I am not a Black Artist. I am an Artist- Jean Michel Basquiat | Humbling moments of the Luminaries.

We (The Artists) all know that Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol had a very tight cordial relationship… The kind of relationship that glows with a deep brotherly bond of men who have been through tough times. Extremely tough times.

Warhol X Basquiat

There is some relevant similarity between the two artists; Rejection.
Andy Warhol had a frequent refusal to comment on his work, to speak about himself(confining himself in interviews to responses like “Um,no” and “Um,yes”, and often allowing others to speak for him)- and even the evolution of his pop style. This is traceable to the years when Warhol was first dismissed by the inner circles of the New York art world. Such humbling moments.
He had also suffered rejection before as a child.
In third grade, Warhol had Sydenham’s cholera.. The nervous system disease which is believed to be a complication of Scarlet fever which causes skin pigmentation blotchiness… Of course he became an outcast as a child.

Which doesn’t come as a surprise that when Basquiat met Warhol at a restaurant and presented to him some of his works, Warhol was stunned by Basquiat’s genius and allure. He wasn’t clouded by the race skin color bullshit.
Try to imagine ->>> Warhol was white and he still faced rejection in the art market.. What of Basquiat a black neo-expressionist ->>> & you know neo-expressionism wasn’t mainstream, people’s tastes were inclined towards fine art & non-radical abstracts.

I guess if Warhol had a Declaroix face/ had a career full of wins and high moments of appraisal only, he would easily dismiss Basquiat on race grounds.
The two artists later collaborated on great works.

Catapult to Greatness through marrying the Arts.
Michelangelo Buonarroti’s soul was a soul great as some ancient prophet’s, full of sublime visions and moral passion. Yet his human personality was pitifully faulty. Arrogant, touchy, harsh of tongue, the youth got his nose broken in a quarrel with an older apprentice. The disfigurement lasted for life and went deeper than his face. For he who worshipped beauty now thought himself repulsive. Of medium height, with overdeveloped shoulders, he may not have been a handsome young man, but the years were to make unforgettable the wrinkled face; the bitter, generous mouth; the hazel eyes filled with an almost Biblical sorrow and love.
He was baeless & profoundly in his old days had an unsatisfied desire at the years he did not live to enjoy. He had worn himself out with struggle over colossal tasks such as painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling & more than a dozen of lifesize marble sculptures.

The creation of Adam edited.. God removed to create an allegory of Michelangelo's life

Marrying himself to art almost a hermit.
Art celibacy indeed.
But was it worth it?
Look at his piquant greatness and vast airy climax of power of his works and you will surely question if anything on earth could hold it.

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Condoms have been used for at least 400 years.
That small pocket on your Jeans was made for condoms.


Go ask your mother.. Oops your mother never used a condom.. Go ask your father/ look at his old abercombie & flitch jeans.. The pocket was a lil bit smaller but it’s now big in modern jeans.. I guess natural selection took play and girths and sizes of junk increased, so the pockets had to be enlarged to contain the XXL condoms for guys like me.

The “first” condom was made from animal sheath. In order to use it one had to soak it in milk. All that trouble to avoid pregnancy and syphilis.. It survived to modern vulcanized latex.. Why then should that fucker catch AIDS in sexcapades with floozies.. Or those teenagers impregnating each other.. 2 to tango.. While at least shrewdness would have considered rushing to a Chemist and stashing your rubber catalogue.. Those horny bastards.. Always use a condom bruh.. They even went further in creating a pocket on your denims so that you wouldn’t place it in the back pocket and ruin it by sitting on it..
On a serious note though, Wrap it Up!!!

Art be like: I told you so
Art is that quiet beggar who sits at the far end of the city at night, Blind but knows all the nightly nefarious evils & cruelty of the city but people would easily dismiss his voice, “What does a blind beggar know.”
The owl is the only nocturnal animal that observes from above, perching at the highest branch in the forest’s night.. It saw the hyena feed on the squirrel’s offspring. It is the only thing that knows the forest night’s secrets, but the wisest bird deemed as bad luck.
This is art. Humanity’s gift often taken for granted.
If you told those ancient kings that something taller than their fortified castles would be built on this earth.. Prolly an argument would ensue then beheading on treason grounds.
The growth of cities, the conceptualization of architecture and pro-anti institutionalisation of art is a mirroring of art always held at Utopian valor by mankind. MUAs/ Make up is art/ Food porn is art/ architecture is art/ fashion. Without art we are nothing.

