Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance

I happen to agree with most of the feminist philosophy I have read.
I agree for instance, that for the most part, men are vain, ignorant, greedy, brutal assholes who’ve just about ruined this planet
…who’ve just…who’ve just about ruined this planet because they’re afraid someone might have a bigger dick out there somewhere.
Men are basically insecure about the size of their dicks and so they go to war over it.
You don’t have to be a political scientist or a history major to see the bigger dick foreign policy theory at work.
It goes something like this…”what they have bigger dicks? Bomb them!!!”
And of course the bombs and the bullets and the rockets are all shaped like dicks.
I don’t understand that part of it, but it is part of the equation.
So I agree with that abstract. That man… men…males have pushed the technology that just about has this planet in a stranglehold.


It is through a certain imposed female incapacity that the male is “male”. The world is a big fucking phallocracy. That’s right, THERE WAS NEVER SUCH A THING AS FATHER UNTIL THE CREATION OF PATRIARCHY. You know who contributed to much of this phallocracy? The church.

Powerful men in the early Christian church ‘conned’ the world by propagating lies that devalued the female and tipped the scales in favor of the masculine. Mahn Constantine and his male successors successfully converted the world from matriarchal paganism to patriarchal Christianity by waging a campaign of propaganda that demonized the sacred feminine, obliterating the goddess from modern religion forever.

the sacred feminine and the goddess, which of course has now been lost, virtually eliminated by the Church. The power of the female and her ability to produce life was once very sacred, but it posed a threat to the rise of the predominantly male Church, and so the sacred feminine was demonized and called unclean. It was  man,  not God, who created the concept of ‘original sin,’ whereby Eve tasted of the apple and caused the downfall of the human race. Woman, once the sacred giver of life, was now the enemy. I should add, that this concept of woman as life-bringer was the foundation of ancient religion. Childbirth was mystical and powerful. Sadly, Christian philosophy decided to embezzle the female’s creative power by ignoring biological truth and making  man  the Creator. Genesis tells us that Eve was created from Adam’s rib. Woman became an offshoot of man. And a sinful one at that. Genesis was the beginning of the end for the goddess. When Christianity came along, the old pagan religions did not die easily.

Early religion was based on the divine order of Nature. The goddess Venus and the planet Venus were one and the same. The goddess had a place in the nighttime sky and was known by many names—Venus, the Eastern Star, Ishtar, Astarte—all of them powerful female concepts with ties to Nature and Mother Earth. As part of the Vatican’s campaign to eradicate pagan religions and convert the masses to Christianity, the Church launched a smear campaign against the pagan gods and goddesses, recasting their divine symbols as evil. This is very common in times of turmoil.

Nobody could deny the enormous good the modern Church did in today’s troubled world, and yet the Church had a deceitful and violent history. Their brutal crusade to “reeducate” the pagan and feminine-worshipping religions spanned three centuries, employing methods as inspired as they were horrific. The Catholic Inquisition published the book that arguably could be called the most blood-soaked publication in human history.  Malleus Maleficarum—or  The Witches’ Hammer—indoctrinated the world to “the dangers of freethinking women” and instructed the clergy how to locate, torture, and destroy them. Those deemed “witches” by the Church included all female scholars, priestesses, gypsies, mystics, nature lovers, herb gatherers, and any women “suspiciously attuned to the natural world.” Midwives also were killed for their heretical practice of using medical knowledge to ease the pain of childbirth—a suffering, the Church claimed, that was God’s rightful punishment for Eve’s partaking of the Apple of Knowledge, thus giving birth to the idea of Original Sin. During three hundred years of witch hunts, the Church burned at the stake an astounding five  million women. The propaganda and bloodshed had worked. Today’s world was living proof. Women, once celebrated as an essential half of spiritual enlightenment, had been banished from the temples of the world. There were no female Orthodox rabbis, Catholic priests, nor Islamic clerics. The once hallowed act of Hieros Gamos—the natural sexual union between man and woman through which each became spiritually whole—had been recast as a shameful act. Holy men who had once required sexual union with their female counterparts to commune with God now feared their natural sexual urges as the work of the devil, collaborating with his favorite accomplice… woman. Not even the feminine association with the  left-hand  side could escape the Church’s defamation. In France and Italy, the words for “left”—gauche  and  sinistra—came to have deeply negative overtones, while their right-hand counterparts rang of  righteousness, dexterity, and correctness. To this day, radical thought was considered  left  wing, irrational thought was  left  brain, and anything evil,  sinister. The days of the goddess were over. The pendulum had swung. Mother Earth had become a  man’s world, and the gods of destruction and war were taking their toll. The male ego had spent two millennia running unchecked by its female counterpart. It was this obliteration of the sacred feminine in modern life that had caused what the Hopi Native Americans called  koyanisquatsi—”life out of balance”—an unstable situation marked by testosterone-fueled wars, a plethora of misogynistic societies, and a growing disrespect for Mother Earth.

