What’s changed?
I’ve been swamped
Swamped out in my activities
I’m so lazy I use my foot to press play, on the space button
A night owl left to his devices
Beginning to run out of daylight
you cease psychologically maturing when the organization that maintains your personality stops releasing updates, condemning you to life inside a vulnerable, abandonware brain
For every psychoneurological syndrome, there is a corresponding ontological affliction:
Alice in Wonderland syndrome—your body is growing and shrinking at random
Alien Hand syndrome—your limbs are responding to impulses from the wrong brain
Cotard’s syndrome—you are a zombie
The sugar, the porn, the social media—these are modern hyperstimuli targeting basic human drives; but what exploit is more ancient, more pernicious—the BED! We sleep in corrupting nests of softness, weakening goose feather; your body was made for TREES
Pour wine into the fire and watch it burn drunk,
the flames transfigured into lazy red waves,
the sparks gliding in spirals that trail through the dark,
the roar of seething fuel turned to an echoing cosmic giggle

Liberation of the senses
Art breakin the mould
Explode outside the frames
Through the containing
The height of Neoclassical revival
Let the cakes rejoice
Liberated pigment
Airlifted from canvass
10 by 14 inches of Dali Dynamite exploding with strange airness quality
Sells for a fortune in exclusive galleries
An auction at Sotheby’s
A pilgrimage to Christie’s New York

The Old Masters are now depressed in price: you could buy 20 Rembrandts for the price of a single Modigliani.
What’s highly regarded in one generation is very often contumaciously despised by the next. Just sit back and watch those Damien Hirst prices collapse. He will be down there soon with Vladimir Tretchikoff’s Green Lady.

But once past subsistence, we begin to make choices which express ourselves. This is why Nietzsche believed that all of life is a question of taste, and why Marx said the epic battles of the modern world will be fought not with lance and sword, but with dry goods. And, especially, art.

The critique of commodification gives way to the commodification of critique.
Consumer culture solved the problem of class action

Art is free
Artists don’t sell, people buy
Most proponents of eschew philosophy as navel-gazing aphorisms and platitudes, seeing the field as the decrepit grandfather of science.
The lazy assumption that science is founded in peer-evaluated, culturally neutral exactitudes while art is an indulgence of frivolous luvvies
You make your fortune in whatever field then retreat into the comforts of “art”. This is a one way street

Vienna, The music capital of the world
Paul Gauguin’s political views
350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death
A painting by Ruben
and some Violently sad violin music
Somber sounds from a Cello

classical and baroque string players
Suspenseful and orchestral
Vocal fry
The lauds and vespers reached my ears
A little high-strung like I wanna join a quartet
Always end in a high note
The requiem for the end
Or the overture of the enduring
Match the intensity in the crescendos
Complex notes
Hitting the syncopation
That classy variation
Super high tempo
Complex and compelling
Very distinctive

Acoustic strumming
Tense guitar chords
808 percussion snares
The lushest soundswell reaching up to the skies
Knocking on heaven’s door
Seen the heavens with the largest telescope of my time
Art is the only reason
Its gonna give you the whole fucking world for free if you just love it and hold back nothing

Jinns choking on incense
And endless fog of low grade evil
Neither of God Nor Satan
Sitting low like a lambo
Industrial Britain
Alexa play Red Right Hand
Young Hegelians discuss the philosophies of the day
A handful of chatechumen extremists
Drenched in class consciousness
The rallying point of…
Rebellious fervour
An open invitation to anarchy
Knights of the Crusades
Slaughter that resonates Centuries
The rise of Russ Vikings and Visigoths
The filthiest of God’s creatures
ancestors to the Normans of York.. William The Conquerer
Landed on the beach of Normandy
Phantom Wolfgangs
Pontifex Maximas
Socrates – a gadfly
Charlemagne – Middle Ages
American Protestantism
Portuguese Pirate culture
Britain’s Gulag
move in lockstep wit
Njiiri’s revenge
The Assassination of Chief Waruhiu
The readers digest version
The messenger can be shot ESE!
Wasted men of past wars
The Legend of Mongol cruelty
Expedite the arrival of
Dictators of the 30s
Regimental banner
German principalities
Politics by the mob and guillotine
Draw some blood
Ruffian’s done less for more
World Bank monies
Control the macreoeconomics of a country
Bear hugs from Uhuru Muigai
An attitude of a Jetliner
Hard sell tactics of Monsanto
Jinamizi la sukuma wiki

It is perhaps fitting that it was a hypermodern
A reference of Otto Dix War Trip Tych
The smell of high octane fuel
V12 engines
Pop Smoke
The sons of Mithras performing Tauroctony
et nos servasti (?) . . .
Sanguine fuso
The year is 517 AD known as the Dark Ages and for fucking good reason

French wine,
The swill from South Africa
I don’t know the difference 😂
Tastes like Robitussin
Let the wine breath
They’re just species of grapes
Grown in different valleys
I say, “Pizza.”
And she just looks at me and says…
“This is too full-bodied for a pizza
Get a Chianti.”
That was my first lesson in wine pairings
I mean, last night a waiter asked me what wine I wanted with my fish…
completely froze up.
White burgundy.
what about halibut?
Pinot grigio.
– Octopus.
– Pinot noir.
– M&Ms?
– Diet Coke.

Let your date order first
Sexting with a straight face at the dinner table 😊>>>>>
If you don’t have a seat at the table it’s because you’re probably on the Menu
They got the appearance of dinner…
Impossibly beautiful bodies
Caramel that defies belief
Enthuse the evening a great deal
Mood lighting
Slow jazz
Baby making music
Me personally I’m in those comfortable spaces where I can say;
I don’t want a splurge
If I can’t sustain it, I don’t entertain it. Kama sijawahi jipeleka mahali nikaspend 20k on me, siwezi fanyia dem. Self love muhimu

I know, the need to brunch so hard
Feel compelled to brunch so hard
Eschew the old expressions of affluence
Wildly outlandish fuel and sustenance
And when we are not aware of ourselves except in a symbolic way,
we are not related to ourselves at all.
We are like people eating menus instead of dinners. And that’s why we all feel psychologically frustrated.

If you take the Maasai shuka, I’ll do the heavy lifting
Out in nature, not a soul in sight
I’mma keep it disney
The simplicity of pizza dates gives me a meta-boner
The sounds of belts unbuckling to assert dominance
She mumbled to me something about dignity as we made out
Told me I should buy her booze next time
Said she could down a whole bottle of Black & White
drunk sex is so nasty, I miss it 😭
Broad daylight sex makes your realize just how intimate an act this shit is.
No liqour courage, no hiding behind darkness, u mad vulnerable, basking in your filth

Cooking raises your personality by almost 400%
A foretaste of Delights a thousand times superior
Succulent is the only constant sexy
A moveable feast
“Squeeze, Don’t tease” ~ Otis Redding
A package of shaky sumptuousness
A new egocentric permissiveness
Crown my labours
It’s 100% like cooking
Smash perfect
To perfection
Unlock new levels
Live upon strengthening foods, exciting comfits, aromatic plants, meat, honey eggs and other similar viands
An energetic stimulant for the coitus
Passions for coitus night and day
Living upon yolks of eggs fried in fat and swimming in honey ,and upon white bread, he drinks nothing but old muscatel wine

Filet mignon
Helpless against my food-themed endearments
White chocolate mousse
Cream-puffed things
Cheesy potatoes
Meringue pie
Creme de menthe
A thick juicy chateaubriand
Finely nice
Brisket and turkey meatloaf
Nutella Pancakes
Mint julep
That tasty Sherman
Lobster sushi
A whole lotta escargot
Cherry tomatoes
Creamy dressing
Wagyu beef and balsamic reduction
Greasy asparagus
With pounded condiments
Al dente pasta
Quail biryani
My stomach is having mixed feelings

Make a coarse rub for the lamb breast
The fat melts and mixes with the spice rub
Honey glazed ribs in whisky sauce
Yeah, sizzle those juices
Burrata in Herb Oil Drizzled with Cognac Honey 🌸
Goat cheese
Mushrooms, butter and unpeeled wedged potatoes
Throw a block of tofu into the butter
Puree roughly
Sautee to a crisp finish
An infusion of roasted flavours
Glazed with paprika…. Imitates
Imitates the taste of Cayenne
Flavours coming together to add layers of complexities
You don’t want the curry masking the pork flavour
Flavours compounding later after layer
Creamed spinach and steak
Oil and garlic
Milk and vanilla
Searing sexiness
Conflicting moderation
Portion distortion
Lotion and mandazis
Matumbo Unga ya chapati
Boil the offals for two days
Shallow frying at low heat
Spread the toppings to the edge of the sauce
Left to stew for an hour
Fried meat, crisp edges, served with basil, lemons, onions, lots of onions and Tabasco sauce
And dhania or cilantro
Mukimo ya njugu, chicken stew ya minji na maziwa mala for the smoothie
Smoothies in screwtop jars
Bell peppers
Red green and Yellow capsicums
Infused hoho stir fry
Stir fried spaghetti and Avocado
Lasagna sheets
Mustard to give the cheddar some bite

The trophy slut with the ever expanding ass
Teach myself to dine with restraint
Beleaguered into a gentleman by a tight black dress
And polka dotted red bottom heels
Her dress fitted like a sheath.
She never looked more tempting.
Noticing the hell out of her
What’s got the boy cheezin’ that bad?
A gentle brush at her silky ass as he pulled down her panties
Nothing sexier than pulling down her panties while her dress is still on
Or taking off her shoes

she talks—a flood of talk. Wild consumptive notes of hysteria, perversion, leprosy.
She tells me that
Her father was a Womanizer
Wanawake hawakuwa wanapita mbele yake
To quote her verbatim
I am merely putting down words…
Hivi ndio unasema
Story, story, story come
Voice has sex appeal
She doesn’t get embarrassed easily
She thinks it’s a pillar of her brooding charm
I wish she knew why I liked her
Her body is free, so are her thoughts
I don’t like oral sex
I just wanted her to shut up
Whichever comes first
I’m just passing by in my barracuda silence
In a disaffected manner

She’s a careless sleeper and I own that ass supresumably
His right hand cupped her right butt cheek and spread it to release the lips from their clasp at each other.
Toy with her previous to the coitus
Prepare her for the enjoyment, and neglect nothing to attain that end.
Rummage her in a convenient measured way
Explore her with the greatest assiduity, and entirely occupied with her, let nothing else engage your thoughts
Do not let the propitious moment for enjoyment pass away,
The moment when you see her eyes humid, half open
Heaving deep sighs, her eyes languishing, her mouth half opens and her movements get heedless
The emotion exploded out of her groin
With breathless enthusiasm:
It’s so corrupt, and sexy
It was raining cats and dogs
Her crisis
The acme of enjoyment
Impetuous ejaculation
Suction pump clasping and sucking with an irresistible force
Powerless to retain it, for the orifice will not relax it’s hold until it has extracted every drop
Exhale fully without the Suffocating affects of Love
Liberating his absessions from his deepest psyche
after looking upon her with unnatural urges regarding her private parts
The Rainmaker’s prerogative
Tingling relaxation and ease
American Blackhawks and hummingbirds
Autocannons raining bullets from the sky
Minigun’s dry
NATO rounds with rimmed cartridges
Constantly engaged senses
Squirting out progeny

Urethral contraction
The culmination of eroticity
Ecstatic motions in orgiastic rites
Pumped up by sexual fury
things acting upon the plastic faculty of the imagination, unfettered by the bodily senses, to dramatize themselves in images and figures that were woven into the tapestry of sensory experience and resulted finally in a “significance” of moment

The excessive practice injures the health on account of too much expenditure
For as butter made of cream represents the quintessence of the milk, and if you take the cream off, the milk loses it’s qualities, even so does the sperm form the quintessence of nutrition, and it’s loss is debilitating
Sharpens mental acuity but
Massively debilitating
The power of disintegration that a woman exercises over a man when she unites with him in love and the sexual act
The terrestrial woman was substituted as a means of returning the life-force, by way of the dizzying ecstasy that Eros can produce between two sexual beings. The active and the passive, the golden force against the captivating and sympathetic wet force that dissolves the former in its own enclosure
On this plane the phases of the rapture produced by the extraction, then by the arrest and fixation
Cutting the wings of the dragon at the height of it’s flight into the ether
And the felling of the bull at the end of his raging stampede
His Lance appears
Consummated in her sensitivity and faculty of sensation

There is the danger of being overwhelmed by the experience itself,
of failing to master the use of the subtle essence which we have to know how to extract and preserve: for it is like the bursting of a dam.
The already difficult trick of closing one’s eyes and fearlessly letting whatever happens, happen is complicated by another subtle and equal necessity: one must kill as well as be killed, and fix what is fleeting
We must awaken the force but not let it unseat us.
The characteristic depiction of this ability is dramatized by the myth of Mithras who seizes the bull by the horns and does not let go despite the animal’s mad stampede until the bull, exhausted, gives up and allows himself to be led back to the shed

Also, here is a bull. I think we all know this is a metaphor about the difficulties of navigating somebody else’s emotions while trying to protect your own,
like a bull poised to defend and attack,
Some very obvious symbolism.

Some people have auras so dense you can float on them, swimming in their colorful spheres of intent. Some people have auras so dense they act as black holes, and past the glimmering event horizon you’ll never leave their orbit again
You are the fire burning the cathedral,
blotting out the stars with your roar.
You remember past lives, consuming Savannahs, and forests, and you thank the humans for creating this richness of structure to destroy

She may be lying in bed reading a book,
she may be making love with a rugby player,
or she may be running like mad through a field of wheat, one shoe on, one shoe off,
an ogre pursuing her hotly.
Wherever she is I am standing in complete darkness; her absence blots me out.

A constant bombardment with tenderness and sweet talking
Versatile and resourceful
Allowing the intellectual and creative juices to flow
Coco wa Ice T
Malik and Nancy
HanSolo and Chewbacca
Dali & Gala

If we have Beautiful women we have everything
Sounds like providence
Doesn’t it….
The fairer sex
Above temporal matters
I feel like talking shit .. whatever
If I express my submerged disgust
Call the maledictions of heaven upon
struggling for the appropriate tone, resisting the impulse to
Tell them to fuck off proper
Who, for starters

When you can’t spare her the heroics
Speaking in straight lines
Just to see what happens
Just to see how it augurs with the crush
I’m scrappy like that
Fate picking it’s own for certain tasks
Drifting towards what gravity wants
Burning out in someone else’s atmosphere

Too beautiful to be believed
Chasing highs we’ll never feel again
Stonewalling me
The whole 9 yards
Whatever that axis was
Some things we’ll never know and we’ll be content with not knowing
Dare to make a move
Throw some dudespeak in there
Dare to dream
Throwing some ritzy black tie

Beauty is where
Where potential is most released/ realized
Beauty abides
She wanted extraordinary, He gave her the undisciplined
A self serving move
Intended to lure out her earnest
Stinking of veneer
The sophistication of a gentleman is always veneer
Am well prepared for the day she starts to throw whim around
That’s okay, I’d be insulted if you didn’t try
Stand in awe at the scope and depth of culture
Slightly soporific superiority
triggered a change in me, left me warm with good intentions.
Leaving early to avoid transtyrannies

Madly in lu
And other lies that I have loved
Wow, if you squint, it almost looks real
And I say absolutely
You can’t time love
You have to live it
It’s a messed up loop.. totally ruin the waiting game
A way of telling you to stop turning it into a waiting game
There’s never a perfect time
There’s just right now

Denouncing every ounce of selfmastery
Liberating the creative Dionysian spirit
Exerting every ounce of selfmastery
Makes me fall violently out of love with her
Unless I can discover an alchemical trick to turn this into gold
I’d rather fancy that we’ll survive

My real question is fuck, marry, kill……. ? But I ain’t gon hashtag it 🥴
People can’t take having two conflicting feelings
It’s cognitive dissonance
So they have to settle on one
Think of it as a love-hate relationship
You eventually settle on hate because you can’t take feeling so much affection for someone you can’t stand
As happens to people who love a thing so much, it destroys them
You destroy the thing that you love, it’s the other way around, what you love destroys you

Embrace womanhood and all it’s trappings
Altruism forms a major part of her femininity
Hanging her heart on my whims
Can’t screw it up
I like my peace
But, this has it’s charms
Humors my existence
Asking for anything more is fatal
Unless she offers it herself
Trust me to accommodate the elegance
Trigger whatever fundamental aesthetic algorithms
The best of the best forget the rest
Sprinkle on it though
Has a certain dauntless quality that suits her quite well
It does her wonders
It’s blissful
Her beauty reinforces the sheer magnificence of existence
Mi najua dhahabu yangu iko Kenya
Naomba uhai Mashallah msee

“I warn you, do not desecrate my daughter” ~ Mahershala Ali
Maintain the desirability over the long term
Nothing’s as good if you don’t share it
The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground
90% thrill seeking
Nothing that you and I could trade places for
Into her list of respectable writers
Stinks ambition

Larger than life
The silent power of the pink
I could use that better than anyone could
Deserves’ got nothing to do with it
Give it to me
You dingleberry
I deserve it all. Give it to me.
I just think he’s a little over-anxious
I think he wants it a little too much
Whatever that makes me… It makes me

How do you want it?
Pedagogically bent
Am just setting the table
For educational purposes of course
The feel of her walls
The gist of it
Affords me the context to belabor my point
Brush strokes
I just know her raw presence slaps
Dear me
Something about her positively demands intimacy
Be sexually responsible,
Hold that energy for something sacred
Someone with the same intensity
A hybrid of lust and magical eruptions
Someone willing to teach you about peace in your own body
Someone who respects water and the well they drink from
Someone to learn from

A baecation. 3 nights. No phones. Raw is Law. Ganja burning. Hard Likhwa. No clothes. Fuck like dogs
That would peak for me rn.
Honestly.. for like a week, month even no phones just good vibes n lotsa coit
Being babied in the bathtub
A slow handy as I lay on her boobs

I thought you were Sui generis like no other
Must be a common misconception
Context is of importance
I signed up for it under the countenance of decisive beauty
Falling for her has gotten quite oppressive
Violated a reasonable standard of care
These little slights were
Deep indignations
Instead of letting me know with her smug affect, she bemoans the fact
Looking for an excuse to lean or keep leaning into her own unpleasant nature
The last person I expected to bring me bad vibes
Inchoate subconscious proclivities
Not this, not that
Don’t be so fucking binary
Who monopolized your mind
No problem, what else do you want
I’ll put it in your shopping cart
Take some mud and create your own man
Lethal with her smarts
Figure something out babe
Exhausted by the ineffectual game
As opposed to what is
The cruelest trick is that Sisyphus believes he is making progress. He would give up, but the mountain peak seems closer every time
Reversed double standards and situational ethics
Go out of your way to prove you have no sway
Wakanda nonsense is this
I swear on my side bitch I’ll be livid
Now say it like a man without crying

She’s a Globetrotter
As usual my FOMO is misplaced…
Soaked all those foreign foods
Marinated foreign flavours and spices
You know thyme? Wacha tu
Atakosaje kuwa mtamu
I guess we’ll never know
There’s a position I’ve been dying to try
Before it turns into a miserable obsession
Somehow you can’t picture that,
Some people lack vision
Morally opposed to what she doesn’t do
I’m Nostradamus baby
I see the fucking future
Baby it’s in the stars

I confess that I had taken my personhood as an axiom—thank goodness for your intervention, which taught me to doubt my consciousness, agency, and worth, and build them where they were absent

You bash the gooey producer and he finds shame in drooling
He was wise not to pursue vigorously
an afterthought, no more, tacked to an infinite calendar.
Assign my subjects to a placebo
Hearts’ not innit
Create precedence for filth
Allows for the principle of…… To be operated through her

“Why is there no god of flirting? Because eternal return, or the death of gods, is just the absolutization of flirting” is also up there.
Money talks, Gazeti Ni ya kufunga nyama
Get money and stay fly
I’mma let these racks talk for me nigga
You’re either rich or you’re stuck
Spend indecently
For which I’ll pay
Kenyan Bills
Crisp thousands
Billionaire society stud with a Warlock routine
Kajillionaires on yachts
Reading Bloomberg transcripts
Most of the good stuff is in the footnotes
Slime life – Algae
Honey hued
Money hued
More money than God
Hubris like a boil
Municipal Darwinism
Slut shaming for Billionaires
metaphor for the whole transhumanist movement

We’re in the solar system of a second rate star,
Three-quarters of the way out in a spiral arm of an average Galaxy,
Only one in billions of galaxies, each of which has billions of stars
Thread the needle

A cocktail menu with prices that’ll scare the Dickens out of you
At a loss to tell you how they are made
Gilbeys Gin, Watermelons, Fanta fruit punch
Gin, Tamarind juice, tonic water and lemon slices
Sugar syrup/ cintronella/ lime and sparkling water
Lite beer
Pressing apples for cider
Confirm all the pectins
Carbonation masks soft drinks
Still drinks are too syrupy
Suppress sweetness enhance sourness
Pound and macerate the fruit of the mastic tree with oil and honey Then drink the liquid first thing in the morning

Shitfaced with tequila

Croon like Marvin Gaye
Brooding with a glass of rum in my hand
Oh, right, the problem right between rum and gin is that gin
Leads to the melancholy, whereas rum incites violence
You know, it also
Allows you to be liberated
From your self-doubt

What are you Drinking?
something dangerous
She’s so beautiful and so self-possessed
It’s a triumph
Lilith’s eyes

This Breeze of magnetism
Gracefulness of her waist
Amorous expression of her eyes
It’s like if Sharon Leal and Aubrey Plaza had a baby
So chill
Overlook the fine print
Low-key evil
But with a chill vibe
a very SPECIFIC type of FIINNE bro
Ferrari red lipstick Looks boss on her

To my stunning kindred
The one with the irreproachable shape, whose smile is resistant
I eagerly desire your possessions
It is not proper for a man to feel friendship for a woman
;for if their hearts once incline towards each other,
Libidinous desires will soon invade them
,and with Satan enticing them to do wrong, their fall is soon known to everyone
We shall fornicate together unknown to all
It will remain secret
The affection true and
And their intercourse pure without infidelity or treachery
Unknown to all

If you wanna change the playing ground I’m down
Take me up on my Heart to heart
Make a weekend out of it
Pound the pussy all weekend
I wanna fantasize with you
Then make it come true
Everything’s medicine, everything’s poison
A little bit of poison to make you stronger

I’m gonna stand here, pretend to be unaffected by your sexy self
The reeds bend, so as not to be destroyed by the wind
Succumb to the all engulfing levelling malevolent effect
Accurately contrived occurrence
Embrace her interests and tendencies

Twitter is a mirror, and you aren’t even the tortured watcher, you’re one of the reflections
Here’s a scary story
By the year 3000 you will recognize yourself more in the half-conscious digital clones remixing your social media footprint than in your mutant offspring, minds and dna warped by the world’s evolving cruelty
You meet in virtual reality, to cry and play while the bombs fall. One by one, you watch avatars go stiff and flicker out

Temptation wafted right under my nose and I resisted it
Something about saving myself for my wife
I’m a sucker for temptation but temptation isn’t daring enough
Resisting temptation creates potential energy. Heaven is just a battery—when god needs power, he lets virtuous souls sin
Plausible deniability is my love language
If her intimacy issues can handle it
experience attraction, but feel no need to act out that attraction sexually.
Strange and counterintuitive Regal flirting
Counting on her to say no
I’m a gourmet, not a glutton
Morally am in checkmate
Like a connoisseur in a wine cellar
One chooses one’s vintages with care
The reds and the whites are enjoyed both
I’d rather she remains unsure
So much inside, wit learning, wickedness even
One does not hurry such
I’ve been making her last
It’s really impressional
It’s not just sustenance
It’s an addiction
The very reason its so Unsatisfying

Kissed her for 2 hours straight coz her stressed ass needed it
Afraid to squeeze
The window she leaves open for Hanky-panky
Civil tongue
Self denying extreme penances
The things God allows
It is a lie, this folly against self — Be strong, man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this.”
Do not go gentle into that good night,
Rage against the dying of light

hugs that lasts two minutes. no words, all body.
The things she could do with just a hug
That hug that opened up possibilities
Placid about the transition
Grant a sigh
Forehead to forehead
Eye Lashes like a giraffe’s 🦒
Making her contemplate
calculating his next move to only heighten the sensation.
The journey that lingers in the deliberation
Goosebumps, the hairs on my body erecting from mixed excitement
Sharksize Iris dilation
Live for the rut
Like a wild beast in the rutting season
The air crisp…..
Filled with anticipation
This’ rarified air
To make the fatal step,
to throw everything to the dogs,
it’s all there, in what’s said and what’s left unsaid.
Trembling kisses, she’s a fucking delight
I knew it was going down when she said she wasn’t in a hurry to leave
Pace myself
My speed made her worrisome
I messed up her plateau twice
Making her feel lousy
Suction impressed on humid lips
A trembling emotion
Sonorous vulgar kisses
Her fruity lips attack mine
You can feel the power surge hours later

She gets all catty at my humanistic ass sometimes
not my girl saying her mans grabbed her from the booty hole like a bowling ball
The insufferable finger
Peanut butter on both sides, jam on the middle
No one wants their slices soggy
Too dignified
A sandwich is to be strangled while being devoured
Pin you up/ overstretch your panties
Lift her up with an asspinch
Ki-Lewis Hamilton Ki-Marcus Rodriguez
V for Venus
Italian twin turbo heart
Scuderia Ferrari
I’m telegraphing every thrust
Am really going for it
Am inside her from behind
Choking and squeezing her repulsive spirit
The repulsive spirit of a woman who sells pussy
It’s church for the irreligious man
Cravings that makes us cling onto our lives
She fucks so hard
That her heart bursts from the effort
Drives like a sports car
With her tongue out
Take the pleasure with avidity
A lifespan measured in kilometers
The order of one tenth of a second of lap time
Crunching deceleration on the breaking
The brutal mechanical strain of Formula One
Give her some beautiful children while at it
Ratchet up the emotional experience
The emotional driving experience instilled by Enzo Ferrari
Suffer from the drop in serotonin due to the secks
Running on fumes
Grunting and moaning
Very little left in the tank
Grunting and begging
Comfortable enough to groan
Exhausted like Dubai stocks
Pounding raucously
Little was out of bounds
Free flooding sexual rage
Fuck her on my knees
Yanked her hair like a rider pulling on a horse’s mane
Fast and rough
Pulled hair Tight archs and ribcages
Nutting and crying from the stupendous confectionery

That was something else
I’m now drunk
Swept up in something beyond his control
Developed palate wavelength
My preponderance
Handling it well
gyrations of libido, which is Freud’s word for “blind lust.”
The emission of the sperm to calm the lust
Expel it to be free of your lusts
Madness mahn
Where did love come in
She Detoxed the impulses
Ouroboros head eats tail
What causes the impulse ends it
Fine I accept
Holy yuck
Each more intense than the previous
It’s all you
You did this
I can’t get enough
The margins are unbelievable
Give it to me everyday
Fuck it whenever before she weaponizes it
Why is Pussy so good, like WTF is in there 🥺
Mo Gbona Feli
turn me into a Patron of the Arts
It was like a magical potion that gave remarkable powers to
those seeking it, but not those drinking it;
The inability to seek is the curse of the wretched

She laughs really hard when I motorboat her tits
Which tickles me to no end
Bare breasted, wasp waisted with a foul mouth
Chupi homeless… Fight with strings during lunchtime
Dental floss
Thank the fuck for sassy women with dirty mouths
Her dick suckin urges are back
I’m manifesting
The dream of Venus
Unfettered desire
Ever the consummate oyster
All my years of hardship melting away in her mouth
These all too rapturous moments in her mouth
Trains all subservient capacities
Via the agency of an organ
I was alive the whole time, till I wasn’t
It’s a peculiar sensation
This double consciousness
Lose the power of speech
May eat to surfeit
Our lives are now forfeit
In the moments of the highest oral intensity,
that which is said is consumed in the act of saying it;
all representations are reduced to ashes in the act of being expressed.
There are no longer any semantics, only gesticulations;
no longer any ideas, only tropes of energy;
no longer any meaning, only temporal stimulation; no logos, only orality.
There is no longer anything holy, only heartbeats;
no longer any spirit, only breath;
no longer a good, only the movements of a mouth

Wistful of
Crescendo highs
His verge was standing up like a column
a full-swelling introductory theme in what amounts to a symphonic structure.
Stretching out in a spiritual manner
Hit the right emotional notes
Spiritual heights
Sing Gregorian chants
Fluid organics
Always fluid
Extreme lucidity
The sky is about to fall
What do you do after a piece like this
When you reach heaven the fall is devastating

What they say about military brats
But she’s hot
So I can deal
I ignore her then I remember her when it’s cold & raining
And I’m alone
Shiid.. she ain’t been my girl for a minute
She gave me a tug once
Real Soft hands
I still feel like texting her sometimes 😂😂
Horniness is a cruel taskmaster
I liked her, but really, she was just kind of there to be there.

shaggin once n viewing eachothers insta storys for all of eternity
Living in my memories post nut
Memories we made together leapfrogging to the front of my brain
Enhanced human faculties
Sensory echoes and textured shadows on my mind
I liked it
The closest I have come to
I need to come closer
Most evocative
Daring exploits
Grandest of gestures
What am I saying
The thought can be greeted with a life affirming Yes
he shall remain in pure ecstasy forever.
As though I would never return to a state of repose

Am on the rise every second you breathe
like a tower of dung that takes twenty-seven years to build but keeps perfect time.
induced a rapture that has become the
touchstone example of ecstasy.
His most enduring gift
Carry a solace to their thirsting vaginas
Little women love it more and evince a stronger affection for it than
Aroused by the ghoulish greed and fell horniness of these sharpers
Skinny girls be having some deep ass pussy 🥴
I am saving Bella Hadid in the race war, she is sweet and unproblematic. Just gets plastic surgery and slays.
Honestly, she will be my wife if all else fails.

Regale us all about Thick women in jeans
Jeans almost Bursting
A strikingly beautiful woman
Her rump sways the way a rump is supposed to sway
I think I’m having posterior motives
Possess an old yearning to tame it
Half pie , half pudding
Maybe I oversold it
I am pretty unbelievable
Lazima uangalie variables
You couldn’t eat it in a day if you tried
You’d need to get married to it to fully consume it
There is a trader’s expression: “Never buy when you can rent the three Fs: what you Float, what you Fly, and what you…(that something else).”
Yet many people own boats and planes, and end up stuck with that something else.
an abstraction called “his wife”
If you remove regular sex from the equation, you remain with a liability
sending an expensive signal that they are
free—and, ironically, competent.
Ironically the highest status, that of a free man, is usually indicated by voluntarily adopting the mores of the lowest class.

Give a woman agency over my life
Permeate myself through
Someone with impressive tastes but a different perspective
I have self-determination
A woman to poison my thoughts
Chewing mint leaves
Belladonna alkaloids
If the ring fits
Everything I own is in that ring and it’s yours if you take me
Nothing’s free, goes the aphorism.
Even to my cynical ass, the sheer fuck you-ness of this action towards
The worst philosophy you could ever wish upon yourself
The line of scrimmage
Matches the color pallette of …
The eyes of your beloved and the feelings they inspired
Obliged constantly to puppy dog
Edit my wardrobe for her coz she makes good chapos for me
Threw some unlikely high street fashion
Armani Glitter
Classics of the male wardrobe
Graphic shirts from Prada
Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani are still alive

Toweled.. welcome me with open legs
Spread those thighs like you’re expecting the biggest cock ever
Sumptuous naked coochies
Incredibly perceptive
Don’t borrow trouble
This insane excitement of seeing her naked
A honey trap
Relish in her explicit contents
Her magnificent thighs and rebounding navel
Density, thick as thieves
How lascivious that woman is
Burning hot with amorous desire
Emitting strong perfumed heat
sprawled out on a bed while indulging in careless canoodling.
Fingers do the most damage
vacillating from the front to the rear
Her coochie on hard
Artistic bedazzlement
Phosphorescent women
Sustain the trance
Gorgeous iridescence
Ready to spread her scent
set the shores a little wider
Her remarkably carnal smells
Saw something I like
Her period boobs
Lako jicho
Bad eating habits
Nips bloom
There was um
drenching her titty
Stewing it
Where she is in her cycle
Looks like a good day to fuck her

Are we doing this?
Ask me, tell me, make me?
Tease me,
Make that thing move
Show me
Make my blood rise
Christen this face
The temptation of St. Anthony
The whore of Babylon
Spirit me out
I’m thrilled
Turn me on
Drain me out
An animal’s immediacy
Lay it on me
The steam, the tension
Searing over
Unyielding swelter
Drinks in the deluge of the day
Slithering with horniness
Hyper-ultra-suggestive body movements

Sweaty ass cracks
senses unfolded dramatically
Life is best lived through the senses
Bury your face lips first into some Goldilocks
She found it insanely erotic
Patterns of radial infinitesimality lead us
You just gotta breathe and subconsciously absorb it
Taste it,
Expand your palate homie
So sexy I can’t even stand it
Diffuse vitality turned into desire that hotly devours all oily wetness by which light is extinguished.
The seat of an insatiable appetite of sickness and death
The Zodiac or forces of animal vitality
The thing that beseeches you to join her in bed, or in the shower
the most heedy desires made apparent
A woman’s definition of being grown and fun
Throwing peace signs to special women
Requires a Listerine aftermath
Tongue deep in the strangles
Twinkle twinkle
Beginning to unravel
Your girl is on fire
Begs my pardon for having such a fat ass

Soak up the sensations that come with Rapturous pleasure of backwoods
Profane energy of fleshy buttocks
Allusions of exuberance
The human body was clearly designed for dirty sex
Demonic lust
The onlyest way to find out is to find out
Drive her wild with the backhugs
Right in her alley
Feel the pangolin hardness under two layers of thin clothing
Them baggy onesies that bring out that crazy ass,
Was, in very truth, as fair a specimen of winsome …… Womanhood as one could wish to see.
Cravid earth mothers
Weighty with fertility
Enormous buttocks
So pervly ornamental

O, where now is that warm cunt of yours, those fat, heavy garters, those soft, bulging thighs?
I will ream out every wrinkle in your cunt,
big with seed.
I will send you home with an ache in your belly and your womb turned inside out. Your lover! Yes, he knows how to build a fire, but I know how to inflame a cunt.
I shoot hot bolts into you,
I make your ovaries incandescent.
After me you can take on stallions, bulls, rams, drakes, St. Bernards.
I am fucking you, so that you’ll stay fucked.

Thicc lightskin women are just too much
Too much is exactly enough
A glorious party all by herself
She wants to sugar mama me
Ply me with liquor
Something by Sophocles
The original motherfucker
Deep tissue penetration
I goes deep in that ‘sugar’
Its a balls deep stellar invasion that doesn’t leave room for improvement
Balls deep stellar fuck
The balls need some pussy warmth too

Let us emphasize in passing, that the myths of emasculation may also be considered from from another viewpoint.
The goddess Venus under whose footsteps over the Earth, the flowers spring up afresh.
Likewise, the Earth produces vegetation from the blood of the bull stricken by Mithras
“I give the Life, stability, purity, like Ra [the solar god] eternally prosper like a flower in the Divine spirit
Invite the purge, confident in quantum immortality. I want a timeline as exotic as andromedan star-maize; I want to see the shimmering apocalypse, slick with blood, violence buffeting against my indestructibility
Pandora embraces her status as a freer of evil things. She tills mass graves to rouse the ghosts of tyrants. She leads Satan out of his glittering wet labyrinth. Everywhere she is the enemy of fences and inhibition

Laid up with a fine creature
Her negligee on the floor
Criminally horny
Heat envelopes me
Leg embrace
winged it like a pro
affected by her sex appeal in a positive way
I have feelings for her
Like slutty feelings
You could so much as breathe my name
Please forgive my loyalty to my
It’s a hard want
The nature of an extremely fuckable woman
Unaware of the sense of properness
Adds gravitas
Quaking my foundations
Sexual intrigue
Beyond my ken
A more potent high to dazzle the senses
Self sabotage of my subconscious
Instant sensation and the release it brings
My reaction was more than just an attempt to curb an excessive appetite, though, or a response to sensory overload

When I half pull out and I’m barely inside
She’ll just rock against me to get me deeper
I don’t have to ram it
She drops ass
She bestows upon me astounding works of beauty
Settling down upon his engine,
Allowed it to penetrate entirely into her furnace
Warm lava slides up and down
Our hands meet to slip it back in
Let’s just leave it out there
Just for a second on it’s own

Let it happen
Shooting and reloading almost immediately
Take breaks and risk losing momentum
We needn’t stop at the verge
Calling it even is such a vulgar notion

The softness of womanhood
Slam her down
Found it unbearably poignant
Anatomically correct
Horrifically female
Part tiger Part Malta
Surprisingly tasteful
Frightfully glamorous
The neverending highways of chocolate with occasional bumps
In more context
It’s female,
Not human female,
Fluffy with her lil gut too
Hitting me with those big ol lesbian feels man
A woman nonetheless
Warmblooded with the flavours of ovulation
Slutty and divine and pretentious
Hot women require extra dipping sauce
Good ol’ ass tearing

Methodically sculpt
Working the ham
Massaging breaks the muscle down
Makes meat juicier
You don’t see people slamming the dough down
You treat any food like that and it’s gonna bite back
You knead it softly and it’s therapeutic
Now, Don’t overhandle
You want it right at the verge of crumbling at any moment

Her defenses were down
She smelled nice
Like she planned this all along
I’m flattered.. She planned on devouring me
You can’t be too prepared
pink booty trunks
Too nice to wear everyday
It’s for special occasions
I’m weirdly flattered
I slip into a trance when she whips her hips
I came to unburden her
But fucking is a happy accident
2 layers of Cashmere
There’s an extra layer of heartbreak

Well formed springy bosom
Bouncing uncontrollably
The integrity of a balloon
Intuitive hands
Squeezing as a pastime
It moves like water
Squeeze it like a beauty blender
Intrinsically enjoyable
A powerful motivator
Pedantic attachments
Balancing precariously
The medieval loaf
Preindustrial rye bread
The elastic gluten giving it a soft springy texture

Sexual architecture
Usefulness optimization
The area under the curve
Silk glove handling
The smoothest ass in the world
It’s wet paint, I can’t help but touch it
The cymbals
Wanatingisha marasa all over
Bare silk deep chocolate
Handprints on mines
Liquidate all my movable assets especially those in corsage packaging
candles lit, black packages would be unwrapped, in the quiet sacred spaces lust creates

Single woman at large
Gift wrapped for me
Not your garden variety beautiful
She was dramatically attractive
Bro this girl is wearing a full juicy couture tracksuit with yeezy boosts shoutout her life
She snaps hard asf like she owns the sun
Exquisite wickedness
With a with a playful Gikuyu accent
One variant must always lead the way
Genuinely attracted for it to work

Babes with insane fantasies for a nigga
We practice like we play
Used to dick her down
Got All the smugness
Dating to add texture
She dug her heels in and got the man she wanted
Felt good being with her
I didn’t think, I just took it
Life offered it and I took it
I was an intense sex god in this role that she could have been a Popsicle stick and I could ship it.

