You feel me

Can I write poetry, can I create work that inspires. If a poet wrote and no one read it would it still be poetry? Could I jump and never fall down? Or would I hit the ground and crack. Do the drugs free my mind or trap me in a cage of rabid ecstasy like emotions. I don’t know why or when it became like this. Shit the world we live in is fucked up and we’re taught to wear condoms. Lol the std’s of my life. Money feels good but doesn’t make me feel good. Sex isn’t enough and neither are the women that come with it. Music, life, and toothpaste major 🔑. Shit what separates me from everything else. Of I woke up will I be upset that I was dreaming or be relieved that shit can’t possibly be like this. Why can’t we have peace instead of war. If I was rich would I help the poor or tell them to get their money up. Man if I could explain these thoughts I wouldn’t be writing them and if I knew the answers they wouldn’t be questions anymore. We’re all the same but fail to be different. I’m just a little tipsy and this alcohols making me dizzy. I’m not trying to preach I’m just listening to my thoughts. You feel me. 😋

Twitter: @mighty_leny


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