Zeitgeist #5: Affirmative Action

The Firm baby

Talking about the greatness of Nas and his illmatic album has now become a banal cliché. People’s thick skulls and intransigence of Insisting on Hov just because he made it big as a mogul. SMH. A poet and a mogul walk into a bar. Jay Z vs Nas. The cliché is as worn out as a tyre retread down to its canvas, we only do it because of people like Charlemagne Tha god, Dj Akademiks and Miss Mandii who have the nerve of thinking that BluePrint the album by Jay Z is better than Nas’ It was written. Fucking red herrings. Always bringing up RocNation, Beyonce and TIDAL.

Introspection my nigga. Younaaimean. Introspection. How’d they miss Take it in blood and Affirmative Action. Just because of these two tracks .. It Was Written makes you wonder What did we ever do to deserve Nas. Nigga waxing poetical and philosophical like it’s his first language. How does it feel to be Nas. Without Nas, Oldskool hip hop is nothing.

Though a short lived group, word to Nas for forming The Firm. Matching AZ, Cormega and Foxy Brown, Sensei nigga; something close to this matching in this age would be if Anderson Paak, Quavo and Travis Scott formed a collective. How eccentric would that be, Perhaps more eccentric than if 21 Pilots and Daft Punk ever collaborated.
Even after being in existence for only a year, The Firm are immortalized by their song Affirmative Action. Everything about this jam strikes a note of creepy realism in any true hip hop buff.

Track: Affirmative Action
Genre: Posse-cut Hip Hop
Writters: AZ, Cormega, Nas, Foxy Brown
Production: The Trackmasters

The jam is 21 years old and I’ll say with my chest that this is the most Arresting Hip Hop Classic. This track is going to last forever. You can take that to the bank.

From AZ’s accent, Cormega sounding like Nas, Nas sounding better than Nas you feel me, to the Guitar beat and the beat Climax in Foxy Brown’s verse &; to the Eccentric lyrics; to Foxy Brown stating “They Praise Allah with visions of Gandhi” …. This will be the most remembered Hip Hop track generations to come.

Talk about lyrical maturity that makes the already potent beats and rhymes all the more compelling. I don’t care if its trashy tough-guy talk, what matters is that it strikes a note of creepy realism. Especially its beat.

The song’s beat is extremely mafioso, sounding straight out of Narcos or American Gangster with strings and crescendos, i love it.. It makes my heart sing.
Its a guitar and its impeccable. Its like the Flute in Mask off or The Piano in STILL D.R.E. Word to the Trackmasters mahn. Great beat. Guitars in Hip Hop are so against the grain.. That’s what makes them so eccentric, especially when you find a good rapper to flow with them. Nas for instance.. How he bodied and owned the beat in The Message. But that’s another story. Stringed instruments.. Guitar/ Ukelele/ Nyatiti/ Harps  Anything guitar-like really touches my soul. The Roots could perform this track live on stage very easily.

Nuff said. This is one of the best posse tracks of all time. Its like a baton race from AZ to Cormega to Nas and finally the baddest bitch Foxy Brown.

Foxy Brown’s verse on the jam is the greatest rap verse ever performed by a woman. Puts Eve, Missy Elliot, Lady of Rage and Nicki in introspect. The Bravado and surety in her voice, Damn she’s bad.

She’s bad milk. Milk with pubic hair in it. More than 14 incarcerations. Damn she’s bad. We really gonna act like Foxy’s box wasn’t eaten by Jay Z. So sus to even think about it. Fat lips and everything.

Nas literally having Jay Z for dinner in Ether

Foxy Brown brushing shoulders with Prodigy and Ll Cool J and wanting an equal piece. This is a bad m’fer we’re looking at here. Close to the end of Affirmative Action she says in her refined menacing voice :
THEY PRAISE ALLAH WITH VISIONS OF GANDHI. For a first time listener of the track, this will be the most vivid line you’ll get from the track.

“They praise Allah with visions of Gandhi”. This phrase has stuck in my head even though I can’t seem to assign meaning to it. Its eccentric AF. This just shows you how much Nas’ wisdom was rubbing off on Foxy Brown.

The line inspired an album title. VISIONS OF GANDHI. Visions of Gandhi is the 3rd album from underground hip hop group Jedi Mind Tricks, Greatest form of flattery to Foxy Brown.

The Firm baby.
AZ is not mentioned as one of the big names.. The next guy doesn’t know who AZ is. This nigga has the finest hip hop accent. You should hear him saying “Fettuccine Capone”. You’ll think it some diamond coated punany yet he’s just talking about pasta.

Cormega was in the wrong side of history for falling out with Nas and leaving The Firm. Swept under the rag like the Based curse.

Nuff said. Affirmative Action; Just for this track, The Firm deserve all the gassing. It cuts across everywhere.

Coz of QuietStorm, Mobb Deep are the best rap duo.
Saigon ~ Enemies
Dilated People’s ~ Worst to Worst
Cypress Hill ~ Rap Superstars

Any Hip Hop group but not Wu Tang. Wu Tang clan are overrated. Nothing magical about them. Don’t get me wrong.. Raekwon is great no problem, but Wu Tang Clan is overrated. Rapping well is one thing but choosing beats is another thing that seals. Anyone in this new age who claims to like Wu Tang is a fraud… Anybody who even likes C.R.E.A.M their magnum opus. Trash is a strong word. Let’s just say they chose shitty painful instrumentals.
The best thing that happened to C.R.E.A.M was Boi-1-da.

Boi-1-da really sampled C.R.E.A.M’s chorus like a pro and incorporated it into Pound Cake. The chorus is chopped throughout the song to make a  neither rueful nor celebratory beat. Drake did some poetic justice to the beat considering Jay Z featured on the track. “Cash Flows Everything Around me cream get the money dollar dollar bill yo.” Most sampled line ever.

And you know what, Drake stuck with Boi-1-da ever since. Vultural traits aside, the nigga knows loyalty. That’s a bop.

New Age Rappers. Stick With Your initial Producers. At least make 90% of your music with them.

Trying new sounds… Switched producers. Therein lies the problem. Hopping from producer to producer is Hip Hop harlotry.

Joey Badass couldn’t make his 1999 magic with All Amerikkkan Badass because he kinda abandoned Statik Selektah. Making one track with him. Funny thing, this was the best track on the album. Legendary featuring J. Cole.

Ace Tha Don & Shukid

These guys used to have that ripe demand for respect. Going hard on the beat and everything. I donno where that fire went to.
A hunch would be, they abandoned their producers. Kina Odie on the track na Kevin Grands. You should’ve stuck with ’em mahn. These niggas made underground rap radioworthy.

The thrill of underground rap. You’ll have the most loyal fans.

Shukid & Ace Tha Don had the firmest grip in the kenyan underground rap scene. Filling in big shoes once wore by kina Ukoo Flani Mau Mau & Kalamashaka.
What’s going on niggas.
Savvy choruses, Trashy pop beats, Trappy rap styles is all I’ve been seeing lately.  mainstream, R&B and pop-leaning sounds. Its phony as shit

These niggas sold out bad. I really believed in these niggas. Mahn. The audacity of comparing Ace Tha Don to Royce da 5’9 then the nigga turns around and makes a song like Banana. This ain’t even Hip Hop. Its Kapuka. Sema Homerun ya kusell out. Remember how hurt Rick Ross was when he found out that Birdman’s was fake? Am that hurt.

Grainy, pop-savvy choruses. What’s happening Shukid?
Come on my nigga. crossover sensibilities and radio-friendly hits that’ll be gone tomorrow. Choosing mainstream makes you bottom feeders. How could you trade being underground kings. I still jam to One Day// Say What You Want// Alpha & Light Work by Ace Tha Don. Real music lasts. All that other bullshit is here today and gone tomorrow.

Your departure from the raw, underground tone of your debuts towards mainstream is a faulty gambit. Now look. Barrak Jacuzzi and Steph Kapela bypassing you niggas.

Y’all played around Now Steph Kapela, Anje, Barrak Jacuzzi and Asum Garvey are out to dethrone you.


