A VIRTUOSO artiste who stirs up controversy by walking on a thin razor blade between art & real life issues pragmatically.

A Hip Hop buff who loves his MAMA.

The candid real nigga.

He is dishy.

A virile ball of muscle.

Not punching jerks and douche bags is a real waste of his talents.

Has tight nerves but is the calmest of them all before reaching his limits.

Has an intimidating and stentorian base very sexy; women always find it attractive and to show both strength and stability.

His kindness is inbred.

Was a kid of demure shyness and even though grown now is still getting out of the shackles of lack of confidence, he therefore uses blogging as a tool for spreading his wisdom.

He is a master of grandiloquence.

Has the qualities of becoming areal future humanity icon due to his deep ideologies and wise standpoints with originality always giving people something to ponder upon.

You wouldn’t recognize his wisdom because he has more than one million disorganised thoughts in his mind that he puts to order through writing and after visiting his blog only then would you realise his prowess in SHAKESPEARIAN dialect.

My name is OPANY LEONARD ODHIAMBO and this is my VIGNETTE.


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