The Best Kenyan Rappers

We would call 2015 The Kenyan Hip Hop Renaissance due to the array of very ethereal Hip Hop tracks that Kenyan Artists have produced. This is coming from a buff Hip Hop school of thought so you gotta believe it. My way of crowning the 254 Kings and Queens is through listing and placing the do pest tracks The Artist produced so far  adjacent to his/her Name.


#1. Khaligraph Jones – Yego
Talk about sick flow and Braggadocio lyrics.


King of wordplay, punchlines and puns. Octo is the real definition of a true Emcee.


#3. King Kaka – Swahili Shakespeare
We all love poets especially this ShengSpear.


#4. Ace Tha Don – Alpha
Ghetto Superstars, One Day.
He is the best New Sound and he is growing too fast. Lyricism and flow going hand in hand.


#5. PoppaDon- Nil by Mouth.
The most powerful lungs in Rap. He is like the Kenyan Ice Cube.


#6. Shukid – One Day, Say What You Want.
A newcomer, very hardworking and Talented. One day you will name him the best rapper.


#7. Mr Simbah – Tajiri.
This Nigga is sick but he is a Newcomer. Watch out for him though. These are the Next Kenyan Hip Hop generation.


#8. STL & Xtatic – Natives, Biashara.
Its a Tie between the best Kenyan Female Rappers.

#9. Abbas Kubaff- EISH.
Among the best Kenyan Rappers but he is a sleeping giant


Kinging With Opeezy The Kenyan Boy +254702161160


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