Steph. Tell your homie on the right (Shukid) to stop selling out

Groovy Hip Hop finally made it to Kenya. The edge that Steph Kapela brings with his original diversity is refreshing asf. Its like balancing R&B and Hip Hop ile style ya Anderson Paak. Its groovy am telling you. Just check out the Nigga’s YouTube. I fancy that Steph Kapela has the freshest Serenades.

I needed something new apart from the usual Ndugu Omolo na Kina Pizzo.
A new rapper. Someone to gas up. Someone to SON these niggas.

Enter Steph Kapela, out all of you other niggas.
All of you other niggas apart from Poppa Don. Poppa Don is the only rapper who stuck to the roots.

Big up to Benady and his Flag 42 cohorts. Keep up the hunger.

Juu ya Hiyo story Wacha niende  nikaone American gods.

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The Path : HiiiPower

Warning: long post ahead

Cache Sexe

The koteka or penis sheath is traditionally worn by male natives of some ethnic groups in New Guinea to cover their genitals. Apparently dick flashing is Disrespect disregard for common decency. I never knew that.

What I know is that the koteka qualifies as an icon of respect in our society. Respect enforces honour among men. This sheath/ gourd/ cache sexe covers the penis, which is a love sharing tool. Love is akin to heart. Therefore, the cache sexe/ koteka is an icon for Hiii Power. Heart, Honour & Respect. Something I wrote about a while back. Courtesy of Kendrick Lamar the Ayatollah.


“HiiiPower is the way we think. The way we live. See it’s known today that the human race is nothing. No morals, no standards. What we’re about to do is raise the level of expectations. No, you don’t have to have a lot of money. You don’t have to be rich. But you will be rich in mind and spirit. Some say it’s big as a crew, some say its big as a gang. We stand for it as if it’s a religion.” – Kendrick Lamar

I sense a kindred Spirit. Its Kendrick Lamar the rock star philosopher badass & his black hippie cohorts TDE.

TDE over Dreamvillains anyday. Nothing personal, am just philosophically bent.. & Top Dawg Entertainment has a Foundational Philosophy. There is philosophy in TDE. A guiding spirit.
“HiiiPoWeR” a movement which they treat it as if it were a religion.
The three ‘i’s in the word “HiiiPoWeR” stand for heart, honor and respect—the three main things that people should have and live by.

TDE has no weak links. Every artist releases quality music. They are the most conscious Rap group of this generation.
Isaiah Rashad, Ab Soul, Kendrick, Jay Rock and Q the truth but yall be gassing them other niggas like fr


We’ll consider Kendrick a sell out if and only he divagates from his foundational ethos Hiii Power – The 3 i’s Heart Honour & Respect.

He rep’d on DAMN. I was counting on him to rep. I was really counting on him to stick to the Path. Am really glad he had songs with these titles (Love, Loyalty, Humble, Pride.)
It wasn’t random that he gave the tracks those names. This just shows us that he would never divagate from the path.

The album has millions of lesson. Its thought provoking. Last time I heard something this thought provoking was  Nas waxing poetical in “Take it in blood” or No Church in the Wild. Mahn I thought the world was ending soon when I heard FEAR.

But that’s another story.

I was counting on Kendrick to stick to the Path, which he did ever so gracefully, unradioworthily though.

What’s important is the path.
The Path aims at providing man with an unshakable conviction based on logically derived understanding.

Heart, Honour & Respect. When you lose one of them the whole thing has to reorganize itself to make up for what’s missing.

This path is akin to The Way (a spiritual book) written by Saint José Maria  Escriva the initiator of the Opus dei Catholic prelate or akin to Confucius teachings. Even further it could be equated to the Bushido (武士道?, “the way (or the moral) of the warrior”) a Japanese term for the samurai way of life,

Am just the person to expand Kdot’s teachings like how Saint Paul expounded Jesus teachings
Or how Vladimir Lenin expounded Marxist teachings.


Imma steal Aristotle’s triangle and use it. The three vertices are Heart, Honor & Respect.
To the Greeks, the triangle is symbolic of a doorway. It also symbolizes harmony between three parts. Mine are heart, honour, Respect. By balancing the three we get a path. – Hiii Power. A way of living.

The Path is a Panacea for the Society.
Good men have been kneeling down for too long its time to stand up.

There’s a fine line between Heart & Love, Fear & Respect, Pride & Honour. But its still a line. Imma goose your mind.

Yo dude. My hypothesis doesn’t have to be right. I just write to get things off my chest. Catharsis. If I don’t put my thoughts on paper I think I’ll die. So chill.


At heart am An ardent student of human nature; fascinating paradox we are
So wise and yet so foolish
So brave and yet so fearful
One thing stands in the modern society. People’s hearts are so bankrupt. Minds so baleful it pollutes our will.

People’s souls are so contaminated that art can’t touch their hearts.

People’s’ hearts are so corrupted that they can’t even appreciate art

You can see a man’s face but you can’t see his heart.

Every custom and civilization, that there ever was, every form of social engagement, of human interaction, of friendship, of love, evolve around this single word.

Think for a moment, or as long as it takes. Strip passed the aftermath and do not dwell on the battle itself. We are searching for the absolute core, The deepest parts of our hearts, not the branches that grew as tempers flared, nor the distorted version, that we tell so often, we come to believe as truth. All that soul searching bollocks

Our hearts so bankrupt We like or need to feel justified, as opposed to owning the mistakes we make. And the real nerve, we sometimes become angry, at the person who is simply unraveling the mess we made.

Baleful minds We avoid knowledge for fear it may alter our thought, and we hide our faults and imperfections, as if  we should be viewed as perfect, yet still believe  in a Higher Power. Pious hearts The irony may be missed, but the contradictions, we simply absolve.

Life’s always got me wondering, am I doing it right?

It ain’t about what you do, it’s about how and why you do it. No such thing as good and evil. Only intent and perspective. The heart decides perspective. Its all about the heart.

I live my Truth,
discuss it passionately,
listen to other perspectives,
adopt what resonates
and leave what doesn’t.

The mantra : If the heart is pure.

You have only one judge of character, and this is yourself. Your heart. Decisions you make and how these decisions are carried out are a reflection of whom you truly are. Your heart. I find emotional dishonesty offensive. But we all know You cannot hide from yourself.

Lord please make me a clean heart.

Art can only touch a pure heart. I’d rather die than lose my sense of art.

The value of art can only be measured by how pure the heart is. The point is being selfish with art so that it may have meaning when being given away. Donated to a museum, given as a gift,

Art should be free. Its value should be measured by how generous the giver was. The hearts of both the artist and recipient of the art.

Is a pure heart important?
You decide.

Lord please have mercy on me when my heart turns cold.

The less you have, the more their worth. To Friends


Honour is one of the seven virtues of a warrior besides Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Politeness/Propriety, Honesty/ Sincerity & Loyalty.

Savages are warriors without honor. If by lacking honour, warriors become savages then what does dishonor do to us? There is no honor among scumbags right? Then a lack of honor makes us scumbags.

No honor among scumbags, right?
.. Test of honour/ character

Not knowing what you are doing is an act of dishonor.

Proclamation of fake consciousness is an act of dishonor. Only true purpose is that which is lived, not spoken. Talk your walk.

Betrayal has to be the greatest act of dishonour – Snitching

Never abandon your generation.

Manipulation of Karma is an act of dishonor

Always waiting to learn from experience is dishonorable.

A man may fail many times,
but he isn’t a failure
until he begins to blame somebody else.
 – John Burroughs

Pay your debts
Pay your taxes
Keep your word

The hammer of God hits those who lack honor.

Primary emotions like Jealousy make you lose your honour.
Greed will take away your honour
It is dishonorable to have Fleeting visions
No conviction

Respect begets honour

It is honorable to make your mum happy. Not proud. Pride is a sin

All honourable things are simple and many can be expressed in single words. Nobility, Magnanimity, Conviction, Justice, Hardwork, Honesty, Courage, Loyalty and balls.

