“Ivory has nothing your own nails do not have” – Richard Branson

April 30th is a day worth seven Hallelujahs. On this day someone will be celebrating his birthday after 18 years of trial and error now transitioning into society a full grown wise boy.


And it is still on this day that Kenya led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and 10 other African Presidents, will set ablaze more than 120 tonnes of ivory and rhino horn. This 10 times what was burnt by President Moi in 1989.

President Daniel Arap Moi sets 12 tonnes of ivory on fire at Nairobi National Park in 1989

A stockpile of ivory tusks will go up in flames in Nairobi at a ceremony expected to attract international celebrities, conservation gurus, and national and business leaders.
This will be the world’s largest stockpile of rhino and elephant horn products ever to be burnt. Mad Props for the steadfast approach of sending a no-nonsense message to the world concerning our wildlife importance and the measures we would go to protect it. The clear message is that this country values the animals more than the price tag the traffickers attach to these items. It also goes to show just how far the country is willing to go to protect its wildlife for posterity.

People have won chess through intimidation, making bold moves and scathing the opponent causing him/her to make blind moves that expose him/her to vulnerability thus a checkmate.
I believe this is what the nation is doing here. 120 tonnes of ivory worth $ 270 million. That’s Kshs 21.6 billion.

Economists would sit all day and blabber that the money injected to the money pool would boost the economy.. But that’s the whole point. A borrowing nation burning the world’s largest most prolific ivory stockpile is a very bold chess move. And there is a lot to gain from it.

There is a very huge importance of tourism to the Kenyan economy. It is banal to even keep repeating the phrases, “Agriculture & Tourism are our biggest foreign exchange earners.”
The money is used for imports, infrastructure and in accumulative repayment of the country’s debts.

While Kenya is borrowing a massive $10 billion from the Chinese for the SGR railway, this is 20% of Kenya’s gross domestic product.
China has become the first country to cross the sh 300 billion mark in exports to Kenya, underlying its growing economic significance in the country.
And you know what the biggest irony is, China is the biggest market for poached ivory. So how are we going to pay them if all they do is take even the little we have?

We are gobbling up loans from Chinese banks whose Asiatic lot has failed to ban ivory trade.
They announced that they would phase out the legal domestic manufacture and sale of ivory products in May 2015. But here’s something.
Last month on March 30th 2016, Kenyan police seized ivory worth sh 6.4 million concealed in a cargo of gemstones at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. The cargo was in transit from Mozambique to Shanghai. Shanghai is in the U.S or maybe in Brazil? Right?
Naah. Shanghai is in China. Why aren’t there nothings like CITES/ NATO/ UN in these places?
These Chinese faggots are either half blind or their little to no understanding of the English language harbours their empathy to the decry of African nations and the world on an end to Wildlife trade.


Is it a curse to have a source of National wealth as an African nation?

Diamonds in Sierra Leone fuelled the Civil War leading to them being famed as blood Diamonds.
Oil caused strife and the schism of The Sudanese Republic.

The Wildlife Conservation Society has pointed out that the global ivory trade leads to the slaughter of up to 35,000 elephants a year in Africa.

Asian countries are trying to compete with each other for influence in the continent’s fast growing economics economies.
Slots in Ethiopia & Kenya are filled with China. Japan has tried to maintain cordial ties even with leaders who have antagonized Western nations like Zimbabwe’s Mugabe.
Chinese artisans have a glee for ivory like how a fat Kid loves cake despite all these.

Tell 'em

Instead of talks to ban, Let’s burn the ivory because it is the only language the Chinese will understand because English is clearly not working. Preach !!

What a way to mark a birthday.

Twitter: @mighty_leny


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