There is Art& Talent. Apart from this, Artists who infuse culture into music have a Midas touch. It now qualifies to be music that passes all the tests of good music. In this sense, Culture is the way of life of a people; and the way of life of people are normally unique making them subjects of awe to other sects.

Hip Hop Music has its themes like thugging Lifestyles, Gangbanging, Drugs, Hood life, Success, making it out of the gutter, Police fuck because this is part of the black people life; They experience this stuff on a day to day basis as Niggers. The music genre is so successful because the Rappers are in a comfortable position alluding from the fact that they understand what they are talking about. It is an application of lifestyle and culture into music. When white people do rap, the hip hop lifestyle tolls down on them heavily because it is foreign. They are somewhat struggling to fit in. You see drug use rehabs, misogyny and controversial lyrics from EMINEM, too much tattoos, trying to rap fast and becoming extreme pot heads. Machine Gun Kelly, YelaWolf and Macklemore.. Really work very hard for their music to reach greater masses.. There is too much effort put that a nigger wouldn’t need to put.. If it ain’t very artistic videos then it is publicity stunts. They should just have chosen Rock or Metal, Something in their comfort zone.

Speaking of Rock, The UK, also known for RnB. Same thing, the music successful coz of culture incorporation. In fact they have the richest culture; since the Middle & Dark Ages, Sophisticated music was there with orchestra, They have fancy folklore- Fairy Tales of Prince Charming, Cinderella and Sleeping beauty.
Metal artists also have culture, The Demimonde ostracized Goth.

Nigerian music grows rapidly and gets much International airplay because their producers and Artists are well connected to their roots. They would digitalize a traditional beat by using sound softwares infusing other modern instruments to come up with a spectacular Afrobeat that sounds so good. An artist would then sing on the beat in Yoruba dialect so comfortably because he understands music on that platform. Funny thing is that the music sounds so good that you will see people who do not understand the language nodding and falling in love with the tracks.

Kenyan music fails to grow due to the tightness of lifestyle in the country. Swahili a traditional Tanzanian and Zanzibar language was made a national Kenyan language. From where this language comes from, there is even a very successful music genre, Bongo music. The music is so loved by Kenyans more than the local music in the Kenyan scene even though artistes from both countries sing in Swahili. We have the Swahili language as Kenyans but lack the rich Swahili cultural attributes. Maybe these Bongo artistes know how to manipulate their Swahili culture into their music making it sound so good. Music in Kenya especially Hip Hop is all about fake accents and speedy rap. If I want such kind of music I’ll just switch on EMINEM or Twista or simply play some real Hip Hop.
Am not trying to say that Kenyan artistes should sing in Native mother tongue ethnic languages, What I wanna say is that to become a driver, you have to begin from somewhere, The Driving school. You may know what a car is but that ain’t enough for you to drive it. Charity begins at home. This culture that Kenyans are stepping on, failing to embrace and dismissing as not so cool and primitive is what the world wants to hear, something with a unique traditional atmosphere. One man’s trash is another man’s come-up.

Kinging With Opeezy The Kenyan Boy +254702161160



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