Since rapping turned to fashion, I don’t know what happened coz now every other guy wants to be a propitious rapper with their sleeping punk ass excuses of ability to lip sync to a couple of rap songs. This is a big fool with narrow ambitions, Yeah, that’s as blunt as it gets, coz talent is key in rap.

I want to paint with words the mood of today’s lonely drugged out youth who seem more interested in Kush and Purple label tags than anything else. When I say the word fun what do you envision, probably drinking and smoking out with your crew and chilling with clueless women you trynna bang. You feeling like if you ain’t got drugs life’s not as complete. Drugs aren’t supposed to be popular culture. It ain’t fun to be you coz all your brain cells are rotting from weed.
Don’t let drugs live for you. They have a funny way of controlling one’s judgement and driving one into irrational activities later regretted.. Druggoluntary activities are fatal in the long run. I know you ain’t stupid.. You have been told this stuff.
Be yourselves, everyone is already taken.

Kinging With Opeezy +254702161160


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