Tyler The Creator, His cohorts & Affiliates of his rapping techniques, Odd Future Wolf Gang/ Flatbush Zombies are simply described as Picasso & Basquiat Manifested in Rap.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All OFWGKTA is a rap group led by Tyler The Creator..- A group of flibbertigibbet Niggas such as Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean & Domo Genesis with an Epibolic prevalence of rap heretic. This is some piece of queer rap that Lowkey bumps and sort of gives the listeners some Rap comic relief of taking a break from tight verses of hardcore rap.

I like Odd Future. I respect that they're not too cool to be students of music. They're rap nerds & love talking about their influences.

Employment of Ragtime rhythms…- Savage crash and bang but more creative than Lil B The Based God. You would easily denigrate the genre as a product “not of innovaters, but of incompetents” and simply dismiss their fans as people seeking ironic fulfillment but until you sit down and listen to Tyler The Creator & his cohorts/ The rap duo Flatbush Zombies.. Only then will you get mind blown by the Genius behind everything in the music.

There are some serious production skills and extreme lyrics writing and some sui generis rapping techniques, expressive & pulsating style serving youngster’s stereotypes in the public mind – easily/ widely encountered with skepticism/ rejection. This is why Tyler The Creator keeps on abusing bloggers.

The average human is living in a frustrated society.. Whereby only few people dare to be different.

In art, since medieval times there was a rigorous demand for perfection and creativity. Furthermore, cultural institutions concentrated on fine art and scholars paid little attention to the revolutionary styles of abstraction.
The famous artist Pablo Picasso came around breaking artistic conventions that had been shaped by history & taste until then.
Pablo Picasso explained it simply as follows. .

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”
“Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Pablo Picasso’s style of painting simply like a child and finding art influenced the highly acclaimed painter of the 21st Century Jean Michel Basquiat whose simple paintings grossed millions of Dollars in the art market. But that’s another story ->>>>> Click Here

Now back to Tyler The Creator

Tyler Collage

. To describe Tyler, words like cunt & motherfucker must be employed. His weirdness is acceptable.. Matter of factly I want a funny homie like Tyler The Creator.. With all the weirdness and vulgarity, Tyler is one wise funny kid. I can abet to you that 5 out of 5 teenagers will love Tyler’s lyrics ->>>> especially this song. Click To Read Lyrics

Tyler’s chills are sold out.. Clearly.

©Lenny Bless Up


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