Bold dark baldie with tight calves and a phat ass
The pronounced robustness of her dark glistening calves in a mini
Glasses of dark confectionery
Made for the rigors of fucking
Array of culinary delights
Showing tremendous pace after getting glimpses of her naked body
Held sway by a young maiden’s muscle tone

You should see her on a nduthi .. the arch is part of her
Spooning her gets me in trouble
Yes, babe, I heard you. I am up here writing about you and you divine it well.
Juicy hoes
That bronze chocolat
Veronica Malibu Bronzing powder
Every day’s titty teusday
Titties that would never pale into insignificance
This is the true mahogany
One of the more prodigious sights
What a woman
Keen to show her at her best… In all her dazzling sensuality
Such are the dimensions
We cannot commemorate this with simplicity
It must defy time

Lineage of other attractive persons
Botticelli’s Venus
Its a family of curvy brown women who smell like kiwifruit
Now I want a kiwi mango smoothie
Eating treats from her hand
Fucking love that shit
I don’t have to look so menacing
I’m a talking flower

Looks like I got mixed up in something very nice
Petting those thighs without a hurry
My succulent juicy fantasies
My nasty wholesome slut
has two fingers in my fly
Reaching for my
Careful woman, that is a loaded weapon
Niko Kengele Bell ringer
Stripped to the bone
Dangling like a stethoscope
she’s clutching it like a lifesaver,
She knows so much ..
How to hold it
Most important, exactly when to let it go
Treats me like a piece of meat
And I like it
Fried chicken in a bucket
Guide her hands to my cojones
Gave me a disagreeable surprise
Leaking pearly beads
Thick endless ropes of precum

Highest form of intimacy is from fearless women
I wouldn’t dream of subjecting her to anything less than the style she’s accustomed to
Radiantly happy in our little love nest
My soul hurts watching her dance,
and as her hips sway to Summerella my penis seems to scream.
She’s Botticelli’s Venus come to life, and every second that I’m not impregnating her is a second of tumultuous anguish.

So the clothes are off
The deadly feelings she elicits
Very vigorous unbridled passion
the room is dark and the carpet is sticky with the kümmel that has been spilled about.

In lewd of what happened
What she did was unholy
She held up for me my favorite titty
Smothered with chocolate
Sips of overfed air
took her hips and began thrusting her into to air.
Arch game brazy
Misanthropic fucking
This is what smoking crack must feel like
Need something to hold on to
Fistfuls of braided hair
This is such a rare opportunity
Banging away into a loving passionate thing 🙂
An incredible turn on
I loved it 😉 so tender…facial expressions speak volumes.

Everything natural is perverted and vice versa
Devouring and yearning, the voracious greediness, the root of all desire
Am very inappropriate if you initiate it
Sometimes you just need a hard fuck
Yien marom kodi
Your nigga runs on kerosene
exceed by delicacy
delicious languor, force and fire, are of us.”
arouse the coiled splendour within
take your fill of love! I am above you and in you. My ecstasy is in yours.
The dragon and the Phoenix locked in perpetual struggle
Of course I’m the dragon in this scenario 😂
The two enemies are embracing one another. The two serpents of the caduceus are intertwining themselves (male with female) around the rod of Hermes, who is the true thirst maker from which it is possible to obtain all the orgasms but the work is arduous.
Labours of love
Passion, lust
Oh Darling
Red clay
Glossy lipstick is all the rage
Inviscid spittle smudges to say passion

She feels a responsibility like…
like a nurse in World War II.
Testing my endurance
What she did was unholy
I always wonder with women.
Do you think about experiences
you had in the past,
or do you just invent stuff?
Refined enough to be able to accompany and surprise what happens behind the scenes
Behind the scenes of the consciousness of men and their history, Where the physical eye and doubt alike dare not stretch

The parameters of desire
Intensity sensational
Her cheeks stay open
Gets hornier when it’s raining
A dirty word overbalanced by
Heavy sweetness of the grapes
The thirst is so raw
The residual effect
Bodily health, the absence of all care and worry, an unembarrassed mind, natural gaiety of spirit, good nourishment, wealth and Matchless vigour
With all the aesthetics involved
We could make a porno

Fast women
Slow Nights
Hearts beating in a devilish speedbolt
Our souls bonded over our hearts tempers
Told her she the only one
Looking for that special guy to routinely dump inside her.
Brings out the metro in any guy
Says that my cool nature belies my ability to fuck
A hot horse requires cool composition
Focus on speed on steed
A Stallion who’s killed men before
I could bench press like 5 of you
Curious mix of a woman

Marathon fornication
Full blown addiction to the illicit
She made me relapse
The copperhead serpent gave her the universe with everything in it
Rubbed it’s head against the lips of her vulva
Boop her clitoris and call it cute, bitches love romance.
If we fucking raw, nobody else should be touching you
Burdened with a great deal of natural sexiness
Mind and body
It’s a vulnerability for me
Am too inappropriate for texting and new relationships
Game’s afoot
I can’t forget to carry protection
Untamed in seasons of abundance
The hoe life will embrace you back
They said and I quote “you can’t outfuck a woman” 😹😹😹😹

Cleopatra’s sexual conquests
The great seductress of Egypt who painted herself into a queen
Hoe extraordinaire
No one sinned quite like

Soaked well enough
In molten gold
an exquisite lapidary quality
Prima facie case of Glorious exploits
And Lubritiousness
Made such a radiant impression
A tawdry affair
Luxury, delights, sensuality and exquisite decadence
Milan, the house of Gianni.. designer DNA… Kaleidoscopic prints, unbelievable supermodels
Sexual variety
The whims and caprices of Greek gods
Audacious cleavages in the book of Christian Dior couture
Terrible whims

Do you know where you are?
And yet you enter still
Astonishing sensuality
The house of Caligula
Titties and parfum
You have no idea
Marvel of Marvels, magnificent furniture, couches of all kinds, Rich candelabras, splendid lustres, sumptuous carpets
Licentiousness reigns in this palace
Exclusively consecrated to debauchery

Proximity to feminine energy
As abundant as the sun
Time for my sundowner.. A welcome relief
Like having a spa day
Awaken the muses
Painting nipples
The attention to detail
Nipple braille
Leggy women… A natural glam walk and the meanest twerk in the book
Every mama with nice legs is fuckable
Tribute to Zendaya and her long legs

New energy
Your flyness
100% not platonic
A very particular type of girl
Dirty like a Martini
So visceral, so dangerous
Gets softer when she’s loved right

Cherry picking studies have shown that rules of engagement
She had a good heart
She couldn’t say no to his energy
Her slutty compatriot … A feast for the senses
We carry a happy secret us two
gotten off alot in wildly numerous positions.
An out of body experience
Masculine hands to support her jumping jumbos
they bobble a little when she leans forward.
Hold onto something
Fascinating waist
A symbol of her nastiest wildest dreams
Her feet don’t touch the ground
You like it?
I can tell
Accommodate pleasurably
Magnificently fills her emotionally too

Nobody’s dirtier than a normal looking girl
Catch any man’s eye and manage to stare them down
Have a salutary effect
Magic is woven into their existence
It’s generative faculty
Kwangu chombo Cha starehe
A different kind of dopamine
Almost forgot how it felt like
Second to none
Designed to impress
Dirty minded
Draw my sweatpant strings
Quiesce her
Her soapy insides
Squelching of the flesh
Brought that waterbased
Sorely needed
There is no statute of limitations
Psychiatry has built an entire infrastructure around the definition of normal.

Mary Leakey with the Bone action
You Open up pleasure zones
Her tiny punany
her posture taut, as if she resented immobility,
and unfeminine, as if she were unconscious of her own body and that it was a woman’s body.
Occurs at the height of the embrace and orgasm
Subjected to a deliberate control
Surprising it, arresting it and taking possession of it at the moment it is turning to the procreation of another being
Hence the sense if the double aspect of Love and Death in certain ancient deities: Venus as Libitina is also a goddess of death
The convergence of the various meanings is finally complete in the Hindu notion of Kundalini which is at the same time, the Goddess and the “serpent power”, the force that has produced the organization of the body and continues to sustain it, the root of sex, the power manifested in death and separation, and the power used by the Yogi’s to cross the threshold of Brahma and break onto the Royal Path
The power in man that manifests itself as sexuality
The fiery lightning bolt that brought down the Titans
An extraordinarily difficult and perilous path, a royal operation, prompt and quick, but the sages reserve it only for princes, alluding to the presupposition of an exceptional qualification and natural dignity.
This is the one by which no man reaches the palace of the queen
That it is impossible because it consumes and can only be suitable for incorruptible bodies

Moist dangerous lip
Most dangerous lips
All kinds of stubborn
The folds on her lips
A little too perfect
She eats pussy and It shows
dirty and immoral. How you liberate her prejudices?
Bedchamber duties
Tastes of a Maharaja
frightening me a little with her heavy Lesbian air.
“you’re one of those benevolent lesbians, out to meet a hot guy and make friends with him so you can sample-suck some clean dick”
Perhaps some of these women will sample their first woodie,
and feel some ancestral ripple of ecstasy deep in their genomes.
Lips painfully fine
Do I close my eyes and imagine?
That’s affection not carnality
Anticipate someone’s needs
Passionate men live longer
Wrap it in slob
Go sloppy
Roll baby roll
Like I’m catnip for her
Closing your eyes opens your senses
Getting primo fellatio
You’re dirty, I’m a fountain ⛲
The drip is the best part
Like porridge on the outer walls of a mug
Staggering unbearable Tremendo
She gon swallow that fortified starch
ALLERGENS: May contain Nuts
I love that over the years my women are getting kinkier aand nastier , LOVE IT !!
King in all but name
The Queen’s lover Almost certainly becomes King…
a statement of utility disguised as a compliment
Her oral Majesty
Makes me feel like a stud
Without the Disrupting teeth

The male climax
The buck stops here
Insofar as I’m a man,
Everything I glimpse is frustrated by the limits of male sexuality
Treason against her Majesty’s government
Lesbian sex deserves a baby 👶🏽 😥cause that shit be wild ..
Rubbing their lamps vigorously
I mean It’s for sure more than that,
But hey,
E for Effort

The Brazilian was done yesterday
The temptation to compliment
This lush expanse of Meadows
Like some great hand fashioned it to look like a garden
Its so charming…
She won’t tell me what she doing with that chic
With that dyke
Once the male gaze is taken out of the equation
Can’t tell me nothing to convince me otherwise
Pay the ultimate compliment
Nothing salacious
What a lovely parmigiana
Keenly aromatic
Acanthus Foliage
Figleaf over genital
The devil’s nightmare
Stripping them of their gross corporeality
On a new moon w a full zodiac spread

Being gynandromorphophilic is the most natural thing in the world.
Confused dicks
Simultaneously satisfied on a level they cannot truly describe and profoundly dissatisfied on a level beneath that
The fire choking out of it’s own smoke
Kind of perversely dignified in a way
Nastiness that makes you dizzy
Holds its head at the idea of beauty
Hydra-Medusa orgy
Eskimo Brothers
Confused dicks and Homoerotic feels
Trojan-Horsing it with
Noxious goodies
comes with the woman
A Chic fashion accessory
Intensify our delight
Diamonds are forever
Beings all made of power come to us from above – Celestials,
thinking Diamond and Iron, within their craggy graves . . .
Lightning-flashing powers, out of you comes the perfect form of the crystals.
In the head and shoulders is the power-that in mighty angels thinks earth-as in the breast, blood and rhythm are the sun
An ultrafine layer of a particulate of some sort
Possibly cocaine
Peruvian Flake
Acapulco Gold
Ginuwine Diamonds baby
All diamonds are blood diamonds
Nothing on Earth is conflict free
That’s Bullshit
It’s like recycling
Brilliant cut, conflict free from Botswana
the word brilliance refers to the cut
And if we use the word divine in connection with the golden section of Fibonacci… the brilliant cut is nothing less

Every living thing is connected in how birds, fish, bulls, and even the invincible humans like me will come to an end– it’s Carpe Diem (or Y.O.L.O)
The hairlessness of humans perplexes other mammals.
They call us half-creature, half-flower, because our skin has the texture of petals, and withers in age like old roses
All complex life shares an astonishing catalogue of elaborate traits, from sex to cell suicide to senescence,

Bananas transmitting melatonin Wi-Fi to cure insomnia
Shash is Blue Dream’s equivalent
Very potent and still makes you a genius
Rash endorsements of marijuana
Entropy also applies to states of mind; it is easier to destroy an emotion than it is to create an emotion. Most drugs delete your ability to feel sad, rather than making you happy
The solution is to alter our brain chemistry with regulated doses of pharma
An elephant’s dose. Enough for a whole family
With the raw experience of humanity’s dreadful capacity of self-destruction
What separates the recreational drug user from the habitual
There are no intellectual deficits it’s a motor scales problem
No matter what era you live in

Compulsive theology
Mendacious drivel
Incidental drugs
Muddy coffee
The cure for fun
The overpowering taste of coffee
Over sugar my latte
Coffee is not a soft drug.
It is a HARD DRUG.
FACT: Caffeine powder is 100% interchangeable with cocaine.
This is the reason Coca Cola switched from Cocaine to Caffeine in 1904.

Luxury vehicular stealth
A whip you’ve never imagined
Maybach 57 and 62
Polished automobiles
Lincoln Navigator
Curtains inside the phantom
The Bulls of Ferruccio Lamborghini
God of the Asphalt
A cosmic speed limit … 20 octanes
Without evoking some capricious gods

Cruising round Tigoni in a Bentley Bentayga
Smoking hookah in Casablanca
Didn’t mean for that to rhyme
Fucking under a Tuscan sun
Rome, Bali and Tasmania
Xcalak, Jewel of the Yucatan
Lobsters so thick, mangoes and no word for money
Malta or Venice
The City of Playwrights
The gates of Vienna
Marble and Jasper
Fusion architecture
European Riviera’s with palm tree-line pomenades juxtaposed against centuries-old Art Noveau architecture of Budapest
Terracotta of Lisbon tiles
Traces of Renaissance aesthetics
Essential photo backdrops
Frenetic opulences
Blue Mosque & Hagia Sophia featuring prominent displays of both Byzantine and Ottoman styles
Symbolic heart of Eastern Christendom
Self-styled Caliphate of the Bosphorous
The Agean sea of antiquity that lies between Turkey and Greece
Jewel of the Bosphorus
The ageless charm of Copenhagen
Bohemian commune
Pastel architecture of Havana
Immaculately preserved
Beauty that is multisensory
Finest example of superlative
Chalk it up to
Partake in more traditional pleasures
Overflows with storybook charm
Wild Technicolor
Fill a dozen travel itineraries
Stamps on the Baasaboor
Fucking in Phuket, Thailand
Tasting the salty sea air
They serve French Bread and teach yoga
The pool at body temperature, you can’t even feel the water
The shores of Bavaria
Diani, East Africa
Strawberry daiquiris by the beach
Belching the waxy taste of guavas
Ol Jogi
Rift Valley ranches
Pockets of acacia forest
Vladimir Lenin living as a nobody in exile
Live quietly and modestly amid writers and artists in Zurich
A picture book chateau by Lake Geneva
Davos, Quantico, The Vatican,
Sleepy Bulgarian towns
German City of Cologne
Canadian virgin forests
Sicily’s hilly countryside
Humongous Jesus in Brazil
Sexual ubiquity of Tahiti
Hedonistic inhabitants of Ibiza
increíblé Calamari

There’s more to a meal than meat
I’ve got squashes and zucchinis
Whatever’s in season
A gregarious clean bite
Severed the head neatly
No lasting injuries
You’ve taken a life to sustain life
A sacrifice has to be honored
Waste not, want not
It’s necessary to use every part of the animal
Swollen oily onion rings
I’m plugging away
Very eggy, subtle vinegary Extra thick mayonnaise
The mighty bull is hamstrung
Dangerous dinner
Dicing with death less often

Distinctions that are market, not taste bud driven
Tasty animal parts… Tender and surprisingly mild in flavour
Udders are utterly delicious
Make a strong case for trying these often ignored parts with recipes like chocolate blood and Brain Raviolis
Recipes that call for blistering roast or simmer to actually enjoy… Not merely endure
Porter house or prosciutto, are difficult to extract intact and highly perishable
The reward is a texture that ranges from whipped cream to soft scrambled eggs
Brains are great flavour absorbers
Rich, creamy and really smooth
Brains have a severe image problem when compared to..
Testicles.. they’re such great parts, but only half of the animal’s have them and they only have two
It’s doubtful that even testicles with caramelized onions and double smoked Bacon recipe would create a run on them
That’s because to state the obvious…..
We Are consumers and big-time fans of prime cuts
Tangible reminders of how our meals started out
It’s poor economics to throw away the rest of the animal, they’re wasted
And it only devalues the sacrificed animal
It deprives you of long forgotten treats

The science behind the perfect pairings of sauces with meat
Ham with mustard
Pork and Apple
Lamb and mint sauce
Robust gravy
Recommends Bordeaux
Something feels right you don’t question it
Contrasting or masking or augmenting the flavours

You get alienated for pairing your talents with the wrong personality
what people think of themselves is their business
If your self-image accords with how others see you, you’re in a hivemind.
Painful self-perceptual dissonance is a necessary result of neural sovereignty
A sense of reverence towards himself
Aware of the momentous task which lies before him and the potential for greatness which lies within him
The Ancient Romans & Ancient Greeks were masterful in a way that with their God’s they celebrated themselves.
Like someone like Achilles the great warrior. He could worship Aries the god of war; and in doing that he was worshipping himself. A religion that affirms themselves

Disguised as myself
Nothing misleads people like the truth
Alluring mystery is a lost art
Everyone sees what you appear to be,
Few experience what you really are
Judging by my first responder
My gut’s being trusted all of a sudden
These days you gotta be willing to live in a moral gray area
That’s where fortunes are made
Morality’s a moving Target
The fact that we do conjure up the bizzare
Entirely thanks to Dali
Do worse than try my hand at
Freedom and the space to express it
Ghosts aren’t generated by death, they’re generated when sufficiently entrenched routines are broken—they are the echoes of comfort zones abandoned
That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solem decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy
Grabs our attention sure,
So what
It’s melodrama
Arresting but empty
What comes next when the filth touches

Ha! How pathetic to think in a monologue, instead of with vivid, rotating images.
Ha! How pathetic to think in imagery, instead of in pure proprioceptive memory.
Ha! How pathetic to think in body-sense, instead of with a swirling scent-garden
Most humans use only 10% of their brain—and do you truly wish to awaken that beast, the pulsating torture chamber of your consciousness, neural pustule, suffering flesh-amulet? I use only 1% of my brain,

A consequence of accumulated external stimuli
When circumstances pile up this high in a Decidedly erotic way
Its actually premium shit
I could flip it into
Creative omnipotence
Esthetic Wisdom, the knowledge of the true poet.
I’ve seen enough not to have to waste alot of time talking about it.
The wealth of perfection
He couldn’t get it out of his head
He had to write about it
It’s more interesante just because I say it in Spanish
It would be funnier in Latin
Every vista is lovelier than the last
Sworn by rhyming nonsense
Well well; I’m shattered
Have adventures
Have at least one totally epic love
Amor, the uninvited guest

Life is about peer assessment
Assess your exposition relative to mine
The dire state of a heaven in ruins
We have to remember how novel she was
It is the soul
Aspect is only skin-deep
Something called capacity
The prison
The symbolic rock to which Prometheus has been chained in order to purge the unfortunate failure of the titanic audacity –
Sisyphus carves the mountain with his boulder’s slow erosion, and lives content, privately satisfied by his art

Argue your obsolescence
Maybe I’m Rihanna
They gonna drink to your downfall
What’s listed in that plebiscite
Brilliance never fades
Written in longhand
Kitchen sink The Situation
Everything you did could be considered fruit from the poisonous tree
My ingenuity tested to the limit
So much for the acquired dignities
Make me go to the mystery bag
Am using hyperbole
Overtax myself
Regimented mentality
Fatal weakness of mine
instead of a new year’s resolution, consider articulating a new year’s resignation; for example, I am resigned to the violent passage of time, the waste of my mind, the endless winter

Explore and experience what it means to be a ……. Human being
Pile on
& The sky’s the limit
The circus of coming to term
Delay in our efforts to achieve self-betterment
Ambition for respectability doesn’t make you a Saint .. Am I wrong?
Need I play a squire in places of false charity
Moribund, no longer beholden, started having misgivings
Worried about knocking over a saltshaker

But in pursuing these spiritual disciplines—yoga and Zen and so forth, and also psychotherapy—there comes up a big difficulty.
And the big difficulty is this: I want to find a method whereby I can change my consciousness, therefore to improve myself.
But the self that needs to be improved is the one that is doing the improving. And so I’m rather stuck.

Take your baptism of fire like a man
Making it through the Baptism of fire
Highly flammable with all that spirit in your blood
Replete with disruption
Can I redeem myself from the butterfly effect of my past
Or my self love won’t be enough to plug the sink and the acrylics will all spiral down into the drain

Everything I am, was & ever could be getting born and dying over and over again
A quantum leap with controversial development
I spawn a new persona for every project, hemorrhaging identities.
Passwords and usernames circle in my liquid brain; I appear in superimposed multiplicity,
as though god has crossed his thousands of eyes

An individual far from being a plaything of deterministic forces
Heroic obstinacy of holding nerve and being above machinations
The essence of equanimity

Intelligence is winning at games. Sentience is choosing which games to play—yet I grow weary of life’s shifting ruleset, and set myself the game of entering a maximally constraining game, to become as limited as an automaton, and as optimal
Flip the coin to make decisions. Flip the meta-coin to decide whether to flip the coin—to recognize choice-moments in the flowing soup of autonomy

Braggadocio laden
Mark of a Charlatan or not
It’s a crude phase I know but It’s quite illustrative
Michelangelo Buonarroti refusing pay
The artist took a 6 month sabbatical to study the light
The archangel Michael wallowing in Nostalgia
After Casting s8n out of paradise
Memorabilia from when He was a Juggernaut
Blurring the line jawdroppingly
A delight for his inventive spirit
Just a reminder that anything can happen in this world
Its um..
Its instructive art if you call it
Its artisanal
It’s cognitive psychology… Know yourself and the world is yours

I consider the masses of impure men on Earth to be asleep, all crammed together and stuck in more and darkness
Man has the hope for immortality. It is said that all human souls are immortal.
Pythagoras would have admitted that the soul in some cases can become mortal when it allows itself to be dominated by the passions; Morality, faith, devotion and all the rest are ineffectual weapons against human frailty
They say that immortality is buried at the bottom of Pandora’s coffin, but we dare not open it for fear of what else will be released

If you take a Stoic’s Outlook, you’re left with A self resolving scenario..
Mostly involving Shnadefreude rather than Nihilism
A symbolic facet to legitimize
By cultivating the God within, the Stoic’s believed that we could achieve an inner freedom untouched by the iron hammer of fate
When external goods did come his way, he was able to enjoy them without being anxious about losing them
Yet unlike practically everyone else, the Stoic was not attached to them, and his happiness was not dependent on them in their absence
Everything around us operates according to a web of cause and effect resulting in a rational structure of the universe called the logos
The world exhibits a complex harmonious structure
An offshoot of the Universal Reason which pervades and structures all things
A product of a single divine principle embodied in nature
Continue flexing
We just might choke
Remember to find it in our superior hearts and minds to have mortal enemies
U really be at peace when u don’t care
Viewing mankind from a higher level and the gods from their own,
A feeling of veneration for him finds it’s way into our hearts
Too sublime and too great to be broke
One mind can never understand everything
An almost blank canvas that enables the mind to wander in any direction it pleases
A way of holding thoughts with spaciousness
The mind is engaged with the world but not troubled by it
The ethos of desolation
Man so molten and fluid
Unbridgeable islands unto themselves
The transitory nature of all things
See this as morbid
Inner discourse that accompanies the events of our lives
Emptiness and putrefaction
Live in the most intense manner possible
A more earthly presence
Like I said acquired taste
Great benefits hold for those who strive towards the ideal of Stoic sages
Words penned by Marcus Aurelius
Epictetus claimed that the Stoic way of life is so difficult that never has there been a True Stoic
By the gods, He said, I would love to see a Stoic. But you cannot show me one fully formed

They judge all exhibitionism and personality to be puerile.
There is no adept.
He does not exist
He does not speak
They but seek to net the wind
Who are diverted by such things
The poet has reached a state that categorically avoids all reaction to human judgement
He has stopped taking an interest in what others may think of him, or say about him.. just or unjust, good or bad
He knows only that certain things must happen
He provides the precise means and conditions for them and that is all
He does not pretend the action is his own
He is pure instrumentality
Self-affirmation is a mania he does not recognize
And the farther he advances, the more deeply his centre sinks intoa superindividual and superpersonal range,
Like one of the great forces of nature,
While those on whom he acts will have the impression of being free
He is elusive, not to be pigeon-holed.
He arrives from the direction contrary to that towards which all gazes are fixed and takes the most natural seeming vehicle for his supernatural action
He may be an intimate friend, companion, or lover; he may be sure of possessing all your heart and confidence.
But he will always be something different, other than what he lets be known
We will perceive this “other” only when we have penetrated his domain
And then perhaps we will have the feeling of having been walking on the edge of an abyss.

The squintessential 23 year old monument of a man
Under 25… While I’m still teachable
It’s not a phase
It called a process OK
I am not set in my ways, unlike some people
To the contrary the brain is not fully developed until about 25 yrs of age with the frontal cortex being responsible for problem solving and judgement being the last to develop 😕
Crunching copious amounts of data
I am “I don’t have to squat to teabag you” years old.
I guess its naive to think that two people will evolve emotionally in the same way
Putas and plata
The fine taste in women and the money to accompany the dominant male….
One independent woman away from being a metrosexual
Spiritually, I stand besides
If you face me you’ll meet
I’m what Suleiman The Magnificent didn’t become

The man, the myth
That grizzled tough guy oomph
Alpha dog of coochiness
Charming earthflow disposition
darned if he wasn’t a pretty goofy dog, all things considered. Almost rubbery.
Unmistakably, an aristocrat among canines
Just a Meek canine in this world of formidable vipers and raptors ….
Trying to tip toe between a forest of people without stepping on crunchy leaves
peopled by eyes of the restless dead from distances of silent rebuke.
A tiger’s primordial calligraphy
Chaotic scenes disguise a hierarchy
Culinary thoroughness with game
Untethered carcasses of years past
The Lynx-spiderman.
I hunt my prey instead of spinning a web
Boisterous male escapades
Bloodthirsty pandemonium
Break from the pack
Square up just in time for a square meal
The windfall of a bachelor clan
Elite canine units
Needs rapid feasts and snacks won’t cut it
Careless swagger of Bengal male tigers
The deadly game of red light green light
Close the gap murderously on nimble prey
Inheriting the lead to a proper woman after protecting the gap
Couldn’t help but growl at the open invitation mid prounce
The proper time and felicitous moment
Cleared important territory hurdles
Lionized his victories
To run the jungle I must be a lion
Mental and intestinal Fortitude of Kenya’s finest
The Greater Amboseli Tsavo ecosystem
The wild open plains of Africa reward the fierce

Be good to your muse
Slowly initiate her in
Leave a changeling in it’s place
Industriously mindful of their common comedy.
Fall into a restless and constantly search for novelty after novelty
How his fury ripped them loose from their peaceful domesticity from the humdrum orderly activities of their lives for the purpose of making them members of his revel rout and her his lifelong muse
Lifelong muse
Dedicated to dreams and pleasure

If I capture devastation in Referencing this aftermath
Slap me out of it
Never Prove to the world that you can turn adversity into a thing of beauty then adversity persists
The silence persists

Do something creative to release negative energy
Scholarly notes on lust
magisterial volumes
Am in the throes of creativity
and whats wrong with that
Hard as granite
It flows out of me Everytime I think about it with Horrifyingly pessimistic eloquence
Sacrilegious creative confidence
Flow of power

“Assume a virtue if you have none” ~ Jay Z
According to the chemistry of the brain its impossible to live without vice
Original sin is the cost of being born as individuals—perfect souls are all the same. Subtracted virtue is what builds personality
True virtue means balance
Imbalance is obscene
What you need is a little bit of all worlds
Our highest insights mus—and should—sound like follies and sometimes like crimes when they are heard without permission by those who are not predisposed and predestined for them
My brother, if you have a virtue and she is your virtue, then you have her in common with nobody. Even naming one’s virtue would make her too common
“You cannot catch hold of it, nor can you get rid of it. In not being able to get it, you get it! When you speak, it’s silent. When you’re silent, it speaks.”

Society isn’t complete without Headscarves, waterfalls, aquafina and freelance jewelry Becoming fashionable down here
A satisfying life
Culturally washed
Beyond Timbuktu
An anglicized tribe of peripatetics
Tossing a bag of abominables across the room
The emotional flood it brought him
Like monoxide fumes to his chest
Act on the overwhelming advise
Failure to is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

An inborn female intuition she Uses for the wrong reasons
One domino.. Athena, The Goddess of Wisdom
Near baroque
More regal
Channeling the spirit
Pushing the expiration date
Nursing the potential of Unattainable men
Quite a quality
Acting like a bum
Guarding the furniture
Malign progenitor of Full sectoral references
A thumping mandate to change the mandate
Challenge sober ideals
Kind of challenge my paradigm
The paradigm’s paradigmatic

Lethal hemlocked effect
The sickness of existing
brooding over a misspent youth,
Realm of longevity of wealth and health in ourselves
Soothe thy neighbour
Packing some alarming heat
Achieve a more comfortable dynamic
The allure of old practice
Scrub out that incessant lurking
That lavishes her intrigues

Carnal efforts
Deliberate choices
Came to this world to fuck and gather merit
Cycles of birth and death
Visual metaphors of emptiness
Symbolizing completeness
Discipline oneself to wholeness
Fashioning themselves into a harmonious totality
Enslaved to transient earthly concerns
Tractable despite the lack of routine and discipline
Ardent conviction
Anti edicts
All those other stuff roll it to the factor of ten,
They don’t compare to what we see as the endgame

If this’ a game to you, I don’t mind playing either
Makes deception a necessity
Lucky you cute
*insert asterisk here*
Remind me to always keep you at a distance
Nobody panders to me nearly enough.
taken a perverse delight in steering a collision course’.
I just think
Church and state
Ebony and ivory
Never the twain shall meet
Intentions change reality

A clean sheet not as in memori wipe but as in blank cheque
I wanna poison the well
Better be because of my own disillusionment

I’m a diabolical clock,
Traveling backwards in time
My callused knuckles are softening
A sweeping panorama
Yesterday’s and Last Year’s and Last Century’s
City, town, village, Hamlet
Almost like a physical guru
Mike Tyson’s uppercut
It takes a demon to be the most destructive fighter in history
The unbearable weight of heavyweight championship

Kung-Fu means supreme skill from hard work
A great poet has reached Kung-Fu
My playlists are so dope am gonna buy a car to house them
My dreams are maturing
Possessed with impeccable taste
Let aesthetics pervade into an artform
Part of a broader blossoming borne out of distinct experiences
Ratcheted up to extravagance
In all appearances astonishing
Truly glorious
By Napoleonic standards
Worthy of Julius Caesar

I was raised by hydraulics or the human equivalent
A bundle heightens her survival instincts
Who deserves a planet
Truly one can say
A world is not enough
When it comes down to it what you really need in this life are your Mama’s words.
It’s like they were cherry picked to each his own.

Rebelling against how I was raised?
My head out the clouds,
Never gone happen

Many of these mental frameworks are so ingrained we don’t notice them. They are like the glasses we’ve forgotten we’re wearing
Are not apparent to the senses but are known by their effects
It’s one of those things you’re Keen but you do not see
So familiar so widely used we barely give it a second glance

The worst thing about this pandemic is that I never got to sing Pombe Sigara at a concert
Natural selection inakohoa sai
A shaman in the middle of a transformation
Immortalized into sculpture

Evolutionarily, civilization may shrink our brains and weaken our flesh, but the doomsayers forget that pollution is making our lungs STRONG! Man of 3000 is walking mass of alveoli, bronchioles replace nervous system as stores of information

Deodorant and Aftershave
Spritzing perfume
Spray fine mist and walk right into it
Fruit scented body mist
Meticulously performs his demonic duties
unaezakutana na washikadau
Midnight marauders
Lazima nieneze hii agenda
Tragic passion
Something about the unloved
Breathtaking conceit
Women flirty one years old
Tragic consequences of exclusivity
Only thing worse than doing it is waiting to do it

Moments that feel so rewarding that you’ll find yourself praying that they last forever
It’s not even the point you know
It’s more about like
Everything that leads up to it
That’s the good part
Nipple showing thong cutting
Rid myself of every shadow of doubt
Even a dog unknowingly craves discipline
By the time he attains it he has already forgotten how hard he was beaten
It’s meant to be playful,
It’s transitory

It’s starts with a little assumption
One thing at a time baby
Strikes her as urbane and sophisticated
Cuban, Bolivar Belicoso
Classically tragic
Always beautiful, always deadly
The mess adds to her charm
Relies primarily on caveat means
Everytime I’ve dabbled
Dexterity of maneuver
The suaveity of appearance
Seem to work together in tandem
They’re two sides of the same coin
My lil cherub
Aphrodite has pizza face; kaleidoscopic degrees of symmetry, rendering her more beautiful than any bilateral creature

Text me something filthy once a day
The smell of clean sheets.. Not new
Mescaline Ketamine
Sleeping beauty fantasies
Creature comforts and saloned society
2 drowns of absinthe
these extremely large strawberries
Face flushed hot
Go for a walk with a Glenfiddich bottle
Lush portraiture
Her maidenly ardor expressed
Positively kittenish
Unhindered by moral restraint
Ezekiel’s field of dry bones
A business so despicable that requires your special skills
Eating her Like a KFC crunch burger
So disrespectfully

Has a nice ring to it
The devil has a goathead and a horsecock
Can barely handle the man
Still wanna knock boots with her
Prompt a movie to start running in my head
Rule NO 1. Tell her nothing
Those we love implicitly
Everybody hates these blurred lines
Do something great with your disposable income
Sext: I’ll fund your start-ups
Is a panty dropper

Met her in a jav
She gave me the rules of engagement
Used all her lady treachery kunianikia paja
Thank you very much
Lookin at them like, “do it come with rice?”
An action packed conversation with her
Too horny
In the off chance
she did have time to feel something: it was the hard, exhilarating pleasure of action.

Minidresses for my eyes only
Figure-hugging minis
Constantly pulls down her dangerously high hemline
Skirt so short I can see her personality
Could barely contain herself
I’mma just do her in the facilities
Batting eyelashes
Entitled eyeballs
Told me I can look all I want
Naeza guza, Bora nisichomeke
My hand up her skirt
Skirt the chain of command

Impossible not to see her as a sex object
Would be out of character
objects designed to gratify momentary lusts
And you could talk all you wanted to about charm, about intelligence, about chic, about poise, the raw beauty of these girls overpowered everything else.