The reaction against institutionalization of art is whimsical ->>>>> This is what made it so highly esteemable. But that’s another story.

For Beauty?

Clamped woman's nipple

Come on people, there’s no room for being conservative while writing.
Just why did God create man with a nipple??? Can someone please shed some light on this phenomenon.
Freaky encyclopaedic scientists where ya at? Or are they busy creating silicone implants for the gay people…
We living in a world where homos are no longer closeted ->>> It became acceptable..then legal; If laws could oblige The Chinese people to that “One Child Policy”, who knows..homosexuality being compulsory to some groups of people in the future, well..I mean.. You don’t argue with the law.

So then God put this nipple on man as an exploitable niche.

The little science/ history I know tells me that man has evolved->>> brain size/ posture e.t.c, but in no instance/ potent possibility of female functions shifting to the male counterpart. So the ruling out of the hypotheses ->>

“Women will fail in breastfeeding/ will get busy/ tired & shift roles of carrying the big chest with two round soft tissue protuberances to the men”..

. The ruling out of this hypotheses is definitely an option. As absurd as it may sound.

Someone told me this fact but I ain’t sure bout it

Men have nipples because everyone is a female until the Y chromosome kicks in. You were all girl embryos.

Why go through all that trouble

What ifs
What if societies in future generations get liberal/ feminist ideologies pay off & parental roles… It becomes an option of who carries the breast among the two spouses?? You get whipped to the point of choosing augmentation.

Don’t mind me though I am the maddest and crudest of philosophers.

No possibility that God had the idea of Gay men while creating man
No hormonal surgery to make a man’s breast big in imitation of the females’
No weird natural evolution of future men growing breasts..

So why did He put two nipples on my chiselled chest??

Utility Comfort zone that is the Modern age.
Early man had less to worry about, the world was young, no history/ no memorable events…., With the continual knowledge discovery, man’s desire to record this information for future generations partly caused the brain to increase in size. From early primates to hominids and finally to Homo sapiens, the human brain has continued to grow. The volume of the human brain has increased as humans have evolved, starting from about 600 cm3 in Homo habilis up to 1600 cm3 in Homo neanderthalensis, which was the hominid with the biggest brain size.
But this brain growth couldn’t have gone past what the body could hold. The increase in brain size stopped with neanderthals. Since then, the average brain size has been shrinking over the past 28,000 years.

In spite of significant changes in social capacity, there has been very little change in brain size from Neanderthals to the present day. The notion “As large as you need and as small as you can” has been used to summarize the opposite evolutionary constraints on human brain size.

What was employed to replace the brain’s storage purpose?

Then came Libraries.. Cuneiform scripts/ hieroglyphs/ clay & stone tablets of Nineveh..


But if The Library of Alexandria, one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world got burned down, thus resulting in the loss of many scrolls and books, a symbol of “knowledge and culture destroyed” , there had to be something concrete to hold information indestructible.. A few algorithms & cloud storage and you have Databases of knowledge on the internet. & Bam problem solved.. Let our heads get smaller.

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Afro modernism Art Compass: Bold Photographs, Rich Culture, Black #Ebony . Not Generic and Not Institutionalized.

Am speaking to the African youth who don’t even know what Capitalism/ Communism is. “Usijali Ndugu”. No need to worry bruh… None of that shit matters to us anyway… A bunch of foreign ideologies forced down our throats. But I would weep in my grave for a generation of Africans that failed to uphold their worth through art… That is Afro-modernism. I hate -isms but this more of a movement/ a compilation of similar artworks -Ebony Black/ Bold/ Beautiful/ African/ Beautiful just fits into a common mainframe of Afro-modernism.