But conviction is the cornerstone.
Lacking conviction is like living on your knees.
religion and the law restored social order and basically enforced honour among men,

The more you learn, the less you know.

I KNOW too much; I have stuffed too many of the facts of History and Science into my intellectuals. My eyes have grown dim over books; believing in the logos & studying the universe has prematurely aged me.

You can’t have both truth and happiness. I urge you to choose happiness unless you get a calling. A true calling.
The more you learn the less you know.. Just choose the easy path. Conviction/ belief whatever floats your boat.

Copying is dishonorable

Its a pecking order in the motor world. The copycats are at the bottom as usual. Who’s on top? L’honorable.
Whether by design or happenstance, Cars are now getting facelifts…. These facelifts are coming with more pronounced sexier bumpers, Enhanced spoilers, better yet
Cars too are getting bigger asses. The Dodge Hellcat is fine as fuck. If she was my girl I’d smack her ass every time I kiss her goodbye.
Nissan GT R has the finest affordable ass. All these other cars are Kardashians.. Cosmetic surgeries.. Butt implants like the Lexus LF. The only car left with no ass is the Subaru.

Its a coupe revolution and you know who doesn’t give a shit about whether you put jet transmissions on your cars? Its Ford.
Too busy watering their own grass to check if yours is greener. Cadence. A do what thou wilt type of cadence. The only thing they care about is Henry Ford’s dream. Fordism. What he visioned when he founded the company in 1901. Fordism is the most honorable thing in the industrial world. I say this with my chest.

Ford has the best affordable cars. There’s too many monkey see monkey doers out here but if you have a Ford no matter the kind you just have the best car around. Ford is to vehicles what Sony is to electronics / Zlatan to football.

From the
Ford GT
Ford Mustang 1st Generation to 5th
Ford Shelby
Ford Ranger
Ford Raptor
Ford Super Duty
Ford Everest
Cop cars

Even the focus & Taurus, Fiesta, Sierra are all good; so long it has this logo, its a nice car.


ALL these other CARS copying and evolving to other niches just show a lack of foundational philosophy making them blatantly phony thus lacking honour.

The Chevrolet are trying too hard. From their Suburban/ Silverado/ Camarro/ Corvette & all their sedans, they are all monkey see monkey do bull.

BMWs & Mercedes Benz cars were supposed to look sexy, not beastly. I donno what happened. My wildest guess, they saw the Ford Mustang and decided to copy. From the BMW M14 to the Mercedes AMG series.

I still got respect for the Audi though. You’ve seen what they’ve done to their taillights. Audi’s have the best taillights

Then there are the eccentric Swedish cars, Swedish cars like the Volvo, the Koenigsegg or the Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

I’d rather a Ford Ranger to a G Wagon. But you know, rich people are stupid.
A Ford Ranger is better than any SUV, Which I know petrol heads would disagree with. There is no use regurgitating bar-talk and trying to pass it off as sagacity borne out of deep rumination. It won’t wash.

I got news for you petrolheads. One or two of your favourite cars was probably owned by Ford.

Volvo, Aston Martin, Cadillac, Lincoln motors, LandRover/Range Rover, Mazda, Jaguar. Ford once owned these brands or still has a majority stake in these companies. Its only safe to attribute their successes to the Fordism Midas touch.

We are so tired of the Muscle Pony cars in Fast & Furious. Yeah we already accepted that Dodge Challenger is the pretty boy while the Ford Mustang is the bad boy. The Camarro is the wannabe.

I target the car follow the target.

People who call cars motis. Hii Ni nganya, moti Ni wewe.

I got 99 problems and being trapped in a decaying body in a money hungry society on a dying planet in a mysterious dimension may be one.


y’all must not understand how freelance this world has become. With each passing age humanity sinks deeper into materialism, and becomes less aware of its true spiritual nature.

Money is the cutest bitch in the world. My only beef with it is because of how superficial it is.
Its just cotton but it affects people like poetry. I mean its no longer underpinned by something tangible. Like gold for instance. Yeah, that’s right. Its just legal tender.

Doing it for the money. Mahn you’re such a hooker.

Scum is anything that makes man do baleful acts & dishonorable deeds.
We put profit above people, Greed above need, Rule of Gold above the Golden rule.

Africa got the shorter end of the stick when money became currensy. When you leverage money to your favour then swindle someone of their riches its called theft.

Like that nation that sold its minerals for paper payments.



Before being carried away however let it it be said that no matter how evil money is, don’t think being broke is holy. Money helps you lift the load of life more easily.

Money is now dangerous because it substitutes Heart, Honour & Respect.

It obfuscates Hiii Power. Heck,
Money gives you a voice, and will bestow upon you the honours of the land.  The wisdom of a poor man will go unnoticed. If he saved the entire world, no one would remember him. 

They say money runs the world, you can’t pay God with it. You can’t buy your way to heaven.

You still don’t really understand the effects of dishonor, do you?

After losing its honour and more than 2 million soldiers in the First World War,  The Germans voted Hitler in through popular vote for his hard talk, loud mouth and exotic, daring demeanour.

They thought that anything would be better than the clowns who had driven the nation into a disastrous war, someone to restore their honour. Desperation makes for strange bedfellows.

Dishonor created terrorism.
The way I see it, a kafir wronged a theist. To a theist, there is no greater dishonor than being wronged by an infidel. An infidel; an unclean pork eating individual. So to speak.
I hate the hate mahn. The kind of takfir – branding another human an apostate or kafir (infidel), making it justified and even obligatory and meritorious to kill him. I hate it. It makes my balls itch. Other than fake leather and plastics, its the other thing I hate

But honour goes a long way..

“I fancy that there are no people in the world more punctilious about their honour than the Japanese, Honour with them is placed above everything else.

Death Before Dishonour

To the Samurai, to die a good death with one’s honor intact, is the ultimate aim in a life lived according to bushidō

Under the bushidō ideal, if a samurai failed to uphold his honor he could only regain it by performing seppuku (ritual suicide). seppuku (切腹 seppuku?) or hara kiri, which allowed a disgraced samurai to regain his honor by passing into death.

Seppuku was considered the most honorable capital punishment apportioned to Samurai.

Mahn killing yourself for honour.

Placing honour above everything is called nobility.

Nobility is your soul kneeling before your body. On another plane it becomes divine. It becomes magnanimity.
Magnanimity is a latinization of the Greek word μεγαλοψυχία, megalopsychia which means greatness of soul and was identified by Aristotle as “the crowning virtue”.

Be a man of integrity. Bring honour to your name.


CHRIST is the most disrespected deity. Look around

Jimmi Hendrix




They are all disrespected but lemme just speak for CHRIST.


4 years ago someone theorised that God is big on family planning as he only has one son. I almost collapsed.

The problem is that blasphemy & sacrilege is so funny.. We are all guilty. This is an indictment of my generation.

Those Charlie Hebdo Drawings were so funny mahn. Which even incensed the ultras even more, pushing them to defend their prophet’s honour by killing those journalists.

We hail the mother but let the son’s name get tarnished. Romans 14.16 – “Do not let what you regard as good get a bad name.”

The genie is out for good. There’s no way we can impede what will happen. Next thing you’ll see is nuns with guns.

Newton’s laws: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Respect existence or expect resistance.

We all know that when u judge the actions of others to b right or wrong against ur own belief-based expectations, who they are becomes a product of who u are and helplessness is a destructive emotion. So here’s what’s gonna happen.

Catholic Fundamentalism is gonna happen.

Its only a matter of time till Catholic nuns go Qutb on y’all asses for disrespecting their Lord.

Macho nuns will decide enough is enough, spit on their hands and begin slitting throats. It ain’t no joke.

Respect lasts longer than a cheque nigga.

It has no alternative. It is a form of currensy..
Hard to earn.. So valuable because Respect begets honour.

