The Moon pulls Strings on Earth.. We dance to its Rhythm yet no science can prove this.

Moon Gif

People have written Poems and writings; philosophies about the moon.. But are humans even close to understanding this mysterious grey ball luminously smiling at us every night.. So near yet so far.. Changing shapes and positions.. Excesses of enigma.
Is there a connection between the moon and The dog/wolf family?
I reside in Kenya.. Each full moon.. A certain belligerent Pariah male dog that hates my balls becomes a menace to the commune. Wailing and barking all night. You know how the moon makes the night outsides bright as day.. Peeking outside I see it tail fur bushy standing on ends.. Endlessly barking facing up.. My dislike for the dog, impatience and alluring beauty of the night sends me chasing the half cowardly half bravado dog to another commune, only for it to resurface later… The nights with Gibbous and crescent, no such things happen.. People sleep soundly.
A thin line of concern though.. Whether The dog hates me or it’s mad at the moon… Or is it calling yonder?.
The moon exerts a gravitational pull on the earth causing High tides whereby Ocean water rises according to the pull.
The moon causes ocean turbulence.. Then the moon too pulls the dog’s blood towards its head thus causing hyperactivity. A ton number of people have reported insomnia during the full moon. Lunar effects-Lunatics.. Thievery & homicides are prevalent… It is sometimes claimed that surgeons used to refuse to operate on the full Moon because of the increased risk of death of the patient through blood loss… Ancient tribes & prehistoric cultures worshipped and personified the moon as a deity..
Is it a metaphor or.. Without the science jargon…What is the moon..

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