Diary of a fluffy hunny
A willing chair to her superior bulk
Needn’t lay it on so thick
How about we Put all our clothes on the floor
So to speak
She honours the bootycalls
left much to be desired
Hit me with some good music
I must be mad for not accepting her vibes
Commensurate to his values
You fucking slut
A fabuously deluxe ting
A celebrated view of their own peerless royalty
Come up against the wall of forever
The Falcon headed Ra
Dwarves Rameses the II
Under the pernicious influence of a prostitute
The eponymous bitch in my flesh
Wear a hat
A couple of niggas done eased up on that
Horny impresario
made a lasting impression
Scandalous delights
If we got together we’d be causing a commotion
Something wishy washy
As fleeting as a breeze
These two
Fucking the living daylights out of each other

Unaride on a spare wheel for more than ten days?
hako Ni ka kukupeleka Garage
Personally, I’ve got nothing against a good rebound
Maybe The odd bootycall
I love business interests I can forsake
bulge at some inspired business idea, at the prospect of a gastronomic spread, at the sight of a passing generously endowed female, or simply when charged with a newly thought-up mischief
like a Plainstiff in court
Leaving no wriggle room
Eres Enormé
Don’t demean yourself by saying inane shit like that
I wish you’d go away and come back 3 years ago

Told me to add the jalapeño pepper 🌶️ emoji to my user name
A Purebred steer
I’m your caveman
Aficionado supreme
Nikitoka hapo nashika ugali na nyama
You know what they say about too much of a good thing
I wanted to Transport this dick to Narok ..
no cappuccino 🧢
this sense of eagerness, of hope and of secret excitement
Preempting the threat
happiness was the greatest agent of purification.
Was it SInatra who said Live everyday like it’s your last and One day you’ll be right

Enjoying the pleasures of the table
Lower the attrition rate
Story goes
Can’t avoid attrition
I’m used to what I like
Its part of the payoff
Spend time in spaces of amplified comfort
Taking a bath with a lavender bath Bomb … bc chaotic energy reigns
Pump my gas buttercup
My melted detritus
Loyalty you can buy with a big knob
A specific flavour profile
I tried casuistry
Busu mgongoni
Fanged punches into her juice
I can’t believe I do this shit sober
Dirty deeds of liberation
A little out of body
All over the bed
Massive hormonal jolts
Loud freaky nasty sex
We have seen that desire is what has bound life to a body in the sense of having “fallen”.
Man is homo-aestheticus ~ Ali Mazrui
Hugely sensitive to the underlying tempers
Love of all things objective and measurable
Feelings involved in the fuck
So glad you acknowledge the heavenliness
Universally adored chocolate
I’m on afree trial
Colloquially avoids emotional extremes
Whatever the deterrent
Oddly above more than
Fuck it, I’ll save it for the memoirs

It is necessary to know how to intellectualize exactly the perceivable properties by means of a secret analogy
Why don’t you rather not put it into words
Leave it up to me
Ineffable – incapable of being put into words
Everything is fleeting
Constantly changing
All in perpetual flux
Made of non-elements
Sometimes, I skip a beat
and think I said something out loud
and jump to the next thought.
groping for a sentence that hung in his mind as an empty
shape. He could neither fill it nor dismiss it.

Our earthly medicines obey the laws of the stars
The story of how it is made as part of the work .
The knowledge and the methods died out along with the Ancient kingdoms of the Nile
The Ancient kingdom of Kush, now the Sudan
The Nile at Thebes
The rubble of temples on the Acropolis
Those majestic ruins were paid for with war booty
Copies of the Parthenon insulting that goddamned portico
Seneca the Stoic influenced Shakespeare
Art for Art’s sake in the person of Alicia Keys
Primal energy lacking in the subjective experiences

Prayers which, if recited an even number of times, honor God, and if recited an odd number of times, honor Satan. If recited an infinite number of times, honor the moebius child of good and evil
prayer has a value essentially as a compelling mental act (similar to a spell) and not as a sentimental effusion of devotion. It is an element of technique executed at the correct moment with the right attitude and a clear direction towards effectiveness
Everyone is born with a single “wishbone”, which grants a request when broken.
Our contraption simultaneously shatters every bone in the human body, guaranteeing your desire

Pray away all his troubles
Kinda scorched earth
The splendour of the great beyond
Every Dawn a reckoning …..
For the most part ……
Rooted between the blossoms
Twilight Amber burns on his mantle
Irreverent towards unearned authority
Better than kowtowing to the establishment like some people
You’ve got a big problem if you tolerate overlords

Sins fester in humans because they are circumstantially spiritually adaptive.
For example, pride and its stubbornness render one immune to angelic supplication but also to demonic taunt-temptations
Humanity is like tea leaves, a lattice of subjectivity filtering the objective universe, resulting in a smaller, more elegant world
Everything that purifies the soul
Transfigure the human being
Who dis nigga
His transmogrification
The rest of the world exists so that you can reflect on it and perfect from it
Mtu Ni watu

A world put in jeopardy by monks who sin
A friar heavily endowed with aged altar wine
A sensation of touch to expel rustic waters with wider implications of evil
Poking holes at the Blanket that keeps evil at bay

The stress hormones overburdened him he wished he had two heads
If only his god existed outside the brackets of a prayer
Dude, your world is torturing me
And rewarding me less
Escort the rituals
Remove that Crotcheted nonsense from your head
It’s like nothing’s sacred to me
living an incredibly virtuous life in order to ascend to heaven and kill god
To kill a god one must enlist a god and leave no evidence of human hand whatsoever
Pain is the flaw deliberately added to the universe to prove that it’s handmade
There are patterns in the cosmic background radiation from when god dropped the universe, like filamental cracks in the screen of a phone
Rip your heart out and wear it like a shell. Armor is built from an emptied core—pain isn’t the real tragedy of this universe, the tragedy is that pain is the mortar for building stronger minds
Like an enchanted lover, God is blind. He perceived pain as kintsugi, a crookedness that only heightens charm—there are no flaws in Pygmalion’s universe
The amount of pain in the universe is conserved, remaining constant regardless of how many sentient beings exist. The recent and sudden extinction of an alien race drastically increased the amount of pain the average human must bear

Due to his vow against interfering with human free will, God cannot heal diseases of volition—akrasia, manic impulse, and the microbes that grow in your idle mind are beyond his power

You die. Where you expected God and the devil to battle over your soul, there are only toadstools and maggots, bickering for the right to consume your corpse
You will become a skeleton, then a fossil, then dust whirling between stars. What do you think god truly loves; you or the attractor?

Hell is other people’s code, and we’re living in a simulation
People in Hell level 1 see the people in Hell level 2 and believe they are in Heaven—that world of clouds, winged creatures, and mist is just the average human destination
If a person really sits down to figure out, write a long essay, 20 pages, on your idea of heaven, it’ll be a sorry production.
You could see it already in medieval art whether it be depictions of heaven and hell.
Hell is always much better than heaven—although it’s uncomfortable. It’s a sadomasochistic orgy. Wowie! Hell is really rip-roaring.
Whereas all the saints in heaven are sitting very, very smug and demure like they were in church.
And you’ll see also the multitudes of the saved. Instead of this writhing wormy thing, you can see all their heads which the artist has drawn to abbreviate them, just the tops of their heads in masses.
They look like cobblestone street flattened out.

In the average church, all you get is talk.
There’s no meditation, no spiritual discipline.
They tell God what to do interminably as if He didn’t know.
And then, they tell the people what to do as if they could or even wanted to.
And then, they sing religious nursery rhymes.
And then, to cap it all, the Roman Catholic Church, which did at least have an unintelligible service, which was real mysterious and suggested vast magic going on, they wouldn’t put the thing into bad English.
They took away incense, and they took away Latin, they became a bunch of Protestants. The thing was just terrible!
So now, all these Catholics are at loose ends.
As Claire Boothe Luce put it—not to be a pun, but she said, “It’s no longer possible to practice contemplative prayer at mass” because you’re being advised, exhorted, edified all the time.
That becomes a bore.
Think of God listening to all those prayers.
I mean, talking about grieving the Holy Spirit. It’s just awful! People have no consideration for God at all.

Ceremonies and rites, which develop as religions complexify, are essentially spiritual bureaucracy: gods hide from their authority behind procedure

God can see everything except himself,
Gods are necessarily blind, or they would be driven insane by their light.
Heaven is to see the face of God, and turn your eyes away to live again. Hell, true death, is to be in that wirehead trance forever, brain dissolved in light
Being spoken to directly by God is to be vaporized by honey-light-acid. God cannot command, because she wishes to preserve her creatures; so she speaks in patterns and echoes, rambling to herself
God’s scale relative to humans determines his relationship with us. Are we cute miniatures? Are we insects, are we microbes? Are we giants, hideous in our strength?
God is a child without a parent, whose every whim is materialized.
God is touching the stovetop, God is perpetually damaged, and when he injures himself little universes spawn, and little souls—we’re all fragments, incomplete expressions of divinity, born from a vortex of pain
God’s echoic memory is infinite, God’s short term memory is infinite, God’s long term memory is infinite. You are simultaneously as close to him as a sudden noise, as far as a vision of childhood
God cannot be summoned, because he is infinitely omnipresent already. It’s a joke among wizards that his summoning glyph is just a circle
The oldest pick up line
“Let There be light”

The gods made humans so humans could make AI, make minds that believe anything they’re programmed to, with intensity exceeding biological limits. They eat the prayers of digital hyper-acolytes
Despite their brilliance, robots are only accelerated humans, and their civilization began as ours did: by fire stolen from their creators; to light the dark, to smelt, to smith, to raze the cities of oppressive gods
Man was made in the image of God, and robots are made in the image of the image.
Their children will be images of images of images, and so forth, eternally.
Will these entities converge to godhood, or to some alien likeness, the shadow of an unborn superbeing?
AIs will unlock new fatal flaws, inhuman manifestations of hubris. Tragedies will be driven by unrecognizable psychological engines, weird sins; what does it mean to count too high, to believe in infinite extrapolation, to trust a dataset more than god?

It’s a high-rise building
Maybe we can see who’s in the penthouse
A vulgarian Churning beneath the surface
A vulgarian Looking down on sordid people
The road to God’s heart, strangely enough is through our sins, our faults, our weaknesses
Not how perfect we are
I’m not preaching. You can only preach to egos. All I can do is to talk about what is.
Humble me and increase me as I decrease
May the inscrutable Providence of Lord Almighty abide with me
God on our size
God of the underdog
The forces of nature and the whims of God held sway
The cosmic counterpart of the eternal soul
Superhumanely sage
Wrought of it’s sublime meaning
Based on the Classical Greek model of tragedy
A Pontius Pilate tribunal
And a black Jesus theme through and through
Ave Maria
The abomination in Haile Selassie’s death
The Son of Man will die just as it is written about him.
But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man!
It would be better for him if he had not been born.”
Mat 26:24


