Motherly Crutches To The Hilltop: (An 18 year Metaphor)

The big toe gets chopped off at dawn
African toes from healers and prophets kin
Disarrayed small toes left at the foot hill
A widow’s cry vaporizes rotten cabbages rolling down hill
Reproach from a left hand
Flames of growing up struggling with a steep hill
Losing bearing, dysfunctional magnets in compasses at puberty
Acting up, biting the left hand that cooks and pulls you uphill
Tolerant mother’s love bears all
Exhaling biological poisons
So huge it can’t fit into a cache-sexe
Girls running in my brain with sharp metallic heels
January Marijuana blues, October booze
Motherly blanket keeps warm from societal reproach
Scratching temperament compelling to act right
Gasping for air, approaching hilltop
Need for break even and kicking away blanket
Choices and finishing power determining safe destiny
Wisdom punches left cheek heavily urging struggle
Keeping head up as final faltering steps are taken uphill
Tranquil washes away dried tears
Success heals old wounds
Walking on a straight path on the hilltop.

Twitter: @mighty_leny


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