As Eccentric as a Banker using the abacus Pt 3

As Eccentric as the Maasai: The most dangerous African tribe.

The Maasai are/ have been The most whimsical and badass people on Kenyan soil. Formerly they were by far the most powerful native race in East Africa, and when on the war-path were the terror of the whole country from the furthest limits of Uganda to Mombasa itself.

Wachana na hii maasai ya ngwashe.. Am talking about a real ndawuo who has distorted the lobe of his ear by stretching it until it hangs down quite five or six inches. The incorrigible jamaa who wears a shuka with nothing inside but large crusty balls.

Balls hanging naked beneath their shukas. As they went to kill lions in the forest the lions would know of their approach not by smelling their scents from afar but by the sound of steel. Two round balls of steel hitting each other as they walked. They had no boxers to hold them you see, they wouldn’t fit mahn.

The Maasai warriors of 130 years ago were so Savage that if you have their DNA right now you should be a national treasure.

Roberto Galdino's Sci-fi morans

You should see the menacing pictures of the Maasai warriors ; the Moran at war. They certainly look very ferocious in their weird-looking headdress when on the warpath. If I was the enemy I would just surrender than face these aberrant sons of Maa. These Maasai people from 130 years ago were very dangerous. That’s even an understatement. If the Maasai were the Ndwandwe it would only take 200 of them to completely obliterate an entire 1000 man Zulu army to waste. In a parallel universe the Maasai would have whooped Shaka Zulu’s ass very badly.
Their society never condoned traffic of human beings, and outsiders looking for people to enslave avoided the Maasai due to this; their reputation. They stood against slavery which means that their D.N.A is not scattered somewhere in America or the Caribbean. It is also prudent to point out that the British railway never passed through Maasai land. Your reputation could really save you lots.

21st century Maasai Moran

I saw a motion picture made by anthropological film-maker Jean Claude Luyat of the Maasai warriors of Africa at war. The Maasai stood on a dusty plain about the size of a highschool football field, facing off in a loosely organized mass. Occasionally, a warrior would hurl a spear or a stone. It seldom hit anyone. Yet killing was definitely the business of the day.
Said Luyat, all he could think of as he filmed was the army of the Greeks on the dusty plain outside the walls of Troy. The Homeric heroes, Luyat was certain, must have made war very much like this.

Before the advent of British rule,  sudden raids were constantly being made by them on the weaker tribes in the country; and when a kraal was captured all the male defenders-were instantly killed with the spear, while the women were put to death during the night with clubs. The Maasai, indeed, never made slaves or took prisoners, and it was their proud boast that where a party of elmorani had passed, nothing of any kind was left alive. The object of these raids was, of course, to capture live stock, for the Maasai are not an agricultural people and their wealth consists entirely in their herds of cattle, sheep and goats. But not all raids were for capturing livestock. Some were somewhat either hedonistic expeditions or to affirm the reputation of their brutality.

The most famous one was In 1852 when a meteorite fell on the Duruma settlements. There was a report of a concentration of 800 Maasai warriors on the move in what is now Kenya. In 1857, after having depopulated the “Wakuafi wilderness” in what is now southeastern Kenya, Maasai warriors threatened Mombasa on the Kenyan coast. The lores of what happened then are harrowing to the extent movie like.

Here’s What happened, In 1856, three years after the meteorite fell among the Duruma, disaster struck. Disaster’s name, in this case, were troops of Maasai morans from Tsavo, famous for their ferocity and skills in war.
Like Vikings sacking the temples of England, the Maasai raided the Duruma villages laying waste to anything on their path. Their intentions were unknown; for they never claimed the stone or occupied the land. Luckily, someone sneaked the stone out of the village during the raid.
The Maasai raiding party pushed farther to the City of Mombasa where they encountered Baluchi Arab soldiers garrisoned in the area. Sayyid Said, the Sultan of Zanzibar had ordered his soldiers to guard the city after a long bloody power feud with the Mazrui family. Now, he faced a new enemy – the marauding Maasai. The encounter led to a battle in which the Baluchi soldiers ended-up taking refuge at Fort Jesus.
The bloodthirsty army moved South of Mombasa to the Port town of Vanga. Nothing is known about what provoked the Maasai – a rampage followed that led to the complete destruction of the town of Vanga. The murderous rage came to a halt when the City of Mombasa developed an alert system which was sounded when Maasai morans were spotted conducting reconnaissance missions. The effects of this Maasai rampage are still visible in Vanga. These are the stories Swahili mothers tell perhaps enforcing gallantry in their children. Along with the smell of slavery, broken promises, Portugal and Vasco Da Gama’s piss there are Maasai footprints. Leaving impact Hundreds of kilometres from your homeland still felt more than a hundred years later is a scenario summed up by the word eccentric.

A painting of the Great Maasai Chief Laibon Lenana , Lenana School's most prized possession.

The Maasai women actually have the spirit of the Serengeti lions in them. Those resilient women who birthed and nursed warriors and ducked at what nature threw at them or changed it into an opportunity are the true warriors. As eccentric as the Serengeti lions. If you knew how enduring the Serengeti lion is, how serious the Serengeti Park is yet the lion still manages to have among the most beautiful manes you would appreciate the comparison. The remnant of the tribe, more especially the men, are still a fine, lithe, clean-limbed people perhaps the inspiration of the joke that if aliens attacked, The Maasai would be the only African tribe left standing. In general, the Maasai are an upright and honourable savage race and it is a pity that their eccentric cultures are gradually getting corrupted by modernization.