This Afro-modernism is self-referential- black/ swarthiness being a dominant theme all over this form of art ->> as if beckoning & speaking to you from a “make art not war” vantage point.
Other forms of modernist art such as Postmodernism is visionary crap.. It is like trying to cross a bridge not even reached.
Afro-modernism here reeks of Africa.->> It crept in to salvage the African essence now slowly fading away to modernism.

Multi-cultural adorning of fleeting black exotic forms of picture folklore. An archive of tales captured in one photograph. It is fresh.. Authentic.. Fresh. It takes pride of place and it is clearly in a class of its own to be celebrated perhaps as one of the best forms of art. Its exotic nature has had a very large influence on other foreign art.
Beauty blurs the line between what society has deemed as fact and fiction.

Selfies are corrupted, non-cultured and unprofessional.
Studio works- 30 filters employed/edited happiness.
Afro-modernism ->> The photographer’s lens captures the idealistic epitomes of an African, man, woman and society.
Dominant male made of black
Feminine attributes of an African woman.
The liveliness of what African children do captured in a picture.

This is a niche ->>> Roads untravelled, close to everything in Africa is photograph worthy while less of it is documented in photographs.
Visual accounts of African Culture/ Society/ People continue to slay and being held at an Utopian valor.
Traditional Yoruban Religions & Attributes
African Print
French Africa
Mali People
Zulu corrupted by white culture
Kenyan Maasai people
Kenyan Wild Safaris.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Picture folklore of indigenous thoroughbred Black souls maintains non-refutable attributes/ Ethnographic & Anthropological perspectives of the African people and culture.

Everything is here.
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Tyler The Creator, His cohorts & Affiliates of his rapping techniques, Odd Future Wolf Gang/ Flatbush Zombies are simply described as Picasso & Basquiat Manifested in Rap.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All OFWGKTA is a rap group led by Tyler The Creator..- A group of flibbertigibbet Niggas such as Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean & Domo Genesis with an Epibolic prevalence of rap heretic. This is some piece of queer rap that Lowkey bumps and sort of gives the listeners some Rap comic relief of taking a break from tight verses of hardcore rap.

I like Odd Future. I respect that they're not too cool to be students of music. They're rap nerds & love talking about their influences.

Employment of Ragtime rhythms…- Savage crash and bang but more creative than Lil B The Based God. You would easily denigrate the genre as a product “not of innovaters, but of incompetents” and simply dismiss their fans as people seeking ironic fulfillment but until you sit down and listen to Tyler The Creator & his cohorts/ The rap duo Flatbush Zombies.. Only then will you get mind blown by the Genius behind everything in the music.

There are some serious production skills and extreme lyrics writing and some sui generis rapping techniques, expressive & pulsating style serving youngster’s stereotypes in the public mind – easily/ widely encountered with skepticism/ rejection. This is why Tyler The Creator keeps on abusing bloggers.

The average human is living in a frustrated society.. Whereby only few people dare to be different.

In art, since medieval times there was a rigorous demand for perfection and creativity. Furthermore, cultural institutions concentrated on fine art and scholars paid little attention to the revolutionary styles of abstraction.
The famous artist Pablo Picasso came around breaking artistic conventions that had been shaped by history & taste until then.
Pablo Picasso explained it simply as follows. .

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”
“Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Pablo Picasso’s style of painting simply like a child and finding art influenced the highly acclaimed painter of the 21st Century Jean Michel Basquiat whose simple paintings grossed millions of Dollars in the art market. But that’s another story ->>>>> Click Here

Now back to Tyler The Creator

Tyler Collage

. To describe Tyler, words like cunt & motherfucker must be employed. His weirdness is acceptable.. Matter of factly I want a funny homie like Tyler The Creator.. With all the weirdness and vulgarity, Tyler is one wise funny kid. I can abet to you that 5 out of 5 teenagers will love Tyler’s lyrics ->>>> especially this song. Click To Read Lyrics

Tyler’s chills are sold out.. Clearly.

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The Greatness of an In-betweener ; Ill Gotten or Naah.

