Zeitgeist #3: High as a Mufucka on Street Rap

2 months later and am still high on schoolboy Q’s Blankface LP tape. Mahn according to me that tape was Gold,. It was groovy done by the Groovy Tony himself. Telling someone what a painting means is like telling them how a song should make them feel—it is different for all people. All I can tell you is that Blank Face is the album an artist like Schoolboy Q was born to make.


If you don’t listen to Nipsey Hussle, Curren$y, Stalley, Mac Miller, Marsha Ambrosius and to some extent Boosie Badass and YG.. Just don’t listen to the album.

Schoolboy Q is like the weeknd. At one time He could get nasty then later get serious. He could talk about seriously eating pussy so nastily that when you hear a chilled song like By Any Means you just have to appreciate.

Kid Cudi ain’t the ultimate hippie.. Q is.
I feel like schoolboy Q is my doppelganger.

Blank Face LP isn’t Schoolboy Q’s first great album, but it’s the first one where he lives up to his utmost potential. He can be smooth, he can be hard as nails, but whatever he is, the MC does it with greatness. Q can talk about his violent, drug-dealing past and almost celebrate it in one moment and decry the ever-present dangers of hood life in the next. Blank Face is the album an artist like Schoolboy Q was born to make. Writing for Exclaim! A. Harmony praised the album’s “heterogenous collection of styles.

This sounds like an album review. Actually if I was to review the tape; now would be the perfect period to do it (2 months before its release or 2 months later). Well according to Jay Z-

Jay: Yeah, I think reviews, I think reviews have lost a lot of their importance now because of the internet. Like everyone is experiencing things at the same time. Like you can write a review like, uh, the guy from USA Today, tomorrow. You both can write the review at the same time. Before you used to give albums out, like that’s what happened, that’s why the critic became important in the music space because they got the music first, they would get the music 2 months early, because you know the magazine had a long lead time. They get it, they sit with it, they review it, they send it out a month ahead of time. You reading it, you looking like ‘oh this albums gonna be dope’ you don’t have the music. So you’re reading reviews for a month, right now the music comes out like this. People are writing the review in a day. First of all you can’t listen to an album and rate it in a day. It’s just impossible

Jay: The nuances, the all the instrumentation, all the words, what is being said in the music, what is it about? It’s impossible to do that in 24 hours. When I see that I’m like ‘oh so this is all just bullshit’. Ok so I can’t put any weight in it. It’s good, you reviewed the album, it’s great, you like it, fantastic, you don’t like it? That’s good too. But it doesn’t mean anything, because, you know

AY: We can all stream it and listen to it and form our own opinion

Jay: That’s right. You can have a better review than the guy from the NY Times. Like I read 2 reviews, I read the guy from the NY Times and I read the kid from allhiphop. They both had interesting points of views. The guy from allhiphop was talking about purgatory which I feel like sometimes, you know it’s like, when you walk that line it’s like you can’t do too much for this side, and you do too much for this side, it’s a weird thing, I’m in a weird space, which you know I enjoy. I felt like his review was just as great as the NY Times writers review and this is supposed to the the NY Times, you know what I’m saying? Same thing to me

AY: Ye


most of the beats, which are plush with sumptuous, weed-hazy pleasures but steeped in a dank, justifiable paranoia. Nearly every element of the sound – the mean breakbeat from an old Christine McVie tune that Tae Beast loops beneath lead single “Groovy Tony,” R&B visionary Anderson .Paak sweetening the mood without lightening it, guest rhymes from Kanye and Jadakiss and Vince Staples – adds an ominous undertone.

All that shit above is what a review does. They tell you crap that ain’t important while all I came for was to see which track was lit.

The best songs on Blank Face LP are
1. Blankface with a Anderson Paak feature which fucking makes it the smoothest track on earth. In this song, Anderson Paak beats Frank Ocean/ Jeremih and Bryson Tiller combined and I ain’t shitting you.
2. By Any Means
3. TorcH another groovy jam.
4. Neva CHange Q goes his deepest in this jam.