As Eccentric as Marijuana

I said no to drugs once. I looked at a blunt right in the face and, like a loving but firm father, I said, “No.” I was really high. You just can’t tell people to stop smoking marijuana. Come on Its marijuana for fucks sake. Sage’s cousin. You need to preach salvation through acceptance. There are drugs then there is marijuana.. The eccentric drug. One that pseudoscientists who have never had a taste of claim to know what it does to the body. Well fuck the pseudoscientists. That sounds like something a hippie would say.

People keep asking me what do I think of weed. I think its eccentric. Am not here to say whether it’s right or wrong that’s a choice you have to make but, I’ll share the unique perspective.

Drugs are wonderful when you try them first. They are not around for all these millenias for no reason.

First time, mostly pleasure but a little pain, maybe a cough
But as you increase and keep using, the pleasure part decreases and the pain part, the price you pay increases until the balance is completely the other way and there’s almost all pain and there is hardly any pleasure.

The thing you have to learn is use them judiciously. There is something called judicious use of marijuana. You’re welcome. Once a month, that would be frequent because where marijuana is concerned, it does seem to open a window for you, seems to broaden the vistas at first and whether you like it or not it changes your values, doors of perception, you see things differently. It deconditions the brain. Marijuana gives and takes. This is the only dangerous thing about it. If it only gave well and good. But it takes too and that’s dangerous considering what it takes. It takes away our teachings from experiences. This is called deconditioning. The mind decolonizing itself from old thoughts. It is a good thing because it offers you a reset button. This is something the mind cannot achieve on its own. How can you know more if you already know too much. Empty your cup first. Experiences are very faulty because of the lessons they give us. Ever heard of the aphorism: Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience deceptive, judgement difficult. Consciousness is just the “motion of experience”. That is all. Our choice is to either to resist its motion or flow with it. The illiterates of the 21st century won’t be those who can’t read or write but those who are unable to unlearn to learn.. Through neuroplasticity, our brain is changing based on experience and through epigenetics, our DNA is changing based on our environment and what we are intaking and that’s why when we are smoking marijuana, you start embodying the same vibrational frequency as the plant which is of unity, peace, serenity, letting go. Hold on to your precious image or let it all go to discover how far you can truly go. The universe wants to show you more.


It now becomes dangerous when you constantly decondition your brain, you know smoke a blunt everyday. It could lead to depersonalization. Individuals who experience depersonalization feel divorced from their own personal self by sensing their body sensations, feelings, emotions, behaviors etc. as not belonging to the same person or identity.

This is why adolescents/ teenagers/ pubescents/ shouldn’t smoke marijuana. There is something profound about pubescents – reeking with overflowing magnificence and individuality. The innocence of wanting to learn. These are preconditioned minds. A preconditioned mind does not need deconditioning. Dear teenager, you need not lose your identity. Your brain is too fickle to handle marijuana. And quit complaining about life, you have only felt the tip of its dick.

At this point we all clear that weed is for adults. You know the person outside his parent’s bubble. But here’s the catch, marijuana is not for all adults.

Ask yourself, are you a vibrational match to this plant you are using? Not all drugs are for everyone. If you are resonating on the same frequency as the plant, then its a good to go. But if your frequency is lower, there is no enough resonance, if its higher, there is no enough resonance.

There was a reason why the ancient times for instance ancient alchemy Egypt you had people taking the Lotus flower to see other worlds, but it was only a few in the mystery schools and priesthood. It wasn’t meant for everyone because you have to be prepared.

According to me, in this modern world, people who are sure to be at par with Marijuana’s frequency are the artists/ hippies/ writers/ priests/ the thinkers, woke deep like waters and the fake deep too. This is because they won’t let the high go to waste.
Most of the creativity comes from being wacky. Am sure there is a lot of truth in that as far as being plain old wacky. By giving up the drugs you lose a bit of the genius. The rest of the people using marijuana for pleasure are doing it for the wrong purposes. If you use weed for fun it’ll catch up with you and bite your ass very hard you won’t like it. It will start using you. It will use you until you look like it. Have you ever seen someone who looks like a plant? The stereotypical pothead with blood shot eyes and shaggy hair with a scruffy beard. Its a shame they give a bad name to this plant. Its a shame that people like Cheech and Chong are the weed icons. Our 21st century weed icons. If it is working for you, well, I’m happy for you. To each his/her own.
Not to sound obnoxious but I think human beings were actually made for the ingestion of marijuana. I couldn’t believe it till I actually saw it with my two pupils. Not really seeing but you know.

The homo sapiens have a gene called a cannabinoid receptor located primarily in their Central & Peripheral Nervous Systems. The Cannabinoid receptor is activated by cannabinoids, generated naturally inside the body (endocannabinoids) or introduced into the body as cannabis.

The most notable cannabinoid is the phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. THC produces the effects associated with cannabis by binding to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. This brain, the human brain has more cannabinoid receptors than any other G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) type. You still think am tripping.

The question that dogs you like Medusa’s face is Why do we have cannabinoid receptors in our minds. Were our minds made for marijuana usage? This is not one of those vagaries of nature and vicissitudes of fate.

