Hiii Power Movement of Heart, Honour & Respect

3's in The air

Hiii Power is something embeded to the society like The thumbnail to a picture, a HTML to a website or an algorithm to an application. Hiii Power is like a prism through which we observe all spectrums of society.
The term was coined & popularized by Kendrick Lamar and His Black Hippy cohorts: Ab-Soul, Jay Rock & Schoolboy Q. Kendrick breaks it down as follows.. ‘The three ‘i’s in the word Hiii Power stand for Heart, Honour & Respect. The three things that people should have and live by. Originating in L.A Hiii Power is now spreading like wildfire.
Although Hiii Power is often followed in a religious manner by many, I argue that its values are secular & therefore it isn’t a religion but more akin to a secular morality.
Kendrick Lamar presents himself like Confucius the Philosopher whose teachings formed Confucianism.
A notable University in Portugal, faculty of Sociology & Anthropology introduced Christiano Ronaldo as a subject of study in class.. Analyzing the connection of his success and his life. A school of thought in my mind objectifies Kendrick Lamar as a Person of Interest worth studying.
Like Confucius whose thoughts were sanctioned & developed into Confucianism , Lamar’s teachings in his lyrics could help lift a generation in a society viewed as destructive.
Hiii Power is a simplification of all forms of Social teachings especially The Catholic ethical teachings on The Seven Deadly sins & Seven Cardinal virtues. Following the Hiii Power ideological precepts could could completely help a person distance himself/ herself from the seven deadly sins.
Heart/Love obfuscates Pride & Lust.
Honour obfuscates Sloth, Greed & Gluttony.
Respect obfuscates Envy & Wrath.
This makes Heart, Honour & Respect the greatest virtues.
Kendrick Lamar is somewhat God Chosen/A modern day Rabbi. He continues to teach us.. ‘You don’t have to have alot of money/ be rich but you will be Rich in Mind & Spirit. He ain’t wrong.. Wealth is actually your attitude towards life. Quite poignantly he is a perfect example of practising what you preach/ living under your own standpoints. With fame & Success very widely recognized & honoured, he continues to maintain a frugal nature and humble demeanor like Buddha.
Serious people who pay attention to Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics are indirectly members of the Hiii Power movement.
Incumbent U.S President Barrack Obama named Kendrick’s song ‘How Much A Dollar Cost’ as his favourite song of 2015.
The Late David Bowie’s album Blackstar was influenced by Lamar’s works.


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