Leaders in Kenya forget that they moulded, drafted and sculptured the education system, strongly advocated for it by further providing Free Primary Education and HELB loans. Civics is a subject taught in Kenya schools. They also forget that Kenya has grown and a lot has changed, Reforms in government have undertaken. There is more Democratic space and more civil freedoms which are secured in the constitution. And there is the PRESS  with its profound freedom of blatantly showing to us what is going on in our country.

I am learned and no longer a kid, I am even taking an ID Next year, with people like me, gone are the days when Politicians stole lots of money from public coffers and got no reproach due to absence of learned Kenyans.

The funny thing about Kenya is that no Politician has ever lost an election because of corruption. The citizens are drunk on curses of slavish affinity to kinship and ethnicity at the ballot box. It is Kenyans that need to change to force their leaders to change because it is futile to rave and rant about the mistakes of the politicians, terrible though they are, when time and again at the ballot box, voters will Never fight a leader for being corrupt.

What I think is that Kenyans are evolving and learning. The 2017 election can become a turning point as it will provide an opportunity to make the fight against corruption an electoral issue.

Kinging With Opeezy The Kenyan Boy +254702161160


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