After the discovery of the first cannabinoid receptor in 1988, scientists began searching for an endogenous ligand for the receptor. And they found them. At present, there are five recognized cannabinoids produced endogenously throughout the body:  (anandamide), (2-AG), (noladin ether), virodhamine, as well as the recently discovered (NADA). Five still lacks the clout. Marijuana has 113 cannabinoids compared to human being’s five. THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG and over 113 other molecules make up the phytocannabinoid family.

You probably think that these are just selfish hypotheses put forth by a pothead who wants other people to be potheads like him but they are not.

As I said earlier, the body produces 5 cannabinoids, however one of them has a pharmacology similar to THC and is about as potent as THC. Its called andanamide. Andanamide mimics the actions of THC to the point that you actually come to the conclusion that the body produces its own THC. Fanning the fire more, it is actually found in nearly all tissues in human beings.
Another funny thing, it is found in chocolate. Considering its name being derived from the Sanskrit word bliss, thus the reason chocolate makes you happy. Tripper tripper eeh. Touché


Another one of God’s innuendos: Cannabis maintains a CBD to THC ratio that ensures safety to humans using it. CBD may show antipsychotic and neuroprotective properties, acting as an antagonists to some of the effects of THC. Selective breeding by growers in the USA dramatically lowered the CBD content of cannabis; their customers preferred varietals that were more mind-altering due to a higher THC, lower CBD content. I’ve never heard of something so stupid in my life.


A high THC to CBD ratio produces a higher incidence of psychological effects. Research has shown that CBD can safely prevent psychosis in general, Don’t just ride the legalization wave ride it wisely.

Still in the judicious use bracket if you really must smoke pot just avoid two things: smoke and weed eatables cookies – cake. There is something called a vaporizor.

Get yourself this fat ass motherfucker at and you good. Thin one available too whatever floats your boat

You want to avoid dark dry lips, chest problems, cottonmouth or bloodshot eyes, get yourself a vaporizer (e-cigarette).
Vaporizing is more efficient than smoking, because approximately 30% of THC in marijuana or hashish blunts is destroyed by pyrolysis during smoking.


The vaporizer instead, heats the weed causing the active ingredients to evaporate into a vapor without burning the plant material. Combustion products are not present when using a vaporizer, No smoke is produced. You don’t need smoke. Say no to smoke because its very dangerous.
Cannabinoids are not mutagenic according to the Ames test but over fifty known carcinogens have been identified in cannabis smoke, including; nitrosamines, reactive aldehydes, and polycylic hydrocarbons, including benz[a]pyrene.

With that sort of judicious use, there is some value in it.

Most of the things we use, don’t let you leave them alone, they don’t, pot does, thank goodness for that.

EL SUCIO GUAPO. I don’t write for suckers. God bless y’all

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Muddling The (NSE) Nairobi Securities Exchange into Popular Culture


The Nairobi Securities Exchange ain’t hip, it is an entity retrogressively alienated from the public; the youth and Small Medium Enterprises especially.

The parlance and jargon of the market is still arcane to virtually 80% of Kenyans. Heck, the next guy doesn’t even know what an index fund/ penny stocks/ brokerage charge/ P/E ratio or what a margin account is. Or better yet, many SME startups have minimal knowledge on IPOs.

The NSE has qualified in being an illuminati/ lizard-people conspiracy with all its bureaucratic mannerisms of men in suits, invites only conferences, esoteric trading language, big money and older men suffering from mental snobbery the Kenyan style.

Very few people know where it is located. It has no iconic status, it doesn’t even qualify in being a metonym for our financial market.

SMEs in Kenya have been slow to take up listing on the NSE even after the establishment of GEMS (Growth and Enterprise Markets Segment) that has lower listing charges and a more simplified listing approval process due to these frustrations.

Other than Dryer and Blair Where are we in implementing the online stock trading in Kenya where traders can actually enter their own buy and sell orders at the click of a button without having to contact their broker. If this is implemented, this will bring a lot of liquidity in the market and thus offer more opportunities due to the price movements. The working online platform and high quality market will attract the hip youngsters, Lure them from the Sportpesa menace.

NSE is missing out big time. Sportpesa is one of the most searched keywords in Kenya. Tells you how our youth are hopelessly joking with cash, If you get to the Google analytics of gambling websites in Kenya you will be amazed by the user’s average time on site and bounce rate.

There’s growing foreign institutional participation on the exchange, but the market remains pretty small. The weekly trade volume averages $33 million. By attracting these young investors, NSE would definitely help inject the volume, capital and buoyancy that would catapult it to greater heights thus more institutional investors.

As of 2016, its a buyers market but you know, since the Safaricom shares saga, only a few adults want to hear about stocks. So if the adults are unfazed, what of the youngones.

This is not a blueprint but a rough guide route map on how to turn the bourse into popular culture.


Once competition was introduced in the US, the exchanges multiplied. By early 2008 there were thirteen different public exchanges. There was some highlighting of a niche that could be carved out by trading on platforms other than the big two – NASDAQ and NYSE.
The NSE is enjoying monopoly, just like the consolidation of the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ which eliminated competition and raised prices for their services. BATS Global markets, Direct Edge and so on broke the monopoly. This diversity is healthy in fact.

Kenyaplex gives a list of Companies in Nakuru and am telling you that they are a lot. A bourse in Nakuru is the way to go. All Agricultural companies in Kericho & Eldoret could list on this bourse. We’ll start having dark pools & High Frequency traders, a source of employment for the tech guys who have proliferated Kenya.
Its just a matter of precedence. You see, these bourses are utilities owned by their members not public corporations run for profit.


