These three artistes represent Three different Hip Hop ages in that order.



Nas will save you the trouble of trying to get a glimpse of Old school music by listening to the late Hip Hop veterans. Nas represents them all… And the whole Oldskool Hip Hop attributes. One Nas song is equal to all other Old school tracks.
Tupac had some good art but he clearly shows in his music that he had hopes of living in this generation.
Nas here rapped as though he wasn’t going to live tomorrow so he made art for all generations, Illmatic his album stood the test of time making it the best album.
Nas’ style of rap can’t be explained without mentioning the clichés used to describe good rap. He has this sharp menace voice making his music more clear to listen to and more forceful, like a razor under his tongue. Name a rapper Nas hasn’t influenced.
His lines are long, bars are more complete, verbose story telling, there is no room for pithy & terse stanzas in his songs making his transition from line to line, verse to verse seamlessly smooth. Its like a continuous prose poem with short breaks.

Kanye West


Don’t stone me for saying that Kanye West is Nas, Jay Z & Travis Scott in one person. I do my homework right and he incorporates the styles of these people into his rap…. HOV’s manner of talking on beats and Scott’s production skills then Nas’ long lines.
Kanye is a perfectionist even in his music. There is always more than a touch of art in them, it is more than rap, We always see more than one song writer, more than three producers on a song.. More than flow.. Talking sense in his music. I personally can’t get enough of his signature beats, more than Hip Hop and even more than a comfort zone in his own songs. More than anything, he may be an ass outside the studio but he certainly runs rap. His music is more of cultured alternative Hip Hop.

Travis Scott


I deem it better to hurt with the truth than praise with a lie, Travis Scott is ugly, well probably the ugliest rapper who raps so beautifully. Ugliness aside, He is a younger version of Kanye West, especially on production, beats & sense of art, comfort zone, rapping style and originality.
His voice is his greatest owndom. Its something between husky raspy & stretchy base/ smooth radio sound/ rough common cold waviness of cigarette burnt voice box/ roughened future or whiny Young Thug voice.. You really can’t explain it… But it sounds really good.
Scott is so comfortable in his rapping zone, even more comfortable than Kanye West, He is putting out there what other rappers are afraid to.. And he doesn’t care, damn! How can he be so sure that what he produces is good music. Maybe he is a devil.
It is like he has a troubled mind and only using rap as carthasis or music on drugs.. He is more of  Inspiration inspired Alternative Hip Hop & Mixture of Trap & Hardcore Hip Hop.

Kinging With Opeezy +254702161160


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