Sweating The Technique : Growing real balls & cutting off blue ones.

Disclaimer: I ain’t writing for the teen in the volatile Ghetto society exposed to lewdness firsthand with wolves..  No offense but this is an article for kids from the high society…  In sub Saharan Africa.. Living in an ambience of good mannered amoral people. The parentals are reserved affluents/ middle income who invest their shiniest dimes in their children’s education.
Very few of these parents tackle the sex talk with their pubescent kids head on with no sweeping under the carpet.
The remaining larger percentage are either “clichéd” too busy or rather shy away and dismiss the matter as irrelevant.
Ill Perks on the boy who lacked elder siblings.. The kid cannot even put on a condom let alone get into a girl’s pants.
His female counterpart however is the confident spoilt daddy’s little girl..  I guess you’ve come along those girls in supermarket hallways… Extreme girlish demeanor is what I’d call ’em.
A wink from a well brought up guy like me and the girl is blushing and borderline getting wet. Like the gentleman I am I let it slide. Who else will.. She is going to give up her virginity to a “hot” stranger one day..  Why?  Because the boys from her hood are fucking pussies.
There is a misperception that boys need not to be monitored. The fathers dot on their daughters like precious stones.. Forgetting to give their sons what they need most.. ‘What men talk with men.’

Male Teens playing Basketball

The kid spending overly hours in the Basketball court ain’t leisure… He is getting half truths from his fellow immature jerking friends.
A survey showed that in sub-Saharan Africa, mothers are more concerned about the girls’ whereabouts, especially in the evenings, than they are about the boys.”

In a parental vacuum, drug and alcohol abuse becomes rampant. Peer pressure holds sway, leading to impaired thinking. Rampant cases of violence against girls and women, including rape, are signs of mentally ill boys.

The study concludes that, “over-focus on the girl child through selective programmes and interventions [is] pushing the boy to lose confidence and develop low self-esteem,” hence, society ignores boys’ socialisation at its own peril.

Girl: you want a cookie?
Boy: naaa I'm more of a cake guy

Kid. Don’t be afraid to tell that cute girl that she makes your dick harder than calculus.

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