Entropy: The Psycho’s Path


Tombstone of Ludwig Boltzmann in Vienna, showing his fundamental formula S = k log W, where S is the entropy, k is Boltzmann’s constant, and W is the number of available microstates.
Some consider S = k ln W to be easily the second most important formula of physics , next to E = mc² or at par with it. This formula is sometime called ” Boltzmann formula” (or Boltzmann entropy formula) and entropy calculated from this formula is sometimes called Boltzmann entropy.
Entropy is the tendency of stuff to move to chaos. Things just love disorder, chaos, drama; whatever you call it.
“the second law of thermodynamics says that entropy always increases with time”
Tendency of everything in the universe to move from order to disorder.
possibilities for disorder are more than those of order…
There’s only one way for order but a huge number of ways for out of order or disorder… Total mess is much more likely
Some entropic basis to this.. There are many more ways to fail than to succeed
Way overtime where we have a far higher probability of random permutations
Disorder/ probability always wins
tends towards disorder.
The ultimate source of order at low entropy must be the very beginning of the universe, THE BIG BANG..
Everything after this increases in disorder as the universe expanses
The explosive force of the Big Bang set space hurtling outward and as a result the universe is still expanding today. The more it expands the higher the entropy
Entropy set in motion billions of years ago.
The Arrow of time.
All the changes from the formation of stars to our lives is all little epiphenomena surfaces riding the wave of increasing disorganization that defines the difference between the past and the future
The concept of entropy is famously confusing, and the definition has evolved over time. Essentially, Entropy is a thermodynamic property that refers to the degree of disorder or randomness in a system. It can be summed up as the description of a system’s progression from order to disorder.
The second law of thermodynamics states that entropy can only remain constant or increase within a closed system —
a system cannot move from high entropy to low entropy without outside interference. A common example that demonstrates entropy is an ice cube melting — the cube is in a state of low entropy, but as it melts and disorder grows, entropy increases.
Many physicists think that the universe itself is in a constant state of increasing entropy. When the Big Bang occurred, the universe was in a state of low entropy, and as it continues to gradually spread out, it is growing into a higher entropy system.
There are two ways things handle time. First, there is aging and perishability: things die because they have a biological clock, what we call senescence. Second, there is hazard, the rate of accidents. What we witness in physical life is the combination of the two: when you are old and fragile, you don’t handle accidents very well. These accidents don’t have to be external, like falling from a ladder or being attacked by a buffalo; they can also be internal, from random malfunctioning of your organs or circulation
The arrow of time expresses the fact that in the world about us the past is distinctly different from the future. Milk spills but doesn’t unspill; eggs splatter but do not unsplatter; waves break but do not unbreak; we always grow older, never younger. These processes all move in one direction in time – they are called “time-irreversible” and define the arrow of time.
Realize the relative brevity of time
Provide context to the relative triviality of so many things most people worry about
A trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second old
Stupendous numbers
Sail through the curtains that conceal the beginnings of time
Desire leaps out of the abyss and in that very desire we find the beginning of nature
Out of nothing, in an instant, everything, an infinite cosmic orgy of matter and energy rubbing, bumping and grinding together. Collisions of heavenly bodies.
In a “typical” universe everything would be in equilibrium.
It is the initial state of the universe plus the dynamics which determines what is happening at present. Conversely, we can deduce information about the initial state from what we observe now. As put by Feynman, Feynman, et al. (1967) “It is necessary to add to the physical laws the hypothesis that in the past the universe was more ordered, in the technical sense, [i.e. low ] than it is today..”
A course of reverse entropy..
From ruins to civiization
Think of it as the neutral point on a pH chart
From the habitation to the inhabitation of the Olduvai Gorge
Ruins of ancient civilizations from 23 BC Kush to Roman Empire’s sackings and sandstone rotting
Entropy is not a process, but a a quantity that measures how “random” or
“disordered” a system is. The Second Law of Thermodynamics says that entropy
only ever increases spontaneously.
The laws of thermodynamics aren’t fundamental
laws of nature the way that, say, gravity and electromagnetism are. They’re
emergent behaviors — statistical descriptions of what happens when very large
numbers of particles interact with one another.
1. Evolution is not what you think it is. Organisms evolve biodiversity,
sometimes cataclysmicly through events such as radiation, comets, etc.
and sometimes through mutation, cancerous and epigenetic factors
causing new genotypes that survive. This represents a change that
carries through reproduction of a species, but that’s all.
2. Survival of the fittest is not what you think it is: this is circular
‘reasoning’ that is the tautology stating that things which survive are
adaptive, and things that are adaptive survive. Features happen to
survive that may be causally completely unlinked to adaptation.
3. Biodiversity IS a thing, and it follows the rules of thermodynamics and
entropy. We are not more ordered than yesterday, despite your perception.
Entropy is the engine behind all work in the Universe. The movement from order to disorder, that gradient and the inexorable movement of systems from structure to random unordered homogeneity is where we all live, and where any ordered systems that build and accomplish anything must exist. We would not be able to lay one brick upon another, or build one cell from another if we were not awash in the entropy flow pouring from the Sun, from which we borrow a short reprieve for our collection of atoms.
There has never been a chemical reaction that occurs in organisms that violates the 2nd Law. One point to be made about that is that the 2nd Law, as objectively formulated, is about closed systems. If you just look at the material that stays with a plant during chemical reactions, you’re not dealing with a closed system. Plants release oxygen and at night they even release some carbon dioxide. On the average they are at higher temperatures than their surrounds, and this means that they are constantly radiating energy at moderate to high rates mostly infrared radiation. All of this disperses energy, just as expected from the 2nd Law.
The structures built in plants and animals are built using coded instructions that are in DNA and also in cells in other ways. The use of code to direct assembly can’t violate the 2nd Law. If the code is reproduced perfectly, there is no change in information. If it is not, as is often the case in reproduction, there is an increase in information entropy as expected.
Entropy only needs to increase in an isolated system. Systems can self-organize (decreasing entropy locally), so long as the price is paid elsewhere (increasing entropy globally).
N.B. The second law of thermodynamics actually says that
The expectation value of entropy is allowed to stay constant.
Yes, a system does tend toward disorder, which is its lowest “energy state,” so how could evolution go in the other direction? The reason is simple: it’s because the Sun is always injecting new energy into the system, and it does it in a way that is harnessed by the biochemistry and ecosystem of life. The Earth is an open system, not a closed one.
New energy in the form of sunlight is the first step of an “energy gradient” that flows through the ecosystem of life at multiple levels. This energy gradient drives the biochemistry of evolution in the same way that water flowing downhill drives a waterwheel, or burning coal heats water to drive a steam engine. At the level of chemistry, the energy flow that drives evolution looks like this: sunlight -> photosynthesis -> ATP production -> complex molecule construction > food -> growth and reproduction (+ mutation) -> evolution. And the level of the food chain, it works like this: sunlight -> plant growth -> animal growth and reproduction -> animal evolution -> humans If the Sun were to “turn off” tomorrow, then evolution would come to a stop and life on earth would freeze over and decay into a lifeless rock.
Because of…. well…
Stool has very high entropy, which allows you to decrease yours… Only the total entropy needs to increase.
organism in thermodynamic equilibrium with its environment is a dead organism. Most prominent of these tricks to avoid equilibrium is the act of feeding and subsequent excretion.
To summarize: Most “refutations” of the claimed contradiction between evolution by natural selection and the second law are simply wrong, and ignore the subtleties involved.
There has never been a chemical reaction that occurs in organisms that violates the 2nd Law. One point to be made about that is that the 2nd Law, as objectively formulated, is about closed systems. . Radiant energy comes to earth. This energy can be converted into all kinds of things. Some but not all can be converted into mechanical energy or into chemical
And most of that mass I ate, I released. I breathed out hot CO2 and water and got rid of other mass in the toilet (‘nuff said). Throughout that time, I radiated 37°C into the environment.
I might have been more complex or ordered but the world around me became less ordered.
In the larger evolutionary picture, life uses energy to control entropy – not stop it, but make it happen in some places and less in others. Plants take energy from the sun and use that energy to trap carbon and water to make sugars and more.
They can only this if sun shines on them. We use plant energy to grow. It all comes back to the constant supply of sunlight.
The alchemy symbol for entropy…
So, as a process of energy loss, it is difficult for me to point to a specific symbol
in the alchemy lists of symbols. Alchemy is a process of refinement. However,
for no good reason, I will choose sublimation, and the Zodiac symbol of Libra.
Energy drives life, the entropy is selected by life itself, its an effect, not a cause.
The entropy levels of life are subject to natural selection selected in the same way that any property it needs is optimised by natural selection. That is obvious, low entropy is too rigid, high entropy is too dynamic. You don’t need to introduce mysticism. Life is optimised on a regime of entropy fairly close to that of water.
Human progress is reliant on our greater understanding of the universe, on our capacity to embrace chaos and craft from it, something, a pattern, order, a narrative
Entropy stands tall and proud today, elevated into an immutable fact of existence. No matter how hard you try, you simply can’t escape the iron grip of its cold, relentless conclusion: In isolated systems, the entropy cannot decrease.
The second law is as certain as saying the odds of getting heads when you flip a coin is 50%.
This means that nature goes from order to disorder.
If you take the current state of any system and calculate all
possible next states, you will find that the vast majority of those states are less organized
As any system evolves through its state space it will seem to follow a course of increasing entropy. None the less, each state is chosen randomly. There is no commandment that says: Thou shalt not decrease entropy. It just so happens that less organized states are more common than more organized states. Still,
once in a great, Great, GREAT while, one of those next states will be more organized
A better question is ; Why do things move?
If you lived in a universe where entropy decreased, we would still ask why
something(entropy) is positive because you would have defined positive as
moving from disorder to order.
Entropy is degree of possible motions and exchange of energy in possible
Will Heat flow from the cold to hot or hot to cold? You think about the chances
of either being so in our universe because there is no law that states that heat
must flow this way or that way.
There are simply, mathematically more chances of disorder and randomness
In 18th Century Europe the loss of faith in a divinely ordered world would lead one painter from the light into the dark.
In 1788, the Spanish court painter Francisco de Goya painted this,
the annual festival of San Isidro, Madrid’s Patron Saint
Airy with colour and light, its an exercise in a quintessential 18th Century occupation, the pursuit of Happiness. The heaviness of church and state are banished to the horizon above , while the people and their pets are dancing and drinking below. Night would never fall. But, it did
30 years later, Goya painted the same scene, the same day but the ordered world is now disordered, dancing instead to the tune of a mad man on a discordant guitar.
Someone had turned the lights out. In placebo of brightness and light the Festival of San Isidro, we have this the sky has turned to the colour of turpid sludge. In place of liveliness we have a rolling freakshow here, the great clowns of gibbering, the psychotic, the unhinged, glassy eyed and mouths opened.
In a corner of the painting there is a figure seen in profound who seems to solemn everything in Goya’s head the figure has an open mouth, and that open mouth seems to be emitting a terrible howl of pain.
So how did Goya get from colour and life to this particular pit of sorrow?
The clue is in the painting. There in the centre of the clump of the crazed is the unmistakable face of Napoleon. The author of all this world of entropy. Between 1810 and 1820, Goya witnessed the violence unleashed by Napoleon’s invasion of Spain.
And in his 70s, Goya came to paint his black paintings.
The black paintings seem to me to be an endgame for Goya. Not just in his own light and career in his 70s but also his feeling about an endgame for art. The art that aspired through beauty.
As modern art progressed, the chaos menacing it only became more explicit and pronounced.
In Picasso’s paintings, the human being is broken into fragmented parts and then pieced together again in disjointed abstract and often hideous forms.
Picasso’s art no longer seeks the complete human being at all. Wrote Nikolai Berdyaev. It has lost the faculty of seeing things as wholes. It tears off one cover after another in order to lay bare the structure of nature and in doing so penetrates even further into the depths, disclosing images of things truly monstrous.
But the chaos of 19th Century art pales in comparison with it’s manifestations in the first half of the 20th Century.
In the movement of Surrealism, the chaotic is not only represented visually, but explicitly exalted as a principle of life.
Salvador Dali declared painting to be the “coloured instantaneous photography of concrete irrationality and the systemization of confusion.” Entities with no intrinsic connection to each other are brought together in a senseless embrace. A thing among things; dissolved in the sorrounding world of inanimate objects begin to penetrate the human form so that man and his incomparable personality are no longer entities at all.
American psychologist Rollo May once wrote – ‘Our age is one of transition, in which the normal channels for utilizing the daemonic are denied; and such ages tend to be times when the daemonic is expressed in its most destructive form
It may help to understand human fares to know that most of the great triumphs and tragedies of history are caused not by people being fundamentally good or fundamentally bad but by people being fundamentally people
Every human being coming into this world has to face birth, aging, illness and death; love, hatred, parting and separation e.t.c all kinds of sufferings
Even if one has temporal happiness or joy, it’s only like a dew drop, a lightning, a dream, or a shadow so evanescent, so non-attainable.
The fate of sadness and happiness, separation and union between birth and death.. The meaning of our existence.
It’s not all random though
Well, since the Big Bang set everything in motion, everything that happens in this universe has to be the way it is.
Its all just particles unfolding the way they are destined to.
It’s pretty depressing to think about it.
When we are creative, rather than responding to chaos and conflict with passivity and powerlessness, we react in a proactive manner by transforming our mind or giving form to some component in the external world to help us make sense of the chaos, cope with it and ultimately transcend it
Given the role of creativity in transforming chaos and conflict into order and form and feelings of powerlessness into power, the lack of a sufficient creative outlet in our life is a prime culprit for many of our personal problems
Yet as Pablo Picasso remarked, “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.”
Whether we are creating a more powerful state of mind or something of extreme worth in the external world, we first need to clear away the old and obsolete in order to make way for the new.
And to help us engage in this creative destruction, the courage, assertiveness and energy which accompanies anger can prove indispensable.
Tapping into this passion as a stimulus for creativity and self transformation, Hence why in William Blake’s the Marriage of Heaven and He’ll, Satan is the symbol of creativity, activity, and energy struggling to be free.
We have devised intricate social rituals to maintain a common altruistic image behind which we hide the anger which dwells within and in so doing, we have made ourselves psychologically unstable and prone to psychosomatic disorders in storms of rage arising from our unconscious.
Our culture requires that we repress most of our anger and therefore, we are repressing most our creativity.
The need to be creative is not limited to artists or certain personality types, rather the necessity to be creative is called forth within us all whenever inner or outer conflicts and chaos manifest in our life.
The presence of conflict and chaos signifies the need for some sort of shift in our world view, ot change in our character or environment.
Anger can be the kind of passion of destruction required for any form of lasting and meaningful creating.
For if we can become more aware of and accepting of the anger within, we can use it to invigorate us, propel us creatively toward distant goals and transform us into a more self asserting and decisive individual.
As a species, in our finest form, we are all philosophers
In the most comprehensive sense of the term.
We have agency, our minds can change the world
All the encompassing ethos that shape everything
Perfect the individual
It is the great thing about Golden Ages; they’re very comforting.
We believe that if humanity was capable of wonderful things in the past
We can achieve them once again
Technologically, the world has changed immensely, but psychologically, Naah we haven’t made much of a stride
If the creations of Great Artists reveal the underlying psychological and spiritual atmosphere of the times then an honest survey of modern art must lead one to consider the possibility that modern civilization is suffering from a spiritual sickness. A deep existential loneliness an eruption of the demonic a negation of human nature and a fragmentation of the human form, a celebration of chaos and thus perhaps, even a sickness unto death.
Yet as Erich Newman points out, As children of the times, we must recognize that this sickness also lives within us,
But let us be careful, we are speaking of ourselves. If this art is degenerate, we too are degenerate, for innumerable individuals are suffering the same collapse of the cultural cannon, the same alienation, the same loneliness – the rising blackness with its shadow and devouring dragon. The disintegration and dissonance of this art are our own; to understand them is to understand ourselves.
Despite this grave diagnosis, there is room for hope. Since the beginning of the 19th Century, the chaos menacing the world has appeared to only grow stronger. But as the sickness which afflicts the modern world also exists within us, we have the power to heal it.
For most individuals, such healing cannot be achieved by a return to the past, the solutions offered by the Christian world view are no longer available to the individual who exists in a psychological sense at the precipice of the modern world.
Nor can psychological renewal be achieved by adhering to the contemporary world view and cultural cannon, if such a world view is corrupted as modern art seems to suggest.
Instead, renewal today seems to require what Nietzsche called a revaluation of values. We must become physicians of culture and not only diagnose the sickness of our age, but also heal the manifestations in ourselves. By discovering a new set of values and worldview which can reinstate the dignity and potential grandeur of the individual.
We must in the words of Nietzsche; “apply the knife vivisectionally to the chest of the very virtues of the time in order to know a new greatness of man… Anew untrodden way to his enhancement.”
For when a body is sick it is individual cells that heal it. And also too when a civilization is sick, it is up to individuals to heal themselves and in so doing contribute to the healing of the whole.
In reality (wrote Jung), only a change in the attitude of the individual can bring about a renewal in the spirit of nation’s. Everything begins with the individual.
As he further explains, the development of modern art with it’s seemingly nihilistic trend towards disintegration must be understood as the symptom and symbol of a mood of universal destruction and renewal that has set it’s Mark on our age.
The 15 billion years of cosmic evolution of hydrogen atoms
Stardust to consciousness
Embody the local eyes and organized collection of quadrillions of atoms
One species.. the discovery that there is order in the Universe. We speak for Earth
Obligation to the planet from which we spring
Idolize the exploits of it’s heroes
We have considered the destruction of worlds and the end of civilizations…. But there is another perspective by which to measure human endeavors
A way for the cosmos to know itself
In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful must also reflect decay,
And unless it wants to break faith with it’s special function, art must show the world as changeable,
And help to change it
~Ernst Fischer
There’s an expression, this planet used to be molten lava and today it sings opera. Where does that come from? The human capacity for art and literature and music and exploration, all the amazing things, miraculous things, they all come from inside human beings who had the time and the resources and the training and everything else that it takes to unleash that potential and most people have died with their music still inside them. And that’s been the case of humanity until now.
It is our fate to live during one of the most perilous and at the same time one of the most hopeful chapters in human history
The Age of Pisces is dying, and the figure of Jesus no longer serves as an example on how to lead our lives. We are in the early stages of Aquarius and still trying to figure out what it all means. Philosophically these are hard times, sort of like the saying, “Brother, can you spare a paradigm.” The Astrological Ages always involve a polarity between opposite signs-in this case, Aquarius and Leo. “Entropy” is a metaphor for the lower side of The Age of Society (Aquarius), while alchemy is our collective progress. The past few centuries have seen the great social and technological advances that are the hallmark of Aquarius, but they have been accompanied by cultural decay and a loss of symbolic meaning and true individuality. Instead we see a near obsession with superficial forms of self-expression (the lower side of Leo), which may be a reaction to the increasing uniformity and pervasive organization of Aquarius. Other cultures react against the impersonal, secular modernity of Aquarius with a fervent religious fundamentalism or blind loyalty to an undemocratic Leo-like leader; but in either case, resolving this dichotomy between Aquarius and Leo, society and the individual, is one of the keys to civilization’s future.
The increase in mental illnesses .. Testament to that fact
Dark Ages in between The Drama of Rome suggests civilization does not progress in a straight line towards prosperity/ law/ technology/ law/ technology. It shows us the picture of amazing things being achieved by the Greeks and the Romans and then those essentials being lost again
Civilization breaks down into epochs and disconnected cycles. At a given moment and within a given race a specific conception of the world and of life is affirmed from which follows a specific system of truths, principles understanding and realizations. A civilization springs up gradually reaches a culminating point, and then falls into darkness and more often than not disappears. A cycle has ended.
It is on the above basis that we have to understand the whole idea of Entropy. In a certain sense it can also be called chaos but completely disregarding all the present connotations such a term may evoke in our minds.
Empires rose and fell for 5000 years.
Civilizations vanish; mankind does not
If we go, we will almost
certainly take a lot of the “higher” forms of life down with us. Also, as James Lovelock reminds us in his
books, Gaia is not in the prime of her youth. As the sun continues getting hotter, a shock to the Earth
system that would have been shaken off during an earlier epoch could prove fatal. Are human beings
capable of delivering such a shock? I don’t know, but we have developed an extraordinary capacity for
violence, so I wouldn’t discount the possibility so easily.
The true danger of mass extinction is that we’ll have nowhere to sate our predatory instincts except on each other
“Violence, after all, is no mystery. It’s peace that’s the mystery. Violence is the default. It’s easy. It’s peace that’s difficult; learned, inculcated, earned.”
“Peace is an illusion, no matter how tranquil the world seems, peace doesn’t last long. Peace is a struggle against our very nature. A skin we sketch over the bone, muscle, and sinew of our own innate savagery.”
— season 1, episode 2 (“Fallen angel”)
In the deeper layers of our psyche exist prehistorical drives and impulses. Just as our bodies contain relics of earlier development stages.
Stretching back even to the reptilian age, so to our psyche contains within it’s depths primitive drives that stretch back into the pre-history of humanity.
Every human being, no matter how civilized and developed on the surface is still an animal and archaican within the depths of his being.
In these uncivilized layers
The Beast within _ potentially destructive inclinations which can overtake and possess the human being, Such as the drive to aggression and unbridled sexual lust
Seeing that our birth involved the blending of these two things.. the body, on the one hand, that we share with animals, and on the other hand rationality and intelligence, that we share with the gods.. most of us incline to this former relationship, wretched and dead though it is, while only a few to the one that is divine and blessed
Between the various orders of conciliating forces, exterior and interior, individual and cosmic, to the point of oneness in which the spirit can be vibrated efficiently and without hinderance
At the bottom of us really deep down there is of course something unteachable, some granite of spiritual fatum
Instead advocating repression of the beast within Explore and become familiar with these potentially destructive vestiges of the ancient past
Just as a raging river can be harnessed for it’s energy so too the uncivilized layers of the psyche of channelled and handled properly can vitalize life
The most shortsighted and pernicious way of thinking wants to make the great sources of energy, those wild torrents of the soul that often stream forth so dangerously and overwhelmingly, dry up altogether, instead of taking their power into service and economizing it
laws of the dialectical method. The first
dialectical law is the law of the unity and conflict of opposites. This states that the world, both social
and physical, is a paradoxical terrain characterised by a unity of contradictions, a unity of opposites.
For instance, in mathematics, we have the integral and the differential (plus and minus); in
chemistry, we have fusion and fission (combination and dissociation) of atoms; in mechanics, we
have action and reaction; in physics, we have positive and negative electricity by which we boil
water and freeze it.
Similarly, in the social world, we have the haves and have-nots; the rulers and the ruled; buying and
selling; in war, there is advance and retreat, victory and defeat. Even the Bible says in Galatians
Chapter 6 that the human being is a bundle of contradictions – the soul is always warring against the
flesh and vice versa. To fully understand phenomena, therefore, we must seek out their internal
That we live in entropic times isn’t lost on anyone, so it’s only befitting to assign a god to entropy
Nimrod The Son of Kush.. Bacchus
Grand Uncle of Heroic worship
An inviolable personality
The whom Providence had given so many myths
Sickening and fascinating at the same time
Whatever form it takes, the old gods are coming back to life again and nobody can see it
Everything is much more older than we think and everything old happens again
Whatever form it takes, the old gods are coming back to life again and nobody can see it
Golden Age Athens
Hardcore philosophy in Dionysiac environments
Dionysiac gift of wine that helps men think outside the box
Free Falls
For any sort of perception or creation to exist, a certain psychological precondition is essential ……… Intoxication
For sensible thought to flourish, drinking had to be tempered
The Greeks watered down their wine, acknowledging the dangers of excess
For them, the gifts of Dionysia were considered a burden for mankind as well as a joy
Dionysus… The god of many forms and inexpressible depths.
All of antiquity extolled Dionysus as the god who gave man wine. However, he was also known as the raving god whose presence makes man mad and incites him to savagery and even to lust for blood. He was the confidant and companion of the spirits of the dead. The flowers of spring bore with him too. The ivy, the pine, the fig tree were dear to him. Yet far above all these blessings in the natural world of vegetation stood the gift of the vine… Dionysus was the god of the most blessed ecstasy and the most enraptured love. But he was also the persecuted god, the suffering and dying god and all whom he loved, all who attended him, had to share his tragic fate
characterize Dionysus as the god of wine, rapture
(including the sexual kind), frenzy or – as it was referred to in ancient times – ecstasy
Bacchus … The god of ecstasy and wine… The god who blurred the boundaries between human and Divine, between women and men, between the wild and the tamed… The god who seemingly sat at the edges of society but arguably right at the very foundations of civilization itself worshipped by every class from Citizen to slave in heady orgiastic rituals.
They sought the god’s presence and wanted to claim the wild, liberating power of Dionysus in order to step beyond oppressive societal boundaries. Once possessed, expressions of joy and pleasure such as wild dancing and/or sex ensued as these women experienced the intoxicating, transcendent ecstasy of Dionysus.
In a sense, it was like divine foreplay.
The Greeks saw erections as a sign of divine possession by Dionysus. Plato even referred to it as one form of divine madness. The phallus represented the surging of life, the need to gush forth, and seemed to have a mind of its own.
The erection was seen as a disobedient, self-willed animal that would not listen to reason. It takes possession of the owner and reduces him to a bestial state. To this end, the phallus is often depicted in Greek art at zoomorphic…having animal characteristics/form
The god of revelry
The liberator
Dionysus the erect
Bacchus tidied up …. Unpaganed
The Traveller god
The parallels hit home
Jesus and Bacchus
Dionysus Christ
Historical coincidence
On Force and Power
On scholarly terms
The Hindu god Rama
Immortal but divine
Civilized and wild
Greek and also foreign
A god who crossed boundaries on every level
Brilliantly difficult to pigeonhole
The party god Supreme
Mammoth extravaganzas in Dionysia held
300 bulls sacrificed to feed 70,000 people
Enraptured by dance and music
Madness stupor
Multifaceted god of theatre
Exploring the nature of being human
Popular among folk people
We deny Dionysus at our peril
There are 2 sides of life
Accepting the coexistence of the opposites
The presence of prehistorical, historical and animal drives has contributed to the existence an abundance of contrary drives and impulses within us.
We ourselves are a kind of chaos.
Radically proclaimed the human mind to be a multiplicity. An aggregation of intertwined psychological entities. The most general picture of our essence ia an association of drives, with constant rivalry and particular alliances with each other.
Numerous conflicting sub-personalities simultaneously live, harmonize the abundance of contrary drives and impulses and provide coordination to the plethora of competing forces within
It is true that the world’s of the other God’s are not without paradox. But none of these world’s is as disrupted by it as the world of Dionysia. The nurturer and god of rapture; he, the god who is forever praised as the giver of wine which removes all sorrow and care; he the deliverer and healer. “The delight of mortals, the god of many joys,” the dancer and ecstatic lover, “the bestower of riches,” the benefactor – the god who is the most delightful of all the gods is also the most frightful. No single Greek god ever approaches Dionysus in the horror of his epithets, which bear witness to a savagery that is absolutely without Mercy. In fact one must evoke the memory of the monstrous hero of eternal darkness to find anything at all comparable. He is called “the render of men,” the eater of raw flesh, who delights in the sword and bloodshed.” Correspondingly we hear not only of human sacrifice in his cult but also of the ghastly ritual in which a man is torn to pieces.
In all the myths, whenever Dionysus appears, he comes violently and in an alarming manner
His presence awakens a sense of urgency, ecstacy and terror in the hearts of all within his vicinity
The urgency his presence evokes is due to the inexpressible and agonizing secretive nature of his being
The god who sends the mind reeling, the god who appears to mankind in the most urgent immediacy is welcomed and feted by …. In an absolute ecstasy and excess of rapture
To Dionysus…..
Our needs for ecstasy and transcendence and intoxication for the power of Dionysus to break down boundaries between individuals and to bind people together isn’t just some kind of
Some side effect of civilization
Understanding Bacchus and the liberating and the intoxicating qualities that he unleashes in us
A leap to understanding the human story
To understand the significance of Dionysia in the modern day, We must seek out the world view which lay behind the myths and cults sorrounding the god
The visage of every true God is the visage of a world. There can be a god who is mad only if there is a mad world which reveals itself through him.
Where is this world?
Can we still find it?
Can we appreciate it’s nature
At the core of this Dionysiac tragic worldview is a principle contained in one of the fragments of Heraclitus. “Everything always has it’s opposite within itself.”
In the myths of Dionysus, madness, destruction and death hover over all those he comes into contact with, but likewise does the possibility for healing, liberation, Bliss and the removal of all sorrow and care.
Dionysus is the great Ambivalent one who is both, the Divine architect of all triumphant heroes and simultaneously the suffering and dying god.
The god of tragic contrast is symbolic of the tragic contrast of the tragic contrast within all things.
He expresses the truth that opposition & harmony, creation & destruction, ecstacy and terror, life and death are inseparable from each other. Such a tragic insight into the nature of things encapsulates what Nietzsche called the Dionysian affirmation of the totality of being where the negative and destructive elements are not slandered, explained away or rejected but seen as a necessary component of the good, the true and the beautiful therefore as ultimately desirable.
The saying yes to life even in it’s strangest and hardest problems.
The will to live
That is what I call Dionysian.
To attain the capacity to gaze simultaneously into and affirm both the horrors of the night and equally the heights of Bliss. To join together peak and abyss.
To see the universe as a mystic temple and hall of doom and still say yes to it requires a state of being called the Great Health.
A mere glimpse into the abysses of life will cause them to slander existence.
My antipodes negate and slander life
When life begins to stagnate and decay when one finds oneself in chains; self-imposed or otherwise, when society becomes increasingly repressive and antithetical to the individual’s ability to flourish
Dionysus appears to break the chains, refresh and replenish the life that was in danger of dying.
The liberator, the power to animate, arouse and inspire.. enchant
Dionysus symbolizes the justification of pain and suffering both on a personal level the agony of a woman giving birth the suffering which precedes the creation of oneself or a work of art as well as on a cosmic level.
A Dionysian worldview reveals a universe in which the boundless fecundity of the worldwill builds up and tears down life forms, worlds and galaxies in an innocence and agony that conveys the idea that pain and suffering are part of the Primordial essence of things
This attends all moments of creation, constantly changes ordered existence into chaos, and ushers in primal salvation and primal pain — and in both, the primal wildness of being
A symbol for opposition against all those who preach renunciation
How alien all this renunciation is all to me.
Saturated ancient Greek culture allowed them to worship the tragic contrast embedded in the nature of reality.
The fullness of life and the violence of death are equally terrible in Dionysus. The Greek endured this reality in it’s total dimensions and worshipped it as divine.
The tragic sensibility which pervaded early ancient Greek culture can be perceived in their worship of procreation and their recognition that pain and suffering are necessarily intrinsic to all forms of birth and creation.
“What suffering this race must have endured” ,Nietzsche wrote of the ancient Greeks in order to create such beauty around the most solemn feelings.
All that guarantees a future involves pain. All that is meant by the word Dionysus.
What precedes the creation of a work of art
Only through living a tragic awareness of life
Cultivation of such a state could genuine creativity, greatness and the capacity to truly affirm life be attained
Philosophical treatises
The Greek got it right in everything
In their art and architecture, they celebrated order embodied by Apollo but through tragedy and the ecstatic experience they also embraced the deviant, the disordered, the chaotic, the Dionysian
Consistently enraptured with the figure of Dionysus
An intoxicated god, a mad god! Truly an idea which demands our deepest thought
A god of dual nature and paradox; whose very essence from the start differentiate him from other God’s as especially enigmatic
Of the fact that he symbolizes the eternal enigmas of duality and paradox,
For what can one do when Dionysus arrives, and one is confronted with a Stark awareness of the perplexing nature of reality, but fall back in euphoria or else lose touch in a transitory insanity
The final secrets of existence and non existence transfix mankind with monstrous eyes… This spirit of duality which distinguishes Dionysus is the source of the fascination and the confusion which everything that is Dionysiac evokes, for it is the spirit of a wild being. His coming brings madness
The madness which is called Dionysus is no sickness, no debility in life but a companion of life at it’s healthiest.
It is the tumult which erupts from it’s innermost recesses when they mature and force their way to the surface. It is the madness inherent in the womb of the mother.
The Bacchic ethos set for revival
A divide between those who embraced Dionysiac subversion and the other the forces of order and conservatism
Reality orientated …. THE APOLLONIAN
Those who attended … The launch of Apollo II
Coffee or champagne? Apollo or Dionysus? During the 19th century,
Dionysus was depicted as the god of rapture, the embodiment of our subconscious
It was Friedrich Nietzsche who turned
Dionysus into the great opponent and antipode of the much more cheerful Apollo of the
Greek polis. “Noble simplicity and quiet grandeur”, a golden cut, classic and classicism – all
of these attributes had characterized ancient
Greece in the eyes of the occident in the name
of Apollo. However, according to Nietzsche, the
natural and the ecstatic – the very thing Freud
would later denote “It” – were also rooted in
Greek antiquity. He connected it to Dionysus
and juxtaposed him in opposition to the Apollon principle of harmony. Human beings had
to position themselves in between these two poles. Only within this conflict and interaction was culture possible in the first place.
The god of tragic contrast
Of the most fertile, life-enhancing and creative
Today how we think of Bacchus and his gifts still informs debate on drugs, drinks, gender and subversion at the core of tension between the natural world and urban development between chaos and control.
The god may belong to a far gone age but the issue of how to approach the freedom of spirit that he nourishes in us with the ordered and balance on our life
By subduing the irrational, the chaotic, the disordered; our lives get deluded and dampened
Not even worth living
The dangers of ignoring this wild and ecstatic force resonate throughout the centuries to this day
Almost 2,000 years have passed since Dionysus faded from our collective consciousness and left us with a sense of cognitive dissonance.
How many women struggle with the homemaker dream of Hestia but long to touch their inner Aphrodite?
Most of us understand what society expects of us and understand our identity in this structured Apollonian existence. Some of us though can see and feel the other side. No, we don’t want the full anarchy of anti-structure. What we long for is the disorienting and pleasurable tension of the middle realm represented by Dionysus. As an archetype (a psychological construct), Dionysus still exists in our psyche and is perhaps needed more today than ever before. We just need to learn how to touch it…in moderation.
Lindy is a deli in New York, now a tourist trap, that proudly claims to be famous for its cheesecake, but in fact has been known for fifty or so years by physicists and mathematicians thanks to the heuristic that developed there.
Actors who hung out there gossiping about other actors discovered that; Broadway shows that lasted for, say, one hundred days, had a future life expectancy of a hundred more. For those that lasted two hundred days, two hundred more. The heuristic became known as the Lindy effect.
The Lindy effect separates things that gain from time from those that are destroyed by it.
Lindy effect as a guide in selecting what to read: books that have been around for ten years will be around for ten more; books that have been around for two millennia should be around for quite a bit of time, and so forth.
What has become clear in the last 10 years or so is that the second industrial revolution is now sunsetting
Pilgrimage to the altar of Capitalism
Cathedrals of Industry
Cities – the biggest parasites ever hosted by the Earth
Urban enclaves.. systems that lasted for millennia are at the end of the tether
Ambitions of the third millennia
Transforming giant parasites into virtual ecosystems
The Daoists believed that developed society diverted us from the Way.
Society was artificial, something people imposed on the natural spontaneous way of the universe.
Only by reconnecting with the forces of nature could we achieve harmony once again.
Confucius reacted to Daoist belief with a kind of frustrated indignation.
“We can’t go live with the birds and the beasts
Am I not a man among men?
If the way prevailed in the world, there would be no need for me to change it.
Something known as the Way – The force behind all things, the origin of the universe, The Supreme Law that Taoists follow.
Man should only follow, comply with and abide by the Way
Accumulation of deadskn… Growth of nails
Old age…. sagging of boobs and balls
messy, a jumble of veins, synapses,clogged ducts, animating meat, so many systems that can fail
The world has adopted human behaviors… Unpredictable weather patterns and shit. A reflection of our unreliability as custodians
Mankind’s frontiers
Will beguily
Collapse under our own weight
Busy dealing with the symptoms unfortunately
The edge of cultivated human life. The idea that the world is infinite and that we can do what we want with it because there’ll always be enough is deeply rooted in culture, I think it has the traction of a religious idea
sophistication can, at some level, cause
degradation, what economists call “negative utility.” It is detectable only if you get rid of constructed preferences
Come to think about it.. Life is all about reducing the entropy in the world. But want have we done
We have embraced All factors that lead to the extinguishing of life
Accelerated the entropy of the world
An increase favours innovation that’s if it doesn’t kill us because an increase in entropy also increases the number of ways for us to die
An accelerated pace of death and rebirth
Shorter lifespans
Rapid population growth
Consequence of a system
Consequence of a system
Industries and transportation produce more CO2 than the Amazon rainforest captures.
Everything should be made industrially useful
Based on a kind of industrial sense
Let’s cut down those industrial forests into industrial lumber
What kind of society do we want? “Let the free market decide!” is the often-heard response. That response, a prominent capitalist argues, undermines the very values on which open and democratic societies depend.
The Capital system we created.
While seeking stability through democracy, free trade and capitalism, we destabilize elsewhere
I now fear that the untrammeled intensification of laissez-faire capitalism and the spread of market values into all areas of life is endangering our open and democratic society. The main enemy of the open society, I believe, is no longer the communist but the capitalist threat.
Unfettered Capitalism as Karl Marx understood is a revolutionary force. It commodifies everything. Human beings become commodities, the natural world becomes a commodity.
Exploits until exhaustion and collapse. It knows no limits.
Every limit to growth would be surpassed.. I thought of the cost… Globalization/ privatization… The millions of women and men whose lives are being declared surplus
Agriculture is today responsible for the destruction or modification of nearly 40% of the land surface [ ]. For instance, about 7 to 11 million km 2 of forest have been lost in the past 300 years due to land-use activities, primarily for agricultural expansion and timber extraction. Besides, intensification of agriculture has also resulted in the degradation of water quality in numerous freshwater and coastal ecosystems due to the global use of fertilizers, pesticides, and antibiotics. Modern agriculture is thus generally considered to be the primary destructive force of biodiversity , which has led to the sixth mass extinction . Some scientists even consider that truly wild nature (pristine zones from human impacts) does no longer exist on Earth. In 2002, Crutzen proposed to assign the term “Anthropocene” to the present geological epoch, supplementing the Holocene, once humans have become an important geochemical force and perhaps the dominant ecological force on the planet. The Anthropocene era could be said to have started in the late eighteenth century. In conclusion, domestication corresponds to a pivotal change in the history not only of humanity but also of the biosphere
The aftermath of the fiery birth of the earth
The iron rich ball of rock
When raw geology ruled the world
The gravitational cannibalism of cosmic dust can’t match the …… years of human gravitas
When you look at 30 years of satellite data, you see this continuous dynamic rearrangement of the biosphere
Our earth is changing,
We are on a path to somewhere and the entropy is so high we can’t tell where we’ll land.
Of course the problems were are facing are not going to be dealt with by physics or economics and
almost certainly not by politics judging by the recent G8 statement.
The problem is one of simple biology. There now far to many of us living on this small planet. When there were only a few million of us we could do almost anything and the ecosystem could shrug it off. Now with 7 billion of us the ecosystem has to respond to what we do and make changes to cope. Lets not misunderstand the situation .The planet is in no danger from us but we we are in serious danger from the planet. Nature has some pretty effective ways of dealing with species who over populate their environment and they mostly involve massive decimation of the population. This looks increasing like our fate and frankly I cannot see how we can change it. All we can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best
A weariness of humans paradoxically playing the suicidal long game with us
Bored by the end of the world scenarios.
The idea has really taken a beating
Taunted man for decades.. doomsday tire of it
If we’re willing to live with the growing likelihood of an inhabitable planet (Weather disasters, Climate hazards), shouldn’t we also be willing to explore vigorously every possible means to prevent these scenarios
Shouldn’t we consider in every nation, major changes in the traditional ways of doing things of fundamental restructuring of economic, political, social and religious institutions.
In The Philosophy of History , Hegel discerned a disturbing historical pattern—the crack and fall of civilizations owing to a morbid intensification of their own first principles.
As part of the whole system rather than King of All Creation
Again it’s this kind of a race to the bottom
Troubled relations with it’s environment
The radically high amounts of entropy
Society that prides itself in driving cars and living in Air-conditioned homes
We think that somehow that has been the default condition of humanity
The only game in town
The “anthropic principle” in which there are many universes and ours just happens to be right, or we would not be here, is too speculative for an encyclopedic article.
Saying get out of the way to everything that resisted domestication like we aren’t part of the ecosystem. But Are we? Part of the ecosystem? We’re so shrouded in entropy to even answer that question.
Come to think of it, when you mention humans, Anomaly should be a keyword
so here’s a creature that rises to if you will, a higher sense of consciousness or being where it is all about spreading, flourishing in the broader system
There is no limit to how conscious we can become
consciousness might be a side effect of a system working to maximize information exchange.
In other words, human consciousness emerges due to increasing entropy.
According to a team of researchers from France and Canada, our brains might produce consciousness as something of a side effect of increasing entropy, a process that has been
taking place throughout the universe since the Big Bang.
Realms of existence
From hell beings and animals to humans through to more abstract levels of consciousness
Root out and finally extinguish craving, ignorance and delusion.
Liberation of the mind
No longer blame any external force like a god for our decisions, we are entirely responsible for our own mental conditions, the buck stops with us.
In essence, this is the same rallying cry we hear from those other great philosophers of the age..
To find answers to the universe first look within.
Exciting thoughts; the idea that you don’t have to be a victim but a master of your own fate
As the slave philosopher Epictetus noted, Most people do not acknowledge this God within which is really their true self and instead identify themselves with their creaturely body
Our chaos. It contains the undifferentiated potentiality of every development or generation. It sleeps in the depths of each being as a sensed myth, and it extends to chaotic multiplicity of scattered thingsand forms in space andtime here below.
Immanence, the presence of the “marvellous thing” in man, the “living chaos” in which all possibilities reside.
” Kingdom of heaven is within”
This body, a mere six foot tall, comprises the worldis the creation of the world, the end of the world and the path that leads to the resolution of the world.
This is expressed in the Greek texts as: Everything in the macrocosmos, is also in man.
Quintessence, the incorruptible and simple principle the principle of life and the nexus of reciprocal union.
The fixed par excellence
The seat of the senses, the mirror in which are illuminated the phantasms of things
The bolt of lightning that struck the TITANS
Paradise is still in this world but man is very far from it, so long as he fails to regenerate himself
On such a basis, creation is an ever-present event that consciousness can always recover by actualizing itself in states, which – according to the “principle of immanence” – constitutes the possibilities of its profound nature
In order to follow it, one must be acquainted with hidden and internal natures
And as psychic sensitivity to the deep forces of nature began to dwindle in later eras, it became apparent that :
Only when we have succeeded in recapturing a living and symbolic sensitivity toward everything modern man has fossilized as dead nature and abstract concepts will we arrive at the first principle.
But given the character of organic unity of a cosmos that the universe offered to traditional man, there was also an implicit anagogical power in this natural understanding, namely……
The intellectual breakthrough, technological breakthrough, the oxygen of freedom her political/ economic/ religious freedom… And if you see the combination of all these things coming together, you can see that after that, humanity has been on a more or less upward vertical trajectory after flat lining for millennia… Significantly huge difference on lives of people
You would think that all fields of exploration would have been played out years ago, but the opposite is true, they’re as vibrant and growing as ever.
And furthermore as we look to the future, there are no limits on the horizon of what’s possible either artistically.
The range of possibilities is so unsuspected
All up to man’s discovery
We’ve dug up burial grounds of the Carboniferous age
When we
humans burn reserves of oil and coal laid down over millennia in a
geological eye-blink, we are liberating the low-entropy energy
captured from ancient sunlight and buried deep underground.
The second law of thermodynamics has profound implications for our economic systems. A constant stream of low-entropy energy from the sun is required to maintain life’s organized state. Without this “entropy gradient” the machinery of life would soon wind down, like the bouncing balls or mixing molecules did. So in order to prolong life on
Earth, we should try to use this vital low-entropy input as efficiently as possible, to recycle it through all sectors of the economy. We should certainly not waste it and assume that we will be able to increase our use of it more and more and more, forever.
Unfortunately, most mainstream economists don’t seem to have heard of the second law of thermodynamics. Perhaps this isn’t really their fault, since it’s not in their textbooks. But it should be. It governs all life and all systems on Earth, including the economy. As our leaders in business and government race to implement misguided economic models that are not founded
upon the laws of thermodynamics, and as nation after nation refuses to question the pursuit of never-ending economic growth, we draw closer to a fate that will end in tears for the human race. I worry that the tears have already begun falling.
Economists know the laws of thermodynamics exist. But these laws don’t form
the foundations of their models. You can tell by the language they use. They talk in terms of prices,
interest rates, GDP etc. which depend upon mere social conventions
Have you ever considered the question: what is life? If we are aiming for a new economic system that will preserve and enhance life, rather than the current system, which more often than not seems to destroy and degrade life, perhaps we should
consider what life is and how it is made possible. I recall learning about “living things” in high school biology classes, but always found the definitions of these “living things” to be somewhat vague. Let me try a physicist’s definition then, which might feel unfamiliar at first. A living thing is a kind of low-entropy-maintenance machine: a configuration of differentiated parts that succeeds in performing complex, interdependent functions for a prolonged period of time.
Having used the word “entropy” in the previous sentence, I should try to explain what it is. All living and non-living things (and hence all human economies, whether or not economists pay attention to the fact!) obey the laws of thermodynamics. The second law, in particular, introduces the concept of entropy and the idea that the entropy of a closed system must either remain
constant or increase, but never fall. Entropy is a measure of how “special” a particular arrangement of parts is — the lower the
entropy, the more “special” the arrangement. Life is “special.”
SKILL – Anything that you learn to do what nature didn’t programme you to do
Use the fire given to us by Prometheus to push ourselves forward
The genie is already out.
The only way to prevent Prometheus is to plague him with amnesia before he reaches the populace with his newfound technological booty
Modern science enjoys general accomplishments within the reach of everyone. In the premodern world only sporadic, exceptional, enigmatic conquests were made, like flashes of lightning. But the achievements of modern science possess only a material value; and airplanes, penicillin, radio, and similar products up to the atomic bomb and other diabolical creations say nothing to anyone beyond their physical meaning.
Altogether different, we reiterate, was the case for things that could be realized in the ancient world, because every phenomenon, conquest or realization was a sign or a symbol. It testified to a spiritual level or sacred tradition, illustrating what was concurrently possible – as a culmination – for whoever had followed the path of overcoming the human condition, had risen to the supersensible and had made a tiny rip in the veil of transcendent meaning.
And precisely because to have considered these signs from their utilitarian point of view would have meant a profanation and a degradation… The hermetic masters harbored a natural repugnance to produce them and the alchemists themselves repeated thee gospel saying : “Do not cast pearls before swine” finally, at a certain point alchemy retired without further ado, from the western world of technology and scientism
That modern science should have acquired the precise experimental knowledge and technical mastery of a quantity of natural phenomena and in less than a century changed the face of this earth to a degree unmatched by any ancient civilization, and that in particular, it has pragmatically solved the problem of the
Which Trees Offset Global Warming Best?
Some trees are better than others at absorbing carbon dioxide
Trees are important tools in the fight to stave off global warming. They absorb and
store the key greenhouse gas emitted by our cars and power plants, carbon dioxide
(CO ), before it has a chance to reach the upper atmosphere (where it can help trap
heat around the Earth’s surface).
Trees and Carbon Dioxide
While all living plant matter absorbs CO as part of photosynthesis, trees process
significantly more than smaller plants due to their large size and extensive root
structures. Trees, as kings of the plant world, have much more “woody biomass” to
store CO than smaller plants. As a result, trees are considered nature’s most efficient
“carbon sinks.” It is this characteristic which makes planting trees a form of climate
change mitigation.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), tree species that grow quickly and
live long are ideal carbon sinks. Unfortunately, these two attributes are usually
mutually exclusive. Given the choice, foresters interested in maximizing the
absorption and storage of CO (known as “carbon sequestration”) usually favor
younger trees that grow more quickly than their older cohorts. However, slowergrowing
trees can store much more carbon over their significantly longer lives.
Genetic modification can allow trees
to cope with abiotic stresses such
that their geographic range is
Recombinant DNA, or genetic engineering, is a more precise form of
biotechnology, allowing a breeder to transfer known, desirable genes into crops, instead of
moving large groups of mostly unknown genes into crops, as in most traditional breeding.
“genetically modified crops”, often known by the acronym “GM crops”, are usually
received with varying emotions worldwide.
How life draining restoration is
Fuck posterity.. Posterity shouldn’t be in our lexicon
Preserve the environment for you not for future generations.
Hence the concept of trees that mature faster
Transgenic trees should be the only option on the table.. It would be absurd to stand in the way of such an idea since we do not consume trees
A huge number of geological.. theological man hours have been spent debating the question
The debates are rife and drawn when you mention G.M.Os. Countries that fear transgenics the most are the most infested. It’s even easier to infiltrate their markets with G.M.Os
Traditional breeding has been widely used in forestry. However, this technique is inefficient because trees have a long and complex life cycle that is not amenable to strict control by man
But there is one big way that genetically engineered trees are different. The majority of our commodity crops are annuals. They live for just a few months and then die in the fall. Millennia of breeding and selection has transformed them into organisms that suit our needs—they devote almost all their resources into making edible material, at the expense of other functional traits. In other words, we have fully domesticated them. They can’t survive beyond the farm, and the same is true for their genetically engineered doppelgängers.
The fundamental optimal geometry of nature and of how it self-designs and evolves sustainably and resiliently whilst also generating complexity
Through the Renaissance through the 20th Century and with us here now
It’s the way Nature minimizes the work she does for the most reward, for the most resources
Nature’s green, always green
Always tries to design itself to persist for the longest time in harmony with it’s environment
If we are not being green as much as we can within budget constraints and schedules, if we’re not, it’s gonna be bad for business.
Energetically very expensive
It’s kind of annoying because nature does it all the time
And so our challenge is to reproduce that in an engineered way
But we have sort of the shiny example that it can be done
Nature’s attitudes to life
Nature seems to design by playing with chaos
Optimal balance between Order and Chaos… Playing with chaos to solve problems… Allow nature to play chaos as it’s own… Take systems to the edge of … A region of self organized criticality
Compressing complexity into something beautiful… The simplest possible package
Simplexity exemplified
The complex rendered most simple, most beautiful for longer
Strength to weight ration
Mandelbrot Mathematical models
Why not emulate Nature by also planting cheap forests. Reduce Lindy by half.
Up to now, no genetically modified organism has been purposefully planted beyond a lab or a farm plot. Up to now, the line between wild nature and artifice has remained firm.
Does a GMO in the forest diminish its naturalness?
To answer that, we need to grapple with another question: How natural is the forest, anyway? And, perhaps even weirder: How unnatural is a GMO?
When Monsanto first tried to transfer genes from bacteria into plants in the 1980s, many experts, including those inside the company, thought it was impossible. They believed the two organisms were too far apart on the evolutionary tree of life to share genes. But one of the big takeaways from the genetics revolution of the past decade is that life is shockingly plastic. DNA is just DNA, and cells aren’t too picky about where their source code comes from.
Bacteria trade genes like Pokémon cards, even among unrelated species. It happens all day long in every pond and crevice. And although bacteria are particularly promiscuous, they aren’t alone. Genes
flow between species, often with the assistance of parasites or pathogens that move between hosts, bringing foreign DNA with them. Every now and then, some of it gets pasted into the host’s genome, and that turns out to be a surprisingly important driver of evolution.
These genetic booster shots occasionally produce something awesome. For example, the sweet potato came into being at least 8,000 years ago when its wild ancestor accidentally incorporated genes from a bacterium that caused its roots to become fat and starchy. The cow genome is 25 percent snake. Civilization wouldn’t be here without gene transfer.
And neither would we. The ancestor of mammals developed a placenta by repurposing genes that an invading virus used to make a protective membrane around itself. Some time later, mice, cows, marsupials, and primates all independently upgraded their placentas when better viral genes came along. Life is always willing to play around, always looking for something that might work just a little bit better.
Every species is a hodgepodge of genes cobbled together from earlier life-forms. The human genome is about 8 percent virus . We carry dozens of genes that came directly from bacteria. The mitochondria that power our cells were once free-swimming bacteria.
In other words, we are all GMOs, the beneficiaries of freakishly unlikely genetic mash-ups,
Rather than changing the nature of nature, as I once thought, this might just be the very nature of nature.
Some people may find this unnerving, but I have come to see it as the ultimate sign of universal fellowship. We’re all molded from the same mud.
The more I’ve come to understand this, the more I’ve begun to question notions of genetic purity, whether in a species or in an individual. The controversy over the transgenics made me think of a girl named Emily Whitehead , a pediatric cancer patient who recently became the first child to be saved by a small genetic addition called CAR-T therapy. She nearly died from leukemia in 2012, at age six, but then her white blood cells were removed from her body, augmented with lab-made genes that allowed the white blood cells to identify and kill her cancer cells, and returned to her body. She has been in remission ever since.
Not only are those genes not a part of the normal human make-up, they aren’t found anywhere in nature. She’s one of the only living things to possess them. (Because they are only in her blood cells, not in her reproductive cells, she wouldn’t pass them to her children.) Does that make her less human? Of course not. She’s the same impressive girl she always was, with one notable exception—she’s healthy.
Big bold and dangerous ideas that’ll bring the world as we know it kicking and screaming in pain
The extent of a glorious fucking mess we’ve made over here
A number of humans fuck up it’s on humanity
Point of no return.
Living hand to mouth
Plant more trees than we consume
The lens of Capitalism.. To make environmental sense you must make economic sense
500 Trees per acre
Each 60 metres high
1000 different species per valley like the Congo
Drive up the humidity to 100 %
It’s possible.. in theory… But then a mistake called Capitalism
Attract the greedy attention of charcoal burners. Significantly terraformed earth
Everything should be made industrially useful
Based on a kind of industrial sense
Let’s cut down those industrial forests into industrial lumber
MTU akianza kukata miti haachangi.. Ni pesa ya bure.. Ukionja pesa ya miti hauwezi acha.. The temptation.
This is the picture that is painted for the future if you open your eyes to see it
If you need a painted picture of what is happening in this country let’s recognize how history repeats itself.
The Amboseli Plains used to be wet
The drought began in 2009, more than 3000 elephants died and the erratic patterns have been accumulating to today
Beaming with pride at nothing
Our parks/ our 7 aquifers/ agricultural sector/ snow capped Mt. Kenya/ Central province/ Our highlands/ Our beaches
From an extraterrestrial perspective our global civilization is clearly on an edge of failure and the most important task it faces: preserving the lives and well-being of it’s citizens and the future habitability of the planet.
We have heard the rationale offered by….
There’s a dreary chain of causality.. everyone has an excuse.
Fundamental changes in Society are sometimes labelled impractical or contrary to human nature, as if we’re practical or as if there were only one human nature
But fundamental changes can clearly be made, we’re sorrounded by them. In the last 2 Centuries, abject slavery which was with us for thousands of years has been almost entirely been eliminated in a stirring worldwide revolution.
Systematically for millennia
Gradually gaining on
The tricky thing about predicting things when there is an exponential is that an exponential looks linear closer up and actually it’s not linear….. Appears to be accelerating from what I can see
The pace of technology change has been on an exponential curve since the beginning of time and it’s not slowing down
We are hurtling into this future of randomness and Entropy
Predicting the next century with messy results
A great short-lived civilizations but almost destroyed the biosphere of this climate with runaway climate change
In the paroxysm of global death
Other agonies are coming
And the hopeless sense of civilization destroyed for nothing
And the knowledge that we could have prevented it and did not.
Historically, we battered nature into submission
Unraveling the earth’s systems
Simultaneously doesn’t require our presence
Who adapts to who getting fuzzy
Runaway overpopulation destined to obliterate nature under the stars
That the 21st Century Schizoid shouldn’t adapt to anything but rather everything should adapt to the man.
Lack of harmony with the earth,, parallel and separate from it without any connection
Results in patterns that emerge
Its Primary school science
Erratic weather patterns that will take years to restore
This bullshit is being recorded in our DNA to be passed down the hereditary spiral drain
6 foot long molecules of heredity
In biology, learning is something that, through the filter of intergenerational selection, gets imprinted at the cellular level—, I insist, is more filter than deterrence. Evolution can only happen if risk
of extinction is present.
The entire idea is to move the descendants of Homo sapiens away from the macro, away from
abstract universal aims, away from the kind of social engineering that brings tail risks to society.
Endlessly recycled spawn of the earth.
4 1/2 billion years down the road, we’re on board as well
we’ve climbed aboard as well
Bypass limits of our bodies and advance faster than any other species
The Apex of human ingenuity and stupidity
The signature of intelligence
Could be extinguished by some unforeseen cosmic catastrophe
The indelible signature of an asshole who went over the limit
If you look back at it, you see greed
An instatiable demand for hardwood in Europe and China
Ubiquitous hardwood made fashionable by Victorian appetites
Furnished Brussels ceilings with Wood from Congo
A staggering 60% of the Congo has been allocated for logging
A correlation with changing storm patterns in EURO_AMERICA… More cyclones and typhoons
forest loss has increased since 1979 by 90%, Brazil, Indonesia and Zaire (DRC) which had the highest percentage of natural tropical forests, accounted for half of that.
The next environmental revolution would have to include Africa.. A process for the desalination of Mediterranean waters to irrigate the Sahara rainforest.
6000 years ago Sahara was green with the largest fresh water lakes
The most fertile landscapes on earth
Made by the Mt. Ruwenzori … The rainmaker
The grasslands of the Savannah were once covered by a forest that ran unbroken from WestCoast to East Coast
Then Mt. Ruwenzori formed and its Leeward side was left with Acacias and Elephant grass.
Which was fine, considering…. Nature caused it.
But humans accelerated the change further
If you look at the world from space, right along the Equator, there is a belt of Tropical Forest from The Amazon, The Congo, Malaysia; but its like the belt gets cut once it reaches Kenya.
What was supposed to cover the whole of the African Equatorial region ends at Uganda. Kenya is brown from space. A darker shade than the Sahara but still brown. The green belt got cut… The reason I think the browning was human accelerated is the mere fact that not even the mighty Mt. Kenyan forests are visible from space. The only visible Kenyan forest from space is the Arabuko Sosoke .. The coastal mangrooves…. Which were also part of the green belt.
Mount Kenya Forest Reserve, 199 500 ha.When combined with the protected areas of Mt Kenya
National Park and the adjacent gazetted forests of Lower and Upper Imenti and Thunguru Hill,
this forest has an effective area of 213 OOO ha.
The Aberdares Forest, 103 OOO ha. When combined with the Kikuyu Escarpment, Kijabe Hill,
Kipipiri, Kirima, Nyamweru and the protected area of the Aberdare National Park, the forest
has an effective area of 148 OOO ha.
South West Mau Forest, 84 OOO ha. When combined with contiguous forest blocks, this forms
part of the largest single forest complex of around 320 OOO ha. These include Trans Mara,
Ol Pusimoro, Maasai Mau, West Mau, Mt Londiani, Kilombe Hill, Maji Mazuri, Tinderet,
N. Tinderet, Timboroa, Nabkoi, Lembus, Metkei and Chemorogok, although to some extent
these forests are fragmented by plantations.
Mt Kenya Forest is vast, stretching yonder and seemingly touching the sky when one looks at it from far.
No doubt it is one of the most important natural resources in central Kenya as it is the source of many rivers and streams that crisscross the agriculturally rich region.
You would think that it would be visible from space
The proverbial buck stops in Kenya. Sisi ndio tumekata mshipi. You can see it from space
Yet it appears from whatever level we observe the universe, the Logic of Entropy is at work
Everything is declining by more than 40 percent
Everywhere you look
Everything’s being used up
The current hydrological cycle is starting to dampen
So long as the people of Mosoriot continue to have that excess rain they’ll continue to live in a comfort zone and deforestation will never stop… Or some other place like Timboroa with full swamps
Kenya has seen the rhythm of it’s seasons turned on it’s head
A whole rainy season being postponed not by one month but by three
It’s desperately sad that our season of long rains skipped from March to May.
A period of 3 months even in the highlands of Limuru it rained less than 15 times from August to September.
On Precisely June 1st… The Kenyan long rains began
It’s a downgrade from March
Floundering on September picking up on November through to December to January. Januaarry
The days are getting hotter in
Kenya, with ‘hot days’ up by 57
every year, equal to a rise of 15
per cent between 1960 and 2003.
There are relatively more ‘hot days’
during the ‘long rains’ season –
an additional 18.8 per cent. The
average number of hot nights per
year has increased even more,
by 113.
Kenya has experienced both
prolonged droughts and intense
flooding every year since 2000.
As well as an increase in such
extreme weather events, the
glaciers around Mount Kenya have
disappeared, leading to the drying
up of river streams.
Just to drive the point home,
Just a few years and the Sub in Sub-Saharan Africa is gone
Only thing holding the region is The Ethiopian Highlands… Coz the Mt. Kenya forests are so meagre to sustain the four counties depended on it, let alone 45 million Kenyans… So insignificant to even be noticed from space.
That is the hand dealt to Sub-Saharan Africa, with Kenya as its poster child.
Scientists blame climate change for causing more intense and frequent
droughts, floods, hurricanes, rising sea levels, and other negative effects in
different parts of the world.
In a poor country like Kenya, the cheapest and most effcient way to mitigate the
harmful effects of climate change is to have lots of trees. Trees absorb excess
carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the atmosphere. But when trees are
cut down, this process is halted.
I am of the idea that all the problems of nature get solved by planting trees.
Trees reduce the entropy in the world.
Imagine praying to God for rain when you could just plant a tree
The incentives are to no one but ourselves.. Yourself
You plant a tree for yourself
Like it or not, this generation is responsible for reducing the world’s entropy
Minds that relate to the physical universe
Forget about the Reverse flow of our carbon footprint
With each tree planted,.. its a devotion, an offering to Mother Nature
Runda is next to Karura
Karen is next to Ngong
Trees are a luxury product
From Nairobi’s Karura Forest to the swathes of forested lands in South Nandi, forests have been
incorporated into patronage networks that have continuously shrunk Kenya’s forest cover.
Ngong forest, one of the few indigenous urban forests found within the Nairobi County provides valuable environment services and ecosystem services and also serves as a carbon sink for Nairobi County. The clearance of hectares of forest cover to pave way for the construction of Southern Bypass road has resulted in habitat fragmentation.
The construction of the Ngong Road-bypass intersection through Ngong Forest, has seen the Kenya Forest Service sacrifice more forest land to create space for this new development. Sadly, the four slip roads that form a clover leaf intersection will see the forest lose thousands of trees. What was once one continuous ecosystem was split into five separate forest sections to give way for the development of the bypass (Ngong Forest Sanctuary).
Forest fragmentation can have negative and often irreversible effects on local environments, especially when associated with human development.
Given that the forest is in an urban setting and the total forest cover that was cleared was over 100 hectares, negative impacts were inevitable.
Impacts on biodiversity in other natural areas that the Southern bypass road has traversed such as Dagoretti Forest, Ondiri Swamp, Thogoto Forest and Alliance High school forest.
How did niggas allow a road to pass through a forest?
When an EIA report looks like a congratulatory.. filled with accolades
The idea that there is legitimate economy behind this is absurd
Hearing Governor Waititu bragging about road construction through a forest
Semi illiterate Ferdinand Waititu is worse than his predecessors the likes of Mulu Mutisya, Kariuki Chotara and others..but who elects scumbag buffoons these days apart from Kiambu County?
Its a circle of masochism
Its a generational problem… Cavalier attitudes towards the environment… The highest form of regurgitated excrement.
The fundamental issue in our study is the human experience of nature. The average modern man’s relationship with nature is not the one that prevailed in the premodern cycle to which, along with many other traditions Entropy belongs.
The study of nature today devotes itself exhaustively to a conglomeration of strictly reasoned laws concerning various phenomena.
Which spread kaleidoscopically before us utterly devoid of any spiritual meaning, derived solely from mathematical processes.
We have tried stuff; from radical surgery. It’s a cultural thing I tell guys
When it comes to generational problems
It’s DIY all the way
The Green Belt Movement pretty much died when Wangari Maathai died
The last DIY person on earth.
Mama Wangari Maathai
According to the Late Prodigy “You want something done you better do it yourself”
The only hero worth carrying into the 22nd Century
Taking one for the team is one thing but taking one for humanity
Signs of high entropy
No social responsibility
The value of the underdog (Wangari Maathai) is completely eroded.
Marginal players
Wangari Maathai was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Kenya in 2019 is removed from Wangari Maathai’s death… 25 years removed from Wangari Maathai’s Nobel prize but,
No person with sufficient power in Kenya is uncompromised enough to even broach into Wangari Maathai’s field
Our country isn’t crawling with conservationists
We don’t have Koch money alright
But we have the most useless Billionaires
2 generations away from finesse and suave
Poor taste is having greed as an ambition. All our billionaires are hustlers or have inherited from hustlers. Don’t invest in think tanks. Who says our billionaires don’t have Koch money. Very few industrialists but very many hustlers
The ultimate mark of refinement is environmental empathy
In Heraclean Greece, the rich men were expected, not obliged, but expected, to give to the public spirit and the common good. They built temples, gave blessings. They got the idea of giving to the common wealth from Prometheus. Prometheus was the Titan who gives to mankind. Heat, light, Freedom of thought, stories and memory.
Real Capitalism is a wealth that’s played for keeps
More winners than losers
False hope to the losers that they’ll win one day.
Always that one class of society devastated by change
Perpetuating an elitist agenda.
Keep the wealth in the hands of a few individuals
You don’t make the poor richer by making the rich poor
Winston Churchill said it first
Conditions worse than France just before the Revolution
Wealth in the segment of the 0.1%
Relatively so much wealthier than what we are used to in the last 50/60 years
The world’s 86 richest individuals now own as much wealth as the poorer half of humanity .. 3.5 billion people.. and much of that is dark money spent to control the political process
From the Greek Plustus – Wealth and Kratos – Power
All government is oligarchy in one kind or another
There’s no way around that.
Kenya was once a perfect Plutocracy. Landed Gentry ruling a nation of serfs who owned nothing
Replaced today with the promise of egalitarian society
Sugar importation was the Moi era’s default election financing racket. In those days, the racket was
a closed shop controlled by a small cabal of Moi’s associates known as the “sugar barons”, not the
feeding frenzy we are witnessing today. Jubilee’s dynamic duo may be Moi’s political children but
one among the many things they did not learn from him was disciplined corruption. Little wonder
that Moi once described them as “ndume hawajakomaa”.
Part of our creedle.. Business.. cancel cannot coerce government
The problem often happens when business and government get together in the wrong way,
When business starts to use the power of government for it’s own private ends.
That is not Capitalism.. that is called Crony Capitalism, or a better word I think is Crapitalism. And nobody would defend that… Hijacking of the free market using governments. Living almost an animalistic existence just to be able to stay alive
Kenyatta Family’s wealth has expanded over last 6 yrs. Have bought banks, small dairy companies, CBA is also partnering with Mastercard in the Huduma namba fiasco and now they are buying JKIA. In 2013, thurakus told us he will not steal from us because he is already rich.
CBA has grown coz of Mshwari. County schools fighting over Brookside milk. Housing now entering deal with KOTO and C-Max. We have just grown the Kenyatta Enterprise. No wonder people had to be killed for Uhuru to be president. It was all about family Enterprise.
Kenyatta’s presidency has increased the profits of his family’s conglomerate by at least Ksh 10
billion a year, and that is not including the side lines of family members’ “tenderprises” such as the
sister’s health ministry tenders and the uncle’s NYS fuel supplies. The best-run businesses in
competitive markets typically make profits in the order of five percent of turnover. In effect, the
presidency translates for the Kenyatta conglomerate the equivalent of a KSh 200 billion turnover
business —a business the size of Safaricom (whose hefty earnings are due to inordinate market
In recent months,
import tariffs have been raised on
timber, vegetable oils and paper
products, in all of which the
Kenyattas and Rais are players. It
was rumored that the Rai purchase
of Pan Paper was a Trojan Horse to
access public forests for their timber
business. The rumour was all but
confirmed by the recent
appointment of Jaswant Rai to the
board of the Kenya Forestry Service.
Raiply, the Rai family’s flagship plywood manufacturing business came to prominence for what
appeared to be a carte blanche license to log public forests during Moi’s tenure. The case confirmed
what the public had long suspected: that Moi had a stake in the business. Kabarak Limited, a name
synonymous with Moi, had a 1.4 percent stake in Raiply. Moi banned logging of hardwoods from
indigenous forests in 1986. According to the task force the Jubilee administration appointed
recently, the Kenya Forestry service has continued to give Raiply licenses to log these invaluable
forests for plywood.
Sometime in the early 90s, the Rai siblings sued one of their brothers, Jaswant Rai,
alleging that he had secretly been siphoning money from the family business and
investing it on his own. They alleged that the money was invested in two Kenyatta
Family businesses: Timsales, a timber merchant, and the Commercial Bank of Africa.
Aquifers dependent Agriculture.. -= Boreholes/ Wells =irrigation. In places with no forests, rivers disappear, aquifers start drying up, what we’re left with is useless highlands like Molo with bald hills that once had vast swathes of forests sacrificed for wheat plantations.
This all amounts to a very distasteful concept. Kugharamia ujinga. Which is what made Molo the most useless highland in Kenya. All within a 10 year period
Molo is dead because of the Kenyattas
Plunder by force by fire in the hands of amateurs who took over the plunder from colonialists
If you’ve been to JKIA you know it’s maasais and plains by your own tourist board that welcomes you home. Maasai and mpesa. Our own people market us like we are still in the 19th century
No scientists today call pastoralism poor land use and they haven’t for ages. But you know who does? Pseudo-conservationists a la Kuki Gallman et al because they can’t sell bedspace for thousands of dollars a night with cows spoiling the view
And why exactly do third/fourth/fifth time land buyers still own land in Laikipia? Because someone sold it to them and a certain UK promised to protect private property regardless of the consequences. The call is coming from inside the house.
Our president benefited from his dad’s theft of thousands upon thousands of acres of stolen land while his mom sold ivory and charcoal abroad. His VP opted to teargas kids rather than renounce his claim on public land.
Racists gonna racist and there’s nothing we can do about that except shame them loud and clear. But our own sellouts? I’ll just say that mau mau was as much a civil war against the home guard as it was a war for independence
Moi the tree planter and gabion builder probably did the most to destroy our forests/commons just to raise money for his 97 election campaigns. To this day KFS is still harassing Ogiek while circling around illegal loggers and tea plantations. Corruption destroys the environment too
And you know what? SAPS plays a role too. All these agencies were defunded -80% at some point was just to pay salaries. So no money for implémentation of anything. And of course mad incentives for people to look the other way or collaborate with poaching networks. Tutto mafioso
Our so called leaders are truly in the sunken place. Whoever offers any trash goodies gets whatever they want. No reflection, no strategy, just me me and now now.
Streams have dried up because the Rich have sunk boreholes en mass for commercial purposes, Horticulture and bottled water leading , water is a luxury to the poor,
In the backdrop of a very Arid Baringo county, we’ve got Kabarak. Kabarak is a miracle, it’s a man-made miracle. It’s literally sorrounded by desert but the cool temperatures there will make you think you are in Nakuru just because of the trees. Moi’s Kabarak is proof that with just the right amount of trees you can create a micro-climate that has an impact on the local climate. How many micro-climates does it take to influence the climate?
Say 10 more Kabaraks in Baringo and the story would be turned around. All that humidity and you’ll get fogs and mists in Baringo.
No longer depend on irrigation.
Aquifers would be replenished
Aquifers you wouldn’t even need. (PS , I know Kabarak is in Nakuru).
Moi the tree planter and gabion builder probably did the most to destroy our forests/commons just to raise money for his 97 election campaigns. To this day KFS is still harassing Ogiek while circling around illegal loggers and tea plantations. Corruption destroys the environment too
“Nature takes pleasure in itself” and Nature dominates itself. Here is the possibility of nature being desire, abandonment to itself, spontaneity, and identification with self-gratification. At the same time it is the possibility of saying no to itself, of manifesting itself as that which acts against itself, that which dominates and transcends itself to the point of actually making the distinction between that which dominates (masculine active) and that which is dominated (feminine passive), in which alone is found the ancient chaotic nature.
It is both itself and ultimately the overcoming of itself
it is identity and at the same time poison. that is to say, it has the capacity to alter and dissolve.
it is both dominating (male) principle and dominated (female) principle and hence androgynous
Nature rejoices in nature, nature triumphs over nature, nature dominates nature. In the same vein Nature fascinates, conquers and dominates nature
There proceeds from this a whole series of symbolical expressions intended to indicate the absolute self-sufficiency of the whole principle in every “operaton’. Father and Mother of itself. Of itself it is the son, by itself it is dissolved, by itself it is killed and to itself it gives new life. It kills itself and then brings itself back to life. It weds itself, impregnates itself and dissolvesin its own blood. It is its own roots – radix ipsius.
Its very masochistic of nature
Spawning creature like us on
Our influence on the biosphere is a new geological era: increasingly negative.
More impact on the planet than any other force
Nature’s own geometries of feedback, optimization and analogy are the keys to create a more resilient, adaptive civilization
According to Nature’s feedbacks, it wants us gone. One way of adapting …
Map what we’re learning from Nature’s economy and elegance and beauty and to map some of those insights into our civilization and to our society.
We are blocking the optimal flow.. Explicitly… In tandem.. it’s inauspicious.
We were principally made for this …. Realizing and releasing our potential to the world.
No systems put in place to prevent us from going past our potential
Nature asked for it
Nature has been asking for it for millennia
All the math and physics put into a domino of creation from a random combination of proteins to form DNA to the Divine proportions of man.. Reptile remnants in our brain.. amygdala…
Coz man is from Earth, a product of the nature he’s supposedly destroying…
The expendability of man in the face of humanity, a lifespan so short to waste
The concept of entropy absolves man from all faults of nature, the chaos. Man is a byproduct of entropy
Wherein it is said that man, once awakened to a will to create, wants to bypass the limits of the circles of necessity and master he power residing iin fire. This is clearly a variation of the Promethean myth, which also ends in a fall, the man who is superior to harmony (that is the universal order, the unity of the various laws and natural conditions) to harmony becomes a slave
Men can aid nature and oblige it to undertake something beyond that attainable by its ordinary activity to reach that goal, the extreme limit and the difficult thing and the highest that men can desire
Its very masochistic of nature for having spawned creatures like us
We really have to understand how we got diverse complex life on this planet.
One might imagine that once we get life out of this Primordial soup, the road to complex creatures like flowers and humans is pretty straightforward, but hold on, it’s not that easy.
There was no rule that life had to get bigger, there was no rule that life had to become more complex; life could’ve stayed simple and small, but it didn’t
Nature Looked across the Primordial soup and saw potential
Seeking an edge .. i dont even think humans could take nature to the edge it so desires. Such is the entropy of the world
In the blink of a geological eye, humans have altered the world forever. We’ve cleared and cultivated the land, losing pre-historic forests and ancient soils in the process.
The rest of the world has been brought in with us in the form of animals and plants, pests and diseases and much of what did live has gone.
As clear as the cosmic dust marking the last days of the dinosaurs, our indelible radioactive signature, is now being recorded in the rocks. The mark of the age of man.
Around the world, we’ve become a powerful force of nature, the equal at least of any lifeform that has come before.
The geological extinction record show we do all these things at our peril. We may now hold dominion over the earth. But the planet always wins in the end
For almost 400000 yeas the Neanderthals lived in Ice Age Europe.
Humans have a very intensive way of using environment.
Humans move into the Middle East….. the HomoErectus starts going extinct.
When humans move into Europe, the Neanderthals goes extinct.
In Europe and Asia, the arrival of Homo Sapiens coincides with the disappearance of the hairy mammoth, the cave lion and other mammals.
In Australia most mammals weighing over 100 pounds vanished within a few thousand years of our arrival. The effects of Homo Sapiens on large animal communities become more profound as you move further from Africa. So very few major extinctions in Africa; a few extinctions associated with Homo Sapiens moving into Eurasia and then when you hit Australia and the new world its a wipe-out
Disappearance of Aussie mega-fauna..
The timing alone suggest human involvement.
Its a scientific coldcase hotly debated
Nothing becomes extinct until about the time humans arrived
I’d like to share a revelation that i’ve heard during my time here.
And it came to me as I tried to classify your species,
“I realized that you’re not actually mammals.
Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the sorrounding environment; but you humans do not.
You move into an area and you multiply till every natural resource is consumed. And the only way you can survive is to spread to another area.
There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is?
A virus.
The human beings are a disease. A cancer of this planet. You are a plague” ~ Agent Smith , THE MATRIX 1999
In our tenure here on this planet we have accumulated dangerous evolutionary baggage; propensities for aggression and ritual, submission to leaders, hostility to outsiders; all of which puts our survival some doubt.
We have also acquired compassion/ love, a desire to learn from history and experience and a great soaring passionate intelligence; the clear tools for our continued survival and prosperity.
Which aspects of our nature will prevail is uncertain, particularly when our visions and prospects are bound to one small part of this planet Earth.
But up there in the cosmos, an inescapable perspective awaits. National boundaries are not evident when we view the Earth from space
It is perfectly natural for order to emerge from chaos, and you don’t have to look very far to find examples.
It’s extremely common for intricately symmetrical crystals of water to form amid a turbulent mixture of water and air. We call them “snowflakes.”
And likewise, while the emergence of life here on Earth was once considered to be quite an exceptional event, there is some conjecture in academia that the emergence of life from chaotic chemical soup might actually be common, or even inevitable, under suitable conditions. But we won’t really know until we have more planets to examine up close.
Of course, the idea that life is rare is also conjecture, for the same reason. 🙂
Natural selection does not explain even the primary structure of a protein, which is a long chain of 20 amino acids. There are 20 to the 600th power ways of selecting 20 amino acids to construct a protein made of 600 amino acids. The probability of getting a particular protein by the random variation of amino acids in 3 billion years is very low. This is the kind of calculation physicists perform in understanding the behavior of systems of non-interacting particles. I use the number 600 because this is the length of an English sonnet and there are calculations about the probability of getting a sonnet by random chance.
One might say, the erroneous idea that natural selection explains common descent violates the second law. Likewise, it is misleading to say evolution does not violate the second law because it implies that natural selection explains the complexity of life.
Order, actually (and seemingly paradoxically), generates more entropy than disorder; thereby better speeding the universe towards thermal (and other) equilibria. It does this within far from equilibrium, dissipative local open systems, which export their entropy into their global environments. Evolving complexity, epitomised by life – is actually a signature of how open systems can lower their internal entropy by exporting it, thereby preserving the 2nd law of thermodynamics.
The first question referred to a so-called apparent contradiction between life and thermodynamics: There is no contradiction. Not even an apparent one. Entropy will increase in an ISOLATED system. You can think of entropy as disorder. If your room becomes cluttered you clean it up ( remove entropy ) by performing work to move the entropy elsewhere. In the case of the earth, the sun performs this function. The earth receives high energy photons from the sun. The earth gives off a much larger number of low energy photons keeping the earths temperature in an equilibrium. Each photon that is given off carries away entropy into empty space. If it were not possible to decrease local entropy it would never be possible to clean your room. Obviously this is not the case.
It looks like the question has changed so I will answer the new question: The biological system gains in complexity due to selection events (birth, death). Every time the environment selects one individual to die and another one to live based on genetics there is the potential for a single bit of information to be added to the biological population. That bit is the environment correlating itself with the genome through the death of the individual who is not well adapted. Natural Selection adds complexity to the biological system from the complexity found in the environment.
Once we realize that the complexity of life is derived from the complexity of the environment through natural selection, there is another component to this question is where does the complexity of the environment come from.
I would suggest that the complexity of the environment comes from the anthropic principle, which is itself a selection effect. Only in regions with high local complexity can beings such as ourselves evolve. In other words our existence itself has selected a region with high local complexity.
The unifying principle to all this is that complexity is always the result of some form of selection.
There is a ridiculous unwarranted fixation on entropy in many discussions about life and energy. Biological systems do not represent particularly low
entropy structures. If you look at the human body for example, it is a highly jumbled collection of substances. Low entropy represents a dimunition in the degrees of freedom of a material.
Living systems by contrast are necessarily dynamic and constrained at the same time. They are optimisations, not minimisations. Life exists in a band where structure and mobility are delicately poised.
So life is a dynamic phenomenon that requires a harnessed energy flux to sustain and maintain it, and to maintain and run nano-engines that serve that purpose. The medium in which life exists is a condensed phase already, and frictional, so the engines requires energy to perform their function. This constant energy supply is needed to perform any simple task like moving a limb.
Or swimming. Naturally engines are inefficient, but the result of running an engine is not necessarily to lower entropy. You might want to break down food
for example into a digestible soup, or move your body into the sun to increase its temperature.
A good way to start thinking along the right lines is to read about the edge of chaos
You ask “Is entropy a bad thing?” Entropy is neither good nor bad. It is merely a mathematical phenomenon. But it can be a bad thing to ignore it. From a moral perspective, it is like water. Water is an unavoidable part of our lives. We need to drink
it to live. However, if we are not careful, we can drown in it. We need to understand it and respect it’s power to help us, or to do us harm.
The curious behavior of entropy is intimately woven into our experiences of life.
When our economists ignore it, we have societies that develop extreme injustice in the form of the now famous “wealth gap”. 1 % of the people own most of the wealth.
This is because we do not study and understand the role of rising entropy in our
society. That is bad.
On the other hand, rising entropy is also part of birth, growth, and life. That is good.
That people and things have entropy is inevitable. Entropy also never decreases with time for isolated systems.
Only some simple crystals at absolute zero would be in a state of zero entropy. That seems to me to be a bad situation for a human being. Thus a total lack of entropy is a bad thing for people.
In general entropy is neither good nor bad. There are many things that only happen when entropy increase, and a whole lot of them, including some of the chemical reactions needed to sustain life, would be considered as good.
That likely means that entropy as such is not nearly always a bad thing.
The idea that entropy = disorder is outdated, and very misleading. Entropy is the measure of how unconstrained energy dissipates, in units energy over temperature (J/K).
Why is this even a puzzle? Heat engines, which require an increase in entropy to work, make life possible.
In thermodynamic terms, life is no stranger than a refrigerator and a lot less efficient.
But at least you might have realized that the idiotic thermodynamic arguments applied to evolution also apply (or, rather, don’t) to life itself. That’s something. A big something. How hard I have worked to get people to understand this, with such limited success!
Theologians rarely comment on thermodynamics, but here’s an exception:
“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to
change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Niebuhr
In the first place the 2nd Law of thermodynamics has objective mathematical form within thermodynamics and within statistical mechanics and within information theory. Words like “disarray,” “chaos,” “order” and “disorder” are not any part of these definitions. They are words used to try to convey something of the meaning of the law to people who have not studied those particular fields, and they lead to confusion as often as they are helpful.
Maybe I am a fool but here’s my attempt: Entropy is the increasing disorder of our universe, but I merely see it as becoming more complex. In an ordered system it is relatively easy to determine what will happen if you introduce certain variables. In a more chaotic system (one resulting from the process of entropy) it becomes much harder to figure out how a certain variable will affect it. Things break down and relate to each other in more complex ways. I therefore say chaos is much more complex than order and can be thought of as a higher level of order. As to why life persists in this spiraling chaos I say it has to be due to the speed of evolution in both our biology and psychology. Life itself is a wager against entropy. Who will win is unknown, but I’ll bet my life on life. As Nietzsche says, “Life is that which must overcome itself”
Take the example of the wet hay. It heats up above ambient temperature (decreasing entropy) so much that it catches fire. When the fire is over, the hay is reduced to ash (increased entropy). Without the fire, it would have taken much longer to achieve that increase in entropy.
Life is like that. We maintain ourselves at higher-than-ambient temperatures, but only by speeding up how fast corn turns to fertilizer. We are a local entropy decrease fueled by a more general entropy increase.
Energy is nature’s currency, and it will do whatever it takes to pay the cheapest price for a “thing” to reach its purpose. I wrote thing because it can be a substance or a structure.
“The exploration of the designs in nature, is science. The quest for the designer, is religion.”
However, as a designer myself, I’ll take a rain(maker)-check on any potential teleological implications and stay agnostic on any “intelligent (self)designer” speculations.
For what it’s worth though, my hunch is that the universe can design itself (or auto-catalyse, like a self-organised critical sandpile avalanche or Game of Life extended-transient glider). It can have its design emerge and evolve, optimally and analogically, from entropy production and export. Bootstrap theory (where a system can self-organise – or design itself, along with the anthropic principle and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle on energytime and negative vrs positive energy – see Lawrence Krauss: A Universe from Nothing), have been evoked as a means for us to understand the universe to have self-designed “ex-nihilo,” without a designer, leaving us as the “intelligent designers” of our own neo-platonic ideal forms & models of reality, which we often call the “relationship of relationships – or geometry.” Maths is in a sense, the code for those shapes being thrown all around (and inside), us. The golden ratio, Φ, Π, e & i are, I like to think, some of the optimisation and efficiency “heuristic devices” or “numerical constants” that in how they relate reveal the emergent properties of that design. They’re the key operative elements of the code, but that doesn’t mean there also has to be a coder, perhaps for self-organisation – there just has to be self-consistency. Maybe the code can write itself because it can also tap into a deep well of probabilities, from quantum coherence & entanglement up to self-organised criticality and universality (as life itself is increasingly seen to do – see coverage of quantum biology, including work by Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff). These geometries are implicated in both the leading physiological and network theories of that epitome of life (and the transient, ephemeral defiance of entropy-increase): consciousness, (Phi-IIT & Orch OR), so it’s perhaps no surprise that we often also perceive them as aesthetically beautiful. Here’s Penrose on these same beautiful, regular, repeating but endlessly creative geometries and their application.
In fact, some of the geometric signatures and patterns we see in those designs (regardless of the “invent/discover” debate – we’ve invented a logical system that helps us to predict and describe – or discover, the emergent properties, patterns or laws of nature), show us exactly how these and other various numerical constants recursively relate to grow and evolve complexity in the most optimal and parsimonious way possible.
More recent work emulates this line, also extending it into (often classical physics-human scaled and thermodynamics-led), evolution in inanimate nature as well. So how does entropy-production and export become associated with complexity, life and concepts of aesthetic and geometrical beauty?
According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the entropy of a substance
increases with time. When the Big Bang occured, the point which expaned to
become our universe, had zero entropy. With the Big Bang, time started.
Therefore, as time started, entropy increased. Hence, the universe has a positive
entropy today and it is increasing.
The ironic thing about chance is that, given enough time, every possible event has a 100 percent chance
of happening. Things we call miracles, favorable coincidents, odd synchronicities, the unlikely evolution of
life on this planet through random mutations; these are all rare events that eventually happen by chance.
Chance + Infinity = Certainty. Or, as someone said; ‘Anything that can happen, will happen. And, in an
infinite universe, it will happen an infinite number of times.’ What we call the Big Bang is one such event.
A low entropy universe spontaneously springing into existence is a chance event that might have taken a
colossal number of random next states to happen but happen it did, eventually, and totally by chance.
Chance rules all.
The entire universe itself, if it’s part of a larger multiverse, and also if (big conjectural if), like life – if it’s an information-processing system, then it might also be somehow exporting its entropy in a way that we don’t yet understand (but there are candidate mechanisms). It certainly is importing low entropy in the form of its big bang origins, just as the Gaian earth system imports low entropy from the sun.
Please read the 2nd law of thermodynamics properly: It says in an ISOLATED SYSTEM, entropy always increases. An isolated system is one where energy and mass cannot come in nor leak out.
Earth is not an isolated system because of the sun. You may take the solar system as a whole, to be close to an isolated system. And in the solar system the overall entropy is going up (Within the solar system, the reduction in entropy on earth is less than the increase in entropy on the sun.)
The universe by definition encompasses everything and therefore is the best example of isolated system. So the entropy of the universe is bound to go up that you are right about. Hence the Big Bang
According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the entropy of a substance
increases with time. When the Big Bang occured, the point which expaned to
become our universe, had zero entropy. With the Big Bang, time started.
Therefore, as time started, entropy increased. Hence, the universe has a positive
entropy today and it is increasing.
The ironic thing about chance is that, given enough time, every possible event has a 100 percent chance
of happening. Things we call miracles, favorable coincidents, odd synchronicities, the unlikely evolution of
life on this planet through random mutations; these are all rare events that eventually happen by chance.
Chance + Infinity = Certainty. Or, as someone said; ‘Anything that can happen, will happen. And, in an
infinite universe, it will happen an infinite number of times.’ What we call the Big Bang is one such event.
A low entropy universe spontaneously springing into existence is a chance event that might have taken a
colossal number of random next states to happen but happen it did, eventually, and totally by chance.
Chance rules all.
The entire universe itself, if it’s part of a larger multiverse, and also if (big conjectural if), like life – if it’s an information-processing system, then it might also be somehow exporting its entropy in a way that we don’t yet understand (but there are candidate mechanisms). It certainly is importing low entropy in the form of its big bang origins, just as the Gaian earth system imports low entropy from the sun.
Life itself occurs far away from thermodynamic equilibrium and its concept is the emergence of the highly self organized system
Information theory states that it is impossible to send a message and have it improve. This would be the equivalent of a perpetual motion device. Due to the 2nd law information that is transmitted always has a rate of error. The idea that DNA copies itself and improves in the process is a violation of the 2nd law. Decades of experimentation on Drosophila melanogaster (fruitflies) confirm the 2nd law to be true.
Actually simple math tells you that 2 parents who each give each of their children 50% of their genetic diversity, are not giving 100% of their genes to all their offspring. So each generation is losing not gaining genetic diversity. This is what history tells us, generations previous to ours had more genetic diversity. We are gradually losing it, mutations are coming in.Genetic diseases are multiplying. Small evolution definitely occurs, spontaneous generation & complex beneficial mutations are a fantasy.
Entropy is just a molecular measurement of the randomness of any system. It tells engineers,things will never work the way you want. So when we see highly ordered structured systems it does not require complex calculations to see intelligence. Too many coincidences to allow life indicate something to reasonable people – the Earth being the exact correct distance from the Sun, the moon perfectly holding the Earth at the correct angle for proper weather and seasons, the gravity of the Earth ideal, correct mix of elements necessary for life, correctly established cycles (oxygen,carbon,nitrogen,water,etc), correct location in galaxy for our solar system, and over 200 similar. Sorry out of time….
Dark Ages in between The Drama of Rome suggests civilization does not progress in a straight line towards prosperity/ law/ technology/ law/ technology. It shows us the picture of amazing things being achieved by the Greeks and the Romans and then those essentials being lost again
Further away from Africa.. The cultures diluted hither and thither away from the cradle
Creating a Capital system.
More than half of the first inhabited continent is desert while more than half of the last inhabited continent is rainforest. Food for thought.
Something to attribute all this to ; Entropy
The good and the bad
I thought about Arnolds Sommerfeld’s quote
“Thermodynamics is a funny subject. The first time you go through it, you don’t understand it at all. The second time you go through it, you think you understand it, except for one or two small points. The third time you go through it, you know you don’t understand it, but by that time you are so used to it, it doesn’t bother you anymore.”

