When An Artist Drinks

When An Artist Drinks

bon vivant par excellence He
Wanton Basquiat
devotee of all things quintessential
Whose sonic poetry hypnotism from brush strokes
He deracinate – spark questions in the hearts of men
Wrist knob virtuoso of He blobbing paste pastel
Transpose brain waves to color injections
Rough edges,
Oozing paint like an orgasmic nympho
A spider concocts a web in temperament of He
Mellow to wash away the acrylic encrusted heart
Recipe for rainbow urine
Fractile tempera to wood Eros
Grith in the woody smoky whisky aroma
Inebriancy annihilates dexterity of He
Crooked nose, clumsy painter
He who worshipped beauty now thought himself repulsive
Light, organ thunder, vast airy climax of power watercolour gets washed by tears from the echo of a titan soul.

Twitter: @mighty_leny


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