Respect is all we really want. It is all we can hope for and all we can ask. It makes us feel better about who we are, and that we matter. It makes us visible, even if we are hungry and not a penny in our pocket. It gives us strength and the courage we need to build upon a legacy or to maintain the status quo. It makes us feel warm and safe, when our friends, partners and spouses, give respect, in not violating our trust.
Nod your head, respond with Hi hold the door open and do not profile. To give freely, that which costs us nothing, reaps abundance in return. Demonstrate respect in communication, show respect of  time, bow to respect of dreams, accept respect of responsibility. Respect beliefs, respect communities. Respect authority, respect our leaders, who we voted in. Six billion people live in our global world. We will never all agree, and we will not all be friends. We may not feel love’s passion, and we may never worship the same God, but we can respect one another, and if our demonstration stands correct, than at least some of our future problems, have already been solved.
But stripped of respect, robbed of dignity, then we are left to a savage self, an unfeeling being, with the-world-evolves-around-me thinking.

Get on your knees and pray

I love my country but that shit hole is a mess
If an MP earns Ksh 1M a month,then in 5 years you earn 60M bob. What is the rationale of spending Ksh 200M on campaigns? Public service? 🤥That question rhetorical.

We can do better is all am saying.

God bless Kendrick Lamar. Too bad They don’t give out Nobel prices for Philosophy.

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Zeitgeist #4: All the best rappers are usually dead

Listening to the first lines of “My life” by Lil Wayne ft. The Game just made me realise that poetry would never die. The baton just gets passed on to the next Thespian. The Game went deep into his bag in that song. Just tell me, how does someone degenerate from this 

To this

If the Game died while he still was deep in his prime.. We wouldnt see his crap. He would still be etched like Malik Isaac Taylor the “Phife Dawg” or Tupac on our minds. What made you forget about Talib? Don’t go digging out his gold after he’s dead.
Still on the track though; That part where a “younger” The Game kneels before His Father’s grave made me so emotional. It got me thinking bout my pops.. He passed on two years after my birth. It got me thinking will I live long enough to raise my son. 
These dead rappers were important but they are irrelevant for now. Like the Dead Presidents.

How do you expect Jay Z to win while you have him fighting ghosts

Kendrick is Stuck in a rock and a hard place

EMINEM PAC and where gods stay. That ain’t Kendrick’s cup of tea. He can’t drink it. Thugga can drink it and dive in it. He is the first of his kind. Migos too, Dae Dae, Future, 2 Chainz. They speak each other’s language, or so it seems. They invented trap.
Biggie/ Jay Z. How do you expect Jay Z to win when you have him fighting ghosts. How do you expect J Cole and Kendrick to win when you keep comparing them to Jay Z and Nas. How do you expect Migos, Young thug and Future to win when you keep comparing them with J Cole and mainstream Hip Hop. How would a sane human even compare Migos/ Young thug to J Cole. 2 completely different worlds. Recycle that nonesense and sell it as tissue paper.
Artists like the migos I enjoy the music for the entertainment value. Can’t ever allow the actual bars to influence u cos they’re waffling. Says who motherfucker. Have you listened to culture.

I heard culture and my house burnt down. That album can smash everything bruh. You’ve heard Kelly Price? And people still say that Travis didn’t influence Quavo. The time that Quavo shared with Travis Scott really paid off.

Travis helped Quavo find his sound, yes.. But he still influenced him. Its all over Kelly Price dude. Scott has grown on me. I believe God listens to Travis Scott’s music. The angels chant la flame. Kelly price goes fucken in I wanna run a Marathon. The video to that track should live up to its name.. Kelly Price the 6 time Grammy nominated diva… Better than Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston combined. If you hear Quavo saying that a night with him will make her sing like Kelly Price. Its that serious.

Travis Scott the King of visuals

Travis dude.. I used to think that Kanye and Cudi influenced Travis but now it seems that Travis has/ had more effect on Kanye.. On Swag Especially.

His song drugs you should try should turn to drugs you shouldn’t try. Coz if you try Travis’ drugs dude, Goddamn it you’re fucked up. Travis has an outlet. Rap Carthasis to let him spill out his highs and Epiphanies from lethal narcs.

“Travis Scott Ni wale wasee madre zimewakubali”.. He resonates so well with his drugs. Sin eater Jesus allegory. They take the hard drugs so we do not have to. We just listen to their music and we good. Their high gets to us through the music they make when high. Do you hear what am saying?  

Disclaimer: No matter what is said. No matter the appraisals in this article let it be said that Travis Scott is the best Artist of our generation.

“Shout out to the Migos fans before bad and Boujee”. I hate people who do that shit; like you want a cookie bro?

U faggots act like its a big deal u been fucking with Migos since 2013. STFU u think Migos don’t want new fans you retarded fucks. There is something called a Magnum Opus dude.. Perhaps Bad & Boujee was it. Nobody cares how you did get here.

Migos’ Skrt Skrt is better than any other Skrt Skrt, heck Migos’ ad libs are the best ad libs in trap so far. Anthropologists should do a study on Migos.
Schools of music should introduce Migos’ music into their curriculums.
This is the music of our generation. You should stick with your generation. Whatever the genre of music Migos sing to.. Its so beautiful.
These are niggas we call blessed with good karma and everything, had their fair share of hardheadedness and now they out here winning.
Tyler the Creator is an incredulous hippie. Ask me why. Its coz he is a hippie yet a teetotaler from all drugs. According to me, if you give Molly, Xanax, pot or MDMA to Tyler the Creator he is going to evolve into Migos.
Hating on a nigga’s finnese you saying a nigga is lame you selfish and sad nigga you lame for hating on Migos/ Future/ thugga/ Dae Dae/ A boogie’s music. You can critique La Savage/ Lil Uzi/ Yachty lil whatevers no problem but pause where Migos is concerned. 

RICH THE KID wants to be on Migos so bad

Migos occupy a higher dais of Superior acculturation in the 21st Century… Rain drops. 
Thugga has his moments; but when he decides to become trash he goes world class trash; even more than Lil Uzi Yachty or Kodak. Jeffrey was a great album though.   

If you say young thug is trash through & through you selfish and sad, nigga you lame. Young thug might be smokin’ penises but his voice is a whole different instrument. Heck, he’s probably trolling us.. The SKUURR SKUURR gang.

 For now, Young thug is the most creative artist. Travis Scott needs to drop his stuff to take over the spot. Between the two its all about who laughs last. Songs like Swizz Beats.. Harambe.. & Floyd Mayweather are just genius. All these theses people will get washed off apart from Young Thug..
Still waiting on that Travis Scott Quavo project to drop.. Everything so far has been bliss. Jeffery dropping, For your eyes only dropping, CULTURE dropping not to mention More Life dropping. The more the merrier. 
Speaking of More Life… more life is definitely better than views and thats really all i needed it to be. He really completes his verses in More Life mahn. 

“20 20 pyrex vision catch your contacts standing next to my kitchen hear the 20 50 100 the money machine clicking and my rollie ain’t ticking I ball.” Jay Z said that shit with no commas. The track is Seen it All. That’s what I mean by finishing/ completing the verses. The Nas’ style in Affirmative action. Drake does it especially in Free Smoke. Nas is probably watching like a proud dad watching his only son that made it.

Am following this shit with too much admiration mahn.
Admiration because Drake is the only rapper that worked really hard for his album.
My train of thought is actually in the Sacrifices tempo. Especially Young Thug’s verse. So basically these peeps are making the soundtracks to my life. 

Imagine if 2chainz was off this track and thug and drake just went back and forth with verses…… Thugs flow on this was legendary to me.
Everybody here winning apart from Future.

Winning doesn’t mean anything unless someone else loses. His two recent albums are so underwhelming mahn. Future set the trap standards too high with his EVOL album. Standards so high that even he couldn’t break them with his two recent albums FUTURE & HNDRXX only Mask Off and I’m so groovy make the cut.
EVOL is the best album Future ever made. The spite of 2014 mixtape Monster, the woe of 2015’s Beast Mode, and the devilish glee of his No. 1 album DS2 have all chilled into a dull malaise here. EVOL doesn’t break any rules or set many new ones, but as the latest in a seemingly never-ending series of wonders Future and his team wield in their creation of druggy, downcast afterparty dispatches, it is a joy.


