Zeitgeist #4: All the best rappers are usually dead

Listening to the first lines of “My life” by Lil Wayne ft. The Game just made me realise that poetry would never die. The baton just gets passed on to the next Thespian. The Game went deep into his bag in that song. Just tell me, how does someone degenerate from this 

To this

If the Game died while he still was deep in his prime.. We wouldnt see his crap. He would still be etched like Malik Isaac Taylor the “Phife Dawg” or Tupac on our minds. What made you forget about Talib? Don’t go digging out his gold after he’s dead.
Still on the track though; That part where a “younger” The Game kneels before His Father’s grave made me so emotional. It got me thinking bout my pops.. He passed on two years after my birth. It got me thinking will I live long enough to raise my son. 
These dead rappers were important but they are irrelevant for now. Like the Dead Presidents.

How do you expect Jay Z to win while you have him fighting ghosts

Kendrick is Stuck in a rock and a hard place

EMINEM PAC and where gods stay. That ain’t Kendrick’s cup of tea. He can’t drink it. Thugga can drink it and dive in it. He is the first of his kind. Migos too, Dae Dae, Future, 2 Chainz. They speak each other’s language, or so it seems. They invented trap.
Biggie/ Jay Z. How do you expect Jay Z to win when you have him fighting ghosts. How do you expect J Cole and Kendrick to win when you keep comparing them to Jay Z and Nas. How do you expect Migos, Young thug and Future to win when you keep comparing them with J Cole and mainstream Hip Hop. How would a sane human even compare Migos/ Young thug to J Cole. 2 completely different worlds. Recycle that nonesense and sell it as tissue paper.
Artists like the migos I enjoy the music for the entertainment value. Can’t ever allow the actual bars to influence u cos they’re waffling. Says who motherfucker. Have you listened to culture.

I heard culture and my house burnt down. That album can smash everything bruh. You’ve heard Kelly Price? And people still say that Travis didn’t influence Quavo. The time that Quavo shared with Travis Scott really paid off.

Travis helped Quavo find his sound, yes.. But he still influenced him. Its all over Kelly Price dude. Scott has grown on me. I believe God listens to Travis Scott’s music. The angels chant la flame. Kelly price goes fucken in I wanna run a Marathon. The video to that track should live up to its name.. Kelly Price the 6 time Grammy nominated diva… Better than Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston combined. If you hear Quavo saying that a night with him will make her sing like Kelly Price. Its that serious.

Travis Scott the King of visuals

Travis dude.. I used to think that Kanye and Cudi influenced Travis but now it seems that Travis has/ had more effect on Kanye.. On Swag Especially.

His song drugs you should try should turn to drugs you shouldn’t try. Coz if you try Travis’ drugs dude, Goddamn it you’re fucked up. Travis has an outlet. Rap Carthasis to let him spill out his highs and Epiphanies from lethal narcs.

“Travis Scott Ni wale wasee madre zimewakubali”.. He resonates so well with his drugs. Sin eater Jesus allegory. They take the hard drugs so we do not have to. We just listen to their music and we good. Their high gets to us through the music they make when high. Do you hear what am saying?  

Disclaimer: No matter what is said. No matter the appraisals in this article let it be said that Travis Scott is the best Artist of our generation.

“Shout out to the Migos fans before bad and Boujee”. I hate people who do that shit; like you want a cookie bro?

U faggots act like its a big deal u been fucking with Migos since 2013. STFU u think Migos don’t want new fans you retarded fucks. There is something called a Magnum Opus dude.. Perhaps Bad & Boujee was it. Nobody cares how you did get here.

Migos’ Skrt Skrt is better than any other Skrt Skrt, heck Migos’ ad libs are the best ad libs in trap so far. Anthropologists should do a study on Migos.
Schools of music should introduce Migos’ music into their curriculums.
This is the music of our generation. You should stick with your generation. Whatever the genre of music Migos sing to.. Its so beautiful.
These are niggas we call blessed with good karma and everything, had their fair share of hardheadedness and now they out here winning.
Tyler the Creator is an incredulous hippie. Ask me why. Its coz he is a hippie yet a teetotaler from all drugs. According to me, if you give Molly, Xanax, pot or MDMA to Tyler the Creator he is going to evolve into Migos.
Hating on a nigga’s finnese you saying a nigga is lame you selfish and sad nigga you lame for hating on Migos/ Future/ thugga/ Dae Dae/ A boogie’s music. You can critique La Savage/ Lil Uzi/ Yachty lil whatevers no problem but pause where Migos is concerned. 