Again If you don’t listen to Nipsey Hussle, Curren$y, Stalley, Mac Miller, Marsha Ambrosius and to some extent Boosie Badass and YG.. Just don’t listen to the album

Nipsey the best street rapper


Speaking of Nipsey Hussle the tall muthafucka. Mahn the nigga is 6’3. Nipsey will smoke a joint and the effects will get to you through the jams. Nipsey Hussle takes the word groovy to a whole new level. He raps groovily hard on a hard beat mahn this nigga is the best street rapper there is. Jay Z attested to it. HOV bought 100 copies of his Crenshaw mixtape. Game recognizes game. Upon its release in a limited edition of 1,000 copies for $100 he reportedly sold over 1,000 copies in less than 24 hours, effectively making 100,000 dollars. Notably, Roc Nation the label founded and owned by Jay-Z bought 100 physical copies at the $100 each price tag ($10,000 total). Game recognizes game.

Am a fucking Dilated Peoples’ Nostalgic so excuse my music genre. I won’t rant on how painful to the ears today’s music is. Actually if these lil Yachty Kodaks and boats put in effort they can be lit.

Buzzin is the only Lil Yachty song I bump to. Which is technically filled with Party Next Door gold vocals.

I.M.Y, Like DAT & Lockjaw are songs that Kodak needs to be putting out not that other trash.

I came to fuck this shit up. Oh immah break it the fuck down.

There are the popular culture jocks and the slept on Gold. Nipsey Hussle is slept on gold.

I personally would not put pop music on my phone. Why the fuck should I put that stupid song by G Eazy “Me myself and I” on my phone while I know damn well that every other radio station will be playing it, every matatu will have the jam. I mean; why waste my phone space on popular culture trash.

Letting popular culture dictate your tastes makes you a parochial humdrum.

Groovy hip hop and street rap is the best, purest form of Hip Hop, yet the most slept on. With Boosie Badass, Nipsey Hussle,e40 the contagion, Curren$y, YG, Schoolboy Q, Sha Mula and Chase Benji, Voodooseller. These are the oxtail, lamb chops, the ham, the best sweetest meat. The rest are all eucalyptus rappers. Uploading their controversies in order to make more money out of everyone. (The Game is a bitch).

Jay Z’s unapologetic braggadocio prevalences are well deserved. Head honcho, Basquiat
Diablo, Sergio Tachini inside this flesh
Al Pachino
Only Jay is allowed to say that shit. He earned the honours. You first feed the cow then you milk it.

How can a punk that simps over punk pussy ever turn into Jay. (In T.I’s voice), this shit don’t add up. Fuck Drake and all his stans. Drake needs a lesson from Canibus before calling himself top 5 or claiming to be Jay Z.

Canibus took the word finesse to a whole other level in his jam poet laureate II. The nigga knows what a bonsai is. If there is a song on a Godly level it is Canibus’ Poet Laureate II. First things first it is 7 minutes of pure hard lyrics.

Watch out lil bitch. There are up coming niggas out here who are lit as fuck but they ain’t mainstream. Everyone has a certain homie, cuz or just knows of some straight flames underground rappers whose songs you keep telling people to bump on. I have a list of such rappers.

A Double M. Chase Benji Left, Sha Mula right. These niggas will blow up. These are the fucking future. At 17 years and rapping like nobody's business

But mahn I just like Sha Mula and Chase Benji. These 17 year old niggas literally eat the beats. Whoa, Say Less, these niggas are purely the best freestylers.

Sha mula finds his match in Voodoo seller the grim reaper mganga na mahirizi. The second best Kenyan rapper. https://youtu.be/8J1XE7QVu3A

Watch out for that nigga Oksyde. Am Kenyan mahn I have to rep where am from. https://youtu.be/ej2d6wVRdZA

Shout out to Shinski. Glad to have him back.
Pass Moi the blunt
Or maybe he should pass us what he smokes. But on a serious note. Respect.

Moi my nigga

Respect. Living to see 96 years means that your karma is right.

Art & Hip Hop buff | Society Rabbi with a Pundit prerogative
Its a cruel world and I’m king. Nigga word to Selassie. Connoisseur Lenny Montana all I have in this world are my balls and my words so salute the plug for me.

Twitter: @mighty_leny


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