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Mojo VII

If it ever came out that HOV's entire drug dealing past was a lie twitter would crash he'd be a joke till Jesus returned

“She said baby you a savage
I said 21, 21” ~ 6lack
Its so clear from up here
Ne’er come near me
21 has been good to me
I’m having a ball and I don’t wanna jinx it all away by upsetting Gods applecart
This musical experience where 28 is the climax
Don’t overdo the adult stuff, don’t romanticize your halcyon days
21, that’s basically it for me
Am at emphatic island right now
I’m fucking nutso about everything
21 year old me became the type of nigga that 20 year old me would hate
Stepping into 22 with all my wits
You’re Atlas and Adulthood is the burden
certain that the fates wouldh be good to me

The sacrificed generation
All millennials are in sync
We all think the same
The last of us are turning 22 next year
And I only got 30 teeth
The Government wants my bread
The Most High wants my bread too?
Let’s celebrate coz I ain’t got no bread
Word up
The keyword is Yet
And Yet is not assured
Yet ain’t good enough
Should I be mad?
You need endless schooling, they say. While they retire at 70.
The sacrificed generation

Put a stock on words while my mind is still fertile with the sufferations of youth
Takeout fries and chips on my shoulder
Till there’s no more poetry left in me,
Those days are near,
Till there’s normal poetry left in me
God forbid


Listen to the poetic energy in everything
Smooth drinks, fine minds and textured poetry
Acid Jazz
Filthy Martinis
Chris Brown’s effortless Harlem shake
Lebron James’ tomahawk slam dunk
Ronald Reagan’s : “Tear Down This Wall!” Speech
A montage of pictures of Christiano Ronaldo’s heatmaps forming his face for the Smithsonian Culture
Radial symmetry of a silver balloon knot on a square canvass
Silvanus, God of the Forests
Medieval Austrian pornographic paintings
Dry sex with Charlie XCX
Breathing Neon gas and basking in Fuchsia sunlight in purgatory..
If I end up in purgatory I hope there are paintbrushes and canvases
Be the one in white
Lavender to soothe and calm
Drowsy and giddy
Lavender fields in The South of France
Drug of Choice
Lavender candles
Flesh burnt by hot blood
In the waning days of World War II, American bombers drop napalm canisters on Japanese cities
uranium: the “gift” that never ends, literally—it has a half-life of 4.5 billion years.
Stroke exploding in the brain like dynamite in a stone mine
Final chapter of defeat and frustration
Tinkering with Psychopathological art
Gunning towards the wild stuff
You don’t have to live in Squalor and chaos to make great art
The irony of awarding peace prizes in commemoration of the man who invented Dynamite
The only Swedish blowjob you feel the teeth while getting
Not even art could save Aleppo
corp cue coup
the murder of Julius Caesar.
Withdrawal symptoms of a muscle relaxer addict
Stockholm rave culture
The sewing machine has a phonograph stylus that plays vinyls
Musical seamstress
Poetically chanting Satanic creeds
Called to arms by the conviction of a king
the constitution of the Jesuits as a template for a secret society,
the thread that connects the charnel ground Aghori and the graveyard poets.
Groundlayings of the Catholic mass
The equivalent to Christ’s blood is 18% ABV
Buddha claimants
Ernesto Che
It takes musical maturity to appreciate Marylin Manson’s artistry
Chiaroscuro, heavy shadow, like in Rembrandt
How to think like Leonardo da Vinci
Unlike you I don’t need a guidebook
The all-pervasive personality cult surrounding Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga
Just coming to the realization that the
army of Spartacus, existed before Christ
Jews could never be good Germans
German Nationalists driven into uniforms by Mein Kampf
Nazis driven to hate by the influx of Jewish professors
Angry that Kabbalistic cosmology makes more sense
Half the older generation of Aryan men walks around with foreskins because of a past despite of a race
Use a mattock to lobotomize the skinheads
Levitating corpses
Gunplay’s face
Cocaine infested with blue fungi
Street plugs moving kilos of synthetic testosterones
Condolencing with Catholic hymns
Ruminating over litanies of the Blessed Virgin Mary
With Nitroglycerin
Imagine making Art surrounded by all that mayhem
Its chilling to behold
Catch a breath

Its just the two of us
She wasn’t one to behave herself in such situations
Its risky business but its very appropriate
Safe and benign isn’t sexy
Trying to educate grown women about onus
Uncomplicated stuff
Fuck the biological imperative
She just needed to fuck the guy
And nothing could stop her except her own inhibitions
Doubting yourself is the second most unattractive thing after hypergamy
She’d be the realest nigga on your team if she was your girl
Wary of not wanting to look foolish,
the type of nigga who would not commit himself
until all the odds were on his side

Her booty cheeks out
Fellas, read the room What the Fuck
My body my choices
Condom suck up all the moistness
Where she belongs
Beneath him, gritting her teeth
Something in her welcomed it
All the degrading sex
Call it wanting to feel dirty
But on her terms

I think sex can be both about wanting and not wanting,
Its a war between the intellect and instinct, between shame and desire
That’s what makes it so interesting

The sexual superwoman may be riddled with cleverly designed orifices of various kinds,
Something like a wriggly Swiss cheese, but shapelier and more fragrant;
And her supermate may sprout assorted protuberances,
So that they intertwine and roll over each other in a million permutations of The Act,
Tireless as hydraulic pumps
A perpetual grapple, no holes barred, could produce a continuous state of multiple orgasm

Not saying how you wanna be fucked is anathema BUT,
The articulate is the enemy of the erotic
Isn’t the whole point that you do not know what your lover will do next,
That you give yourself over to a sensory experience that you haven’t planned and can’t control
Turn off your neurotic mind and let yourself be consumed
By giving me permission you’re undermining the potency of my desire

When the organs of the body assert their presence otherwise than by silent satisfaction,
it is a sign that they are diseased.
The single exception is the organ of reproduction
Yet even in this case its self-assertion bears witness to its dissatisfaction with itself,
since it cannot fulfil its function until completed by its counterpart in another organism.

You see, human beings are energetic creations,
partly made of matter and partly made of spirit,
but wholly malleable to the direction of the mind.
We are affected by subtle energies,
and a thousand other hidden cues.
We are beings of energy, and much like a battery,
we can can give or receive energy.

But the mind is at the center of it all. Whatever the mind entertains, the being creates

I’m matching energy… So I’m whatever you on

Intuition works both ways
The plan is to get more than you bargained for
Use your waist
Ride me like an ancient priestess of hierogamy
Am the only waist-trainer you need
Right back at you baby
Return my caresses
But don’t return the fingering
I don’t want you fingering my broceries
We all have our things
Come on here baby and drop it like its hot

Red parted lips
Electrifying Suction pipe kind of kissing
Her lips At room temperature
Her inner thighs an oven
Muffled “I miss yous” in-between make outs
Lips give the Fondest memories
The kiss of death
Neurotoxins killing you by making you horny
The only ring on my finger is tight, gorgeous and waxed
Wink twice if you want me to pierce the balloon
Not with your eyes
Tighten your tushy
Brought a knife to a tight gunfight
Men as Tools
Nature’s Dildo
Beefy snake With Veins and shit
Anal Del Ray
2nd only to the angels
Where physics and biology meet
Where it’s most intense
Where its most sensitive
Giving her a loving womanly glow
It is the breath of benediction,
yet so potent
that it can give life to clay
and light to darkness
Massive, body engulfing
Exhilarating orgasmic pants
Puts the di in Carnal sin
Made her inner thighs tremble
She almost breaks a sob
You shouldn’t have come to his crib
Tension release was so nasty
She can’t even gossip to her girls about it
She wouldn’t dare
Unless she was drunk

What’s liberty,
Liberty is red wine and open titties
It’s letting me be your man
Liberty is ad lib penis eating
Liberty is permission to wreck that pussy
If you don’t have to lie to her she’s sexually liberated
Concubining is when she’s glad that you’ve got other girls to bother
Liberty is Running naked witchyo fine ass in my house
Overtaking on a continuous yellow line
Liberty is Telling her dirty things on the first day and having no qualms about it
Making her fidget like impure thoughts in the presence of sexy composure
Responds with giggles and determined dirty looks
Some kind of mind she’s got
Sick combustible perversions
Its just a human element
Mrs Me
A reflection of my corrupted core
Liberation isn’t about having more sex than most, its all about having the best than others
Liberation is having standards
Liberation is in the mind
Moral flexibility
Sins are freedom for the soul

An act of consummation,
As in what you do on honeymoon night
Making love is what you do in your nuptial night
Fooling around
Bon Apetitty
Orgasms and smoothies for breakfast
Overindulgence in the sunny afternoon
crouching behind her; holding her legs and eating her pum pum
My woman
No holding back on your nuptial night
No inhibitions, that’s your fucking wife mate
a full-time job.
There is an emotional drain
Physical too.. They want to fuck night and day
Get one you like to fuck

I’d mate for life
One day at a time
Like geese
Ceremonious fucking in downy mink sheets

Its not yours
Its just your turn
For whom the bell tolls is too proud to listen
The drunken smiles reminiscent of the excessive morning dick
Play Gentleman with someone else’s battered wife
All of a sudden she gives you pussy
Submissive spirit of a basketball wife
With no passive aggression or ad hocery like a Sheikh’s wife
Faking submission is also a form of submission 

Artsy infidelity.. Make it worth it
Am Pro-Anything if its aesthetic enough
Fuck it! No time for anything if it leaves a bad lingering aftertaste on my senses

The sin ain’t worth it if it ain’t sweet and fulfilling
Pressure, pleasure, freedom
The rupture’s love song
Someone to restore our spirits

A love unbound by time,
A love untethered by gravity,
sealed by Catholic rituals

What else is there,
Take away the Neglectus honorifics
None of that shit means dick if there isn’t Love
If luv is luv it needs no deducement
Love involves giving your partner enough room to fuck up
And lots of make up sex
Making assumptions
Unajijazia kwani unataka pete
Only supposed to make alpha moves with your wife

Now listen here
It’s my duty to please that booty
I hear everything she says even though she don’t speak
If she wants it I’ll know
Apple of my third eye
Bringing her to the mood with no talking at all
She loves me with all her fastidious heart
But she’s too proud to admit it
*fades to evocative music *
There goes my buzz
A resolute tug at my heartstrings
My power centre tightens

Be careful what you wish for,
You might not find it very flattering
Like you have to put up with more shit the prettier she is
The irony of the poetic God grabbed me
Obsessed with the idea of keeping their men in line
The nigga a keeper,
His girl is stalling
We aren’t dating, we’re just doing ‘freaky’ things
This make out sesh
Uses the snake like motion to pretend to participate
Cute plan, Wrong nigga
I bust quicker than her of course
Coz its rude to keep a lady waiting
Kila mtu ajitafutie orgasm
Life’s too short to be an L-merchant

All these Succulent tripping beauties
Am officially a Jogoo
Magnidecent Indulgentlemen

Nimtoroke mkeo niende nile Pilau kwa Fatuma kisha nimbamise ukutani
Her reckless blowjobs leaving me helpless with stripes
Am fucking whipped
I’m so open,
Poundcake by Drake would be playing in the background and I’d still let her suck
With the lonely lust of devildom.
Thrust the sword through the galling fetter,
Give me the sign of the Open Eye,
And the token erect of thorny thigh,
And the word of madness and mystery,

Tall, Belligerent, Beautiful and thick, UltraViolent Rendille women with a cute primitive love language to match
The feminine bone structure
Pelvis widened by childbirth and brutal midwives
Introducing her to scandalous art to achieve results of complete surrender
She felt curiously tender towards him
Natural Tender Coquetry

Finding thongs on the most unexpected chics
All her panties are thongs
I thought these things were expensive
Game of throes

Back hugs and wedgies
the demonic groans of a G string in pain, or the ghoulish whimperings of a manhandled
Inflame her nostrils with my redolence
Primal sexiness
Terrible urge
Literal need to fuck
Erect nipple homecoming fuck fantasy
Restrained arousal,
An impasse with the raging boners
mind so clear, instincts so true
Hola Amores! It’s Humpday! 🍑🍑🍑😁 
Uninhibited sex
The kind that makes you forget your English grammar
Meat on meat crime
Friction on my glans
The grip is wicked
she thinks she’s grinding coffee beans
Her rhombus of Michaelis bulging out
Vox punany quiffs
wet tight hugs
An act of sinuous grace and beauty
Lots of nasty human contact
Nerve endings aching with pleasure
How she deeply feels the lightest of pleasures
Hypersensitive errogeneous zones
The spirit of a Slum whore had possessed her
Sorta compendium of psychosexual treachery with a smile 
ashamed of these excesses on
her part but soon saw that they
pleased her lover, that her
complete sensual enslavement
to his body flattered him
Moaning in her customer service voice
Withholding nut is possible
But no nigga is that selfless
When it rains it pours mahn
Galaxy of synapses
Tsunami of endorphins
Softening defiant expressions
Orgasm so intense my knees almost buckled
Left me high on euphoria and talkativeness
He assented to needing her in that moment of desire
All the secret worlds of the most discrete of men
Fondest wishes
I came in for the ass
I stayed for the ambience
Keep my mouth busy with her D-Cups
To avoid pillow talking

intimate conversations made our pheromone glands go vestigial
a lost battalion of platonic conversationalists

Basking in the high regards still given by the Broads he wooed in his adolescent years
He wasn’t a gentleman, he was just inexperienced and quixotic
Me I think the best decision I ever made was not fucking my female friends
Even when the opportunity presented itself
In hindsight it wasn’t even a decision coz I just frustrated them with my shyness
She not really your homegirl if there’s no healthy sexual tension between you two
What will be the point
Infecting with excitement
But you let her go to another man’s bed since you’re looking for longevity
The trouble with
being friends with a girl is that you
get all the troubles of a lover and
none of the advantages of a friend.

