Well, Just take your hater feelings and put them under your bed because only someone blind wouldn’t notice that someone won this King battle that Juliani brought to the Kenyan Rap Arena.

Well who won? There must be someone who exercised prowess in virtuosity by producing a far much better track than the rest and this guy us Khaligraph Jones with his track KING KHALI. Someone called Juliani flopped so terribly, he must have a few broken limbs. Nothing that sounds so terribly as LORD FORGIVE ME has ever been produced on this earth.

The runners up to Khaligraph Jones is Kayvo K Force with his track KILL A KING #KAK. This is what a real disstrack sounds like but Khaligraph Jones was more verbose than him by taking us through a lyrical journey & so he won, he was also hard. No sparing. Kayvo K Force on the other hand was a little bit pithy and terse and went not as hard as was expected, So he comes second on the list.

My nigga Ace Tha Don really tried with his track KING. But on the hardness he was by far outweighed by K Force and K Jones. So he us third. No hard feelings bruv.
The bottom line is that Khaligraph will never cease to impress no matter what people say about him. Ni mnoma roho safi. Na Juliani aende acollabo na Willy Paul ama Bahati; aache ujinga. Even if my little sister rapped today about this King Subject, Juliani would still be the last one in this battle.

Kinging With Opeezy The Kenyan Boy +254702161160


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