Raphael Sanzio died on his thirty-seventh birthday; his body lay in his studio, by the side of his unfinished Transfiguration, and the whole of Rome flocked in for a last glimpse of the “divine painter”. During his short working life, he lived and painted in an atmosphere of princeliness and popular idolization such as no artist has enjoyed. But it would be wrong to suppose that his fame has been kept alive solely by mass appeal of sweetness and light.

Raphael was a boorish copy cat with gentleness to the point of effeminacy. He has been described as the great harvester, the man who moved from influence to influence-absorbing and assembling, and transforming all that he had extracted from others into his own style by the ineffable grace and loftiness of his personality. Raphael’s art was constantly fertilized by the styles of other painters

This is disturbing because he forms the traditional Trinity of great masters of that period – Leonardo da Vinci, Him and Michelangelo Buonnarotti. Although their names are often cited together, Michelangelo was younger than Leonardo by 23 years and older than Raphael by 8. Michelangelo outlived both of them by more than forty years.
As if by exact calculation, Raphael lived within Leonardo da Vinci’s life and died one year after him still within Michelangelo’s life.
Raphael is the in between here, who molded himself in the new style of yielding to influences… No”!! Thats sugarcoating .. Raphael was an avid copycat. His greatness thrived on copying both Leonardo da Vinci & Michelangelo mainly by manipulating their paintings & styles to suit his own aesthetic.

Raphael who had been to Leonardo’s workshop several times, promptly used elements of his unfinished Mona Lisa portrait’s

Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci from C2RMF retouched

composition and format in several of his works such as

Portrait of young woman with unicorn adjacent to Mona Lisa
Portrait of Baldessare Castiglione adjacent to Mona Lisa

Celebrated later paintings by Raphael continued to borrow from Leonardo’s paintings.

Raphael’s Isaiah was painted in imitation of Michelangelo’s prophets.

Raphael's Isaiah X Michelangelo's Isaiah

Vasari in his life of Raphael tells us that Bramante, who had the keys to the Sistine chapel, let Raphael in to examine the paintings on the ceiling in Michelangelo’s absence. On seeing Michelangelo’s prophets, Raphael went back to the prophet Isaiah that he was painting on a column in the Church of Sant’ Agostino and, according to Vasari, although it was finished, he scrapped it off the wall and repainted it in a much more powerful manner, in imitation of Michelangelo.

He produced other splendid muscular figures in action, utilising the powerful forms of Michelangelo with a grace of gesture and a flow of drapery that were unmistakably his own.
The frescoes clearly showed the influence of Michelangelo, but the Pope who had commissioned Raphael to do the works did not mind. Nor did anyone, save the great man who lay on his back painting the Sistine ceiling. “The young man from Urbino,” Michelangelo said sarcastically, “has been lurking in my chapel.”

Divine painter much??
His high position in the affection of the world has continued for more than four centuries, so I guess, Influences around you, so what—- Fake it till you make it.

Drake The In-betweener » Contrived Greatness
What is a Drake,. I don’t wanna sound like a broken record here, I just wanna state facts without offending people’s tastes.


Am the person who says drake is a corny singing rapper but on letter D of my playlist is filled with his back to back, 0-100, Summer Sixteen magic.
He is multi-cultured which makes him multi-audience.
Half black/ half white/ half Jew/ half American/ half Canadian/ half singing/ half rapping/…. You get where am going with this??
The rich kid who went to Art school and whose connection to his African American dad and white Jewish Canadian mum, makes him appealing to both the indigent and affluent.
He is hella smart and an avid learner, came as a singer, hanged around Weezy and boom, the guy can rap. An absorber of influence indeed. Rode waves
Drake is a dork but that is what kind of makes him delightful. He is just an uncool dude in a sweater out there winning.
And his music is like a summer fling… Once the summer is gone.. The love goes as well.

The famous highly honored Jazz musician Jimmy Smith once said, “Only real music is gonna last, all that other bullshit, is here today and gone tomorrow.”

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Intricacies of The Starving Child Vulture Photograph Taken By Kevin Carter On 1993

Starving Child Vulture by
Kevin Carter 1993

In this world there are many photographs and photographers which capture unique moments of our life such as happiness, births, growing children or weddings but on the other hand there are many pictures which show another side of this cruel life for example: sadness, crying, dying or poverty especially in African countries.