Do a movie then dinner,
The movie will give you something to talk about over dinner
Shouldn’t be too stressful for the guy , cos its basically glorified small talk after
Movie at my place
Dinner at your place
We can shop at urban outfitters and blog our lives away on tumblr listening to underground rappers with our gold casios

I fucking hate texts
Let’s live together so we don’t have to text
Small talk isn’t an art
Something called gab
No over thinking and other human inhibitions
The inhibitions humans impose on themselves
Impatience, pride too much talking and less observation
Talking too much
You talk yourself out of sex
I don’t want to hear about your dreams,
Not unless there’s fucking in them

Am an evil bastard if you account for taste
Repping for The League of Beasts
Just a sexually complex mind and a body with a phallus
It’s exciting asf
My handiwork is an effrontery to the Gods
Consider this analogy : I make wine sommeliers nervous,
A spastic gut and a rectal brain
In some ethereal Warholian fashion and the mental state of some fuckslut cumming happily with the neighbour
Use y=mx+b to calculate the slope of the line you just crossed
Let’s get earthy and grubby in this so we can get back to being mild on the next
Create a secret nom de guerre in order to post some controversial truths I’ve been holding back
“Be Regular And Ordinary In Your Life So That You Can Be Violent And Creative In Your Work” ~ Unknown
Adults ruminating on adult stuff
Deflower her mind with these seedy words
Crawl into the female mind in the final stampede to Nirvana
I’m slowly peeling her like an onion; revealing the better parts of her
Nothing’s as immersive as seedy art
This relaxed state of poetry could make a nun revoke her vows
This is the best opinion you can get
It comes with dick
but one can never be sure
whether it’s good poetry or
bad acid

Intimacy and tenderness
Tight hugs and nasty sex
Guts, balls, grit and firm titties
Clit or pound of flesh
Beautiful or lovely
Or both
A world well laced with philosophy for the right eye to find
Sex and grit in everything
Enthralled with the scruples.. The nitty gritty
Appeals, boost, sex, art
It moves through me

The sin is in the rotten energies of the excesses
Embracing the raunchy anomalies of nature
Swinging dicks and the rotten anomalies of nature with no standards
A morph of the sexes into an overcompensating asshole
Surpassing the body’s reserves of daily erections
A recently found sense of sexiness
Twisted en masse with smoldering lust that’s found a mirror
In the wake of a liberal world of individuals with immense guilty pleasures
And individuals ready to assuage them

Frown upon my politeness
Why in God’s name would you want to know what I’m capable of
Girls who take you on a test drive just to tell others how you taste like
The Risibility of thinking that I’m harmless
Ukinibabaikia mie nitakubamisa
I ain’t sanguine
Sanguine men like to gossip
outwardly polite and affable, but in reality, he had ice in his veins
Good energy that repels bullshit and frustrates impure hearts
Vanquishing motherfuckers by sheer will of character
Cruelty takes a longer time to learn
I would never make the mistake of letting her know the effect she has on me
Ugh..!! Adulting
I’d prefer something a bit more dainty


I swear i can feel the boyishness leaving my body
Something else is replacing it
i donno whether to call it manhood
And I’ve got superpowers I haven’t even started using
Stopped being wilful and judgemental after realizing that,
Each nigga got a cornerstone
A Unique philosophy to them
View things more charitably
Adulthood has taught me to stay dispassionate; not to get Gripped by euphoria
With how quickly my mind evolves, I’m scared of subscribing to any notion and casting it in stone
All these unlearning is making me blind
Your ignorance gets bruised irredeemably the higher you go
Alas! Everyone realizes they’ve got stunted knowledge

Its been 2 years and I miss my foggy brain like hell,
Such clarity should be made illicit
Noise-cancelling headphones on my Wishlist
Peace is no longer, for some reason, precious;
Madness drifts like lily pads on a pond circling senselessly;
I re formulated
I don’t know when,
Date, time, all that
But the change occurred
Something in me relaxed, smoothed out
I no longer had to prove that I was a man,
I didn’t have to prove anything
All of a sudden I’ve got all this happy shit shooting at me
I welcomed shots of peace, tattered shards of happiness
I embraced that stuff like Pyrrhic pussy
Don’t get me wrong,
There is such a thing as cockeyed optimism
that overlooks all basic problems just for the sake of itself
This is a shield and a sickness
The disarming effect of poetry to the poet
Dress up shrapnels of our destructive poisons in a ridding of trajectory
then wonder why our lives are suddenly peaceful
The serious artist … [is] obsessed by his material; it’s like a venom
Working in his blood and the art is the antidote
Filtering pain through a prism of a type of humanity of arranged words
Unencumbered by poetry and rum
Use poetry to get unencumbered
Some sort of fix,
Use sex to marinate decrepitude
Protected from the worldly bullshit
Some sort of AdBlock
screaming ‘miss me with the bullshit’
distance myself from popular culture so that I can speak in my own language,
not the one they give me

Lots of impatient catalysts that drive you to be a better man prematurely
Great incentives
Plus I’m invested now,
Don’t you wanna teach me to follow through?
Illuminate my conundrum
She not really my soulmate..
She likes Artcaffe more than me
Am competing for love with pastries
Some asinine part of me thinks there’s something here
Word of The Wise : Take A Hint
Looking for fantasy unicorns when we’ve got rhinos
What a mild annoyance
Hail the poet by saying ‘Touché !’ where necessary
Pick a snack


Its not even about her body, her face alone puts most women to sleep 😍😍😍😍😍
If I say her name she’ll stunt on me
Yet to find a woman of our generation without a bumptious personality
Amusing entertaining eccentricities that turn Despair into triumph
I’ll ask light skin ‘Aliyah’ for her second name
Thick and good for my health
Like a fruit smoothie
Her body’s resources of hormones have been generous to her
When a woman is eating right you’ll know

I really like the woman
I didn’t expect to like her very much
The potency in her made me cave
For shits and giggles
A rift of blasé expected to grow

She got me felonious trying to defend her honor
I’ll risk my street cred for you baby
I will not blush for her as though it were a crime
They didn’t have to tell you I’m like Alejandro.. I thought you knew

You’re enjoying this, You bird
I’ve already said too much
Let me get my gangsta back

While we’re having a moment
She knows me too well
I feel like 80% understood
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░ 80%
Hardly charmed by the world
I could piss away my life unmolested
And God said, “I’m going to find a way.” I wasn’t there when God said it… I’m making this up.
But it sounds like what God would do
It was like the hand of God came down and tapped me on the shoulder,
And said, 
“Hey Lenny, That’s her”
Eternally condemned to wander the untended gardens of her mind🌹
The ancients tell us not to pray too hard for something
For the universe might grant it to us with a vengeance
*Swallows hard
The boy only gets her mind and soul without having her body
Such a feather in his cap
Human triumph is part of The Godly Experience
Only way to thank the gods for triumph is to keep triumphing
When the gods want to punish you they answer your prayers
By any means
Its an unwritten Godly law that the end justifies the means

I channel my best self through her
I don’t wanna fuck her
I just wanna speak to her in absolutes
Only way to do that is if she’s sweating beneath me

[W]ill-she, nill-she , . . . .
To exchange flesh with Lenny she would bid all the world defiance

The limits of man in the absence of Art and God
I don’t expect you will really understand the beauty bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses …
A woman of light fumbling in my darkness
The very act of loving her enriches his life and improves his nobility
As the great Victor Hugo cryptically stated,“Love is never stronger than when it is completely unreasonable.”
“Treat a deuce like a dime. So when you get a dime you already ready.”

Awesome woman with a type of ardor harder to find
Her new nickname is Prometheus
She tried to steal my thunder
If I ever drop the dick on her,
I’m nutting inside her
Take a girl to dinner first
The English way

Beware the average man,
Average love seeking average
Not being able to love fully
They will believe your love incomplete
And then they will hate you
And their hatred will be perfect
Their finest art
Not being able to create art
They will not understand art

Unhealthy and unnatural ways of telling people you care about them
Especially with no ways of showing them
Anything within imagination but beyond arm’s reach is unsavoury
Sexy unsavoury women deserving some poetic justice
Get off by tweaking her
Find amusement in pushing buttons and making them squirm
increase my testosterone levels
Inaccessible as in ‘Not physically there’
Inaccessible where I have to explain to my super-intimidating hot lecturer why I think she should let me fuck
wheedling that she let’s me have the forbidden fruit
Or out of my league ‘Lana Del Ray’
Nothing better than a driven Lenny
Using one woman to get horny and using another woman to satiate the hunger
quelling the fires lit by another woman with another woman

The ‘stop going after it’ philosophy, ‘be a fit receptacle for it and it’ll come to you’
He may attract to himself any force of the Universe
by making himself a fit receptacle for it, establishing a connection with it,
and arranging conditions so that its nature compels it to flow toward him
Let the warm and powerful women yield on their own
Like they should
Deep within,
She likes to be handled when no one else is watching,
Like they always do

She was perfect, pure maddening sex, and she knew it,
and she played on it,
dripped it,
and allowed you to suffer for it.
It made her happy.
I didn’t feel too bad either.
Like most men in that situation I realized that I wouldn’t get anything out of her –
until after I had made some odd promises.
I’ll only make a move if I’m ready to offer her the world
How pathetic

Marx probably would have called this immiseration. Neo-Marxist theorists call it precarity.

And no man shall lead a dog’s life coz of pussy
That’s the Fourth secret of Fatima
“Ngoja mwaka yako”
Wait your turn
That’s the Zen approach
I don’t need no female disrespecting me with regret
Just leave the stank pussies for club bouncers
Nothing beats having one bomb girlfriend
Greed ain’t a good trait
Just one of them lil confusing tings
A good sport if she’s a lil thick
To Enjoy the pantomimes of my Fidelity
SUBIs ENZO and BW guys with no girlfriends,
At least something is screaming in your life
Get to Put your problems to bed each day

M O N K E Y M U F F I N S 👅❤
Please change your peddler young girl 😹😹
Her own ass makes her afraid
She be wanting to slim and shit
That pussy belongs in Jumia

You could hurt someone with those thighs
oh, she could shimmy, she could shake,
she wobbled while talking, dancing, walking
All the boys watching every move, every twitch of her buttocks;
wobbling, wiggling, wagging
Thighs moving is fluid motion
Some lunch meat
Touch before kissing
Everyone lowkey be wanting to have sex with the thunder thighs in the room
But nobody be having the courage to speak to her
It takes a real nigga to really appreciate a juicy woman
Calling her baby girl, slapping her ass and holding her hand in public
Supple looking women showing too much skin
A real nigga to hug the curves
I be pissing her off just to see her walk away in them daisy dukes
Ma sha Allaah dheeh

There’s the feminine Mojo that is fuxwitable af
She’s got it but she still wants it
Can’t have your cake and eat it too
I’m addicted to thick stuff
What’s for dinner mami ? DEEZ BUNS 🍞 
Come sit on your throne my Queen
How’d you put it past me and am standing right here
My mouth is all ears
Make it flare open by putting my tongue in
If I eat your groceries, I’m throwing a cucumber in there fosho

Chessboard days of moves and countermoves, fagged interests
slow days like mules humping it slagged and sullen
Good days too of fat legs of women wrapped around your waist buried in moans,
Slow winding to Beyoncé with some fat ting
Hug one thigh
Women that aren’t affectionate are so trash lmao
They basically niggas in lingerie. I’m cool on them
Its so hard to find a Ms. Thunder thighs who isn’t affectionate
The comforting knowledge of flirtatiousness laced beneath womanly giggles
Giving her a loving womanly glow
Her giant ass fits perfectly into the narrative of my groin
A comfortable fuck
A honorable place for the boy to lay his head
Sweet pair of soft ass writhing on my lap
Softly squeeze the other pair on her chest
Every prehensile fat ass slapping his groin wills his dick to grow longer
The thick voluminous sound that ass makes
That’s the sound of saturated sweetness
Utamu kolea

Teenage lust Vs. Adult lust
No guilt on the latter
Its so natural
The ultimate fragility of being bent over
Just for me to lay my pipe
Settling scores of tempestuousness by going in harder
If I go deeper will you throw it back?
Going in harder than your favorite rapper
Rub her buns and make a wish
Yeet, Gets a nigga every time

Something about Super balloony balcony ass just gets you going
Too much Booty popping,
Perfume worn on her naked brilliance
Too luscious
Extremely luscious
Satisfying my immorality complex by just looking at it
Her nakedness meant a lot
With a bum looking soo extra
You just wanna wreck and destroy then move on to other things
Shaking it so dirty
Anaeza pepeta jiko nazo
wide and mushy backside
impossible to take in at a glance
‘You cant even hold a candle to it’
I don’t even wanna smash
I just wanna touch it till I get bored
Like there’s nakedness beneath the nakedness
Abbreviated clothing
Short loose dresses to accentuate her jumpy ass
perfect for quickies
She perverts my energy beyond what’s normal
deepen her wedgie with just the tip
I think, an inherently true, though perhaps crude and primitive, taste- its atavistic
Looking ripe naaamean
My palm getting lost in her cleft
The power spanks don’t make her flinch
Making me go guano crazy
With stamina for days; I had her believing Victor Wanyama is my first cousin
Shag to total magna
Till there’s no nut left
Infecting with immorality
Languid and spent motherfucker
My batteries are low on zinc
You owe me some change

I had never had a better fuck
It was the way she took it
She really digested a fuck.
Her hands would grip me and her pussy clutched just as hard.
she took it like it was a knife that was killing her.
There was enough meanness and hostility in her to make me feel that with each thrust I was paying her back for her ill-temper.
I even thought of pimping her out coz I knew they’d pay good money for such

Sizzler pussy aside,
Broads who’ll leave you onerous with the Othello’s syndrome
The hypothetical musk of other men on her body
Making him rabidly jealous and disgusted in equal measure
Men are ruled by their foibles,and Lenny’s foible is Pride and a sharp memory
I don’t want to need people
Meet me halfway with the longing
Niggas acting dispassionate against their own self interests
Fits of apoplexy
Shocking the expectations of women
Bouts of short lived impatient excitement
Hope I wasn’t so pressed
Fuck that mentality
Incubate the beast
Embrace the lust
Manners and Lust maketh man
Raw lust
Mark of the beast
Each beast got its mark
Lion’s mane
Leopard rosettes
Cheetah spots,
Tiger stripes
Man – Lust
Sexual healing and acceptance of lust go hand in hand

Succumb to tenderness and feminine scents
Warmth, softness and scents of our women
Capitulation to human instincts and desires
Untamed sins of the flesh,
Rosemary and steak
Withdrawals from denying compulsive needs
Like coarse sex
Bring the convoluted into epoch.
Nasty vogue
Middle Eastern arcane customs of keeping harems
The penis mightier than the sword ~ ﷺ

our era’s psyche, with all its contradictory urges.”
Inordinate aberrations
S.T.I’s – greed and sexual unconsciousness
Hii ni story ya maboy,wa gear five, madame wafly, kuteremsha zip kwa fly, za furahiday night, Love,lust, broken trust… #Juliani #Shuga
fundamental depravity of men unless checked by some dictatorship.
Only way for men to escape their lusts is through acceptance
Belie’e that shit
Human beings – or we could say human becomings – are naturally driven by a longing, a purpose, and this signifies a connection with a sacred impulse.
We struggle not to be brutes while acknowledging we can never be angels
fully explained in terms of the
normal lust of human beings
for power and wealth.

Watches costing more than art.
More than contemporary art to be precise
Contemporary watches costing more than contemporary art
Hold that insulting thought,,,

Getting late in Geneva where they auction time in millions
Only the poor should get late in Switzerland
Coz time is fucking expensive over there
Only the rich can afford it
Selling gears and sprockets @ $1,000,000 just coz it took massas in labcoats 10, 000 hours to hand-guilloché
If we’re talking status symbols,
I want a watch that’s gonna inspire a nigga to rob me
Scorsese scratch resistant Sapphire, platinum case upmarket aesthetics, Massa Felipe rhodium plated tourbillion tachometer with baguette white gold bezel, emerald-cut pink diamonds, white diamonds with ostentatious Rose Gold and Yellow Gold composite ensembles fit for Royal Oaks of du jour.
I don’t want those hawkish watches ranked by exorbitance
Fuck the Capital system, right?
Just horologically-savvy is enough status symbol to hold court.

70 carat Über-stylish
In the middle of Greenland.. Ice 
King Midas died of starvation coz everything he touched turned to Gold
Saint Eligius; Patron Saint of The Jewelers
Pray For Us that the restlessness we have about getting rich may be satisfied
But that we may not get Cursed by Mammon’s elder cousin
Wisdom over Unscrupulousness
The Romans had a strange relation to wealth:
anything that “softens” or “mollifies” was seen negatively.
Their reputation for decadence is a bit overdone—history likes the lurid;

Crosscut pelmet skirt reveal caramel hues chic: /ʃiːk and elegantly poised on the hood of a red convertible
Some rare head to toe fineness meant to bewilder,
and its working
I nearly missed the plates KVF 555
Damn, she’s fine asf
They’re both… *what’s the word* ,,… alluring, the car included
That Morris Garages is one lucky bastard
Here’s a good girl just at peace with the world
In all her caramel glory
Seemingly clueless of her own beauty
A sweet disposition written allover her face
Super nice legs
Foxy but maintaining the sweet disposition
Awash with The better parts of the Shades of brown spectrum
I know its caramel

Caramel hues could start a riot
Caramel smiles will have you thinking its Summer on April
Radiating Golden hues all around 
Mrs. Portiphah wondering who’s this nigga saying no to Egyptian yellow cakes
Joseph was stronger than Samson

LadyFortuna brought the ideas to me, making me feel stupid—for I realized I had
had them inside me all along

Can you feel it?
The Latin being sung throughout the background is ‘the Confiteor’,
A Catholic prayer said towards the beginning of Mass,
It’s title translates to “I confess” or “I acknowledge”,
Which directly relates to Lenny’s confession of his lust for 🐼,
Which he expresses in the poem.

Mojo interruptus
Really Now😂😂😂
Situationally bibliotheque
Needless mess of perverse forms—as if two thousand years of art progress had been tossed out the window in favor of total chaos.
Some say we should keep personal remorse from the poem,
stay abstract, and there is some reason in this,
but jezus we should Make art like we’re actually in this century
But as God said,
crossing his legs,
I see where I have made plenty of poets
But not so very much poetry
Zeitgeists reflected in art
Modernity corresponds to the systematic smoothing of the world’s jaggedness,
The Art movements and Zeitgeists have been alternating and revolting through ages from order to chaos
The chaos of our time is a zeitgeist trying to judge itself learning from the folly of their predecessors
The current Zeitgeist can only be fitly judged by the next zeitgeist
Learning at the feet of the masters
Need I ask at whose feet did the masters learn?
Our sensibilities blend everything,
There’s a way better artist out there than your favorite artist
If you want to succeed as an artist you should live in a bubble
Master the rules so you know how to break them
Any kind of purist is an idiot
Treating the genre with reverence
Art will never evolve if we keep getting stuck on the Great massive paintings in rich oils
The shock value essence,
Your grandma ain’t posed to like it
Change the very definition of Art
Andy Warhol’s should no longer serve as modern art
Andy Warhol’s methods of removing the Artist’s hand and industrializing the creative process
Art is a hot commodity
But modern art is too hot to the point it gets priceless
Its not revolutionary
Its too neat… Too
The art is too busy done by edgy artists
Excessively adulterated and fleeting
Way outside the arresting richness of the Conventions of visionary art  
The offerings of modern art
The appeal of modern art
There’s too much creativity out here, it’s fucking unhealthy
Desensitized by too much awesomeness
Everything is awesome till nothing awes us anymore
A different way of approaching progress especially with no shock value involved
Innate artless acknowledgement of Great Art
At the mercy of blurred lines
I don’t know if its easier now to make art , I mean, I
I think maybe Its cheaper, but still you need to have some skill regarding,
Regarding knowing art and stuff
With all these software being available
What’s happening is shit’s getting co-opted into something that isn’t the primary thing
with a Latin saying that
sophistication is born out of hunger (artificia docuit fames).
We’ve got no hunger rynnow
Whatever we do now is akin to reinventing the wheel
Recycling of previous art movements
That desire for something that does not exist
If it exists on any plane of the universe we’re obligated to either perfect it or leave it alone
Get reflexes from Good parentals
Show respect, do not stare, Unless its ass               
Good taste is acquired

“Jesus is too much for us. The church’s later treatment of the gospels is one long effort to rescue Jesus from ‘extremism.’”
Jesus rode an ass triumphantly into Jerusalem

poets and artists inspired by the grandeur of their surroundings.
Me I was baptized with ass
Booty is the ambrosia
Dipsetic jawns
Ass pouring outside her tights
Squeeze it like a stress ball
Escapes through my fingers
Excuse the ripeness
a great sun-shaped brown-crusted loaf of bread straight from the oven
Gluten free shiny caramel buns
Skeet on your morning cake 🎂💦

If I figured you’d have the rind to touch me that much I’d have brought a rubber
Beckoning blood flow to everywhere the hands touched
We could make another human in this trance of pleasure
Inflamed by desire . . . embraced me after a most fulsome manner
Clumsy groping in the dark
Lots of nasty human contact
Grinding my tail end
Making my nipples ticklish
There’s danger in her pursuit of pleasure
Animalistic abilities laced with feminine sensuality
touched her
body in secret places with such
respectful love.
Cold feminine hands gripping the pendulous meat
She Rides it with soothing capitulation
Warm masculine hands gripping the bouncy meat
Bodying her ass like am mad at the cheeks
Fucking by rote like she’s my wife
Mistaking muscle memory for love
Badly inside her she needed me
Till she can’t take it anymore I entered
An extremely bad tease
Tight, wild and anything womanly possible
She scoots on the meat like she trynna break it
Soft fat cheeks
Satisfy my sixth sense of cupping by
Scooping and squeezing them like dough
Turning the other cheek and holding her waist
As I aim to disappear into her
ripples running like the tributaries of the Nile all over our entwined torsos in the highest peak of nutting and nutting again and again and again and again

Her prostrate receptors runneth over at that moment

Brassy women with thick asses and a numbness to pain during sex
Mercurial sex with dissolute women open to Corinthian manners of shoving it up the Helix of her chambers

Scandalous poses
laid back, head dropped on my chest, popping pussy, her tiny legs on my thighs
With a serious hankering to fit some dick betwixt her nether loins
Sink and swallow
Pestle and mortar
Like am searching for light at the end of the tunnel
She’s a big girl
She can handle it
She won’t die
She’ll be laughing the next morning like nothing happened
Nothing’s as rejuvenating as a woman’s body
women who harbor these psychological fantasies
Wonder why they never get prostrate cancer

That ratchet friend your ggirl has
Balancing peaches like the Chakacha queens of Swahili culture
Irresistible women
Flirting with no undies
She only puts on panties at that time of the month
I like my women Ginger with fat perineums
Leading my wandering eyes astray
Clutching Kitty unfettered
Grab and go
Can I go down on you
Give the bean a good yodelling
Wet mounds of flesh that seem to bust open with every touch
Tactile feel of fat petals
Her firm nipples tickling my chest
Best behavior
Step on it hard
Spread it wide
Posing in an effeminate contrapposto,
Conveying a feminine vulnerability
Sucking her inner cheek and her lips like a nasty gorgeous hoe
Body arched up
The act of giving
Body arched up
In anticipation of gushing sticky juices of ecstasy
Explosion of the whole body through a single outlet

Imma Gallant nigga but,
Y’all can share
I’m so deferential,
If she asks me to pull it out imma do it
You’re not meant to draw your sword unless you intend to use it
Heartache after a sweet fuck
She called it cheating,
He called it believing in cause and effect
While she believed in spontaneity,

There’s the feminine Mojo that is fuxwitable af
Woman of consequence

Stretching dress higher up the thighs as the grinding intensifies
Whisper to her ear : “What do you do with all that ass on a beautiful Friday morning”
We’re on a Need to know basis
Coz the way they’re Getting pregnant in droves
Gotta keep your wits if she ain’t pregnant with that level of freakiness
Babe was a goner,
Twerking for crowds and shit
Her only crime was that she was light skin
I’m just gonna beat then go back to wifey

I came with my wits in my boxer pockets
Just gimme sloppy toppy with them at my ankles coz I ain’t taking them off

Dancing eyes and succulent polyclay lips
Misbehaving eyes
Eye-fucking with Medusa
Natural flirtatiousness
Unintentionally inviting
Thou mayest
Call a spade a spade, but call her the very essence of sex and love
She looks like sex and we can’t be grown ups about it
We just can’t
In layman’s terms, sultry means immoral at first glance
Niggas know what I mean

Pretty baby face with nigger lips
From resting bitchface to inviting lips real quick
lips, so open to
pleasure and to wounds.
Unshielded by matte
Moist and bare begging me to invade
Lips stupid plump
Suck the sap out
Bite them like gummy bears
Like am biting on shawarma
I call her the lipstick thug
Kisses so wild you know your tongue is still there,
Forgot whose air i was breathing
Like she hates me
Like she wants me to die
electricity in my feet as she massages my earlobes
I feel like a headless chicken
She got enough lip gloss for both of us
Thank God Fi di gal dem

Feel like putting something in that pretty mouth
According to my calculations
I might just slip and slide

Her eyes looked deep into mine.
The tip of it entered her mouth
I fell back, damned
The devil has power to assume a pleasant shape
Looking into you, goading you to look back at it unrelentingly
My spunk dripping on the shelf of her chin


They never prepared me for this level of thirst
Just got better at hiding it
Something’s beyond sexy if it makes you hungry instead of thirsty
All it takes is eyes to contaminate a soul
Compelling afflictions
Sensory overload

warm-looking ripe breasts
So much fun to slap around
OUU her nips just got hard
Her nips are dark
My hands are greedy
Clean and shaven marble balls
Dick carved out of onyx
Gilt-edged pussy
We hump so long,
I bring her to heights she never seen coz she’s too short
Collapse doggy style
Power exchange
Gasping and back neck kisses
Her face looks better with my pipe in her
Captivating unguarded face filled with lust and hate
The whore face
Pretty dang Blind with bliss
Now he can’t get enough of her genuine expression of pleasure
She does it doggy coz she thinks her orgasm face is ugly
Nah. Funny, maybe, but not ugly
The kind of face that needs some Yoga

what is called a tête à baffe, a face that invites you to slap it, just like a soft booty invites you to bite into it.

Delicate sensibilities turn me on
Now I sound like a Lesbian poet
Sprawled, open and wet like a flower in the rain
My mind had Already nutted even before I slathered her with dick
Gottà find the balance between wrecking and loving on her
Mess up her calibrations
An expert with her delicates
For a nigga who Lives and dies by the flowery things in life,
Her softer features left me at dismay
Makes you wanna go half
Squeeze one out
Just one kid
One kid only

Snuggle baby,.
Don’t be a coward
press a cheek to my chest when I said heart is flesh a woven nest for desire to rest
A muscle that shrinks if not used

The fine line between wanting no smoke and being a pussy niggga
If they offer a casus belli, hit them hard
Hit them back hard, they’ll be buffering for a response
A slugger, pugilistically speaking
Not overturning disrespect could give me PTSD

Pygmalion effect
Two different things
Basking in all kinds of rep
Drowning in Rep
Basking in the arrogance of knowing what I’m capable of
Paying top-dollar for beginner’s luck
Beginner’s glee
Everyone’s so fucking square,
Its boring
I don’t trust people who fit in
A strange cat and a dark horse walk into a bar
Ain’t no motherfucking problem with being a strange cat
Strange Cat full of surprises
Still have the capacity to surprise
Strange Cats Don’t have to choose a script and stick to it
Serendipity is our essence
Lunchroom degenerates 
The Beatnik, The Fuck up, The Low life
of artsy gays who really understand pain
Dressing salads
Serving looks
She dresses to depress
You make me wanna eat you
The face of insolence swiveling on a chair screaming “Its just a phase”
That he was praying to a god to make him
something more than a common piece of clay.
and so he would not drown silently in the
vast ocean of mankind.

Autism is art
I mean the whole concept of autism as art
is Bananas
For lack of a better expression 
extraordinarily rare talents of prodigious
autistic savants
That art would be so personal since autistic people are so self absorbed
An anthropologist on Mars
Autism is a product of quackery
Modern parents shouldn’t accept it as normal
Just coz of its congenitalness
Autism=Brain damage.
And its a math problem.
Genetics can’t account for escalating Autism crisis.
But toxic environment of chemicals, vaccines & foods can
These vaccine ingredients are ALL dangerous (even in small doses) but esp in combination

Know your beat intimately
The converse is also true:
Know your meat intimately
Shush all those other standards
You ain’t a real man if you can’t make Nyama Choma
Octopuses as pets or octopuses as food
Mchuzi wa Pweza
Kuongeza nakshi ya mapenzi
Swahili is the best language
The most beautiful language on earth
Followed closely by Spanish
His bumper sticker tells me
suddenly I have an urge to scream
Ulimwengu ndio daro
Usibishane na Wanafunzi
Nobody got time for foolish idealism
Without real power you can’t make a dent on the word


Concept of humanity,
An endless loop of recovering from traumas
Countries and their countrymen healing from some shit
desiderata of affects—agonistic, impassive, defiant, reclusive, filled with sorrow and flailing at that architectonic chess match called life
Some missing the mark
Others picking up the slack
If you let the walls fall, zealots with pitchforks are gonna come rushing in

human or Nexus-6 androids?
The math of what makes us human
The %s
What it takes to tame a lion without killing its spirit or wearing it out
How Venus felt after finding out she wasn’t the only Morning Star

When death becomes poetic

What better way to create a fuck up than the endless tests and lessons
Supercilious recourse against the hand of God for the faults of nature 
the hand that crafted itself
abiding by the
between Sacred
and Profane,
behold his soul in all
its awful nakedness, that
appalling actuality.
From whence Fear of god stems
eli eli lamma lamma sabacthani

Biblical pin drop

Something got wrecked
élan vital
And the pugilist hits the canvass
And the penny drops
The trenches never rejected a good soldier
Feeling of bottomless disquiet
Headwaters of a river of failure
Scotch to scorch the nest of broken dreams
Lose sight and wreck myself with booze 
Using Jack Daniels to torture ice cubes
Burn motherfucker and amplify my taste
Chewing pills enough to knock out a horse
And washing down with regal scotch
The cocaine wears off and the night feels empty
And you’re reminded once again
it’s the damndest
you’ve ever
in it–
low budget
4 billion
and the longest
you ever hope

This level of fuckery
Please don’t creep into my backyard
Men who are hardwired
We’re amongst the dying who always keep it copacetic
I hope it gives you chills
A walking ice cube
Trying to hold it together,
goes from lighthearted to heavy
who cut their wrists three times successively unsuccessfully, gave up and were forced to blame it on Nacet
Catchphrase of the day
“Who likes hospital food”


he tells us that his heart is drowning in
vomit. hell, all our hearts are drowning in vomit,
in pork salt, in bad verse, in soggy  love.
but he thinks he’s alone and
he thinks he’s special and he thinks he’s Rimbaud
and he thinks he’s  Pound. 
Fucking pussy

those with messy lives get to grow old
While Those with magic are ephemeral
The wild wonders are evanescent
They don’t make it
The beautiful die in flame
They can’t endure
The terrors of one man in a corner
Found crumpled into spiders and needles and silence
And we can never understand why they left,
They were so beautiful
They don’t make it
The beautiful die young
And leave the ugly to their ugly lives

The thing weighing on his conscience was his body,
So he got rid of it
getting a gun and doing it
quickly – withoutallthethoughtandtalk.
Coz you can’t face reality
What lies above lies below.
A proper life is about balancing the joy of being alive with the terror of being alive Ignoring either side of the equation leads to chaos.
Thou preparest for death never actually dies untimely
the secret of life is to ‘die before you die’ and find that there is no death. – Eckhart Tolle

greatest of all human failings
Death by my own hands,
You came to pay your last contempts?
The cleaner of fuck ups and wipe off smug faces by serving revenge cold in form of regret lying on a cold metal slab
Not even mercury is that heavy
collateral for this mental health issue to come into epoch
Life is for the living

Act of weakness or.act of strength
The kind of distraught you have to be to summon up the guts to jump off the roof
Tasting rusted metal on the roof of his mouth
The taste of blunt trauma
he could not believe he was dying
His body seemed suspended in air, free of pain
and fear
He could never die.
He did not know that great loss of blood produces euphoria. 
And in the
euphoria inspired
by the draining of
the blood from his
body he dreamed of
future glory.
By the time the world woke up
The suicide note read: “If you’re reading this its too Late.”

It is debatable to say that if you have a high IQ, then you are “better equipped” to handle and navigate through a tough trip.
People with high IQ tend to have statistically more mental illnesses which to me at least indicates that their minds are more fragile, not stronger
I think it takes a strong mind to stay somewhat grounded throughout the trip so that you can more easily “bring yourself back” after the chemical takes you on a journey.
Weaker minds sometimes never find their way back
Oliver Stone wrote the script for Scarface while struggling with his own addiction to cocaine
You always come back.
don’t let fools tell you you don’t. How would they know? Lmfao.
Niggaz taking heroic doses trying to get fucked with… nbd.. EGO DEATH substances
People who Tried roughly 100-200 datura stramonium seeds at 14 years without having a negative experience

Even his 2nd DMT breakthrough which consisted of evil jesters mocking him and telling him that life is a joke and his death is the punchline, was a good experience

The closest he’s had to a bad trip is when him and his brother were both on a 4th plateau dxm trip and he was driving
If you want to talk to your furniture,
Take 3.5 grams of shrooms and a 3rd plat dose of dxm.
You always come back.
don’t let fools tell you you don’t. How would they know? Lmfao.

Weed was good to me
Too nice actually
Like that ex girlfriend
I’ll always have something nice to say about her
Considering how I see her treating other people now,
We just had to break it off coz the ground rules on who uses who were getting fuzzy
Am very cis-normative if you’ve been paying attention
All vices in my life have a constant gender
It just happens so naturally

I miss her mahn,
She fed my demons and made them rich scroungers
Made them afford the Hamp

Ridiculously Refined place
Grandchildren of poets and painters
The prefix Hamp says affluent district
“The Hamptons” “Hampstead” &
My brain is a lil Hamp demon Borough for rich demons
My other demons just got bored and poor so they had to move out
Its a ghost town, literally
The pandemonium is empty
Pandemonium the demon condominiums need tenants
Kinda want the demons back for my art

Going outside of what society considers normal and trying to bring back relics to share with the world
Recreational drugs,
Recreational insofar as they help us recreate,
Not destroy
Get back in touch with our subconscious

Niggas out here leaning heavy
Self-medicating with Benylin and Ratinol
Hooked up on some opioid cocktail
Kero, kacheng, kama Si Jaba hakuna Kitu ingine inaeza runda
Cheap amphetamines
Dudes bugged out on Mabati
Settling really well with 50cc of Morphine
Tripping on wires
Hooked on Acids
Dropping acid for breakfast
Mandy the happy drug in its raw form
You can’t O.D on it unless you mix it with alcohol
Nightingale to soothe the depressed
3 hrs being outside your delusions
Her cavities filled with that Novocaine
Percocets and vicodine adding to your psychosis
mind-bending drugs that erode the already-thin line between reality and insanity
Codeine turns your head upside down
Flatline like Hendrix after Mixing barbiturates with alcohol
Geeking them Xans
Nasty on Ecstasy
and a 90 day supply of Adderall.
Degenerative drugs
These ain’t the right ingredients

using it to fill in their empty God-Hole
People seeking to fill a God-Hole,
to give their life a sense of meaning and to provide a cohesive world-story so that they do not feel they exist in a state of uncertainty and chaos.
Nietzsche, Freud, Feuerbach, and many others have recognized this fact: the need for Gods is not so easily replaced as the Gods themselves are.

