Am tired of lists with veteran rappers at the top and those of mentioning rappers short of talent. Haven’t we paid enough tribute to RAKIM & THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G? Personally I think that their music does not even count/ connect with the contemporary lifestyles. They lived like 3 decades ago, so let’s pour out Hennessey for the veterans and let’s get our crap together. I am a Hip Hop fan @ 18 years of age, so I think I am in a qualified position of producing a list of the best rappers both archaic and contemporary because I know what appeals to the youth. No Hard Feelings. What do you think?

1. NAS – Profusely Hardcore Poet
2. KANYE WEST – Midas touch, Musical genius, Ego & Braggadocio preaching.
3. YELAWOLF – Most hardworking rapper, how he flows and how he puts lyrics is like he went to Rap School.
3. TRAVIS SCOTT – The most creative rapper.
5. BIG KRIT – Ethereal rap, you must listen to what he says.
6. DRAKE – Sings, Raps, Flows and talks sense in one song. He has his lonely at the top moments.
7. JAY Z – Teaming up with Kanye West earned him this spot. His is good music, he just understands what he does & enjoys it.
8. ROYCE DA 5’9 & JOE BUDDEN – THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE, they just do magic to rap. Simply the lyrical murderers.
9. ICE CUBE – Brutally honest and the rudest and Hardest Nigga in rap.
10. EMINEM – Wordsmith; The most powerful lungs in rap.
11. LIL WAYNE – Weezy is Rap Messiah. He fits in through all the ages and has the best mix tapes ever.
12. TUPAC SHAKUR – Thuglorification
13. LOGIC – Flyricism.. That Kind of guy with flow & lyricism going hand in hand.
14. 50 CENT – Makes you love niggas
15. KENDRICK LAMAR – Pulls it off by risky experimenting with music.
16. DR DRE – The hood raised opulence now he is the man in his city.
17. SCHOOLBOY Q – Raps so naturally, If you asked him what language he spoke, He’d tell you its rap.
18. ASAP ROCKY – Aura of swag in rap and Fashion kills demeanor.
19. J COLE- Wise Kid with no silver hair.
20. THE GAME – Gangster Encomiums.
21. YG – Born a Thug.. You can feel it in his tracks.
22. BIG SEAN – Very verbose; simply telling you that you must love my voice whether you like it or not.
23. WALE – Can’t get enough of enchanted Rap.
24. Joey Bada$$ – His Rap Demeanor, 30 years his senior.

I am changing the tradition of tightness in listing and failure to include Contemporary Hip Hop artists just coz they are young. Talent doesn’t come with age.

Kinging With Opeezy The Kenyan Boy +254702161160


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