming back what is rightfully his/hers. This is because money is collected to improve the lives of human beings generally indirectly/ directly.
The administrators of the money collected tend to forget this little bit OUR MONEY leading to instances of corruption.
This money gets misused, mismanaged and used profligately unresourcefully right in the eye scope and scrutiny of the taxpayer.
Woe unto the enfranchised taxpayer citizen of a Democratic nation for failure to realize that the government is only running at their mercy. My blog ain’t a sedition site but in instances of blatant oppression and rule bending unconventionally, people are supposed to react against the system either by complaining, diplomacy, strikes, uprisings or revolutions because the power belongs to the people.
Problem is that the modern age is filled with pusilanimous narcissists who really adore themselves and their lives to go to fight for a cause that could easily amount to their suffering and death.
In Kenya for instance, the government has managed to instill a cold fear in its citizens through brutal police acts e.g torture, teargas, death and detention such that Any form of activism is silenced.
Kenyan citizens feign nonchalance pretending not to notice the evils of their government in an attempt to spare their lives.
The government of Kenya abolished studies of Marxism in every learning institution because these political and economic theories of Karl Marx explain the changes and developments in society as a result of opposition between the social classes. These ideologies fed into one hundred citizens could stir up their minds and inflate them into like minded people and this cause a revolutionary uprising leading to forceful eviction of avaricious greedy leaders thus a corruption free Nation.
The Kenyan police still possess their archaic canteen culture passed on from their predecessors. These policemen are brutal, insolent, thick and lack a sense of reason. Their Draconian nature is so deeply rooted and is an inseparable trait  from them.
My vituperation against them is instances when A dissatisfied Citizen complains to a parastatal/ government body and gets flogged on his/her bare buttocks as a way to silence them.

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