The ancients envisioned their world in two halves—masculine and feminine. Their gods and goddesses worked to keep a balance of power. Yin and yang. When male and female were balanced, there was harmony in the world. When they were unbalanced, there was chaos.

Yin & Yang

Again on my Taoism polemics. Taoism is a gender-neutral religion. This is implied by the concept of Yin Yang which teaches that masculine and feminine are complementary, inseparable and equal.

Wanna know something perfect about the church? The Rosary. Mmh..

Women are fantastic creatures! Many do not realize how fantastic they are, and certainly most men do not. Women are much like their clitoris: there is much more inside than outside.
Hindu traditions still recognize the sacredness of the yoni – a Sanskrit word with meanings not only of cunt, but also abode, source, spring, home. Pre-Indo-European peoples understood the yoni as the “concrete manifestation” of Shakti, “the life-giving, animating power of the cosmos” (Margolin, 1986, 533). This knowledge has not been completely lost, but it has gone underground,

The blossoming flower resembles the female genitalia, the sublime blossom from which all mankind enters the world. And if you've ever seen any paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe, you'll know exactly what I mean.

the earth is understood “as a religious form . . . repository of a wealth of sacred forces” (Eliade 1958: 242). The beloved dirt, soil or earth, has been understood as the very flesh of Goddess, the cosmic womb/cunt that begets us and to which we ultimately return at death.

If God had a gender he has to be androgynous. A being that is in tune with the  balance  between male and female. It was believed that a human soul could not be enlightened unless it had both male and female elements.

I am a woman. Every artist is a woman and should have a
taste for other women. Artists who are homosexual cannot
be true artists because they like men, and since they them-
selves are women they are reverting to normality.

Orgasm as prayer

Is it surprising we feel conflicted about sex? Our ancient heritage and our very physiologies tell us sex is natural—a cherished route to spiritual fulfillment—and yet modern religion decries it as shameful, teaching us to fear our sexual desire as the hand of the devil.

Hieros Gamos is Greek, It means  sacred marriage. Historically, intercourse was the act through which male and female experienced God. The ancients believed that the male was spiritually incomplete until he had carnal knowledge of the sacred feminine. Physical union with the female remained the sole means through which man could become spiritually complete and ultimately achieve  gnosis—knowledge of the divine. Since the days of Isis, sex rites had been considered man’s only bridge from earth to heaven. By communing with woman, man could achieve a climactic instant when his mind went totally blank and he could see God. Orgasm as prayer? Physiologically speaking, the male climax was accompanied by a split second entirely devoid of thought. A brief mental vacuum. A moment of clarity during which God could be glimpsed. Meditation gurus achieved similar states of thoughtlessness without sex and often described Nirvana as a neverending spiritual orgasm. It’s important to remember that the ancients’ view of sex was entirely opposite from ours today. Sex begot new life—the ultimate miracle—and miracles could be performed only by a god. The ability of the woman to produce life from her womb made her sacred. A god. Intercourse was the revered union of the two halves of the human spirit—male and female—through which the male could find spiritual wholeness and communion with God.

The next time you find yourself with a woman, look in your heart and see if you cannot approach sex as a mystical, spiritual act. Challenge yourself to find that spark of divinity that man can only achieve through union with the sacred feminine.

I ain’t got no problem with Azealia Banks with her cunt it up campaign

Botticelli, Poussin, Bernini, Mozart, and Victor Hugo are men that all whispered of the quest to restore the banished sacred feminine. Maybe they were tired of footing the bill, the constant need to be strong and have money, tired of always providing, tired of doing all the heavy manual work, tired of thrusting whereas she could also hop on it and ride it cowgirl. A phallocracy is fucking tiresome.

I have a concern over the Church’s elimination of the sacred feminine from modern religion. I am simply echoing some of their shared frustrations with the modern Church’s demonization of the goddess. We are equal. Foot the fucking bill, yo hop on it cowgirl.

We are starting to sense the dangers of our history… and of our destructive paths. We are beginning to sense the need to restore the sacred feminine. The gender 2/3 rule. The women reps. I am singing her song. The world needs modern troubadours.




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