However this essay will analyse a very sad but famous photograph in the world from a background of African countries called ‘Starving Child Vulture’. The photojournalist, Kevin Carter, took this picture during his trip in Southern Sudan in 1993 (Macleod, 1994). And also it will include information about its cultural context, background and technological construction of this particular image.

What is a background of this taken photograph?

In 1993, Carter and Silva went for a trip to Sudan to take some pictures of a starvation. Carter was looking for some chances to take photos of a famine situation and suffering victims (Moeller, 1991).

Once Carter got an opportunity to go to the open bush and he heard some calm crying. There he found a small girl lying on the ground trying to get to the food camp. Suddenly when he was ready to take a picture a vulture landed in a view. Carter was waiting around 20 minutes for a great shot believing that the vulture would spread its wings but it didn’t (Macleod, 1994).

According to his friend Silva, Carter was shocked as he had seen a starvation first time (Kevin Carter, date unknown) and Silva reclaims that he cried and spoke to God under the tree with a cigarette and ‘he kept saying he wanted to hug his daughter’ (Macleod, 1994).

Afterwards Carter received many of serious criticism for not helping the little girl (Kevin Carter, date unknown) but on the other hand he was asked to not touch any casualties of a starvation for fear of diffusing diseases. Anyway he uttered many times regret that he did not help her but this girl wasn’t unique and he could not to do more (Cinders, 2008).

What is a cultural context of this photograph?

This very expressive photograph taken by Carter helped awake the world and show many effects of poorness in Africa (Starving Child Vulture, 2008).

Therefore his photograph was sold to The New York Times and it appeared on March 26, 1993 (Lorch, 1993). According to the author Macleod (1994) the picture turned into ‘the icon of Africa’s anguish’ immediately.

In addition it goes without saying that many people called The Times demanding more information about what had happened to the girl and the photograph was propagated across the world (Macleod, 1994).

However many people because of not helping the child blamed Carter. But as it was said before he was not able to touch any victims of starvation (Cinders, 2008). In spite of it is necessary to know important information about everything – what is going on behind the story – before judging it by its cover (Hirsch, E.D., Kett J.F., Trefil, J., 2002).

Anyway the St. Petersburg Time argued that ‘the man adjusting his lens to take just the right frame of her suffering might just as well be a predator, another vulture on the scene’ (Macleod, 1994).

Many photojournalists rejected such a criticism but it hit Carter very sadly and encouraged his self-doubts. (Mikkelson B., Mikkelson, D.P., 2008).

In 1994, May 23, Kevin Carter was awarded the Pulitzer Price for Feature Photography (Kevin Carter, date unknown).

Nevertheless he was very depressed by all affects of these circumstances and he started to think and talk about suicide (Macleod, 1994).

Once he left a letter when he wrote ‘depressed . . . without phone . . . money for rent . . . money for child support . . . money for debts . . . money!!! . . . I am haunted by the vivid memories of killings and corpses and anger and pain . . . of starving or wounded children, of trigger-happy madmen, often police, of killer executioners . . .’ The last day of his life was on Wednesday, July 27 when he killed himself (Macleod, 1994).

In summary the cultural context is very strong in relation to Africa. The photograph change many aspects and helped to encourage many people to help African victims (Starving Child Vulture, 2008).

What is a technological construction of the ‘Starving Child Vulture’?

This very emotional documentary photograph shows very unpleasant event of a small girl lying on the ground trying to get up. In the background, not very far from the child, is a vulture patiently waiting for a death of this skinny African girl (Macleod, 1994).

The picture is very objective because Carter avoided any personal influences and showed all available information about girl’s life tragedy.

The main points of the image are clearly provided by sharpness and the background is blur which is highlighting important elements of the picture.

On the other hand the photo doesn’t include many shadows that could make the image more tragically but there is a rich contrast between the child, vulture and the background as these main subjects are very dark and the background is light. The settings such as a field or a bush of this photograph are very natural to the subjects.