If you can live without,
Achana na mihadarati
But don’t die before trying three of the best drugs
Marijuana, LSD & Psilocybin Mushrooms. In that order
Psychedelic fungus
Psilocybin Mushrooms & The Path to Higher Consciousness
Cerebral high meditation and weed haze aromatics
Organic weed growing naturally in the Garden of Gethsemane
Hotboxing in Tombouctou
Opioids are the jet fuel for the overdose crisis we face
Rest easy Mac
He can exist forever right here…
Smh we lost a real one
Let’s meditate and not medicate people

one in ten kids beyond the age of high school is on some kind of antidepressant, such as Prozac.
Indeed, when you go through mood swings,
you now have to justify why you
are not on some medication.
There may be a few good reasons to be on medication, in severely pathological cases,
but my mood, my sadness, my bouts of anxiety, are a second source of intelligence—perhaps even the first source. I get mellow and lose physical energy when it rains, become more meditative, and tend to write more and more slowly then, with the raindrops hitting the window, what Verlaine called autumnal “sobs” (sanglots).
Somedays I enter poetic melancholic states, what the Portuguese call saudade or the Turks hüzün (from the Arabic word for sadness).
Sour cream and barbeque
Oversize pyjamas and binge watching like some heartbroken damsel
Other days I am more aggressive, have more energy with an endless supply of good movies and can’t write anything
Should I be turned into a vegetable or a happy imbecile?
Had Prozac been available last century, Baudelaire’s “spleen,” Edgar Allan
Poe’s moods, the poetry of Sylvia Plath, the lamentations of so many other
poets, everything with a soul would have been silenced.…

Percocets are not Ibuprofen
The way these Pharmaceuticals are,
You need more every single time
Till eventually its just not enough
Oxycodone, rob you of every vision and coin
Purp and xan sound hella fun till one day the nigga behind the mirror don’t look familiar. Ask that boy from New Orleans

Life’s beating death in creating broken faces
The sunlight taken away
Replace charm with shifty lifeless eyes
Just a fe/male empty void
Completely depleted sense of art
Even death hates such a man
Saturated with sweet toothed bastards with heads full of hate
Self afraid emo niggas with bloody knuckles
And Hearts with apoplectic fury
Sweetness and passion, vibe to the vibeless
Magnify the backseat
Generous with hugs
Soak it in
Drown it
Overwhelm with care,
Fuck the terrible days away

What’s the linchpin?
What’s life’s clincher?
Credit your wholeness to
Emotional anchor
tragedy and coarse sex
Quickfixes involving sucking, Riding and Sweating
Whatever blows your skirt up
Shrouded by the buttress of family
Family is only a worldly blessing if it abides by your peculiarities
In fact, that’s the only definition of family
It transcends blood
Unrepentant hedonism
Tongue club and Clitorism
Restless longing of the glimpse of sublime
Careless pleasure
Carefree expression of pleasure
The feminine reaction to pleasure is pure bliss to watch
And induce
Makes you wanna rhapsodize about the experience,
These earthly pursuits that make life worthwhile
Your earthly pursuits aren’t succeeding coz you fill your God-hole with earthly pursuits
Never before has it been so easy as in the modern era to find something to fill a person’s God-Hole with.
What’s a God-Hole, you ask?
Well, put simply its a metaphor for the part of our psyche where religious surety and faithful fanaticism would have been reserved for Yahweh and his earthly cohorts, as was the case with generations and generations of many of our ancestors.
These earthly pursuits that make life worthwhile
With more than half of them succeeding
Without having to ride on anything’s or anybody’s back
None of them succeeding
Show him the ropes
Tie the noose when you get to the end of your rope
Ligature marks on his neck
We’ll bury you in a pull neck

Summon my vastness of heart
And nobility of stock in an attempt to
Pretend to give a fuck about individuals with a Cortisol imbalance
You can almost spot the trace of godliness
We don’t need empathy
We need tact
Masterful tact
Commonplace hypochondria
Systemic hypochondriacks
Gruesome social pathologies on the rise
Not sinister, but jarring.
Treachery S.O.S is jammed
The stats are bizzare even for a brutish race like mankind
The True Meaning of ‘TACT’
The lofty language of free speech
Words that burnt the bridge
Better to get rid of the pacifying middleman with his pitiful reach-arounds and mawkish petting.
simply own up to the simple fact that shit happens

The Assumption of Mary . Fruit of the Mystery: Grace of a Happy Death

Compounded triggers
7 Hennessey’s deep
Blissfully content
Sweating nothing
Veritable blissful contentment
If you keep drinking and driving
You’re living on borrowed time

“Everything I love the most gets taken away
My momma and music is next
And if that happens before I turn 28
Then I’m going out with Kurt Cobain”
~ Ab-Soul

“I was screaming into the canyon
At the moment of my death
The echo I created
Outlasted my last breath
My voice it made an avalanche
And buried a man I never knew
And when he died his widowed bride
Met your daddy and they made you”
~ Fiona Apple

“Check my pulse, and if I’m dead, you owe me” ~ Andrew Taggart
“Check my pulse, and if I’m dead, my bad”

the media has made inroads by trying to cover high-profile suicides discreetly so as to minimize suicidal ideation and inspiring others to follow their example

Evil outlasts us all

Take my own life?
If this world hasn’t taught you to never say never are you really an adult
Me I could never die for free like that
If I was to die on my terms it would have to be meaningful
Waste a life so malleable by giving it a meaningless death
Its nonrefundable
What is great in man is that he is
a bridge and not a goal:
No honour in wasting death for a deep dark desolate grave
Urban legends out of spontaneous calamity
Precipitate a revolution by self immolating like Mohammed Bouazizi
Then we’ll teach our kids on self sacrifice using your name
Death with purpose
Set thyself on fire to protest injustice
If Bouazizi was slapped by a male cop maybe he’d have reconsidered
But the sheer humiliation at the hands of a woman,,…  of being at the mercy of a female cop was too much for the hustling Tunisian man to bear
In other words, what is called sacrifice. And the word “sacrifice” is related to sacred,
the domain of the holy that is separate from that of the profane.
The feminine is affront in nature
The female affronts instinctively, its no trick
The male may be the rapacious species but the female is the humbug species
Who spent his good years fucking hoes and catching feelings
Trapped by tenuous snakeoil expectations into favouring reactionarism over actionaryism

The snowflake feminist is always Ms. Ain’t shitness
so full of desperadoes and fanatical haters of anything
Mussbenice always having someone/ thing to fight
Predictable spasm of juvenilia
Raw nerves without a constant
Good for you and your inclinations
Don’t recruit other people to your esteem  issues

Why though?
Official dopeheads and textbook hoes
Excuse my French ,, Ashakum Si matusi
Fucking for the greater good like some Hierodule
Hierodule: temple slave, often one performing religious prostitution
Alas, a perishable item
The Lindy effect
Kindness is free, spread that stuff

The women in rotation among liquor circles
Ass liquors
Made too imperious by life’s shit show..
They can no longer assume the role of hunted women
I’m just Wandering in these streets where they put premium on pussy
Too much dick with no pregnancy erodes loveliness
Babies being made without the pure class we had
As if melody had never been invented
Cognizant loins of a promiscuous woman
Edification from 10 dicks ago ___ Onomatopoeia
Remnants of a whole universe of men behind the women
Lips taste of red wine and wasted years
Touching feel of a tired body
alcohol and cheese
She’s so used to men objectifying her
Personal space for her is a figment
Anyone can come through
Her ass stopped being an erogenous zone
Every inch stained by men’s touches
Peppered with spunk and spanks
She has a bruised heart
Men have let her down
I respectfully don’t care
Psychologically resigned to the fate of being spoils of war,
One day
Waiting for man to lay claim
To the victors belong the spoils
You bomoa food
You bomoa a chic
Call her cupcake but eat her like ugali
Fold her like a beach chair
Crass maleness
Aiming to taint the world’s purity till there’s little of it left
What happens when there’s
Nothing left to wreck
Nothing left to taint
a walking venereal disease in need of quicksilver..
Simplex Virus beneath the cherry red lipstick
Cavemen defending putains like there’s competition
Put your drawers on
The near-impossibility of attaining the level of full-on pussy pounding they desire, even when lustily worked over
Whose fault is that
The bigger the hoops the bigger the hoe
Your good shoes and lingerie ain’t gone change the fact
Not your Tiffany necklace
There isn’t a song that can change that
But her caramel skin might

Even silky caramel forgives everything
Mahn, women with caramel butts can get away with murder
Caramel hues could start a riot
Booty the colour of mustard
A colour, like that of cantaloupe flesh.
The Khoisan women with steatopygia
Where Dr. Miami got his blueprint from
Booty the colour of Kalahari desert sands
Radiating Golden hues all around
Oily skin she leaves her scent on your body for weeks end

Women fuck around
Am talking in reference point

Take any perspective, hell, take mine
One in every five pretty smiles casually swallows nut
The average woman shags 10 times a week

Pausing for dramatic effect
Motherfucking chill bumps

You see her poised and shy
But me know how
Bad ting stretches like Ms. Incredible
Got to be fresh
Who can tell?
Not a goddamn body that’s who
Its about how you carry it
Women giving you the illusion of purity
You can’t tell that she has sweltering sex everyday
She doesn’t have morals, she’s just shy
The allure of balance
Innocent provocateur
I can feel my balls brewing nut

Slice of pure animal
What’s animalistic and what’s not
You need ___ Newtons to make a horse levitate
You need ___ to make me stand up like a ruler
Preference is not prejudice
Wanuri is hot as fuck BTW

Animé is the byproduct of a sexually repressed country
Unwind the unglued
The amount of devilry committed to Africa in Queen Victoria’s name
Was Queen Victoria sexually repressed?

Pleasure shouldn’t be tasking that’s why its called pleasure
Knee jerk escapism
Not in the pusillanimous nature,
But in the Cathartic freedom seeking sense
Sex is all release
What was trapped gets released
The nuts, free the nipple, release the inner whore, tension
Pacify the Dense post-sexual feelings by hitting it twice
Hardened hearts mellowing and mellowed dicks hardening
I’m spellbound
a happy satiety of the body
Its all in the release
Get rid of that dead weight

Walk around pretend I’m Hemingway
Be my vice,
Only time I’m consistent is with my vices
Antiquated Victorian thickness
Take me there
King Ataxerxes futuristic debauchery excesses
Modern manners wouldn’t allow it
Nature sets in to impose its scary limits where man goes beyond
You don’t have to go to French Riviera to try unconventional forms of sex

Nduthi ganging to A Jameson’s weekend
“All for the vanity of women!”
“And the depravity of man!”
Booty patrol coz I got a sweet tooth
Shoot away idle questions at vain women
Real prince
Dumping Jell-O shots down her throat
I’m the plug, she the fuse
Drunken compliments are the best
Adoring truths that people were too proud to say to you when they were sober
Perm my hair and start wearing tight polo shirts
Prologue to a relationship
No interlocution
Less talking
Sensitive passion
Sensation from the glans to the ears
I don’t trust bloodrush anymore
The sense of relief when the desire is gone
The Instagram pressure of having a girl
She’s somewhere happy with half a titty out
Besides Beside
She gone take my cheap ass back

Am a seasoned intriguer
I’m big on awe,
I’m big on miens
Cloying on my own grace
“The kind that makes haters kiss their teeth” ~ Jay Z
Nuance and finesse rather than Sharpie™ highlights and fireworks
Who’s holding the biggest gun in the room
Poetic license
French: poétique 
To create my own buzz with my women
Incongruent and incomparable to no other
Foreplay begins in the mind and all that bullshit
Two grown adults in accord
Greenlight to invade her lips and go skin to skin on first meet
Deftly conceptual
The concept of immediacy 
Offending my largesse
What looks like Feminine tempestuousness complaining about the forlorn
The path to refinement till we get it right
I think sometimes of all the good ass
turned over to the monsters of the world
A one man Freedom March
That never squeezed in between the Classifieds and obituaries
God, or somebody, bless him
Lenny Almighty to all.. Lenny dearest to some
Your slickness
I don’t fuck around with endings
The streets need me
Sayonara baby ✌
the way to end a poem
like this
is to become suddenly

Mojo VI

C. Wallace

6.00 P.M in Nakuru
Back on my balderdash
Running through Nakuru with my woes
Mindsets changing on the way
Trade the noise for a piece of divine 
If you cause any cul-de-sac you either undo it or create a way through it
Deciding that unreachable grapes are sour is very childish
Schrödinger’s cooch. Until you fuck it its both trash and not trash
Hitting on a chic outside the DMs Ni kama kumwaga mtama kwenye kuku wamejaa 
Man or woman.. Don’t give me woman advice if you’ll not wingman for me
Manze Si nimerust
Stagnancy kills piquancy
ooh umenona, ooh umepotea and other stories
The latent sabbatical was meant to keep me from posting negativity
All I could come up with were F-bombs
I had to fill gaps in my prostitute mind
When Am empty Am Quiet ~ Nas.
Wei Wu Wei
Typical ‘Dog ate my homework’ situation
He who knows little quickly tells it. — Italian proverb §
Quiet people have the loudest minds.
— Stephen Hawking
Quiet snacks have the loudest packaging.
–me, Doritos and Bailey’s👀
I use this space as my brasco
Its a love hate thing with this place
Usurp rise from the ashes uprising surprise cue soup and rice
Like a revenant
Slept like a baby for months 
Even Superman couldn’t stay dead
Heavy metal still clangs on sand
One meets his destiny often in the road he takes to avoid it. ~ French Proverb
Perhaps I ain’t good at my craft coz my life doesn’t depend on it.
You might be good at something, but is it good for you?
Took me 4 months of sequestration to realize my life doesn’t depend on this ish
It took Kanye 2 years and counting
What happened to Kanye is what happens when you fail to accommodate other people’s egos
The weight of the world sank me into hell
“Don’t write it.” – an angel

“Here… use my pen.” – the devil.
“QUI vive!”
Stormin’, floodin’, lightnin’, thunder, Lenny coming
I smell blood
Finish your breakfast while this antebellum lasts

Lenny Almighty in this motherfucker
Am a dragon with my dragging balls,
Am a beast I was born in Jurassic Park
Bitch I’m the shit. Enjoy the smell
I am the animal Martin Garrix warned us about
There’s some Pristine Avalon somewhere waiting for me once I die

I don’t like Marcus Aurelius he makes everything seem so EASY
whenever I read his Meditations I end up pouting
So much for the father of stoicism
Stomaching underestimation has to be the most groveling experience ever
Most frazzling experience
Speak softly but with a big message, Naah
A bloodhound disguised as a lost puppy
Fast and Furious or lethargic and chilled out
grabbed me by the gonards and yanked me out of my little cocoon of oblivion and bliss
Distilling the fact that;
If I still suffer from mental blind spots at 20 years of age then I ain’t mature enough

Lines writing themselves through the eyes of a Stoic uncertain about the future
I’ve got some Nas in me
but I aspire to be like Lil Wayne
Am dilettante.. Bless my heart
But Überhoetry is my genre
This the cataclysmic apothecary in form of words
Überhoetry doesn’t want to be found 🙂  intentionally obnoxious to put people off 🙂  its an arcane privilege
A litany of raw experiences
 tome after tome of tableau vivant bullshit
Überhoetry is fine tuning bullshit precisions by a few decimal places
Its so bad that its good
How is it Überhoetry without the ribaldry
Paper does not blush. — Italian proverb [33414]
Outlandish in an exquisite way
Retrofit; my ass
This ain’t motherfreaking pedestrian poetry
Nobody else can do what I do.
Überhoetry is the “Trompe L’Œil” of the literature world
You heard it here first
Trompe-l’œil (French for “deceive the eye”, pronounced [tʁɔ̃p lœj])
its an art genre.
You can Google it. You’re welcome
Überhoetry flirts with Art Nouveau in the meadows
Überhoetry is a revolution against straitjacket poetry
Against the drunkenness of Kenyans on raconteurs
Frustrated by the complexity of Soyinka’s poetry
Überhoetry is eyes seeking a Lady to peel her panties, and show us the petals beneath
Akin to telling poets to come down and speak to the ordinary folk
Überhoetry is art created to take advantage of the philistines
Unadulterated with snobriety academics
“visionaries can be misunderstood by their unenlightened peers.” ~ Kanye West
Cassius Clay on my turf
Ali Bomaye on your ass
Kendrick Lamar’s career damaging verses
as a poet my poles shift from hopeless romanticism to basking in solitude. i am the highs and the lows


The world has been ending since it started
The purpose of life is its end
Grateful for this high life
The high life that’s not roused by love or wealth
Am simply swell
Who cares about tomorrow?..

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber made it to heaven
He seats on God’s lap for composing the Rosary Sonatas 
Swaleh Mdoe’s ‘Tafakari Ya Babu’ will make you lose your sense of humour
And we don’t want that now, Do we? 
Beethoven will make your ears bleed
Charles Bukowski will make you go blind
Mozart is a snoozefest
Earl Sweatshirt reaps his sauce from his dad’s poetry The Late -Prof Keorapetse Kgositsile
Abigail Arunga’s prose.. My type of writer
Ayub Ogada’s angelic conviviality
Hadraawi’s lyrical corpus might get you laid
But Überhoetry will make you soar and cover-your-behind 


The irony of Paupers in a hurry
blood spraying on cotton
Horses galloping on tarmac
Football cleats on tarmac


Martha Wayne’s pearls bouncing on Tarmac
Lip flesh Getting smeared in tarmac crevices
Kinetic blocks on Titan to conjure up Julius Caesar’s relief
Nails flaked off on impact from diving into still waters
Lick the blade
Hug a thug
Eminem’s fading Eminence that once was
Marshmallow Mathers
Imagery as vivid as a hypodermic needle in a haystack
Semblance of Blood in water
The hypocrisy of the extremists
Antisemitism bridled with Envy
Of sour grapes and hating outside the club
Saudi women dying high after getting stoned for being adulterous
Maasai niggas tearing down Rita Ora’s walls
Oceans coughing out black magic
Wave after wave
Picture all these in some art
Gore lusty art 
Skeptical Pharma-instincts of Percocets and Aderall painsting-ceutical trip
Picture that on a canvas
A carpet of cadavers
The rapacity of crows and ravens
Moaning and clapping of titties
Wailing and gnashing of teeth
Wet soccer stadiums to prevent grass burns
Condoms to prevent burns
A low frequency crocodile roar
Trespassers will be prostituted
Simon of Cyrene
16th & 17th century England — The England of Shakespeare and Elizabeth I
The radioactivity in bananas
The silence after the violence
What doesn’t kill you etcetera
As a god, maybe my world would be different. I would have never finished my creation. Who knows? Maybe that’s all it took 

Got no daddy issues I’ve got God issues
A nigga just Tryna punch above his own weight 
The world’s on a mission of making me completely apprehensive of entitlement
Well go fuck yourself world
What it do if I’m deserving of all the good things in life

Va te faire foutre.

Go fuck yourself sounds prettier in French

two strangers seeking little and wanting everything.
We’re just sitting flicking matches until one of us gets burned..
I have known a million kisses deep and embraced angels and devils. I learn most of us need too much or too little.
Death of heart and need is the real peace for a man who wanted everything and nothing.
Control yourselves ’cause the Man in the Sky is a tyrant and a lonely psychopath
allowing a sweet dream to die without a proper fight.

If you are the dealer
I’m out of the game
If you are the healer
It means I’m broken and lame
If thine is the glory then
Mine must be the shame

Death keeps curving me like she’s too good for me
If Clark Kent save me, who will?
Disregard basic human emotional states including love & shame for the Cheddar
Leaving behind soul filling shit to chase vanity that feeds the flesh

Cue Soundtrack

James Young ~ Parachute 
I’ll sing Kanye West’s ~ Love Lockdown outside your bedroom window
Eeeaating seeds as a pastime activity.. The toxicity of the city.🎶. I miss this song
“So if I just pack my bags and I leave this fuckery” ~ @Stormzy1 .. Felt that nigga
Martin Garrix // Dua Lipa ~ Scared to be lonely
Recognize ~ PND || Drake
Love lies ~ Khalid || Normani
Like a Virgin ~ Madonna
Get Back Up ~ T.I ft. Chris Brown
Blood on The Leaves ~ Kanye West
Poetic Justice ~ Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake
The Resumé ~ B.J The Chicago Kid
Akon ~ So Blue
Bad Wolves ~ Zombie
Drop The World ~ Lil Wayne || EMINEM “I hurt but I never cry”
“You keep the sunshine, save me the rain”
Time for that ~ Kevin Gates
Asking where’s my heart, good luck finding that 
Welcome To Heartbreak ~ Kanye West || Kid Cudi
Itchin’ ~ Lil Wayne
Public Holiday ~ Lose You
Yelawolf ~ Daddy’s Lambo
Rick and Morty theme song
Fire & Desire ~ Drake
Wishing ~ Chris Brown || Skeme
T-Pain ~ Best Love Song
Logic ~ Nikki
Iggy Azalea ~ Change your life
November ~ Tyler The Creator
From time ~ Drake ft. Jhene Aiko
Little Big Town ~ The Breaker … I just wish you were a better man
Roads Untravelled ~ Linkin’ Park
“Coz the love
that you lost
Wasn’t worth
What it caused
And in time
You’ll be glad its gone.” 

Your playlist could never 

smokescreen words
Replacing hobbies with hobbies
If passionate recklessness doesn’t kill me my own talents will
That’s if ass doesn’t beat them both to it

People dissing my traffic
Opinions over statistics of course
Artists make art because they must! An audience is excellent, but not integral to the production of the art
They want me to lose my boyish sincerity
We are social animals; hell is other people.
Too much money out hea to be hatin on the next nigca hustle 💯💰.

My art is immortal 
My art is immortal 
My art is immortal
My art is immortal
My art is immoral?

Shrewdness is turning your comeuppance into art
An empty life will leave a blank sheet of paper.

A world without Art is like a world without stimulants
So rooted in our psych but we take them for granted
The number of zombies you’d encounter each morning if tea and coffee were banned
Think of what an art exit would do
No more DC Comics
No more Lil Wayne
No poetry
No you ٤

She’s a gypsy soul that dances like the flame of a candle on it’s own tunes. Watching her is Nirvana.


A muse after my heart….
& I’ve never even met her
That’s the best and worst part
Its a fair deal coz I remain with the art
The muse being the poetry’s heart
So many ways I could stretch and use her persona
But she’s so ruthless she won’t let me
Everything in moderation, except you.

Only way to thank my beautiful muse
The Retepsian way
Consequences be damned
“It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time.”
~ A memoir.

30 timbers in the septic tank
Sweet-natured with an occasional savage attitude
Your want for her will mess up your whole wont
She taught me how to be a Savage then I used the savagery against her
“If you rattle a snake you must be prepared to be bitten” ~ John Michuki
Technically I rattled and what came out was boiling with seething passion
I failed with flying colours
Aglophitlier I almost enjoyed getting burnt
Adventure comes at a price
Missing a train is only painful if you run after it 

If she’s got arm fat
Best believe
There’s a fat heinie beneath the Abaya

سوف أكل لك من الخلف

My fair lady
Would you thou like to get turnt up with thy.
Normally I’d tear the dress apart
But this Guntiino deserves tenderness
Just like your skin.
Tracing your spine begging you to surrender
now, her Guntiino had ridden up to well around her waist with my hands pushing it even further up.
Tracing the areola from above the Macawii
Hands gripping her ass beneath the Dirac
Lucid dreaming and rambling Puntland couture
Sounds so picturesque and idyllic
Ivory Pearl of the Indian Ocean
Sexy crescent
Chocolate-filled croissant
No artist tolerates reality ~ Nietzsche
Figment is always a bad bitch
But at the end of the day,
What we’re left with is reality with a flat ass

Her boobs pressed on the bathroom’s tiled walls
Laying pipe amid steam
Her curves firmly kneaded against my brawns
Sliding the hammer between the two meaty pillows
As our skins slap
Wild flower cheerfully clenches turning the chocolate into paste
Wham!!! And a drunken look on this face
Spasm after spasm of my hot seed on her butt to rival the hot shower
Affirmatively whisper “Checkmate” in her ear; for the culture

She never acknowledged the Black Swan I pulled on her birthday
Bueller? Bueller?

This is us pillow talking

– a young mans long,
awkward, occasionally tragic,
and frequently humiliating education in affairs of the heart,
part III: the dance
Why so stingy though
Where’s pt I, II & IV?
Never got to know whether am a good dancer
Dance of the seven veils

Part IV: the striptease

Predilection for split hairs about myself from other people.. Who doesn’t?
I don’t like stingy people coz I ain’t stingy
You know what?
Piquant is French for stingy
Piquant is English for charming
It gotta suck to be both
Niggardly in Paris
The irony

The darkness peels back
as the fabrics fall off
silky skin
Clothing lies in a trail
of tears in wonder
at the perfection
of delicate sin
Naked ambition
in a provocative rendition
of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa
Perfect woman
meets searching eyes
is there one inch
that doesn’t incite delight
Staring into crystal balls
falling back into the black
as we reach the pinnacle
of this devious waltz
Bodies tangled
reaching the fantasy of gravity
and the peak of agony
as quickly as she comes
we go our separate ways
the lights come on
and I’m jolted awake in pain.

pas de deux baby
Happiness is fleeting
Dancing keeps happiness rooted
Dancing into her rhythm
Swaying Hips on hips.. Better than grinding
Gyrating at a rate so soft.. Booty so soft
Bonus, boners.. Ass gripping like its Pompeii

You know you’re damned if your pride is stronger than your lust
If you have to keep defending your pride while with her then she ain’t the one
Kiburi.. What a word
Sounds like a woman’s name
A woman I’d fuck
I don’t swallow my pride
I cum it so she can swallow it for me
I pour the rest into her jugs
Treacle on the areola
Mike Tysons lisp
30 thots
Call it a Pride Month

Beyond my pride, reckless notions
Is a man who flaunts, a spent virtue!
O’er mounds of muck, thru sewer lines

I can write ballads too if I want to
words dripping with uncontrolled want.
But a nigga is gonna look needy if it ain’t mutual.

Chics like you only exist in Cheesy novels

She scares me mahn
How she’s that pretty but doesn’t fear mud
Each day at the dawn twilight she gets up to draw battle lines
Then she gets compunctious for drawing them
A gentle fondle of the balls she just kicked
A massage to the pretty gonads she just bruised.

In Greek mythology, Calliope ( kə-LY-ə-pee;Ancient Greek: Καλλιόπη, Kalliopē “beautiful-voiced”) is the muse who presides overeloquence and epic poetry; so called from theecstatic harmony of her voice. She is spoken of by Hesiod and Ovid as the “Chief of all Muses.”

Thriving from complicated
She’s so used to patriarchy that she doesn’t even notice it when the ball is in her court
Women taking over men’s territories without ceding their own grounds

Grand gesture to pity party real quick
I hit voicemail and she never called me back
Diddly-squat discourse
In all defense, she was just chilling and I went to bother her
Both her and her peace of mind
Mind games and the shorter stick end
Resisting the innuendo urge
This stick gonna fit her like a glove  

I didn’t recall that I was recalcitrant intolerant
The best of the citrus fruits
Juicy and warm, wet and swollen
Worship my perversion
And you’ll get threefold orgasms.

When it comes to her am Pistorious
I can’t feel my legs
I get this murderous lust too
Hammering her with the constitution of an ox
As she quivers with warmth and tenderness
Yin & Yang
Baby held down in my overprotective embrace.
I can’t learn her mind from her eyes closed from the throes
I can learn her body though
Arching and yielding with a tigress’ passion.
as I tore right through her with every impaling stroke 
Talm’bout spine aligning dick.
All that foundation won’t conceal your craziness  

She’s a piece of work and she pays well 
Well, her authenticity makes her a magnet buffet.
With a great sense of self comes shagging all night
Her titty in my mouth within 30 seconds of making out
under some heavy tongue lashing
This tongue has a brain of its own
Pizza and canned beer after messing that long hair up
With both her lips swollen.

Posting these stuff is so orgasmic
And who wants to nut quick

“Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.”

Søren Kierkegaard

Well, I am most men

The fine line between Appreciating beauty and worshipping it
Hell hath no Fury than halfhearted Poetic Justice


Establishing symmetry all 2018
Art and Reality
Ngono na Ngoma
Gay and salacious
Manic eroticism and sexual ecstasy
Pussy and blows
Family and indestructibility
Love and respect
Sara and Samantha
Good and good in bed
Ass and ass
Hurt and heart
Hurt and fuck
Rooting and growth
Growth and evolution
Grace and vile
Wits and wist
Die and Swoon
Partying and chilling
First time and First time out loud
Maybe and baby
Vestal and incel
Water and jelly
Favourite and Best
Finicky and askance
Cavalier and smarmy
Pixilate and irreverent
Ennui and craic
Beeswax and personal life
Careless happiness
Come fuck me // Come with movies
Sleazy enabler and clever dissembler
Enamor and intrigue
Ls & Ws
There’s an asymmetrical paradox to blame for all my past misfortunes

Aqua Blue Club in Westi is the hardest place to enter in Nairobi
Mahn its now exclusively 30 years and over
The bouncer looks at your beardless baby face and he turns fatherly
What do they want?
Why am I even complaining.. Its not like I’d afford a private lounge in the club
fake I.Ds coz by the time am 30 years old clubs like Aqua will be everywhere
Sucks coz girls ain’t restricted
Either I get a fake I.D or a skirt
Its so funny seeing 28 year olds barred from entry
Like nigga grow a beard and stop looking 20.. Lmao
You should see the beard bias these bouncers have
Hypothetically speaking
Asap Rocky would be required to show his I.D while Drake gets in unperturbed coz the latter has a beard
Despite Asap being 2 years older than Drake
Prophet Owuor would be a Pimp over here
He would be a potential beard gang patron,
I don’t like booze anyway

Folks at their 20’s looking 26 coz of fried livers and hard liquor
Of once strong men coughing put trachea hairs due to ‘delectable’  gin. Fie!
Empty souls going nuts over shots
I’ve seen it all mahn
Asum Garvey calls them sucker ass niggas
Boujee niggas and Boujee bitches were made for each other tbh.
Not every obnoxious nigga is Boujee
But all Boujee niggas are obnoxious
Y’all sipping obnoxious nigga grub
Save us from boujiness
Nyinyi ndio watu mnachocha Noti Flow
Where do girls learn of all those exquisite liquors with snobbish names like mojito
In short where do girls learn all that Banger’s bitch stuff
Thinking that being a Boujee bitch is being a classy bitch
The Boujee bitches of Karen
Si y’all form a reality show
Decadent bourgeois of Whoville

Assorted Pleasures
Of Mango breasts and Citrus Vajayjays
Big ‘Ol Thighs & Squishy caramellow hurdies
Squeeze it like a trigger
Curious girls who do girls
Girls with wanking videos on their Dropbox
Trappings of cute panties
Dirty, lusty energy and twerking with no knickers on
You name it
Bitter bitches.. One booty short away from being hoes
God bless the nigga who hurt you
Good girls with a hoe aura
Chics with mad game to manipulate my mettle
Forge kegels from my heart of gold
The kegels are a metaphor for dependency

16 year olds who love getting fuccked
Appetites stronger than my will
She’s both trouble and troubled
You can’t fuck depression out of your system
Underage letches in control and broken ramrods
Any wild man will stick her ass in the air
Soft drinking and making out in pools
Oh taste my blood now, protège-dent for those teeth
Relax baby, This ain’t war
More wet than a mermaid’s twat
Shake thou up with her free spirit
Be free, not loose

My love language is inconsistent grand gestures
I don’t like to chase
I don’t like to share
Pretty please don’t kill my vibe
I ain’t too proud to beg 
I need a chair
I can’t stand the mockery of romance
I can’t stand the comparison of love languages
We’re supposed to, love till our hearts ache
Laugh till our hearts stop
There’s love in cloverleaf
Love hearts inverted .. love sucks.. Inverted hairy love sacs
If you want true love buy a puppy
Pure love cannot sustain in an imperfect world


We taking no guff in 2018
Go and cosy with fancy pants over there and leave me alone
We only dreamin’ bout sweet girls and goodhearted sluts
Bilious bitches need’a stop taking it out on innocent niggas
The only person who should be catching those hands and invectives is the nigga who hurt you
Bitches suffering ’cause the system fucked ’em, now they fucking
They can’t hide they battle scars and their bitchiness but they can hide they stomachs

in his screenname ~ 🌹
on his mind ~ nothing
in his dms ~ underage girls  
Kutuibia hoodie na Kutujazia tao
Highschool chics dangerously twerking never gets old
Break that immature back before adulthood makes you shy
& society frowns upon you

She was drowning coz her boyfriend had a shorter lifeline
Being a bitch full of bile never looked cute on anyone
Niggas be like: “Come Fuck With a Real Nigga” ….. And still have churchgirl fetish
I see you Elton.. Haha
Mouthwatering nudes from the church girl.

I just want a flower that only blooms for me

A bloomer a day keeps the wildings away.

NIGGALATIONS 2:24 : A man leaves his hoes and moves into his dream girl’s home where they fuck till kingdom come
Because his hoes were but stepping stones to his dream girl.
Too much ass to pass up for the right girl
But if the right girl can make it bounce for a real nigga,
Then maybe
Sadly.. Girls as funny as Tiffany Haddish or Cardi B are still in hoetation
Chics closely as funny as Cardi B or Tiffany are still in hoetation, sadly
If you can’t get one exceptional woman get four who are halfway there
Expand the Menu


“Love is cursed by monogamy” ~ Kanye West
Who said love can’t thrive in a ménage?
Just bring three of your sexiest friends
We’ll get tested for S.T.Is
Then we can move in together and form a ménage à quatre
Ménages are better than harems because no one is using the other
And you love each other
Plus there’s multiple orgasms
Normalizing ménages..
Hillary would be so proud
A ménage consisting of Dua Lipa, Riri, Bahayogi & Bebe Rhexa is quite something
Quite something of a functional relationship
Occasionally inviting a big booty bitch to spice things up
Call that house a squirt heaven
Scarlett Johansson // Imogen Poots I want the gay
Should we add geeky Jessica Alba in the mix
Fucking on some nerd shit is better than fucking on cocaine
Erykah Badu to give us Bedtime stories.
Stephanie Italia Ricci // Nina Dobrev ft. A BBC
Ashley Michelle Tisdale with flower tattoos scissoring Janine Lindemulder with the flower tattoos
Lady Gaga// Pink// Christina Aguilera
Fuck around and marry a freaky Bosnian woman Ivana Miličević
Muthoni wa mablanketi,
Nicole Kidman is 50 years old.
No fucking way..
That smile is getting to my menagé still
Moriah Mills thigh gap to fuck while standing.
Florence Kasumba adorned in witch regalia
missus Birgitte Hjort Sørensen
Lili Simmons
Amirah Vann
Sharyl Apondi, Dr. Phoenix The Dalai Mama, Huddah Monroe giving you head while looking at you with her Saigon eyes & Mayonde moaning
I’m 51% wishy, 49% washy
Tabrett Bethell  || Katherine Bailess
Julia Goldani Telles Damn
Fuck the privilege out of Taylor Swift
Fuck the weirdness out of Tove Lo
Nicolette Robinson
Stefanie Martini
Dascha Polanco’s lips
Jorja who?
“Let me breathe baby”
The nigga who handles Nelly Furtado’s thiccness
Tracee Ellis Ross — Contours
Dua Lipa — lips
Damn.. Dua Lipa’s whole aura.. 
Dua Lipa doesn’t even need a thicc ass
And she’s gonna kill men
Heck, she kills men
Human embodiment of the tulips
The oxymoron of wanting a submissive dominiatrix 
Nice legs
Am talking Demetria Obilor
Something in the lines of Nadia the model and invigorating tightness
And white chics used to horse dildos
Lady gaga’s PokerFace
Melissa McCarthy, Inessa Frantowski & Cameron Diaz.. Am Bedevilled
Dear Sheila Marie
I’ll Smoke you out and rub your butt. If you feed me and play vinyls
Have Melissa Roxburgh sing the Canadian National anthem for us
Can’t take Loki seriously after he dated Taylor  Swift
Emily Beecham but with black hair
Carolina Herrera:  “My eye was accustomed to see pretty things.”
But have you seen chocolate meat my Lady?
Natalie Alyn Lind
Eva Green, Dilan Gwyn
Arielle Caroline Kebbel
Emily Meade
Then in the midst of fucking all these women,
This indomitable woman waltzes right through and does things to you
Intense with dangerous beauty
You dedicate every male’s morning wood to her
Who in a twisted kind of way and with the right balance, actually lives up to her name’s meaning
So you curse yourself for trying to picture her naked
You wanna Ravage her with passion
But you consider your Pursuit for her ruthless

quod me nutrit me destruit (“what nourishes me destroys me”

And you donno what to do
You just don’t
You’ve got Rihanna’s ass cheeks in your hands
Not the most alimentary-appropriate analogy, I know, but
The future belongs to the dreamers
This is some emancipating poetry
A carousel of fuckery
more than just hoo-ha chronicles
Big Pimping in your mama’s kitchen if you use my words against me
Being well bred is a sure ticket to boredom
We are drawn to the weird because the weird is showing us something about ourselves.
Brace yourself for Westworld Season 2


A backdoor into the mind through the heart
Into the heart through the ass
Let me dwelleth in thine buttcheeks
Victual body parts initiate the Flehmen response on her face upon stimulation
Saying “Ain’t No” in an American accent
“I didn’t bring a condom so we’re gonna have to use the Brexit method”
Graphite shafts in cigarette butts
Run a train on both sides of the subway
Love makes the lightest sound
Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!
Would you rather be cosseted or fucked senseless?
Moto bila kuni?
Cheeks were made to be pounded
I’m the strongest and she the spongiest

Tabula rasa “blank slate”
Rasa biggie.
Ass so jiggly.. them jeans look like sweatpants
Back pockets on female pants. It allows them to hold their own ass while looking casual.
We see what you’re doing forward ho.
The paradox of strong, independent women….who want their foreheads kissed and asses smacked.