The problem with Kenya is that politicians occupy the Art space. This is a self explanatory phrase that I won’t delve on. But due to this above phrase, Artists have been reduced to doing portraits and writers reduced to writing erotica.

Before I am accused of prescribing a way in which a writer should write, let me say that I do think that decency and civilisation would insist that the writer take sides with the powerless. Once you talk about making things better you’re talking about politics. Here, the powerless are the disheartened aloof Kenyans on the benefits of investing in stocks.

American Comedian George Carlin had his way of summing up his comedy material. They all shared the overall theme of (in his words) “humanity’s bullshit.” His funny way of satirizing euphemisms, double speak and business jargon through social commentary made you see how it is all literally humanity’s bullshit. Especially business jargon.

Due to our lack of divagation from the NSE means that our Stock Market has a lower likelihood of crashing. I don’t even think the global recession affected it in any way, but in the US, following the 1987 stock market crash, a young man 26 years of age, Arturo Di Modica an Italian-American artist did something very nifty for the American Pecuniary.

He installed without permission a bronze sculpture of a 3200 kilogram 4.9m long bull in front of the New York Stock Exchange in December 1989. Di Modica spent some $360,000 to create, cast and install the oversize sculpture following the 1987 stock market crash as a symbol of “aggressive financial optimism and prosperity”(Bull Market), leaning back on its haunches and with its head lowered as if ready to charge.

The Bull's head is lowered, its nostrils flare, and its wickedly long, sharp horns are ready to gore; it's an angry, dangerous beast. The muscular body twists to one side, and the tail is curved like a lash: the Bull is also energetic and in motion.

That was an act of guerrilla art. This bull has grown to become the most iconic images of the New York and a New York Stock Exchange icon, symbolising Wall street and the Financial District.


The closest we get to guerrilla art is waking up to Grafitti on Muindi Mbingu streets. Back to my point of Politics occupying the Art Space, who would commission such an art piece,…..
The artist commissioned to do that large Maasai earring Mosaic at Laico Regency Hotel was paid around 70 million shillings; the highest and only commissioning I have heard of.

The NSE began in Stanley Bar 1922-1953, it then moved to Nation Centre later, its now in 55 Westlands road in a building dubbed with a hackneyed name as The Exchange. Other bourses around the world are represented with buildings, rather than symbols, The Exchange building since its inception in 2013, is yet to be fed into popular culture. It needs a status. PAWA 254 or any other artists concierge should stop painting coffins for protests and come on board in the making of a Kenyan Wall street.

There is a reason why Snapchat triumphed over Skype in just a short while of the former’s existence. One could be that the founders were artists.


The Charging Bull of Wall Street has become one of the most visited, most photographed and perhaps most loved and recognized statues in the City of New York. I would say it’s up there with the statue of liberty.

An unmistaken symbol of its virility. Its testicles. People on The Street say you've got to rub the nose, horns and testicles of the bull for good luck.

People are crazy about the bull, its popularity with tourists has a very international appeal. One 2007 newspaper report noted a “ceaseless stream” of visitors from India, the United Kingdom, SA, Venezuela and China, as well as the United States.
Imagine what this does to the New York financial market. People here are accustomed to viewing the world through economic lenses.

In 2010, a similar Charging Bull still sculpted by Di Medica, which looks “younger and stronger,” was installed in Bund, Shanghai called Bund Bull.


The City requested a bull that was younger and stronger than New York City’s bull to symbolise “the energy of Shanghai’s economy.” That’s why the head of the Bund’s bull looks up while the WallStreet bull looks downward. If you observe the tail of the bull, the tail is spirally pointing to the sky, meaning an uplifting financial trend.


For a Kenyan WallStreet success, there is need for integration. First of all NSE needs to wholly own CDSC. The CDSC offices are in Nation Centre 10th floor while the NSE itself is on Westlands. You get my drift, literally.

The second thing, The Kenyan WallStreet does not need a mobile app. Wealth has a curtain that ensures it remains private and uncontaminated. It needs to get rid of that curtain.



Zeitgeist #1: Seeking Ironic Fulfillment in Trash

People fuck with Kodak Black, Lil Yatchy, and Lil Uzi because everyone else does, its the hype.. The wave LMAO! These cats have no bars you can’t tell me otherwise. Same goes with G Herbo, 21 Savage, Madeintyo, Gucci Mane, Zack Farlow, Chief Keef, Young Dolph and Lil B the Based God. All poopoo water. Listened to them and my life slowed down. Like why y’all boosting these fakes?
All I see is people tweeting,:
      “Kodak’s in this Bih never gets old,
      “I got Yatchy on repeat,
      “Lil Uzi is straight flames,

When you call them out, the excuses they make.:,

      “you guys don’t understand their music
       “You can’t be seriously hating on Dicky
       “Lil Uzi and Yatchy do not claim to be rappers, so do not expect bars just enjoy the vibe of their music. Or that
       “Lil Uzi > Kodak Black

First of all if you say Kodak Black is trash but you like Lil Uzi you need to sleep and never wake up.

Don’t make people jump on this Lil Uzi wave, don’t lie to them. Lil Uzi Vert is sewage water.