The author used a direct approach as he showed a scene in a straight-forward style without using any strange angles. (Basic Strategies in Reading Photographs, date unknown). But the photographer was probably lying on the ground for the reason that the photo has very low position of the scene and it captures a really great and genuine shot.

Nevertheless the composition of the main subjects makes perfect and authentic shot with a very strong but sad idea.

At the end of the day this very tragic photograph has changed meaning of the whole world and people has become more open and considerate in this particular way of the poverty in Africa (Macleod, 1994). It has placed between other photographs that ‘changed the world’ (Photos that changed the world, date unknown) and helped to move ahead thinking of people.



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When An Artist Drinks

When An Artist Drinks

bon vivant par excellence He
Wanton Basquiat
devotee of all things quintessential
Whose sonic poetry hypnotism from brush strokes
He deracinate – spark questions in the hearts of men
Wrist knob virtuoso of He blobbing paste pastel
Transpose brain waves to color injections
Rough edges,
Oozing paint like an orgasmic nympho
A spider concocts a web in temperament of He
Mellow to wash away the acrylic encrusted heart
Recipe for rainbow urine
Fractile tempera to wood Eros
Grith in the woody smoky whisky aroma
Inebriancy annihilates dexterity of He
Crooked nose, clumsy painter
He who worshipped beauty now thought himself repulsive
Light, organ thunder, vast airy climax of power watercolour gets washed by tears from the echo of a titan soul.

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Art Extremism & Superior Acculturation

Fela Kuti – Political Maverick
Fela Kuti’s approbation mainly comes from his music.. A Jazz influenced performer/instrumentalist and pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre; responsible for the creation of the style and spreading the genre outside Nigeria.


Kuti used social criticism in his music to pave way for social change. His music was a reflection of his reading of Pan African literature.

Brash/abrasive/lengthily curt/ballsy/outspoken….. I could go on a tautological rant trying to describe a man who the Herald Sun shewed in the quoted verbatim- ”Imagine Che Guevara and Bob Marley rolled into one person and you got a sense of Nigerian musician and activist, Fela Kuti.”

His highly opinionated self came after his travel to the U.S and interactions with the Black Power and Black Panther movements which influenced his music and political views….,,,,, coming back to Nigeria and infuriating the government with his explosive denunciations of government and society.
A concretely dogmatic fellow, he married 27 women (some his dancers) and formed a commune- Kalakuta republic- his polyamorous compound with a studio/ free health facility and declared it independent from the Nigerian government. He defended his stance on polygyny with the words.. “A man goes for many women, instead of going out to f*** around, He should bring the women in the house to live with him and stop running around the streets. He kept simultaneously a circle of 12 women then divorcing them.

This hypercritical figure who took his hotheadedness to intimacy died of Kaposi Sarcoma- An AIDS related illness.


Born- Olufela Olesegun Oludotun Ransome Kuti.. He changed his middle name to Anikulapo (meaning “He who carries death in his pouch”, with the interpretation: “I will be the master of my own destiny and will decide when it is time for death to take me”), stating that his original middle name of Ransome was a slave name.

A feminist & Activist Mama and Reverend/Principal father.. Both his brothers made Medical doctors. Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka was his cousin.. Am sitting pretty and looking at a family of extreme thoughts.

Pablo Picasso – Avant-garde of Child Art.
Picasso was too much nonsense in a man, maybe one of the reasons he became an artist. When Picasso is stated, Cubism is the first word that dings.. I donno if that happens to all Art lovers?? He is one of the inventors of this style- A form of Art trying to incorporate abstraction to surrealism thereby coming up with something Nondescript- non conforming shapes placed together represent something wholly.. Call it beautifully licentious. Picasso took freedom of the Artist to a whole new level, He was the man who painted with ideologies and poetry.

Picasso liked to flatter himself that he was a poet too… He made some nasty poems that you can’t recite to your mother…. an insatiable player with words -> His literary output displayed an equal capacity to promote language as a real thing… And to use it with as much dazzling liberty. The inventor of great entangled poetry.

