Afro modernism Art Compass: Bold Photographs, Rich Culture, Black #Ebony . Not Generic and Not Institutionalized.

Am speaking to the African youth who don’t even know what Capitalism/ Communism is. “Usijali Ndugu”. No need to worry bruh… None of that shit matters to us anyway… A bunch of foreign ideologies forced down our throats. But I would weep in my grave for a generation of Africans that failed to uphold their worth through art… That is Afro-modernism. I hate -isms but this more of a movement/ a compilation of similar artworks -Ebony Black/ Bold/ Beautiful/ African/ Beautiful just fits into a common mainframe of Afro-modernism.

This Afro-modernism is self-referential- black/ swarthiness being a dominant theme all over this form of art ->> as if beckoning & speaking to you from a “make art not war” vantage point.
Other forms of modernist art such as Postmodernism is visionary crap.. It is like trying to cross a bridge not even reached.
Afro-modernism here reeks of Africa.->> It crept in to salvage the African essence now slowly fading away to modernism.

Multi-cultural adorning of fleeting black exotic forms of picture folklore. An archive of tales captured in one photograph. It is fresh.. Authentic.. Fresh. It takes pride of place and it is clearly in a class of its own to be celebrated perhaps as one of the best forms of art. Its exotic nature has had a very large influence on other foreign art.
Beauty blurs the line between what society has deemed as fact and fiction.

Selfies are corrupted, non-cultured and unprofessional.
Studio works- 30 filters employed/edited happiness.
Afro-modernism ->> The photographer’s lens captures the idealistic epitomes of an African, man, woman and society.
Dominant male made of black
Feminine attributes of an African woman.
The liveliness of what African children do captured in a picture.

This is a niche ->>> Roads untravelled, close to everything in Africa is photograph worthy while less of it is documented in photographs.
Visual accounts of African Culture/ Society/ People continue to slay and being held at an Utopian valor.
Traditional Yoruban Religions & Attributes
African Print
French Africa
Mali People
Zulu corrupted by white culture
Kenyan Maasai people
Kenyan Wild Safaris.

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Picture folklore of indigenous thoroughbred Black souls maintains non-refutable attributes/ Ethnographic & Anthropological perspectives of the African people and culture.

Everything is here.
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©Lenny Bless Up


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