Don’t you fucking compare Kodak Black to Boosie Badass or Prodigy.
Kodak = Garbage
Desiigner = Garbage

Dicky the only one trying tbh




All are trash

You really think we are gonna be sixty showing our kids Lil Yatchy. I don’t know about y’all but I’m not.
Wait, Lil Yatchy and Lil Boat are the same person? I can’t fucking keep up with you kids man. “They’re alter egos, Lil Boat raps and Lil Yatchy sings.” I can’t.

All I can say is that Lil Yatchy is flaming trash.

If she still listens to Chief Keef she a hoe.

Gucci Mane has been garbage since 2005 and he still is. He is that guy who failed to further develop his career from his 1017 Brick Squad street cred, his ice cream face tattoo and many incarcerations Cult of Personality.

Lil B the Base God is not creative. You call it Based to make it look cool But it is shit. All fecal matter is summed up to one thing. Its all called shit.

Either the kids listening to these rappers are on some puberty rebellion shit or they think that these rappers are gonna turn out like young thugga. So everybody wants that “I told you these rappers were lit” moment. You are dreaming son. Soulja boy is still trash to date.

Don’t bob your head to the beat, peep the game. Listen to what they are saying
-2Pac Shakur

KRIT, YG, Kendrick, Mac, somehow in 5 years is now Lil Yatchy, G Herbo, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi, just ponder on that.


The rest of the world is taking over rap.

Nigerian Sarkodie
German – USO – LOC from Denmark
Flyvende by USO #NowPlaying
Just listen to this isht. now those are flames Flyvende

Kenyan –  Khaligraph Jones
French rappers PNL

PNL MUSIC are the French rappers you need to know

And they are all beasts am telling you.

But if it is ironic fulfilment you seek, the highjabi Groovy Tonys come in handy bruh,
  Curren$y, Nipsey Hussle, School Boy Q,
  Marsha Ambrosius & Boosie.

Curren$y- I love this nigga – The New Orleans weed-rap king Curren$y radiates a supreme sense of chill every time he touches a microphone, but he’s also one of the hardest-working most prolific big-name rappers out there right now. He always delivers neat, groovy beautiful sounds with the sunny calm and cinematic old school soul samples that we’very come to expect from the man.

Marsha Ambrosius is this new interwoven Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu that gives you nostalgia. Neo soul isn’t dead. She is too groovy on hooks mahn.

Scholboy Q’s new tape – Blank Face LP should save us from all the trash that’s been circulating i.e. Lil Uzi

Have a good day, except Lil Uzi fans cuz y’all retarded.

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Get your Head out of your Ass and become a Humanist

The irrelevancy of Politics, School & Religion is found on the false basis that there’s gonna be a saviour outside of ….. Us.
I am here as an encourager, the world has plenty of critics already. I’ll give it to you straight. Use your fucking head bruh.
We are responsible for the current state of the world, for its development. Violence in the outside world is a reflection of the violence we have inflicted on ourselves within. Envy and greed are inner realities before they find outward expression. If the earth lies savaged and languishing in sickness, it is because our inner spiritual realities have been polluted and exploited by the pressure to obtain self satisfaction and indulgence. If the planet is to recover, and balance to the environment be restored, there must be a dramatic change in our own attitudes and a new realization of the true purpose of our lives.
Capitalism, in particular, has willfully exploited energy for the purpose of physical gratification. This capitalism seems indelible though, even after its evils have been bared out.

"Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone."

— John Maynard Keynes

A universe in which there exists such a thing as an irresistible force is, by definition, a universe which cannot also contain an immovable object. And a universe which contains an immovable object cannot, by definition, also contain an irresistible force. So the question is essentially meaningless: either the force is irresistible or the object is immovable, but not both. And the object is immovable due to ignorance and apathy. Which is why there is need for a social revolution in order for our political revolution to succeed.

It is the mindset that must change and as Bangladeshi’s Nobel laureate, social entrepreneur, banker, economist and civil society leader Muhammad Yunus says:

“My greatest challenge has been to change the mindset of people. Mindsets play strange tricks on us. We see things the way our minds have instructed our eyes to see.” 

The people must free themselves from unsustainable practices.
Five minutes after your birth, they decided your name, nationality, and religion. You spend the rest of your life defending something you didn’t even choose.
Never accept something as the truth because you got it from somebody you respect. Blind belief is egregiously inimical.

One instantly loses control over their own mind, potential to change, and grow when they hand over their thinking to someone else who doesn’t even have control over their own.
Make assertive decisions for yourself (your greatest teacher) and learn from these decisions to make better ones. Don’t get stuck in dogma, “living your life through other people’s eyes”. If people spend energy to disprove your unique and ever changing perspective of reality with their fancy “fact” it’s ‘them’ that’s stunning their growth as you continue to grow infinitely.

The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.

” When you call yourself a Luo, or a Kikuyu, or a Muslim or a Christian, or a communist, or a Libertarian or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by tribe, by intellectualism or class it breeds violence.

So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any class, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind”

Every human has something to offer this world; the question is will we create a society that can see everyone’s worth? If you pastiche the good aspects of every philosophy, religion, isms, cult and culture into a Venns diagram, what you will get in the middle after joining them is humanism. This is no alternative fulcrum, it is a perfect ragtag that will create a perfect society a haecceity with a human centered zeitgeist.
Contrary to popular belief, I am interested in the creation of a Paradise on earth more importantly than suffering here to get to a Paradise in heaven.
The “saintliness” of being humbled in poverty (portrayed in mainstream religions) is a severe mistruth.
Poverty/ Riches = Results of Poverty/ Rich ‘Thinking’. There’s nothing good or evil about money outside of one’s accepted & projected beliefs. Putting yourself in poverty to be seen as humble is nothing but a lack of understanding of the power of mind. Also, the belief of “Only Fear God” is another subconscious manipulation.
If you fear God, then you’ll always fear your self worth = God.