Besides evocations of colour, sound, smell and taste; Picasso’s literary works display a certain amount of fascination with sexual and scatological behavior. Bizzare sentences appear regularly throughout, for instance:

“The smell of bread crust marinating in urine…. Stripped of his pants eating his bag of fries of turd…. The cardinal of cock and the archbishop of gash…”but what silence is louder than death says the cunt to the cunt while scratching the front of his anus in an elegant manner….. Morning at dawn there were fries and worms up every ass hole and sugar palms appeared in the window…. A pinky in erection not a grape & not a fig….. My grandmother’s big balls are shining midst the thistles and where the young girls roam.

In his study of unconscious factors in the creative process, James W. Hamilton states that some of Picasso’s prose reveals concerns with oral deprivation and immense cannibalistic rage towards the breast…

Picasso’s full name was Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de Los Remedies Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso. The above sentence could paint a horse for a horse/ then people would now come and interpret the horse for something else & give meaning to a Picasso painting, For instance The Guernica.

What more could apotheosis mean than people asking the right questions due to your art?

Jean-Michel Basquiat- Freedom From adornment.
Basquiat ain’t some French bisquit bruh… Its even pronounced “Baskiha”.
He drew an immense influence from Picasso- His work across all mediums displays a fascination with the process of creating.


Basquiat lacked genteel, he was black, frankly…his art depicts a man with talent but is dilettante- has superficial interests in art. This austerity is probably why his art is held at such valour.
As the former UN investigator Francis Montil told an Australian newspaper in 2007, in the UN, “the hypocrite, the liar, the fraudster, the nepotist and the dilettante is more likely to survive and progress than the average ‘thinking’ reasonable man or woman.


Basquiat was greatly successful from fatuous art while many artists with high precision skills in art capturing nature’s essence never trod his staircase.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling- Clothed Females X Naked Males frescoes by Michelangelo Buonarroti
This is Pope’s private chapel & the best way you can describe that is indeed a stew of nudes.

Sistine Chapel

On 1508, Pope Julius ‘The Warrior Pope’ summoned and commissioned Michelangelo to begin work on the ceiling.

“PAINTING ISN’T MY ART”, protested the sculptor Michelangelo. “Let Raphael do it.” But Pope Julius II insisted that he paint the ceiling of his holiness’ private chapel called the Sistine. For the next four years Michelangelo was practically a prisoner- first of the pope then of his own fever of inspiration. Michelangelo requested to be let to do as he pleased, but it was Julius’ intention and expectation that the iconography of the ceiling was to be read with many layers of meaning.

Michelangelo’s deepest love was not painting. Throughout his long career, the artist’s brush had to be practically forced on him. The hammer and chisel were His most meaningful companions; there are 343 major figures in the ceiling; every one sublime; each has the power of sculpture. Not even one female is nude, but close to all males including CHRIST is nude.. With profound muscular projection.

The Last Judgement

I think Michelangelo was tormented by conflict between homosexual desires and passionate Christian beliefs.

Well.., pontiffs succeeding Pope Julius had different reactions to the ceiling. Pope Adrian VI was angered by their presence and nudity and wanted the ceiling strapped.
Someone liberal and open minded Pope John Paul II had something different to say..

Pope John Paul II

“It seems that Michelangelo, in his own way, allowed himself to be guided by the evocative words of the Book of Genesis which, as regards the creation of the human being, male and female, reveals: ‘The man and his wife were both naked, yet they felt no shame’. The Sistine Chapel is precisely – if one may say so – the sanctuary of the theology of the human body. In witnessing to the beauty of man created by God as male and female, it also expresses in a certain way, the hope of a world transfigured, the world inaugurated by the Risen Christ.”

What do you personally think of the ceiling’s paintings?

Ceiling photograph

I enjoyed Michelangelo’s sense of humor and his speed. Adam’s famous little penis was captured with a single brush stroke , a flick of the wrist and the first man had his manhood.


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A Thousand Words Are Worth A Basquiat Painting: Jean-Michel Basquiat The Humble Closeted Demon

I like to think of myself as a buff of everything; especially Art, well I was proven wrong when I learnt of the famous black artist Jean-Michel Basquiat last year.

Basquiat in his studio 1986

Am still a buff though coz Basquiat is a name you mostly come across in those Undergraduate Art Courses and from mouths of the Art Elite suffering from mental snobbery.