Polish creative production studio Ars Thanea designed the album cover. Eccentric AF
The album cover is roses burning. Which makes total sense coz If you put Xanny Family next to a rose it will burn. A Producer from 808Mafia called Southside handled more than 90% of the album. Have you ever loved the producer more than the artist. Southside is so good he needs his own article. Better than Esco/ Metro.. Only one better than Southside is Premo.

If Wayne didn’t rap a lot of these niggas wouldn’t either. All these are Lil Wayne’s children.

Behold, Lil Wayne.

Dripping sauce. The coolest rapper ever. He reminds us of this in bounce. Find another rhymer with his kinda grammar. He messed up his voice though. Its a sad scenario where you’ve got real talk but no voice to deliver your real talk with. Its like money in the trashcan. That time Kodak black tried to diss Lil Wayne had me thinking.. What’s a goon to a goblin. 

I just be laughing at those that say Wayne fell off… Legendary. It feels so easy to forget that he has sooo much weight in rap history he’s been running through rap for so long it seems like he just reset. Only rapper who ever came to Lil Wayne’s awesomeness was/ is Mac Miller. Oh my God Diablo.. Have you heard Diablo.. Mahn the Guy’s got punchlines. 

Mac Miller is a fucking sage. Comparing him to Eminem because they’re both white is just retarded. Please jump off the cliff.
There is nothing to talk about when it comes to Generic shit. SAME OLD SHIT. That’s why tracks like Swang are so sweet. Super creativity mahn. Swae Lee hits Mariah Carey notes in this jam mahn. “When the money talks what is there to say.” Am a sucker for groovy eccentric stuff. 
After me there should be no more

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Zeitgeist #3: High as a Mufucka on Street Rap

2 months later and am still high on schoolboy Q’s Blankface LP tape. Mahn according to me that tape was Gold,. It was groovy done by the Groovy Tony himself. Telling someone what a painting means is like telling them how a song should make them feel—it is different for all people. All I can tell you is that Blank Face is the album an artist like Schoolboy Q was born to make.


If you don’t listen to Nipsey Hussle, Curren$y, Stalley, Mac Miller, Marsha Ambrosius and to some extent Boosie Badass and YG.. Just don’t listen to the album.

Schoolboy Q is like the weeknd. At one time He could get nasty then later get serious. He could talk about seriously eating pussy so nastily that when you hear a chilled song like By Any Means you just have to appreciate.

Kid Cudi ain’t the ultimate hippie.. Q is.
I feel like schoolboy Q is my doppelganger.

Blank Face LP isn’t Schoolboy Q’s first great album, but it’s the first one where he lives up to his utmost potential. He can be smooth, he can be hard as nails, but whatever he is, the MC does it with greatness. Q can talk about his violent, drug-dealing past and almost celebrate it in one moment and decry the ever-present dangers of hood life in the next. Blank Face is the album an artist like Schoolboy Q was born to make. Writing for Exclaim! A. Harmony praised the album’s “heterogenous collection of styles.

This sounds like an album review. Actually if I was to review the tape; now would be the perfect period to do it (2 months before its release or 2 months later). Well according to Jay Z-

Jay: Yeah, I think reviews, I think reviews have lost a lot of their importance now because of the internet. Like everyone is experiencing things at the same time. Like you can write a review like, uh, the guy from USA Today, tomorrow. You both can write the review at the same time. Before you used to give albums out, like that’s what happened, that’s why the critic became important in the music space because they got the music first, they would get the music 2 months early, because you know the magazine had a long lead time. They get it, they sit with it, they review it, they send it out a month ahead of time. You reading it, you looking like ‘oh this albums gonna be dope’ you don’t have the music. So you’re reading reviews for a month, right now the music comes out like this. People are writing the review in a day. First of all you can’t listen to an album and rate it in a day. It’s just impossible

Jay: The nuances, the all the instrumentation, all the words, what is being said in the music, what is it about? It’s impossible to do that in 24 hours. When I see that I’m like ‘oh so this is all just bullshit’. Ok so I can’t put any weight in it. It’s good, you reviewed the album, it’s great, you like it, fantastic, you don’t like it? That’s good too. But it doesn’t mean anything, because, you know

AY: We can all stream it and listen to it and form our own opinion

Jay: That’s right. You can have a better review than the guy from the NY Times. Like I read 2 reviews, I read the guy from the NY Times and I read the kid from allhiphop. They both had interesting points of views. The guy from allhiphop was talking about purgatory which I feel like sometimes, you know it’s like, when you walk that line it’s like you can’t do too much for this side, and you do too much for this side, it’s a weird thing, I’m in a weird space, which you know I enjoy. I felt like his review was just as great as the NY Times writers review and this is supposed to the the NY Times, you know what I’m saying? Same thing to me

AY: Ye


most of the beats, which are plush with sumptuous, weed-hazy pleasures but steeped in a dank, justifiable paranoia. Nearly every element of the sound – the mean breakbeat from an old Christine McVie tune that Tae Beast loops beneath lead single “Groovy Tony,” R&B visionary Anderson .Paak sweetening the mood without lightening it, guest rhymes from Kanye and Jadakiss and Vince Staples – adds an ominous undertone.

All that shit above is what a review does. They tell you crap that ain’t important while all I came for was to see which track was lit.

The best songs on Blank Face LP are
1. Blankface with a Anderson Paak feature which fucking makes it the smoothest track on earth. In this song, Anderson Paak beats Frank Ocean/ Jeremih and Bryson Tiller combined and I ain’t shitting you.
2. By Any Means
3. TorcH another groovy jam.
4. Neva CHange Q goes his deepest in this jam.

Again If you don’t listen to Nipsey Hussle, Curren$y, Stalley, Mac Miller, Marsha Ambrosius and to some extent Boosie Badass and YG.. Just don’t listen to the album

Nipsey the best street rapper


Speaking of Nipsey Hussle the tall muthafucka. Mahn the nigga is 6’3. Nipsey will smoke a joint and the effects will get to you through the jams. Nipsey Hussle takes the word groovy to a whole new level. He raps groovily hard on a hard beat mahn this nigga is the best street rapper there is. Jay Z attested to it. HOV bought 100 copies of his Crenshaw mixtape. Game recognizes game. Upon its release in a limited edition of 1,000 copies for $100 he reportedly sold over 1,000 copies in less than 24 hours, effectively making 100,000 dollars. Notably, Roc Nation the label founded and owned by Jay-Z bought 100 physical copies at the $100 each price tag ($10,000 total). Game recognizes game.

Am a fucking Dilated Peoples’ Nostalgic so excuse my music genre. I won’t rant on how painful to the ears today’s music is. Actually if these lil Yachty Kodaks and boats put in effort they can be lit.

Buzzin is the only Lil Yachty song I bump to. Which is technically filled with Party Next Door gold vocals.

I.M.Y, Like DAT & Lockjaw are songs that Kodak needs to be putting out not that other trash.

I came to fuck this shit up. Oh immah break it the fuck down.

There are the popular culture jocks and the slept on Gold. Nipsey Hussle is slept on gold.

I personally would not put pop music on my phone. Why the fuck should I put that stupid song by G Eazy “Me myself and I” on my phone while I know damn well that every other radio station will be playing it, every matatu will have the jam. I mean; why waste my phone space on popular culture trash.

Letting popular culture dictate your tastes makes you a parochial humdrum.

Groovy hip hop and street rap is the best, purest form of Hip Hop, yet the most slept on. With Boosie Badass, Nipsey Hussle,e40 the contagion, Curren$y, YG, Schoolboy Q, Sha Mula and Chase Benji, Voodooseller. These are the oxtail, lamb chops, the ham, the best sweetest meat. The rest are all eucalyptus rappers. Uploading their controversies in order to make more money out of everyone. (The Game is a bitch).

Jay Z’s unapologetic braggadocio prevalences are well deserved. Head honcho, Basquiat
Diablo, Sergio Tachini inside this flesh
Al Pachino
Only Jay is allowed to say that shit. He earned the honours. You first feed the cow then you milk it.

