The Greatness of an In-betweener ; Ill Gotten or Naah.

Raphael Sanzio died on his thirty-seventh birthday; his body lay in his studio, by the side of his unfinished Transfiguration, and the whole of Rome flocked in for a last glimpse of the “divine painter”. During his short working life, he lived and painted in an atmosphere of princeliness and popular idolization such as no artist has enjoyed. But it would be wrong to suppose that his fame has been kept alive solely by mass appeal of sweetness and light.

Raphael was a boorish copy cat with gentleness to the point of effeminacy. He has been described as the great harvester, the man who moved from influence to influence-absorbing and assembling, and transforming all that he had extracted from others into his own style by the ineffable grace and loftiness of his personality. Raphael’s art was constantly fertilized by the styles of other painters

This is disturbing because he forms the traditional Trinity of great masters of that period – Leonardo da Vinci, Him and Michelangelo Buonnarotti. Although their names are often cited together, Michelangelo was younger than Leonardo by 23 years and older than Raphael by 8. Michelangelo outlived both of them by more than forty years.
As if by exact calculation, Raphael lived within Leonardo da Vinci’s life and died one year after him still within Michelangelo’s life.
Raphael is the in between here, who molded himself in the new style of yielding to influences… No”!! Thats sugarcoating .. Raphael was an avid copycat. His greatness thrived on copying both Leonardo da Vinci & Michelangelo mainly by manipulating their paintings & styles to suit his own aesthetic.

Raphael who had been to Leonardo’s workshop several times, promptly used elements of his unfinished Mona Lisa portrait’s

Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci from C2RMF retouched

composition and format in several of his works such as

Portrait of young woman with unicorn adjacent to Mona Lisa
Portrait of Baldessare Castiglione adjacent to Mona Lisa

Celebrated later paintings by Raphael continued to borrow from Leonardo’s paintings.

Raphael’s Isaiah was painted in imitation of Michelangelo’s prophets.

Raphael's Isaiah X Michelangelo's Isaiah

Vasari in his life of Raphael tells us that Bramante, who had the keys to the Sistine chapel, let Raphael in to examine the paintings on the ceiling in Michelangelo’s absence. On seeing Michelangelo’s prophets, Raphael went back to the prophet Isaiah that he was painting on a column in the Church of Sant’ Agostino and, according to Vasari, although it was finished, he scrapped it off the wall and repainted it in a much more powerful manner, in imitation of Michelangelo.

He produced other splendid muscular figures in action, utilising the powerful forms of Michelangelo with a grace of gesture and a flow of drapery that were unmistakably his own.
The frescoes clearly showed the influence of Michelangelo, but the Pope who had commissioned Raphael to do the works did not mind. Nor did anyone, save the great man who lay on his back painting the Sistine ceiling. “The young man from Urbino,” Michelangelo said sarcastically, “has been lurking in my chapel.”

Divine painter much??
His high position in the affection of the world has continued for more than four centuries, so I guess, Influences around you, so what—- Fake it till you make it.

Drake The In-betweener » Contrived Greatness
What is a Drake,. I don’t wanna sound like a broken record here, I just wanna state facts without offending people’s tastes.


Am the person who says drake is a corny singing rapper but on letter D of my playlist is filled with his back to back, 0-100, Summer Sixteen magic.
He is multi-cultured which makes him multi-audience.
Half black/ half white/ half Jew/ half American/ half Canadian/ half singing/ half rapping/…. You get where am going with this??
The rich kid who went to Art school and whose connection to his African American dad and white Jewish Canadian mum, makes him appealing to both the indigent and affluent.
He is hella smart and an avid learner, came as a singer, hanged around Weezy and boom, the guy can rap. An absorber of influence indeed. Rode waves
Drake is a dork but that is what kind of makes him delightful. He is just an uncool dude in a sweater out there winning.
And his music is like a summer fling… Once the summer is gone.. The love goes as well.

The famous highly honored Jazz musician Jimmy Smith once said, “Only real music is gonna last, all that other bullshit, is here today and gone tomorrow.”

©Lenny Bless Up


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