Take a look at these Basquiat paintings,

Each opinion about these art paintings matters because Basquiat died without really explaining his art. Let me tell you, for all the people out there who might look at a Basquiat painting and say “Those are just childish scribbles,” it sure as heck isn’t easy to copy…. They’re actually quite complex compositions. A certain artist made an attempt (below right) to at least capture the essense of Basquiat’s work, below left, without being able to make an exact copy. Placing it side by side with the real thing, you see how good Basquiat was!

Basquiat's left X Copy Right

Art critiques have posed hypotheses & crude empiricism trying to explain his art and I ain’t getting left behind with my original pontificates. There are two ways to theorize his work but all lead to honesty.
Basquiat was a heroin addict so he probably did some of his paintings when high, there is no honest catharsis than this – A heroin high is like a turmoil between booze thought haze and weed mind trip. Think about this on a canvas.
Basquiat had superior acculturation.. His diverse knowledge of history, his multilingual & multidimensional identity and his racial and cultural background.


If you look at his paintings, Remotely, Fine Art is recognizable.. I guess he knew what he was doing, Not choosing to adore nature like other mainstream artists do but rather express his deepest intuitions and emotional confines through combination of colours, simple lines, repeated patterns, form and shape.


What fascinated me about Basquiat’s paintings was his ability to appropriate the marriage of grim images and suggestive texts & writings – As if explaining his works – in search of a commercial or emotional response to his work that he couldn’t get in the black community.

Art dealers interpreted Basquiat’s ‘primitive’ style of painting as a representation of an inferior cultural tradition and origin, and for them European & Anglo American traditions of painting were superior, sophisticated and more advanced,. In this process, Basquiat was exploited and taken for granted, while the dealers in the art market made millions of dollars from his work.


Because of his appearance with dreadlocks/ a mane, and in relation to his naive paintings, dealers saw him as ignorant and inexperienced.

Like he had some severe depression inside him wanting to be let go or a devil scratching his insides begging to be released.


I think his therapeutic release through painting wasn’t enough so he probably chose heroin when his depression grew leading to his death through an overdose in 1988.

The global auction volume for his work was over 115 million dollars. His art is coveted because it is rare and honest.

Those philosophy douchebags classify his art as Neo-expressionism/ Primitivism., how could something ‘primitive’ get sold for 14 million USDs,.. Visually simple is better.
Basquiat’s paintings do not fit to the mainframes of -isms.

13 Million USDs dude

Next time you see a painting with this feel, call it a Basquiat.

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A Praise Imbued Ode to Jean-Michel Basquiat.


Basquiat’s art was so innocent.. So touching.. Something about it drew me in instinctively.. I could relate to this art.. Like Basquiat gets it.. His art defined him.. It was so real, queer and honest.. Like the Weeknd’s Beauty Behind The Madness.. There was profound acculturation to him.. Wild dreadlocks and electric mane

The Weeknd X Basquiat Hairstyles

.. Hood radicalism.. Choice of a path of art rather than Gangbanging.. Black background .. An eventful 28 years He made lots of Art money & travelled to West Africa and Haiti.. Basquiat was so smooth then.. If Madonna was his girlfriend in 1983.

Basquiat X Madonna

. With such a life, his depression and heroin abuse still perplexes me.. Basquiat is one of the reasons I quit smoking Marijuana.. Growing up without a dad..  I leaned on inspiration from father figures.. From Hip Hop to literature.. Now Basquiat the artist is the fling of the moment.. Liege of Abstraction.. Among the best artists of the 20th century by choosing real emotions over aesthetics..Check out this Basquiat-inspired Reboks.


I had no idea that Rebok made Basquiat sneakers, but considering that I could never afford one of his paintings, maybe this is the way to go. One could say that this is “selling out” his legacy, but I think they’re pretty cool..
The copying Chinese should try Basquiat’s art and see how they will fail bum up face down miserably.
Something about Basquiat’s Art says he never drew for greatness.. But how could he be so sure that His art was good art.. That it is Museum worthy.. And among the most expensive coveted things in the 21st century?

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