How can a punk that simps over punk pussy ever turn into Jay. (In T.I’s voice), this shit don’t add up. Fuck Drake and all his stans. Drake needs a lesson from Canibus before calling himself top 5 or claiming to be Jay Z.

Canibus took the word finesse to a whole other level in his jam poet laureate II. The nigga knows what a bonsai is. If there is a song on a Godly level it is Canibus’ Poet Laureate II. First things first it is 7 minutes of pure hard lyrics.

Watch out lil bitch. There are up coming niggas out here who are lit as fuck but they ain’t mainstream. Everyone has a certain homie, cuz or just knows of some straight flames underground rappers whose songs you keep telling people to bump on. I have a list of such rappers.

A Double M. Chase Benji Left, Sha Mula right. These niggas will blow up. These are the fucking future. At 17 years and rapping like nobody's business

But mahn I just like Sha Mula and Chase Benji. These 17 year old niggas literally eat the beats. Whoa, Say Less, these niggas are purely the best freestylers.

Sha mula finds his match in Voodoo seller the grim reaper mganga na mahirizi. The second best Kenyan rapper. https://youtu.be/8J1XE7QVu3A

Watch out for that nigga Oksyde. Am Kenyan mahn I have to rep where am from. https://youtu.be/ej2d6wVRdZA

Shout out to Shinski. Glad to have him back.
Pass Moi the blunt
Or maybe he should pass us what he smokes. But on a serious note. Respect.

Moi my nigga

Respect. Living to see 96 years means that your karma is right.

Art & Hip Hop buff | Society Rabbi with a Pundit prerogative
Its a cruel world and I’m king. Nigga word to Selassie. Connoisseur Lenny Montana all I have in this world are my balls and my words so salute the plug for me.

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Zeitgeist #1: Seeking Ironic Fulfillment in Trash

People fuck with Kodak Black, Lil Yatchy, and Lil Uzi because everyone else does, its the hype.. The wave LMAO! These cats have no bars you can’t tell me otherwise. Same goes with G Herbo, 21 Savage, Madeintyo, Gucci Mane, Zack Farlow, Chief Keef, Young Dolph and Lil B the Based God. All poopoo water. Listened to them and my life slowed down. Like why y’all boosting these fakes?
All I see is people tweeting,:
      “Kodak’s in this Bih never gets old,
      “I got Yatchy on repeat,
      “Lil Uzi is straight flames,

When you call them out, the excuses they make.:,

      “you guys don’t understand their music
       “You can’t be seriously hating on Dicky
       “Lil Uzi and Yatchy do not claim to be rappers, so do not expect bars just enjoy the vibe of their music. Or that
       “Lil Uzi > Kodak Black

First of all if you say Kodak Black is trash but you like Lil Uzi you need to sleep and never wake up.

Don’t make people jump on this Lil Uzi wave, don’t lie to them. Lil Uzi Vert is sewage water.

Don’t you fucking compare Kodak Black to Boosie Badass or Prodigy.
Kodak = Garbage
Desiigner = Garbage

Dicky the only one trying tbh




All are trash

You really think we are gonna be sixty showing our kids Lil Yatchy. I don’t know about y’all but I’m not.
Wait, Lil Yatchy and Lil Boat are the same person? I can’t fucking keep up with you kids man. “They’re alter egos, Lil Boat raps and Lil Yatchy sings.” I can’t.

All I can say is that Lil Yatchy is flaming trash.

If she still listens to Chief Keef she a hoe.

Gucci Mane has been garbage since 2005 and he still is. He is that guy who failed to further develop his career from his 1017 Brick Squad street cred, his ice cream face tattoo and many incarcerations Cult of Personality.

Lil B the Base God is not creative. You call it Based to make it look cool But it is shit. All fecal matter is summed up to one thing. Its all called shit.

Either the kids listening to these rappers are on some puberty rebellion shit or they think that these rappers are gonna turn out like young thugga. So everybody wants that “I told you these rappers were lit” moment. You are dreaming son. Soulja boy is still trash to date.

Don’t bob your head to the beat, peep the game. Listen to what they are saying
-2Pac Shakur

KRIT, YG, Kendrick, Mac, somehow in 5 years is now Lil Yatchy, G Herbo, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi, just ponder on that.


The rest of the world is taking over rap.

Nigerian Sarkodie
German – USO – LOC from Denmark
Flyvende by USO #NowPlaying
Just listen to this isht. now those are flames Flyvende

Kenyan –  Khaligraph Jones
French rappers PNL

PNL MUSIC are the French rappers you need to know

And they are all beasts am telling you.

But if it is ironic fulfilment you seek, the highjabi Groovy Tonys come in handy bruh,
  Curren$y, Nipsey Hussle, School Boy Q,
  Marsha Ambrosius & Boosie.

Curren$y- I love this nigga – The New Orleans weed-rap king Curren$y radiates a supreme sense of chill every time he touches a microphone, but he’s also one of the hardest-working most prolific big-name rappers out there right now. He always delivers neat, groovy beautiful sounds with the sunny calm and cinematic old school soul samples that we’very come to expect from the man.

Marsha Ambrosius is this new interwoven Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu that gives you nostalgia. Neo soul isn’t dead. She is too groovy on hooks mahn.

Scholboy Q’s new tape – Blank Face LP should save us from all the trash that’s been circulating i.e. Lil Uzi

Have a good day, except Lil Uzi fans cuz y’all retarded.

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Tyler The Creator is getting soft. #Tylermorphosis

The recent Tyler’s freestyles like “What The Fuck Right Now” with A$ap rocky ain’t that hard. Flacko made him soft? The outspoken kid on grim issues such as rape/ homosexuality/ aethism/ demons/ demi monde/ Satan has been put under a lot of pressure by society and critics to sugarcoating his lyrics. Or perhaps his first debuts were his form of releasing his pent up emotions.
Goblin and Bastard were dark albums. They represented a teenage fucktard with a great way of expressing his million life troubles without being a wussy bitch. The theme canon revolving around his father leaving, feeling sidelined by God, his hustles, rape/ rough sex, aethism, horror, psyche, suicide, homosexual satire/ clowning and mockery, Devil worship.

Tyler made you look

This is what the devil plays before he goes to sleep
I’m not an asshole I just don’t give a fuck a lot
The only time I do is when a bitch is screaming “Tyler, stop”
I wanna be the reasons lesbians hate dick
Rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome
Spit sick shit like my saliva got the rabies in it »
Fuck rap, » I’ll be a landlord so I can rape the tenant’s daughter »
Leave my house with a new stomach, and a baby in it »
Some food for thought, this food for death, go ahead and fucking eat
My father’s dead, well I don’t know, we’ll never fucking meet
I cut my wrist and play piano cause I’m so depressed
Somebody call the pastor, this bastard is so possessed »
This meeting just begun, » nigga I’m Satan’s son
I’m tall, dark, skinny, my ears are big as fuck
Drunk white girls the only way I’ll get my dick sucked
Rihanna haircut » somebody tell Chris Brown to fuck me up »
Had to teach the bitch manners, now I gotta learn her
Soak me up in a tampon, » but keep the lamp on
No to drugs I never spark it,
I’m bad for you kids to listen to »
Odd Future Wolf Gang, » Wu-Tang banging in your system
Probably banging in your sister with my children swimming in her system
I hope you dressin’ yourself and not followin’ niggas opinions on fashion »
I hope them cars that you drivin’ ain’t rented just to get some comments on ‘Gram
Oh shit, they are because you’re not the man »
Low self-esteem, hide it in Lean, Xan every meal »
Everybody lean, everybody gang know »
Nigga you a new slave, I’m an old one »
Boy, last album was a musical museum
Nah Right
Fuck me the monster said, somehow the monster’s dead
And any other fuck-nigga-ass blog that can’t put an 18 year old nigga
Making his own fucking beats, covers, videos and all that shit
Fuck you post-Drake-ass cliche-jerking, LA-slauson rapping
Fuck-nigga-ass Hypebeast niggas, now back to the album
Eighteen, » still talking to imaginaries »
Hopefully they see the talent I carry just like Jimmy »
Losers can never win me » you can never offend me »
My goal in life is a Grammy » hopefully momma will attend the
Ceremony with all my homies, » I’m suicidal »
Fuck a deal, I just want my father’s email
So I can tell him how much I fucking hate him in detail

Tyler’s large fan base consists of teenagers ->> mostly white I donno why. He even got banned for touring/ visiting the UK for 3-5 years due to his stark lyrics and his deep influence on the kids. Which surprises me, if these policy makers listened to the nigga’s music, how’d they miss the positive vibes he brings/ or rather they overlooked the good verses/ they were clouded by the fact of their kids idolising a black man. *But that’s none of my business *

Personally, I’d expose my kid to Tyler’s music and he’ll look back and be thankful saying,
“Tyler’s music fronted me ->> He the reason am straight/ daen’t use none of that lean/ PCP/ Xan bullshit to cover for self esteem/ loyal to friends & loves people & can exercise my freedom of expression vehemently & I ain’t superficial.”

