The Juvenile Mind: (Memoirs From a 21st Century Insider)

Moral compass due south
Down on my knee I went
Will you have sex with me
My lips walking down the aisle between her breast
Vulva ringing my finger
January to January Marijuana blues and booze
Liberal attitudes & cups of tea
Ogled at masculinity, smirks and elephant egos
Behind the screen torrents & busting a nut to frustration
Breaking hearts & hymens
incorrigible nail and bail philosophy
Abnegating rules, Demi monde renegade
Painted by society, scathed, ostracized & stereotyped
Flirts, skirts, nasty imagination, Asshole character
Wasted talents obfuscated by coolness
Swag satirizes chivalry
Instagram ghosts
Lost value of conversation, small talk, new deep
Doctorate in Sarcasm, comebacks & cussing
Idolising rappers, Kush fragrance
On the hedge loathing Adults & Kids
Lusting after womankind, mocking romance
Working out, Malevolent tattoos
Disquiet in sex escapades
Cliques, contagious stupidity & laughable vanities
Influence from half truth societal mirrors
Yawning at GOD
Adulthood Knocks!!!!!
Embarrassed tall brainless fool
Joining the pieces, Cutting the bad fruit
Slap of wisdom, mending the future.

Twitter: @mighty_leny


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