^Only some examples of false religious propaganda that only causes neurotic schizophrenia and corporate driven societies.
The third Kenyan liberation will happen in concomitance with Humanism.
Your ass reeks of pseudo truths. That’s not a really good place to keep your head. Humanism is the real truth.

Don’t Let The High go to Waste. Believe.

We are here to create a revolution unlike any that has gone before. A conscious Awareness Tsunami that will sweep the planet and shake our modern world to its very core.
A transcultural spiritual revolution which will transform the separate and fragmented cultures of Earth into one vast global and planetary meta-culture in which the unique diversity of every nation, of every peoples, of every tribe, of every person is valued as contributing to the beauty of the whole.

Feminists protest when women have to show off part of their breasts in advertisements. #SexualObjectification
Feminists show off their breasts to protest against 'unequal treatment of women' by the Vatican

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is “What are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King Jr.
I have thought hard and the only answer I can arrive at is that future generations of Kenyans will judge ours with our apathy.


Each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it, in relative opacity; I think that as Kenyans, we are betraying our mission here. The country is polarized due to structural issues like tribalism, not personal issues like hate.
However, in a world that has come to celebrate nationalism and supranational cooperation, tribal identity is running out of reasonable justification for its existence.
Everything in Kenya points towards revolution. We need a cultural revolution, economic revolution, political revolution, a whole society unravelling is what we need.
Frantz Fanon, who wrote: “The Future will have no pity for those men (and women) who, possessing the exceptional privilege of being able to speak words of truth to their oppressors, have taken refuge in an attitude of passivity, of mute indifference and sometimes of cold complicity. So I will not keep my mouth shut and let the high go to waste.
In the midst of this hullabaloo, confusions, tension and what nots in Kenya, we should wake up from this civic apathy and grow a flower from these evils in our country.

Sweating The Technique : Growing real balls & cutting off blue ones.

Disclaimer: I ain’t writing for the teen in the volatile Ghetto society exposed to lewdness firsthand with wolves..  No offense but this is an article for kids from the high society…  In sub Saharan Africa.. Living in an ambience of good mannered amoral people. The parentals are reserved affluents/ middle income who invest their shiniest dimes in their children’s education.
Very few of these parents tackle the sex talk with their pubescent kids head on with no sweeping under the carpet.
The remaining larger percentage are either “clichéd” too busy or rather shy away and dismiss the matter as irrelevant.
Ill Perks on the boy who lacked elder siblings.. The kid cannot even put on a condom let alone get into a girl’s pants.
His female counterpart however is the confident spoilt daddy’s little girl..  I guess you’ve come along those girls in supermarket hallways… Extreme girlish demeanor is what I’d call ’em.
A wink from a well brought up guy like me and the girl is blushing and borderline getting wet. Like the gentleman I am I let it slide. Who else will.. She is going to give up her virginity to a “hot” stranger one day..  Why?  Because the boys from her hood are fucking pussies.
There is a misperception that boys need not to be monitored. The fathers dot on their daughters like precious stones.. Forgetting to give their sons what they need most.. ‘What men talk with men.’

Male Teens playing Basketball

The kid spending overly hours in the Basketball court ain’t leisure… He is getting half truths from his fellow immature jerking friends.
A survey showed that in sub-Saharan Africa, mothers are more concerned about the girls’ whereabouts, especially in the evenings, than they are about the boys.”

In a parental vacuum, drug and alcohol abuse becomes rampant. Peer pressure holds sway, leading to impaired thinking. Rampant cases of violence against girls and women, including rape, are signs of mentally ill boys.

The study concludes that, “over-focus on the girl child through selective programmes and interventions [is] pushing the boy to lose confidence and develop low self-esteem,” hence, society ignores boys’ socialisation at its own peril.

Girl: you want a cookie?
Boy: naaa I'm more of a cake guy

Kid. Don’t be afraid to tell that cute girl that she makes your dick harder than calculus.

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Condoms have been used for at least 400 years.
That small pocket on your Jeans was made for condoms.


Go ask your mother.. Oops your mother never used a condom.. Go ask your father/ look at his old abercombie & flitch jeans.. The pocket was a lil bit smaller but it’s now big in modern jeans.. I guess natural selection took play and girths and sizes of junk increased, so the pockets had to be enlarged to contain the XXL condoms for guys like me.

The “first” condom was made from animal sheath. In order to use it one had to soak it in milk. All that trouble to avoid pregnancy and syphilis.. It survived to modern vulcanized latex.. Why then should that fucker catch AIDS in sexcapades with floozies.. Or those teenagers impregnating each other.. 2 to tango.. While at least shrewdness would have considered rushing to a Chemist and stashing your rubber catalogue.. Those horny bastards.. Always use a condom bruh.. They even went further in creating a pocket on your denims so that you wouldn’t place it in the back pocket and ruin it by sitting on it..
On a serious note though, Wrap it Up!!!