Sadly though, Tyler and his awesomeness seems to be succumbing to pressures and seemingly fading away.

The personality facets akin to the 3 sides of a coin.

Floopy Goober

Tyler The Goober – The honest funny Tyler. This side of him would make you want such a homie ->>> foolish, simple/ amusingly silly Tyler

Golf Wang

Tyler The Cunt – Chills sold out. Hate & Fuck everything..- fuck bloggers/ fuck life/ hate for faggots/ fuck that nigga who impregnated my mama and left/ fuck jerkers.

Pharrell X Tyler

Tyler The Hippie – Spreads positive vibes/ doesn’t give a shit/ stays away from fuckshit & drugs/ helped his homies. He once said that,
” I created O.F. cause I feel we’re more talented
Than 40 year old rappers talking about Gucci 41
When they have kids they haven’t seen in years, impressing their peers”.

Tyler put too many niggas on his Odd Future collective, helped too many of his friends.. Earl, Frank Ocean, Domo.., at the expense of him staying broke. Says a lot about him and his personality.


Tyler The beatnik – The Rapping Zombie,.. These cool vibes are getting delivered to us with a rather painful flow and a hoarse voice,. It’s creative but it’s non conformist ->>>> I call it rap comic relief.

The Tylermorphosis from inchoate darkness like EMINEM when he was younger/ Kanye West in ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ to the spiritual Ultralight Beams Kanye is what Tyler is experiencing. It’s like a prayer or journey of discovery.

If that nigga gets corny like Hopsin, he will cease being among my A-List Rappers.

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Tyler The Creator, His cohorts & Affiliates of his rapping techniques, Odd Future Wolf Gang/ Flatbush Zombies are simply described as Picasso & Basquiat Manifested in Rap.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All OFWGKTA is a rap group led by Tyler The Creator..- A group of flibbertigibbet Niggas such as Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean & Domo Genesis with an Epibolic prevalence of rap heretic. This is some piece of queer rap that Lowkey bumps and sort of gives the listeners some Rap comic relief of taking a break from tight verses of hardcore rap.

I like Odd Future. I respect that they're not too cool to be students of music. They're rap nerds & love talking about their influences.

Employment of Ragtime rhythms…- Savage crash and bang but more creative than Lil B The Based God. You would easily denigrate the genre as a product “not of innovaters, but of incompetents” and simply dismiss their fans as people seeking ironic fulfillment but until you sit down and listen to Tyler The Creator & his cohorts/ The rap duo Flatbush Zombies.. Only then will you get mind blown by the Genius behind everything in the music.

There are some serious production skills and extreme lyrics writing and some sui generis rapping techniques, expressive & pulsating style serving youngster’s stereotypes in the public mind – easily/ widely encountered with skepticism/ rejection. This is why Tyler The Creator keeps on abusing bloggers.

The average human is living in a frustrated society.. Whereby only few people dare to be different.

In art, since medieval times there was a rigorous demand for perfection and creativity. Furthermore, cultural institutions concentrated on fine art and scholars paid little attention to the revolutionary styles of abstraction.
The famous artist Pablo Picasso came around breaking artistic conventions that had been shaped by history & taste until then.
Pablo Picasso explained it simply as follows. .

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”
“Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Pablo Picasso’s style of painting simply like a child and finding art influenced the highly acclaimed painter of the 21st Century Jean Michel Basquiat whose simple paintings grossed millions of Dollars in the art market. But that’s another story ->>>>> Click Here

Now back to Tyler The Creator

Tyler Collage

. To describe Tyler, words like cunt & motherfucker must be employed. His weirdness is acceptable.. Matter of factly I want a funny homie like Tyler The Creator.. With all the weirdness and vulgarity, Tyler is one wise funny kid. I can abet to you that 5 out of 5 teenagers will love Tyler’s lyrics ->>>> especially this song. Click To Read Lyrics

Tyler’s chills are sold out.. Clearly.

©Lenny Bless Up

The Greatness of an In-betweener ; Ill Gotten or Naah.

Raphael Sanzio died on his thirty-seventh birthday; his body lay in his studio, by the side of his unfinished Transfiguration, and the whole of Rome flocked in for a last glimpse of the “divine painter”. During his short working life, he lived and painted in an atmosphere of princeliness and popular idolization such as no artist has enjoyed. But it would be wrong to suppose that his fame has been kept alive solely by mass appeal of sweetness and light.

Raphael was a boorish copy cat with gentleness to the point of effeminacy. He has been described as the great harvester, the man who moved from influence to influence-absorbing and assembling, and transforming all that he had extracted from others into his own style by the ineffable grace and loftiness of his personality. Raphael’s art was constantly fertilized by the styles of other painters

This is disturbing because he forms the traditional Trinity of great masters of that period – Leonardo da Vinci, Him and Michelangelo Buonnarotti. Although their names are often cited together, Michelangelo was younger than Leonardo by 23 years and older than Raphael by 8. Michelangelo outlived both of them by more than forty years.
As if by exact calculation, Raphael lived within Leonardo da Vinci’s life and died one year after him still within Michelangelo’s life.
Raphael is the in between here, who molded himself in the new style of yielding to influences… No”!! Thats sugarcoating .. Raphael was an avid copycat. His greatness thrived on copying both Leonardo da Vinci & Michelangelo mainly by manipulating their paintings & styles to suit his own aesthetic.

Raphael who had been to Leonardo’s workshop several times, promptly used elements of his unfinished Mona Lisa portrait’s

Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci from C2RMF retouched

composition and format in several of his works such as

Portrait of young woman with unicorn adjacent to Mona Lisa
Portrait of Baldessare Castiglione adjacent to Mona Lisa

Celebrated later paintings by Raphael continued to borrow from Leonardo’s paintings.

Raphael’s Isaiah was painted in imitation of Michelangelo’s prophets.

Raphael's Isaiah X Michelangelo's Isaiah

Vasari in his life of Raphael tells us that Bramante, who had the keys to the Sistine chapel, let Raphael in to examine the paintings on the ceiling in Michelangelo’s absence. On seeing Michelangelo’s prophets, Raphael went back to the prophet Isaiah that he was painting on a column in the Church of Sant’ Agostino and, according to Vasari, although it was finished, he scrapped it off the wall and repainted it in a much more powerful manner, in imitation of Michelangelo.

He produced other splendid muscular figures in action, utilising the powerful forms of Michelangelo with a grace of gesture and a flow of drapery that were unmistakably his own.
The frescoes clearly showed the influence of Michelangelo, but the Pope who had commissioned Raphael to do the works did not mind. Nor did anyone, save the great man who lay on his back painting the Sistine ceiling. “The young man from Urbino,” Michelangelo said sarcastically, “has been lurking in my chapel.”

Divine painter much??
His high position in the affection of the world has continued for more than four centuries, so I guess, Influences around you, so what—- Fake it till you make it.

Drake The In-betweener » Contrived Greatness
What is a Drake,. I don’t wanna sound like a broken record here, I just wanna state facts without offending people’s tastes.


