A Praise Imbued Ode to Jean-Michel Basquiat.


Basquiat’s art was so innocent.. So touching.. Something about it drew me in instinctively.. I could relate to this art.. Like Basquiat gets it.. His art defined him.. It was so real, queer and honest.. Like the Weeknd’s Beauty Behind The Madness.. There was profound acculturation to him.. Wild dreadlocks and electric mane

The Weeknd X Basquiat Hairstyles

.. Hood radicalism.. Choice of a path of art rather than Gangbanging.. Black background .. An eventful 28 years He made lots of Art money & travelled to West Africa and Haiti.. Basquiat was so smooth then.. If Madonna was his girlfriend in 1983.

Basquiat X Madonna

. With such a life, his depression and heroin abuse still perplexes me.. Basquiat is one of the reasons I quit smoking Marijuana.. Growing up without a dad..  I leaned on inspiration from father figures.. From Hip Hop to literature.. Now Basquiat the artist is the fling of the moment.. Liege of Abstraction.. Among the best artists of the 20th century by choosing real emotions over aesthetics..Check out this Basquiat-inspired Reboks.


I had no idea that Rebok made Basquiat sneakers, but considering that I could never afford one of his paintings, maybe this is the way to go. One could say that this is “selling out” his legacy, but I think they’re pretty cool..
The copying Chinese should try Basquiat’s art and see how they will fail bum up face down miserably.
Something about Basquiat’s Art says he never drew for greatness.. But how could he be so sure that His art was good art.. That it is Museum worthy.. And among the most expensive coveted things in the 21st century?

Twitter: @mighty_leny


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