This is a subject that I as a blogger really needs to rant about. First off: Who brought this conversation to the Kenyan table, Juliani The Gospel Artiste. Shouldn’t you be calling out Willy Paul or Ekko Dyda or perhaps dissing the devil, Like what are you, you ain’t even a rapper, its more of a spoken word poet. You call out the de facto best Kenyan Hip Hop Artists for a battle then you flop by producing a track like “LORD FORGIVE ME”. Jesus of Nazareth.. This shouldn’t be cried at.. People should start mourning because it ain’t even a song let alone a disstrack. Disstracks have wordplay and subliminals, its more of a spot to show your prowess as An emcee. Not embarrass yourself like JULIANI. This dude should just go sit his ass down in the cold corner he was so comfortable in (SILENCE). Nigga we all thought you were  wise till you opened up your mouth and spoke whack shit that makes us ooze blood just by listening to.

Now you Khaligraph Jones, you let us down, Why The Hell did you even pay attention to that loser. Now I am also on your case, You also ain’t King in 254. Y’all bitches, King Kaka, Octopizzo and Khaligraph when you think you can crown yourselves and force down the fact of King down our throats. Khaligraph is highly esteemed only because he raps very fast and his delivery sick. But he lacks content just claptrap airless lyrics.. That’s why he goes speed. For you not to hear a word he said.

I sat and noticed that real Kenyan Hip Hop is out there but it is not mainstream. People like Ace Tha Don & Shukid are the 254 Kings and that’s final. Just go listen to their songs and am sure you will agree.

Other than the mainstream whackiness in Hip Hop there are other underrated talents in Kenya. Only until you listen to every Kenyan Hip Hop Artiste will you then dismiss the 3 conceited bitches proclaiming themselves as King. Juliani is a cockroach.

Kinging With Opeezy The Kenyan Boy +254702161160


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