RICH THE KID wants to be on Migos so bad

Migos occupy a higher dais of Superior acculturation in the 21st Century… Rain drops. 
Thugga has his moments; but when he decides to become trash he goes world class trash; even more than Lil Uzi Yachty or Kodak. Jeffrey was a great album though.   

If you say young thug is trash through & through you selfish and sad, nigga you lame. Young thug might be smokin’ penises but his voice is a whole different instrument. Heck, he’s probably trolling us.. The SKUURR SKUURR gang.

 For now, Young thug is the most creative artist. Travis Scott needs to drop his stuff to take over the spot. Between the two its all about who laughs last. Songs like Swizz Beats.. Harambe.. & Floyd Mayweather are just genius. All these theses people will get washed off apart from Young Thug..
Still waiting on that Travis Scott Quavo project to drop.. Everything so far has been bliss. Jeffery dropping, For your eyes only dropping, CULTURE dropping not to mention More Life dropping. The more the merrier. 
Speaking of More Life… more life is definitely better than views and thats really all i needed it to be. He really completes his verses in More Life mahn. 

“20 20 pyrex vision catch your contacts standing next to my kitchen hear the 20 50 100 the money machine clicking and my rollie ain’t ticking I ball.” Jay Z said that shit with no commas. The track is Seen it All. That’s what I mean by finishing/ completing the verses. The Nas’ style in Affirmative action. Drake does it especially in Free Smoke. Nas is probably watching like a proud dad watching his only son that made it.

Am following this shit with too much admiration mahn.
Admiration because Drake is the only rapper that worked really hard for his album.
My train of thought is actually in the Sacrifices tempo. Especially Young Thug’s verse. So basically these peeps are making the soundtracks to my life. 

Imagine if 2chainz was off this track and thug and drake just went back and forth with verses…… Thugs flow on this was legendary to me.
Everybody here winning apart from Future.

Winning doesn’t mean anything unless someone else loses. His two recent albums are so underwhelming mahn. Future set the trap standards too high with his EVOL album. Standards so high that even he couldn’t break them with his two recent albums FUTURE & HNDRXX only Mask Off and I’m so groovy make the cut.
EVOL is the best album Future ever made. The spite of 2014 mixtape Monster, the woe of 2015’s Beast Mode, and the devilish glee of his No. 1 album DS2 have all chilled into a dull malaise here. EVOL doesn’t break any rules or set many new ones, but as the latest in a seemingly never-ending series of wonders Future and his team wield in their creation of druggy, downcast afterparty dispatches, it is a joy.


Polish creative production studio Ars Thanea designed the album cover. Eccentric AF
The album cover is roses burning. Which makes total sense coz If you put Xanny Family next to a rose it will burn. A Producer from 808Mafia called Southside handled more than 90% of the album. Have you ever loved the producer more than the artist. Southside is so good he needs his own article. Better than Esco/ Metro.. Only one better than Southside is Premo.

If Wayne didn’t rap a lot of these niggas wouldn’t either. All these are Lil Wayne’s children.

Behold, Lil Wayne.

Dripping sauce. The coolest rapper ever. He reminds us of this in bounce. Find another rhymer with his kinda grammar. He messed up his voice though. Its a sad scenario where you’ve got real talk but no voice to deliver your real talk with. Its like money in the trashcan. That time Kodak black tried to diss Lil Wayne had me thinking.. What’s a goon to a goblin. 

I just be laughing at those that say Wayne fell off… Legendary. It feels so easy to forget that he has sooo much weight in rap history he’s been running through rap for so long it seems like he just reset. Only rapper who ever came to Lil Wayne’s awesomeness was/ is Mac Miller. Oh my God Diablo.. Have you heard Diablo.. Mahn the Guy’s got punchlines. 

Mac Miller is a fucking sage. Comparing him to Eminem because they’re both white is just retarded. Please jump off the cliff.
There is nothing to talk about when it comes to Generic shit. SAME OLD SHIT. That’s why tracks like Swang are so sweet. Super creativity mahn. Swae Lee hits Mariah Carey notes in this jam mahn. “When the money talks what is there to say.” Am a sucker for groovy eccentric stuff. 
After me there should be no more

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