Kenya is made up of two active parties, Jubilee Coalition and CORD. This Jubilee-CORD hassle is like children fighting. Slap me then I slap you even harder. CORD seems to be laughing best in this situation. As Kenya’s Opposition Party, It is the people’s eye; spotlighting issues of public concern and biting the ruling party very hard for abdicating their duties. It has held the government under permanent siege denying it the vital time it needs to turn promises into policy. CORD is recording some success in creating the public perception of a government in crisis. It is now unleashing its well kept weapon for a rainy day. The OKOA KENYA Referendum and bringing out major issues of public concern done by the ruling government.

Failure to protect citizens in the face of terrorism.
The Uganda Sugar deal.
Failure to honor court ruling on pay to teachers.
The NYS Waiguru Scandal.
Failed Ministries.
Mega-Corruption scandals emerging from the government.

The Opposition are keen on watching slips in the government for them to get derogatory about them for failure to uphold their duties.

The Constitution drafters did a silly mistake that is now biting the Government’s ass very hard, A presidential candidate vies for only one post in government, ruling out the archaic mode of having a Member of Parliament seat to fall back on if one lost the presidential race. Now the Opposition leader Raila Odinga is idle and getting pension from the work he did as Kenya’s Prime Minister and Lang’ata’s MP. For a man still eyeing to be elected in the next polls, It is woes unto the Ruling Party for putting him in such a position. Surely you  do not expect him to sit at home and wait, For CHRIST’s sake he has more than 50 years of experience in Politics and also has silver hair. They should have seen this coming, the only work left for Raila is to scrutinize the government, Eating pension and waiting to be elected by Kenyans fed up by the Jubilee government.

President Uhuru is feigning nonchalance to the matter, taking advantage of Tanzania’s presidential election, inauguration of Magufuli as president trying to shift Kenyans attention to this. It won’t work baba.

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