Art be like: I told you so
Art is that quiet beggar who sits at the far end of the city at night, Blind but knows all the nightly nefarious evils & cruelty of the city but people would easily dismiss his voice, “What does a blind beggar know.”
The owl is the only nocturnal animal that observes from above, perching at the highest branch in the forest’s night.. It saw the hyena feed on the squirrel’s offspring. It is the only thing that knows the forest night’s secrets, but the wisest bird deemed as bad luck.
This is art. Humanity’s gift often taken for granted.
If you told those ancient kings that something taller than their fortified castles would be built on this earth.. Prolly an argument would ensue then beheading on treason grounds.
The growth of cities, the conceptualization of architecture and pro-anti institutionalisation of art is a mirroring of art always held at Utopian valor by mankind. MUAs/ Make up is art/ Food porn is art/ architecture is art/ fashion. Without art we are nothing.

The reaction against institutionalization of art is whimsical ->>>>> This is what made it so highly esteemable. But that’s another story.

For Beauty?

Clamped woman's nipple

Come on people, there’s no room for being conservative while writing.
Just why did God create man with a nipple??? Can someone please shed some light on this phenomenon.
Freaky encyclopaedic scientists where ya at? Or are they busy creating silicone implants for the gay people…
We living in a world where homos are no longer closeted ->>> It became acceptable..then legal; If laws could oblige The Chinese people to that “One Child Policy”, who knows..homosexuality being compulsory to some groups of people in the future, well..I mean.. You don’t argue with the law.

So then God put this nipple on man as an exploitable niche.

The little science/ history I know tells me that man has evolved->>> brain size/ posture e.t.c, but in no instance/ potent possibility of female functions shifting to the male counterpart. So the ruling out of the hypotheses ->>

“Women will fail in breastfeeding/ will get busy/ tired & shift roles of carrying the big chest with two round soft tissue protuberances to the men”..

. The ruling out of this hypotheses is definitely an option. As absurd as it may sound.

Someone told me this fact but I ain’t sure bout it

Men have nipples because everyone is a female until the Y chromosome kicks in. You were all girl embryos.

Why go through all that trouble

What ifs
What if societies in future generations get liberal/ feminist ideologies pay off & parental roles… It becomes an option of who carries the breast among the two spouses?? You get whipped to the point of choosing augmentation.

Don’t mind me though I am the maddest and crudest of philosophers.

No possibility that God had the idea of Gay men while creating man
No hormonal surgery to make a man’s breast big in imitation of the females’
No weird natural evolution of future men growing breasts..

So why did He put two nipples on my chiselled chest??

Utility Comfort zone that is the Modern age.
Early man had less to worry about, the world was young, no history/ no memorable events…., With the continual knowledge discovery, man’s desire to record this information for future generations partly caused the brain to increase in size. From early primates to hominids and finally to Homo sapiens, the human brain has continued to grow. The volume of the human brain has increased as humans have evolved, starting from about 600 cm3 in Homo habilis up to 1600 cm3 in Homo neanderthalensis, which was the hominid with the biggest brain size.
But this brain growth couldn’t have gone past what the body could hold. The increase in brain size stopped with neanderthals. Since then, the average brain size has been shrinking over the past 28,000 years.

In spite of significant changes in social capacity, there has been very little change in brain size from Neanderthals to the present day. The notion “As large as you need and as small as you can” has been used to summarize the opposite evolutionary constraints on human brain size.

What was employed to replace the brain’s storage purpose?

Then came Libraries.. Cuneiform scripts/ hieroglyphs/ clay & stone tablets of Nineveh..


But if The Library of Alexandria, one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world got burned down, thus resulting in the loss of many scrolls and books, a symbol of “knowledge and culture destroyed” , there had to be something concrete to hold information indestructible.. A few algorithms & cloud storage and you have Databases of knowledge on the internet. & Bam problem solved.. Let our heads get smaller.

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Afro modernism Art Compass: Bold Photographs, Rich Culture, Black #Ebony . Not Generic and Not Institutionalized.

Am speaking to the African youth who don’t even know what Capitalism/ Communism is. “Usijali Ndugu”. No need to worry bruh… None of that shit matters to us anyway… A bunch of foreign ideologies forced down our throats. But I would weep in my grave for a generation of Africans that failed to uphold their worth through art… That is Afro-modernism. I hate -isms but this more of a movement/ a compilation of similar artworks -Ebony Black/ Bold/ Beautiful/ African/ Beautiful just fits into a common mainframe of Afro-modernism.

This Afro-modernism is self-referential- black/ swarthiness being a dominant theme all over this form of art ->> as if beckoning & speaking to you from a “make art not war” vantage point.
Other forms of modernist art such as Postmodernism is visionary crap.. It is like trying to cross a bridge not even reached.
Afro-modernism here reeks of Africa.->> It crept in to salvage the African essence now slowly fading away to modernism.

Multi-cultural adorning of fleeting black exotic forms of picture folklore. An archive of tales captured in one photograph. It is fresh.. Authentic.. Fresh. It takes pride of place and it is clearly in a class of its own to be celebrated perhaps as one of the best forms of art. Its exotic nature has had a very large influence on other foreign art.
Beauty blurs the line between what society has deemed as fact and fiction.

Selfies are corrupted, non-cultured and unprofessional.
Studio works- 30 filters employed/edited happiness.
Afro-modernism ->> The photographer’s lens captures the idealistic epitomes of an African, man, woman and society.
Dominant male made of black
Feminine attributes of an African woman.
The liveliness of what African children do captured in a picture.