Am the person who says drake is a corny singing rapper but on letter D of my playlist is filled with his back to back, 0-100, Summer Sixteen magic.
He is multi-cultured which makes him multi-audience.
Half black/ half white/ half Jew/ half American/ half Canadian/ half singing/ half rapping/…. You get where am going with this??
The rich kid who went to Art school and whose connection to his African American dad and white Jewish Canadian mum, makes him appealing to both the indigent and affluent.
He is hella smart and an avid learner, came as a singer, hanged around Weezy and boom, the guy can rap. An absorber of influence indeed. Rode waves
Drake is a dork but that is what kind of makes him delightful. He is just an uncool dude in a sweater out there winning.
And his music is like a summer fling… Once the summer is gone.. The love goes as well.

The famous highly honored Jazz musician Jimmy Smith once said, “Only real music is gonna last, all that other bullshit, is here today and gone tomorrow.”

©Lenny Bless Up

Opium Poppy: The Colossal Curse on Humankind & Popular Culture that came Wrapped as a Gift.

This is lean.

Lean in Styrofoam cup

Commonly known by the moniker Purple drank & other sobriquet slang names- sizzurp/syrup/purple jelly.
Lean is basically a prescription strength cough syrup which contains Codeine & Promethazine typically mixed with soft drinks such as Mountain Dew to form a thick purple concoction.

Lean paraphernalia

It is super sweet as fuck if you ask me, but you have to use 25 times of the normal prescription to get high. Bruh!!! That’s a nosedive to death. I’ll tell you why..
The promethazine is quintessential because it is an antihistamine but Codeine!!! Codeine!!! Codeine is a fucking poison masquerading expediency to relieve pain and other pseudo functions like suppressing cough obfuscating its adverse effects….. Ironically it’s on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines while Cannabis is still illegal. Lean is creeping into popular culture like a plague. Before that.

Codeine alongside other other psychoactive alkaloids is extracted from papaver somniferum the opium poppy

The Opium Poppy Plant. Ripe

.. The root source of all opioids considered opiates – Morphine(& its derivative heroin), thebaine, codeine, papaverine & noscapine.

In the 19th Century, the progressive isolation of opium’s several active components opened the path to improved selectivity. Morphine had already been isolated in Germany by German Pharmacist Friedrich Serturner in 1804. Codeine was first isolated decades later in 1832.. Heroin was produced as a mistake by a German Chemist Felix Hoffman whose main objective was producing less potent & less addictive codeine by acetylating Morphine. Instead, the experiment produced an acetylated form of morphine one and a half to two times more potent than morphine itself. This experiment was done by the German Pharmaceutical Company Bayer. They named the drug Heroin. This is why I keep telling you that Germans who pulled the strings in the period 1890 & 1945 have a warm spot in hell.
From 1898 through to 1910, Heroin was marketed as a nonaddictive cough depressant. The key word is non-addictive.. Heroin non-addictive?? These scientist’s minds must have been affected by heroin firsthand. In treating cough.. They thought morphine is better replaced by codeine or by heroin. They soon scrapped heroin but codeine persisted being used in very common cough syrups. This brings me to my ettle.

Opiates like codeine are controlled substances; illegal to produce & poses without authorization.
Codeine’s presence in common cough syrups is accessorialy allowing proclivity for abuse of the syrups. I mean… A heroin addict may use the codeine based syrup to ward off the effects of a withdrawal. The promethazine used in conjunction with codeine to make the cough syrup makes the codeine even more dangerous. Promethazine is a sedative employed to keep people from drinking too much of the syrup. It is a depressant of the CNS and has anecdotally been noted to intensify the euphoric effects of codeine on the brain.

Scaremongering over cannabis is misplaced when the demons live among us. Alcohol causes over 3 million deaths a year, Marijuana 0. Look at humanity bruh.. Your favourite rappers are popularizing lean like some humanitarian aid movement,. Lean is basically an overdose on codeine.. ,that syrup/juice mixed with soda/ jolly ranchers is 25 times the normal prescription. Taking codeine in large quantities can cause one to stop breathing.

There is a lot of great stuff happening around A$ap Mob.. A$ap Rocky’s impeccable fashion, A$ap Ferg’s Mortal Kombat Couture/Chicken-Noodle-Souping/agile rhyme cadences & A$ap Nast’s croning of a Nineties era BadBoy demeanor. A$ap Yams

The Late A$ap Yams 'Rodriguez' holding lean in a Styrofoam cup.

a founding member of this coup de grace died of an acute mixed drug intoxication- likely lean and alcohol on Jan 18 2015.
Flacko uses lean now and again.. He raps about it. If he died.. A high end rap hyped fashion castle A$ap Mob burning to the ground.
#LongLiveThePimp – Widely influential Pimp C died from Promethazine/codeine effects.. Dj Screw who popularized the codeine-based drink died from an overdose. Big Moe got cardiac arrest and died from the drug.

Your Rappers are hellbent towards dying young. On March 15 2013, Lil Wayne was hospitalized with seizures after a sizzurp binge.. Lil Wayne’s recent Mixtapes are just full of Autotune junk.. Blame it on sizzurp for messing up his voice.

Obsessive Suckers For The Lean Movement.
Kid Ink
Juicy J – Miss Mary Mack
A$ap Rocky ft. Schoolboy Q – PMW
A$ap Mob – Yamborghini High.
Paul Wall – Sipping The Barre
Future – Codeine Crazy
Travis Scott – Maria I’m Drunk
OG MACO, Migos, Young Thug, 2 Chainz and other Trap fuckers.
You hear sipping the juice on a rap verse, close your ears.. Don’t die from juice. PAC got shot.

Purp blunt

Look around dude, sizzurp is popular culture & it will soon be in your neighborhood. This hemp/ opium/ booze/ kush shit – Load of Bollocks.
Just drink coffee or eat ass son.

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Hiii Power Movement of Heart, Honour & Respect

3's in The air

Hiii Power is something embeded to the society like The thumbnail to a picture, a HTML to a website or an algorithm to an application. Hiii Power is like a prism through which we observe all spectrums of society.
The term was coined & popularized by Kendrick Lamar and His Black Hippy cohorts: Ab-Soul, Jay Rock & Schoolboy Q. Kendrick breaks it down as follows.. ‘The three ‘i’s in the word Hiii Power stand for Heart, Honour & Respect. The three things that people should have and live by. Originating in L.A Hiii Power is now spreading like wildfire.
Although Hiii Power is often followed in a religious manner by many, I argue that its values are secular & therefore it isn’t a religion but more akin to a secular morality.
Kendrick Lamar presents himself like Confucius the Philosopher whose teachings formed Confucianism.
A notable University in Portugal, faculty of Sociology & Anthropology introduced Christiano Ronaldo as a subject of study in class.. Analyzing the connection of his success and his life. A school of thought in my mind objectifies Kendrick Lamar as a Person of Interest worth studying.
Like Confucius whose thoughts were sanctioned & developed into Confucianism , Lamar’s teachings in his lyrics could help lift a generation in a society viewed as destructive.
Hiii Power is a simplification of all forms of Social teachings especially The Catholic ethical teachings on The Seven Deadly sins & Seven Cardinal virtues. Following the Hiii Power ideological precepts could could completely help a person distance himself/ herself from the seven deadly sins.
Heart/Love obfuscates Pride & Lust.
Honour obfuscates Sloth, Greed & Gluttony.
Respect obfuscates Envy & Wrath.
This makes Heart, Honour & Respect the greatest virtues.
Kendrick Lamar is somewhat God Chosen/A modern day Rabbi. He continues to teach us.. ‘You don’t have to have alot of money/ be rich but you will be Rich in Mind & Spirit. He ain’t wrong.. Wealth is actually your attitude towards life. Quite poignantly he is a perfect example of practising what you preach/ living under your own standpoints. With fame & Success very widely recognized & honoured, he continues to maintain a frugal nature and humble demeanor like Buddha.
Serious people who pay attention to Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics are indirectly members of the Hiii Power movement.
Incumbent U.S President Barrack Obama named Kendrick’s song ‘How Much A Dollar Cost’ as his favourite song of 2015.
The Late David Bowie’s album Blackstar was influenced by Lamar’s works.


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