Your clothes are making me uncomfortable, please take them off.
Jealous of my hands
for they get to touch you first…
Touch has a memory
Pregnant handfuls
Pinch the nipple, Grab the butt cheek, tread and smack with grace, explore the curves, rub every sinew
Tasting the playground
Blinded cognition by anything round wet and jiggly.
The blind man’s touch bends you to your needs
The moon gets horny too
Whipped By Lust
The sublime emotion
of her blind devotion
She doesn’t fade into me darkness of my blind
Mastered the labyrinth


Desires stirring
a quiet yearning
blossoms into so much more
When passion becomes
Passion determines the energy
but tis love that creates the synergy

For two souls
to connect
as one

After a craftsman’s raunchy touch

Twitter: @mighty_leny


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