This is a niche ->>> Roads untravelled, close to everything in Africa is photograph worthy while less of it is documented in photographs.
Visual accounts of African Culture/ Society/ People continue to slay and being held at an Utopian valor.
Traditional Yoruban Religions & Attributes
African Print
French Africa
Mali People
Zulu corrupted by white culture
Kenyan Maasai people
Kenyan Wild Safaris.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Picture folklore of indigenous thoroughbred Black souls maintains non-refutable attributes/ Ethnographic & Anthropological perspectives of the African people and culture.

Everything is here.
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Intricacies of The Starving Child Vulture Photograph Taken By Kevin Carter On 1993

Starving Child Vulture by
Kevin Carter 1993

In this world there are many photographs and photographers which capture unique moments of our life such as happiness, births, growing children or weddings but on the other hand there are many pictures which show another side of this cruel life for example: sadness, crying, dying or poverty especially in African countries.

However this essay will analyse a very sad but famous photograph in the world from a background of African countries called ‘Starving Child Vulture’. The photojournalist, Kevin Carter, took this picture during his trip in Southern Sudan in 1993 (Macleod, 1994). And also it will include information about its cultural context, background and technological construction of this particular image.

What is a background of this taken photograph?

In 1993, Carter and Silva went for a trip to Sudan to take some pictures of a starvation. Carter was looking for some chances to take photos of a famine situation and suffering victims (Moeller, 1991).

Once Carter got an opportunity to go to the open bush and he heard some calm crying. There he found a small girl lying on the ground trying to get to the food camp. Suddenly when he was ready to take a picture a vulture landed in a view. Carter was waiting around 20 minutes for a great shot believing that the vulture would spread its wings but it didn’t (Macleod, 1994).

According to his friend Silva, Carter was shocked as he had seen a starvation first time (Kevin Carter, date unknown) and Silva reclaims that he cried and spoke to God under the tree with a cigarette and ‘he kept saying he wanted to hug his daughter’ (Macleod, 1994).

Afterwards Carter received many of serious criticism for not helping the little girl (Kevin Carter, date unknown) but on the other hand he was asked to not touch any casualties of a starvation for fear of diffusing diseases. Anyway he uttered many times regret that he did not help her but this girl wasn’t unique and he could not to do more (Cinders, 2008).

What is a cultural context of this photograph?

This very expressive photograph taken by Carter helped awake the world and show many effects of poorness in Africa (Starving Child Vulture, 2008).

Therefore his photograph was sold to The New York Times and it appeared on March 26, 1993 (Lorch, 1993). According to the author Macleod (1994) the picture turned into ‘the icon of Africa’s anguish’ immediately.

In addition it goes without saying that many people called The Times demanding more information about what had happened to the girl and the photograph was propagated across the world (Macleod, 1994).

However many people because of not helping the child blamed Carter. But as it was said before he was not able to touch any victims of starvation (Cinders, 2008). In spite of it is necessary to know important information about everything – what is going on behind the story – before judging it by its cover (Hirsch, E.D., Kett J.F., Trefil, J., 2002).

Anyway the St. Petersburg Time argued that ‘the man adjusting his lens to take just the right frame of her suffering might just as well be a predator, another vulture on the scene’ (Macleod, 1994).

Many photojournalists rejected such a criticism but it hit Carter very sadly and encouraged his self-doubts. (Mikkelson B., Mikkelson, D.P., 2008).

In 1994, May 23, Kevin Carter was awarded the Pulitzer Price for Feature Photography (Kevin Carter, date unknown).

Nevertheless he was very depressed by all affects of these circumstances and he started to think and talk about suicide (Macleod, 1994).

Once he left a letter when he wrote ‘depressed . . . without phone . . . money for rent . . . money for child support . . . money for debts . . . money!!! . . . I am haunted by the vivid memories of killings and corpses and anger and pain . . . of starving or wounded children, of trigger-happy madmen, often police, of killer executioners . . .’ The last day of his life was on Wednesday, July 27 when he killed himself (Macleod, 1994).

In summary the cultural context is very strong in relation to Africa. The photograph change many aspects and helped to encourage many people to help African victims (Starving Child Vulture, 2008).

What is a technological construction of the ‘Starving Child Vulture’?

This very emotional documentary photograph shows very unpleasant event of a small girl lying on the ground trying to get up. In the background, not very far from the child, is a vulture patiently waiting for a death of this skinny African girl (Macleod, 1994).

The picture is very objective because Carter avoided any personal influences and showed all available information about girl’s life tragedy.

The main points of the image are clearly provided by sharpness and the background is blur which is highlighting important elements of the picture.

On the other hand the photo doesn’t include many shadows that could make the image more tragically but there is a rich contrast between the child, vulture and the background as these main subjects are very dark and the background is light. The settings such as a field or a bush of this photograph are very natural to the subjects.

The author used a direct approach as he showed a scene in a straight-forward style without using any strange angles. (Basic Strategies in Reading Photographs, date unknown). But the photographer was probably lying on the ground for the reason that the photo has very low position of the scene and it captures a really great and genuine shot.

Nevertheless the composition of the main subjects makes perfect and authentic shot with a very strong but sad idea.

At the end of the day this very tragic photograph has changed meaning of the whole world and people has become more open and considerate in this particular way of the poverty in Africa (Macleod, 1994). It has placed between other photographs that ‘changed the world’ (Photos that changed the world, date unknown) and helped to move ahead thinking of people.



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