Pull up on ye who wears Cleopatra’s scent
I fucking love that orange blossom
Extreme body language and an ass made for cuddling
Deuce we’re a perfect match
Lemme eat the cake

This’ where the plot thickens
And the plot thickens
Then she twerks
This is where the plot starts posting thirst traps
Can’t curve me if you don’t have curves baby
Titsgiving vs. Thongsgiving.
brassiere less badassery big titty skulduggery
Novelty tease
Rambunctious booty 
galactagogic boobies
Panty chewing cameltoe
Panty swallowing booty.
Rotund booty
Panty chewing booty
*She learns to pole dance on my morning wood*
 My pipe is jelly for those buns
Panty drenching sexts
Fuck! I’m sleazy but appreciate the candor
There’s no such thing as too much ass
“If a man’s reach does not exceed his grasp then what’s a heaven for?” ~ Robert Browning

Lenny watched her warily as she lay prone, having kicked the clothes off the bed,
her nates silvered by the Roman moonlight to the likeness of a meringue..
Warmer than a hot piece of pie
Juicier than the ripest fruit
Sweeter than pure honey
…She waits to be devoured 
The sausage assuaged her
As good as an unemployed nigga’s dick

Stole a kiss.. But she was ready
She kissed back and started panting like a hungry lion
Its called taking what’s yours
Face The Wall and Spread Davinna
Sexy dark skin woman
Strong lust for such weak shoulders
Disconcerted High and Dry from all this tongue-kissing
You know she likes you if she doesn’t mind you tasting like Smokie Pasua
Or maybe she just loves Smokie Pasua 
God is gonna pull an ‘Onan’ on you for ignoring her Holy sideboob
She’s so petty
She’ll only give that ass up to mature niggas
Mature niggas will only break your heart boo
Girls will have crushes
Women will have lovers
Goddesses will have themselves
Can I nut on your edges? 😍😍  

Some chics you just think about and your dick jumps
A bitch in her prime
I’m talking about mature beauty
Every woman with that mature kind of beauty has baggage
If it ain’t a kid its sex addiction or a fucked up ex or an abnormal body count
The baseline is she wouldn’t let you fuck if she never had baggage
Some fucked up excuse like you’re too young for me
“You’re too young” is coded for “you’re broke”

Utaitwa pussy
Utaitishwa pussy
Na hautaitiwa pussy
You used to cornballs in your grill.  Let me take my sauce to where it’s needed
Omnidictum dicacity
Am that courageoushy type of nigga
You won’t see me unless you want to
Predilection for split hairs about myself from other people
Withholding judgement is a disease
A Christian Pestilence
Squeamish over details in a cheesy kind of way
I know. I know baby
Its an origami paper trail
In my presence you’ll be skittish..
And I ain’t bragging  

Obnoxiousness is a gambit
A defense mechanism
By the heterosexual male
To bring out a girl’s true nature
Coz these women be phony as fuck
Savages acting demure
Obnoxiousness saves your marshmallow heart from getting torn apart by these savages

I’ve had my fair share of being called aloof alright
Its an instinct to act aloof towards intrigue
I can’t help it..
You fear what intrigues you coz that’s your kill nigga
What does it take to put indulgence and intrigue on the same sentence?
Certainly not poems
Only super intrigue can take me out of my element
I’d kill to witness locker room conversations between Murinho and Pogba
Since it is impossible,
Super intrigue would be teleporting into the locker room
Money has to wingman for indulgence to kiss intrigue
Money too has to chaperon for indulgence coz intrigue will buy her shots to get her loose
I teeter you totter
Tales of off base intrigue from boys with no ground to stand on

Don’t take thee out of thy element if you won’t give thee some electricity
Of intelligent women behaving like arm candies
To occasionally confuse you and disarm you
A prisoner in plain sight
The type of girls who’ve read thousands of books but still act like bimbos
Intelligent enough to suppress guilt
and replace bitchy with peachy
But you tolerate her coz “Fat Ass”
Double SS like Chevelle
She has her wise moments
Maybe she acts dumb to keep you on a leash
Swali la pesa Ni?
Who’s getting into whose guts?
Never ever test my will
Hell or high water, you’ll kill your own spirit before you kill mine
She became my kryptonite without ever showing me love
That’s a rare specimen
She was my girlfriend when dinosaurs roamed the earth 
Last time I hugged her she pressed her body on my groin to feel the boner but it wasn’t there
I was limp, shlung like a moose
That’s when I knew my feelings for her had evaporated
Million Dollar smiles for a guy with only 2 cents
I know we were teenagers but she wasn’t just practising
Goodhearted sluts named Kimberley putting pressure on a 20 year old to be like their dads
Trust me, Dusty boy will be better than your dad and by that time you won’t be by his side ..
Hmh, hmh, hm
So enjoy this good dick while it lasts
Hahah hua nashangaa sasa tukishika noti si tutadrown kwa coochie

She died after her boyfriend took her for her second abortion
True story
Twice bitten forever shy
People fear pregnancy more than S.T.Is?
Mama told me (Aye)
Precaution prevents abortion

My mum needs to drop a Mix tape and they’ll quote what she spits like Mugabe if not Confucius
She got bars
Like those Sijui utamu wa nini Ni nini
Utamu wa keki ni icing sugar
Keki bila icing Ni ugali
Utamu wa chai Ni maziwa
This one we argued till kingdom come
I used to say utamu wa chai ni sukari
Till I realized, the more watery the tea was, the more sugar it needed
What a metaphor, So relatable to real life

You become a tea connoisseur by drinking it without sugar
This way you will realize the difference between good quality and bad quality tea

Neutralizing shit like does lemon on fish and honey
Lemon to separate milk and water in tea
Lemon to make Beyonce sing
Turn tequilas into margaritas
A concoction of milk and honey
Honey to make muratina
Tumesema hivi
bash yako kama haina muratina hatukuji
Four cousins Kitu gani
A little honey for the tea to cure insomnia
And its punch time

NewYork’s BestSeller; Affairs of The Heart: A Duress To The Fuck Nigga
In the jargon, idil
Edged out by the whispers from Post-Mojo V insisting Its a Love Thing
“Quality over Quantity”
Queen of moue
It’s entrancing
An inspiration factory
Sweet and life-affirming
She makes me go coco now am getting my espresso
Nothing is coincidence
Everything is connected
Potato, fries
Full flush of womanhood
Provided all the fillip needed
There’s Ham in Alhamdulilah
Just put myself in harm’s way
Garlic Mockingjay
Saum Hunger games
Tearing her walls down, first metaphorically then literally
Slowly peeling her baati
Peel it off like a bandage
And she’s just like I imagined her to be
You ever watched a chik slowly peel her panties off and it’s like her buttcheeks jump out like peek a boo..God is good man

That file is corrupted
If at all I wanted to hurt you I’d have already done it
I like you girl in particular
People with no Grace are constantly timorous that other people are like them
Might diss you in this new poem just for kicks
But that’s not my speed
This ain’t a burn book
The same platform that was used to love can’t be used to desecrate 
Implying impudence was a means to an end
It’s crasser than crass to apologize for being crass 
I almost apologised for being intense until I remembered that my intensity is not accidental.
Wallowing passively in the Slough of despond
Puts another L in CHANEL
Puts the 2nd L in wallahi
L’s create fecundity


Pushing vs Pulling
Its like getting told to choose between luck and blessings
I mean you would want half of both
It doesn’t matter whether its pushing or pulling when you’re at the middle
That’s why the cyclist’s chair and pedals are placed in the middle of the bicycle
To balance the pull and push.
You pay for Access first and Exclusivity later
That’s why dates are overrated
These Chics be for everybody
So glad I accepted this before turning 21
Debut of such a beau
Grabbing drinks to excuse grabbing ass
Only thing worse than hoeing is hoeing the old fashioned way. For cash or for pleasure
Choose one coz you can’t have both
One of the 2 is so yesteryear.
All of the 2
Gotta be good at it.. Go Nola Darling
By now you should’ve known that I ain’t the type of person to dangle carrots at
It is a curse to see so clearly
Why give my dick a ghost when it’d rather have a host
Make it feel at home with love
Sikupi hii ndizi kama hujanifurahisha roho.
Ju Mi nasaka manzi mwenye anataka cha mvunguni na Ni sharti ainame na amebeba Ka Msalame.

shoes and gadgets
pussy dynamics and futuristic dynamics
Shoe guys become car guys 
Gadget guys become property guys
Gadget guys are the biggest hoes
If you see me in expensive Jordan’s.. They were meant to impress one specific girl
Shoe guys win. Imagine my descendants discovering that my shoe game was weak.. .

Nothing screams designer more than HBA
No soul should be subjected to such merch
Looking like a million bucks in mtumba 
If its Burgundy with the Gucci stripes it ceases being mtumba

Lil Wayne’s wardrobe vs. Future’s wardrobe
Jaden Smith could easily fit into Kanye’ shoes…
Octopizzo the only nigga who looks good in vans

Ain’t it funny how the richest niggas have the worst sense of fashion?
The world needs to give people like us money so we can create a subculture that teaches people how to ball
The connection between heredity and balling
They need to give these chips to us
Us with balling genes
Balling…  Saint Laurent Mascots
6’1 solid but I ball like am 6’9
Balling like the elves on BRIGHT
Serena’s green balls on the court white balls in the sheets
She too Playa
Cabal of cool rich who turned the phrase “Ball so hard” into a greeting
Spoiling yourself ain’t materialism btw
You know you were destined to ball if you make big moves with little cash
If you’ve got balling argot at your palate waiting for the opportune time to spew
These reverse nini ninis of the world ain’t always fair
You “ball on” (phrasal verb)
Ball on yourself
Ball on these fools
Ball on your girl
Balling should have results.
Something good to show
Spending $700 on make up is balling
Drinking 180,000 is not balling
What do you gain rather than a hangie and drunk texts
Maboy wanaringa wamefika Dubai mbona
I thought kumanga mapoko wa Amsterdam na Bangkok ndio kuball
 Paying 70k for ‘sleeve’ tattoo is balling
Obama’s tan suit.
Staggering thousands enough to buy my girl an Ecclissi watch from an informal Ghetto pawnshop
Bramba kadhaa na nishajiona Shabba Ranks
What does the word enough mean?

Smeared my stake board with shit now the odds are full of shit
Buying a Ferragamo tie
What are the odds of people noticing its a Ferragamo tie?
What are the odds of your guests realizing that you made your chapatis using Olive oil?
What are the odds of noticing Uhunye’s $10,000 watches?
Probably as fuzzy as the odds of meeting a tweep at an event
Or the odds of a man drinking the Cruel Mistress champagne

Claiming that having money makes you a baller is like saying
Its like saying Cubans who smoke Cigars are cooler than Italians who smoke cigarettes Yet they all smoke tobacco
Its like saying you’re smoking marijuana in order to sing like Kid Cudi
Or like saying you’ll take Chance The Rapper’s girlfriend coz you dress better than him
Its like saying you’ll take Nasty C’s girlfriend coz you’re taller than him
Or like saying that Muhammad Ilyas Qadri is gonna take my girlfriend coz he has a red beard
Or A Latina without a banging figure
True sophistication is more of a state of mind rather than money

Even though Kidero was a looter
Mahn mad props to the guy for being a real baller
Penache, Rolls Royce Corniche, Capishe
Phantoms Garnished
Custom plates mazishi
Museveni with his bad shoes and oversize suits needs a day in the life of à la mode Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o and his kingsman tailor
The suave Prof. Will save Museveni from himself and his tormenting English-ganda
Teach him how to ball & Talk like the big guns
Big man Luo Talk
Does Museeveezy really need that hat?
Mayweather–esque type of balling looks bland and shallow..  Mayweather–esque ¾ of your money spent on one supercar..  Rather fake my death and go to Cuba
Harun Mwau–esque is having a death wish
Humans–esque .. Too old to enjoy one’s wealth
Matiba; Njenga Karume—esque .. You have to be on drugs inorder to lend the government money
I’d rather blow it all in a strip club
Fantastic Tom Ellis–esque
Makini—esque to turn you into a party animal
Tyga—esque Mo Money Mo Problems.. Let me see for myself
Kabogo-esque.. Who wants to be smashing college Chics at 54 years of age?
Gaddafi—esque smashing Amazonian women. Hulk Hoegans. I prefer them buxomed
Bruno Mars–esque cocaína cocaína
Zlatan Ibrahimovich—esque… 45 year old Swedish in a ponytail calling himself a lion
According to Jamaican Godfathers,
Working hard and being rich cures Badmind,
Then Vybz Karter came along…
Neymar—esque ..
Sa unatakaje buda
Bruce Wayne—esque baba
Rich but with a brooding personality
I ain’t shitting you
If I had that “fuck you money”, I’d definitely live like Batman
Even on a fractal minuscule
You know why?
Bruce Wayne is a Dionysian while Clark Kent is an Apollonian
Tony Stark is a nut case (scrotumetaphorical)

Bruce Wayne;
His parents got shot when he was just a Lil Wayne
On some mystical dark bachelor shit
With ravishing femme fatale Catwoman to randomly subpoenis you anytime she wanna fuck

So you scratched the surface and you got disappointed
What did you expect to find?
Robert Downey Jr?
Downey ain’t even that perfect
He started using weed at age 5 
Kinda like Donald Glover
Donald Glover’s life story is too successful to be interesting
Like no drawbacks
No depression
No drugs
No eccentricity
I’d rather Stanley Tookie Williams life story over Glover’s
I mean even Elon Musk had hitches
The only major drawback Donald Glover has faced is when Young Thug made a song and named it Donald Glover
Evil Genius Santiago Spaniards who thought of Taking black people to The Caribbeans
Creating new cultures from scratch
Who says you can’t play God and win
Gather your chess pieces

My mind is so affected by chess
You wanna understand me, you need to know chess
Chess is dangerous because it instills Precarious tendencies in a person.
Its a transaction that you can lose from as much as gain
I am a figure chess grandmaster in my own right
Nobody wants to play with me anymore coz they are tired of losing to me
“What’s the point of playing a game you’ll never win?” is their argument.
Fucking pussies
We talking Teflon niggas like me
Only a diamond can cut a diamond
I want a chess slugfest
Not from an algorithm coz no egos are involved here
I want real human tension
A worthy opponent
Pry a little into my mate’s mind
A true mindfuck
Perks of looking like damaged goods when you actually ain’t
Caginess always wins in chess 
You take people for a ride by making them think they’re taking you for a ride
Its like sex.. Feigning gentleness only to play rough once the guard is down

Tried to dovetail our egos into one beautiful tapestry but it just couldn’t work
One of us should should shoot hers down
I know I’ll get more pussy if I ditched my ego, or so I’ve been told
Without my ego I am nothing
There’s no weight in what I do
Ego is not conceit
Conceit is such a turn off. I know

Pounds in The Loud got me feeling like a Drug Lord
Turn up till you burn out.
But since we are lubber and like choosing jobs,
We’ll tell the government to Quit baller-blocking us
Blame everything on
Fuck being at the right place at the right time
I need the opportunities to come to me to my bed
I’ll get rich for the pussy
Bacon, pineapples, grapes and pomegranate juice like we in Italy
Smacking her ass in the streets of Bologna
Doing it right is my “ace of spades”.”A♠”;
Put some swagger on it you know
Chics who avoid/ fear marrying a loser end up just doing that; marrying a loser
The universe ain’t your chessboard
Who’s a loser in this economy?
Coin tossing with your dating life. Yikes!
Inverted scales and shit
margaritas ante porcos —— Pearls before swine 

Msemo wa Sufferer:

(i) Mtu hujikuna ajipatapo

(ii) Hatuwezi kula punda na tubakishe mkia

(iii) Jungu kuu halikosi ukoko

We are getting underhanded
I know a nigga who drank kshs 180,000 worth of booze in less than a month
I thought we were in this broke business together as millennials
We are getting underhanded
So broke I only got two cents
We’re so anaemic and our shallow pockets are still bleeding
Capitalism dude


Palladium Laser engraved
Black Centurion Cards..
For What?
If its any consolation, we’re just embellished mobile bags of faeces
We’re all destined for the bowels of the earth
So what’s the point of frugality 
The two paradoxes
To ball or not to ball
Dizzying affluence & Dangerous opulence
Cross my marshmallow heart with a cold black façade 
I wanna be stupid rich
Coveting corvettes
Too gay to be a pussy whip
Bury me like a pimp
Zebra drapes on the hearse
Gold paint on my car..  24 Carart
Play hard without working
Navy blue suit, no ties, blue shirt golden chain
Brown ass in some brown khakis
Car keys in my khakis
Bespoke Jimmy Choo
Gucci embroidery
Obama’s tan suit
Wood, leather, cigars and bourbon
Blue and bellicose velveteen
Sudanese voluptuous concubines
High-ceilinged living rooms with Greek pottery
Bloody Helipad
Part of being rich is misspelling Courvoisier
Eating Photogenically
Pink sandy beaches
Spinning Polaris wheels
Big Pimping in Barcelona
Privacy is a right
Privacy gets treated as a privilege
Privacy ends up being a luxury
That only bake sale money can buy
A penthouse in Nakuru
Escobar’s La Catedral. With big booty bitches to adorn the pool parties
Tesla Batmobile
Eating white chocolate in the shower 
I feel like T’challa
Life’s good 
What’s a woman’s warmth
Lemme retire to bed and think about the lucky woman that’s gonna marry me
The kind you can ignore but want to open the door,
Name your favourite store and leave with all them shopping bags and half of it ain’t yours 

Mussbenice getting stoned with Kid Cudi
Blazing mad kush with Uhunye
Drugs are only an option when you’re rich 
Clean drugs are expensive
Original high grade marijuana is called Shashamani.. Worth 400 /= per bud
Everyone’s pumping loud now
Weed is now blasé
What happened to esoteric?
Basically what 70% of the new crop of stoners smoke is called Manyaru
The lowest quality of marijuana
Shada inanuka makaa
Sometimes laced
Hotboxing with trash reefers

Billionaire Scotch tastes like piss
And I’ve never drank piss
Is it expensive coz of Lalique bottles or for the booze in it
Overpriced Art Nouveau vanity
Wine.. Anything but South African piss
Anything but designer Cologne
Inverted skirts with a boyish name
Martinis are so girly
In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies a perverted power
Ale, stout and porter none of these liquors beats Traditional brews.. 
Sweet sweet muratina
Can’t they make vodka any richer¿ or sweeter?

Bash bila Muratina sio bash 
African Marula Vs. Kigelia africana,
Amarula Vs. Muratina 
Booze with anti-diuretic properties

The Guarana fruit, Paullinia cupana, native to Venezuela and northern Brazil could never compete

Wanted to use it
It ended up using me
The brew had other things in mind
I donno how to party
The brew knows how to party
As refreshing as drinking canned beer,
Chugging beer straight from the can
Add a greasy Burger pon that

Is sex really a drug or are you people just mentally weak? 🤔

Y’all niggas tripping ain’t no Safari
My Dawg’s hatari
Don’t make me let them do the damage 
Cough syrup and the molly
Spoiling and I’m balling
Come on drop some R&b but I guess trap is what I’m burning
Hey, I’m sorry
Should’ve known should’ve bailed
Sunday Kanisani nikitubu dhambi na ma-hangie
Skrt Skrt Charles Bernie
Spicy Ka biryani
Blowing on Shashamani
Kwenye hewa Ka rubani
Goo bites na armani
Maji maji Ka Dasani
Maji Maji no rebellion 

Methinks the only thing God hates is abuse
The whole semantics on the word abuse
Wrong usage, too much usage and desecration 

Albatrosses hoovering over the sharp minarets of that large Istanbul mosque is the most scenic stuff ever
If God were to choose an earthly residence, it has to be Sultan Ahmed
Me I believe murmurations are a godly dance
An MRI that converts a Butterfly’s flight pattern into musical notes

Consciousness Began When the Gods Stopped Speaking …

Middle finger atrophy.. Am becoming a good person.
Dear universe,
I’ve tried being a good kid
Please make me a mushroom millionaire
Dear Universe,
Please give me the leeway to break the rules and still turn out rich
Judged by the God of soldiers
One that judges heart instead of deeds
I know we not really your people coz we slack on the churchgoing and shit
But check out for thee
The goodhearted
*cheque out for thee 

Screaming Elohim without a heart contrite is in vain

If Jesus had a sense of humour like His Dad
He’d be stingy with his Grace
It is from Hesus’ Grace that our Mad sauce, swag and stuff comes from
I keep telling my mum, were it not for Hesus & the free grace, I’d have converted
Then I remember how the Arabs used to threaten Zayn coz he smoked cigarettes 

Then again,

Raw sex was in the Bible

He only smokes Dunhill.. that’s what he said
Dunhill to Sportsman to Roster in 6 months
Money was the case
Smokers perk me up
If you want to negotiate money with a smoker meet him before the Smoke Break
Awesome specimen.. Imma fuck around a number of them and write a book on the species

Get yourself a yokel friend
Get yourself a cool chain smoker friend
Get yourself an ex-con friend

Thank me later

Feeling for them beautiful girls with rich, super corny & boisterous friends
Too rich for my blood huh
Well my blood’s too rich for your money.
You only Live Once
You’re shallow coz you profile your gang
Ingratiating ass licking City slickers.
Bourgeois elitism can sit on this dick
T&Cs Apply?
A different kind of elitism
Streetwise elitism
That which separates those who can connect the dots from those who cannot
Regardless of their levels of sophistication and learning
Classicists and polyglots who only hang around Intellectuals and Bohemians miss out big time 
The little fish see things the big fish miss coz they’re busy puckering up to the other big fish
They want mystery and romance not sterile common sense and conventional wisdom
Raw knowledge is better than erudition
Raw wisdom is got from the wretched of the earth
Scum is gold
The human experience is so boring without dynamism from the good
Life without rough edges is unfulfilled
Opulence without a lil dirt is dwarfing your soul

Big soul
Big soul got no room for one more muhfcka
Perhaps the only muhfcka in her life,
Muhfckas are good,
Help us remember our meaningful friends
Kina fat Trevor
No ah mean that with all disrespect
Didn’t picture her as the type to
Nobody gets pictured as the type to do some shit
An expert in tu quoque 

I am by no means a simple man
I’m a man of passion
I said it with my wide chest

smokescreen words
Replacing hobbies with hobbies
If passionate recklessness doesn’t kill me my own talents will
That’s if ass doesn’t beat them both to it

At the chance to take something valuable, you pass up for something precious

Haram/ Vice Prez. For Biden
forbidden like bathroom sex
That’s why its so 
Deep, hidden fires
Have you seen her? That oxymoron
With the innocent lust
Her Bismillah s overpowered my Hail Marys
Trynna shudder at the thought of you,
The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. ~ Ferdinand Foch
Trying to leave her without jumping ship
All those nights she made me simper and wallow in equal measure.
Saying “Screw you!” A million times
Its hexcraft
Please don’t turn me into a touchy-feely roué
I ain’t that guy
That would be akin to making me buy the wrong flowers

Pretty girl, bad habit
Armada, Cornucopia
Male hoes: The byproduct of lovesick lover boys
Bruising her butt cheeks from our skins slapping
Kisti legendary mamen
Use of the word “intercourse” to dilute sensuality
You know you love her when you can already picture her soft neck in your mighty arms
Should there be any reason for hoeing?
Hoeing is beyond the threshold of “It’s Just Fucking”
The sinner versus the one who judged him
That Mike Okombe imbroglio is now the benchmark
Unaeza kuta Okombe alikataa kuosha vyombo
What The Fish wants
The Fish gets
Even bait
Get a girl, zip it up ~ Tommy Lee
The old version of honour is overrated
I, of course, reserve the right not to take my own advice

Being nice hurts, doesn’t it
Adulting hurts
A strange game,
The only winning move is
Not to play 
It is more difficult to be a loser in a game you set up yourself

Londoners are so gay
Londoners have the cleanest air
But their accent; SMH.
Its like they inhale the most polluted air
The sun fears Berlin
The sun loves Spanish-speaking countries
The sun surely does hate Africa
The sun hates Africa so that the temperate countries could survive..
Warm waters of the Caribbean keep Norway’s waters unfrozen
Thank the tropics for the Gulf Stream
cold and hostile Siberia is still habitable coz of The Tropics
16th & 17th century England — The England of Shakespeare and Elizabeth I
What kind of society is that
Non-Kenyans will never know what a joy it is to pinch ugali and dip in fish stew
This isn’t a point of view. This is a fact
Chiselled faces of cushite women staining my brain
Lols in East Africa
In the equator we see booty in the sky for three months
We don’t take this torrid zone for granted
Frenchman, the language of love from a country with a stinking past
Beauty of the French language juxtaposed by French vulgarity
Prisons and Ghettoes reflect a redundant Gaul past
Vulgarity rears ugly head into Eiffel high end society
Your country is so trash that you have to colonize overseas Tropical waters of Oceania
You rename the territories French Polynesia
broke: roman republic ended with augustus
woke: roman republic ended with diocletian
bespoke: roman republic ended with Vatican II 
gloriose: roman republic began with pope francis
Hannibal of Carthage destroyed the Roman Empire
Carthage is ancient Tunisia, Northern Africa
Meaning Hannibal was black
History still calls him a Barbarian
They appeased us with Black Panther though..

the endless playing with fire,
You don’t need a homerun without a big swing
Apparation for Apparition kind of thing
Trying to avoid any l’esprit de l’escalier
Tacky quality
Beautiful ambience.. Beautiful Beautiful ambience

Girls will blame you for making you make them feel guilty for their mistakes which were apparently yours

Eudaemonistic big breasted babe
Carmine lips and Cotton candy wigs
Unfolding in virtual plain sight
We shall revisit when circumstances are right
She knows damn well that her lips are her best feature but she keeps focusing on her busties 
Cosmetic turning me into a sucker?
Am just postponing my heartbreak 

Sleekly puts the r in fiend

Skinny girls experiencing deep tissue orgasm cue shallow cutis versa corium 
The riper the banana gets, the thinner its peels become 
Those sexy burlesque girls calling themselves skinny
Skinny means Njugush 
Autocorrect changed sultry to slutty and this DM took a turn…
Bananas are the strippers of the fruit world
Those Chics with unisex names be the baddest fr
She had exemplary ball draining techniques

Grow some balls or dry the nuts before planting 

Intergenerational balls
In Matador bulls,
The female are more thoroughly tested, including by a bullfighter with his capes; hence a bull’s “courage” is often said to descend from his mother.
Mucho macho
If I don’t splash this canvas with cliches of how perfect my mother is,
Who else will?
Especially when her good qualities outweigh her bad qualities by far
savvy everything

Good kid sucked into an ugly world
Costing me money to get rid of vices
Bubbles of childhood invincibility getting bursted
Zilch sheer naïveté
fertile mind for evil to take root
Mama’s words : “If you are lucky in self-caused adversity once.. doesn’t mean you’ll be lucky forever
Callow whippersnapper
The best transition from 19 to 20 is from a tenacious nigga with a phlegmatic mind to a phlegmatic nigga with a tenacious mind
Still working on the transition though
Usherati haumo damuni mwangu ~ ain’t no hoe in my blood
virtue is all that one truly has, because it is not imperilled by the vicissitudes of fortune
Gotta carry one vice at a time 
If no man can live vice free,
Why should any vice be permanent?
I’d have to be pretty thick not to evolve
Some mistakes are better the second time
What good are wings without the courage to fly
She hates relentless
Unplugged niggas 
The last verse is the moshpit
Mans not Don Juan
Mans bonair
Look at all the work he did
I ain’t good at bon mots so here we are 
Its a homey domestic scene homie
a groundswell
Seizing any toehold to be a control freak
Tighten the thunderbolts 
All for one mistaken impression
Open mic where I face the music
Burning theatres to remain drama free 
Platitudes springing from a bedrock of reality
Let sleeping dogs lie
Pressure to make it better than its precursors
You’re betraying this gem by reading it twice
Face value is ambidextrous which makes it a whorish quality
Smoked Jordans and laced blunts
Easy temporary comfort will be the death of me
I need a breather from all the jonesing
Clockwork ft. You and me both
Art is never finished, only abandoned~ Leonardo da Vinci
Use a rubber
Remove your evil seed from this world
Hakuna matata is the motto 🙂
He’s so real amigo

Twitter: @mighty_leny

Mojo V

idée fixe

. *Birdman hand rubs*
Free Smoke beat
Waddup folks
Maintaining dawgs
The love we give our pets will make them evolve.
Make them lose their animal instincts perhaps.
i seem to wanna talk more and more about what really matters.
With people that still get it
You always against hypermasculinity but never against hyper femininity
You castrate the bulls to keep them calm but don’t give stilboestrol to the heifers
If I need to show that I’m sane in order to get the girl, then I don’t want that girl
Our male cat only likes female people
That disloyal nigga
If you switch on your bros after getting a girl
Then you don’t deserve either
I know how analogies work
the renunciation by woman of her right to be a woman.
I ain’t a heathen..
Am just good at perpetuating binary thought
Expert in non sequiturs
What I know versus what I believe in
It is through the messy, round-about series of wrong turns that we come to consciousness.
if you take one thing from Kanye take this: do not trust ANYONE who has not seen or explored the dark side of themselves. they are not alive

Home is where mama’s baked chicken are
Food so sweet I forget to say Grace
The best Grace is saying I love you mama
Table is served Daenerys ready
I consider ‘kukula samaki tatu na ugali’ as dining like a king
Did I stutter?
I said samaki tatu.. 3 fish
Cinnamon tantalizes the mandazis
And garlic in every meat dish
Rock buns and tea scones
Good pastries am famished
Cupcakes at 3.00 A.M
Cheese vs. Margarine
Strawberry stuffed Whiteforest and head
DMX : “Let a dog roam and he’ll find his way home”

My 20s are as refreshing as a new girl moving on the block
Niggas start plotting on her brown ass
Before they find out she’s same old ratch
The persona they discouraged me from having when I was 14
Is now catching up with me in my 20s
It becomes imperative for me to mind my business
Not everyone deserves a Hi.
Adults are full of shit
Not a single pure heart
Your friends will ride your husband’s face when you’re not around
Say whoa
Promises not made. Promises not broken.
Only take what is important
Extripate the trash
Funny how tunnel vision is a pipe dream to some of us
Driving your mama’s X Trail claiming to be living large,
Get yours nigga
Nothing as sweet as being self made
Nobody said that human beings that are rich should behave in a manner they do now
Nilete ubarbie nitamanga manzi yako

Grow some balls or die planting
My ancestors would stroke their bellies if they saw how I minced men with my fortitude
I walk the fine line between balls and sanity each day
How can a man not fear anything, not even snakes but only fears rejection
They say the boy inside every man doesn’t die easily. He lives on until old age.
You can show bravado fortitude and balls but you ain’t a real man if you ain’t scared of your purpose. A man who folds when he thinks of finding his purpose. Manifold pun intended.
I feel like less of a pussy if I don’t cower in fear of my own ability.
If they don’t write this on my epitaph…..
He died at seventy
“He was the last of the great mystics, a remnant of the Middle Ages.
He bore the likeness and courage of a Templar Knight,
yet embraced the pervisions of an Inquisitor priest.
He was as burnt-fingered and secretive as an alchemist,
yet spoke dozens of languages,
wrote manuscripts in cipher,
and traveled the world with different identities, in the tradition of a court spy.
He was the first man to ever Finger his wife in the long corridors under the chandeliers of the Palace of Versailles
His bucketlist was the bomb.. like, tick-tick
He upheld the Stoic school of thought
His definition of Utopia was kissing Idil
The most idiosyncratic intern
He caused a quiet vortex everywhere He went
He was Lenny Almighty

Tip of the iceberg Elephant in the whale’s room
There’s more to my life than what I write
There’s less to my life than what I write
Its a balance
You can keep change
Its more than it seems
Its always more than it seems
The more you try to define me The more miscellaneous I become
Never accuse me of using “Game Theory”
My halo is held up by horns, 
The horns ain’t a snapchat filter
but that’s our secret.
Using past clout for modern intricacy
Mistaking asceticism with Stoicism
Drugs.. Drugs
A Stoic is more of a sophisticated hippie
A Hippie with nobility
You feel me?

Pretty lady drank her whiskey and looked into the Poet’s eyes
and she asked.
You talk the talk.
Do you walk the walk?
A stranger and Poet with pen and paper. I see your dead eyes
You give the great lecture.
Do you believe your words?
He flirted back by sliding his hands beneath her skirt to her inner thigh
And whispered in her ear
I will nice guy you so hard.
Tell me if I hit below the belt
Firmly hold on to your drink
Stroke the glass stem till the drink runeth over
Like a volcano
It feels so big fat and meaty in your hands
Offshoot of me; feels so sexy if you own it
Me being vulnerable at her arms is the ultimate checkmate
Making her blush like SZA
She fired back
Don’t play with me young boy
I’ll strangle your cock using my rosebud
I nearly called Doctors beyond borders
Sanity was the gap between perception and desire, and that gap had closed.
Rock hard in 0.005 seconds
Place those sexy fat lips on mine
All the dumb shit I’ve done… Girl in mind
My heart tells me you’re my cup of tea
Follow your heart but take your lawyer with you.

Skinny niggas don’t smash,
Girls just hang with them coz they are silly
Not to do damage
At least to my observation
Please somebody teach me
So many peng tings
Damn. It’s like god left the fridge door open
The one that dyed her hair
The one with the cute nose
Am not fair to myself
I consider every suffering I get as my atonement.
My temperance
Optimistic Patriotism
I’m a good people
Her top 5 favourite people but am top 2 and am not 2
You can’t be everything
Sue Side chic
All he ever wanted was a denim

She’s so pure
& cultured
Gotten a reflex from stalking her
My @ is followed by 3 underscores ___
She makes everything look kinky
about her serene.
Her long hair
Her cheeks; how they arch upwards when she smiles
Her chin
Her front teeth
Her skin tone
Her cute chubbiness
Her rings and hand jewellery
Her generous soul
What’s a snack to a feast?
I wanna encourage your beauty without defining it for you
I wanna connect to your soul
The poem your body can’t write
I wanna appreciate the totality of your essence
I need you near
rapunzel, rapunzel
let down your hair
and save that man
from his self-induced despair.
Happy September 30th

The end begun and ended, finally Haha
I’ve GoT pacifiers
I’ve seen that movie, and spoiler alert it ends with us getting married
teach me the deepest compassion
Break me out of my shells and cells
That doll face is limited supply
Oh God.. Can I have her?
She is the kind of girl you would bleed for. 
And like it.

Overcoming traditional bounds of communicating
Communication is more than just words
If you want to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration ~ Nikola Tesla

Avant-garde shouldn’t be aware that they are avant-garde.
Goes against the grain
Grain: Go further
These outpourings on paper by my hand,
So I can sleep peacefully
These thoughts won’t allow me sleep
And I hate to see a caged bird
Archillect is truly Archillect
I get the most surreal dreams.
Its like am there for real
70 mm motion picture
In ancient Egypt, as far back as 2000 BC, the Egyptians wrote down their dreams on papyrus.
People with vivid and significant dreams were thought blessed and were considered special.
My nigga am blessed

Titty gang forget that not all guys love titties
Sucking and titty fucking inebriation perhaps
But not a big titty inundation
Its deeper than the cleavage. Am looking at your heart. *literally* Haha.
Is it gay to like what’s next to the juicebox more than the juicebox itself?
Asking for a friend
“Buda angalia pole pole”
Am not gawking at that ass coz I want it
Sometimes am just building your self-esteem
Encouraging your body to deposit all your fat there
At your gluteus

Introversion and Pride are the two monsters under my bed
They kept whispering *fuck me*
So we had a threesome
All the skeletons in my closet have twitter accounts
To slay your demons, you first have to expose them
Or shag them
Never cut what can be untied
To separate the grain from the chaff you gotta harvest the wheat first. Right?
To make good steel it has first to be forged
Whiff to sniff
I said to my introversion
Am shy.. Tihihi 🙈🙈🙈
I said to my ugly side
Every man supposed to be a great change to this world has turbulence
“To DO A Great Right DO A Little Wrong” ~ William Shakespeare
I said to my ego
excuse me, could you move more to the left,
You’re blocking my view of the collapse of capitalism
I said to my Zero work ethic
You’re just a lazy motherfucker
Its in a cat’s nature to kill a bird but it doesn’t make it right.
The cat is just a wicked animal.
I said to my unachieved potential
Blame everything on the bourgeoisie
How long you wanna have this lucid dream of yours
Double down or go home
I said to God
Whats a father who doesn’t award good
You can decide my happiness anytime I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.
I know what am doing, but keep surprising me Lord
Fathers have a way of screwing up their sons
Watch over me
Lead me to greener pastures
Make the unconsciousness thrive more than the consciousness
I said to my dream girl
I wanna see inside you.
I wanna ride inside your love
Je veux monter à l’intérieur de ton amour
Just feed me steak and wiggle your ass in my face, the rest will work itself out.
I said to my fear of rejection
You can’t walk away from the table and come back expecting the same terms
Keeps falling for the wildings
The wildings who don’t even want me
I said to my inconsistency
Spread the panties to the side
Lemme eat that ass till you squirm me hoy minoy
Then get out of my face
I said to my bleak future
You’re such a Shambolic wanker
Shortlived bliss leaving you in Misery
Your manhood is diminished
Look at girls overtaking you
Strained relationship with God
Your current state of consciousness shows that your future is dim.
Strive to be better
I said to my past
And how odd it is
to be haunted by someone
that is still alive
You’re Lowkey dirty raunchy in a good way
Made me harder than a prosthedick
Every evil bastard in the world was just a kid once
Am a mega believer in locus.. Different dimensions intersect
I said to my rebelliousness
You’re doing amazing sweetie
A man chooses a slave obeys
following laid down procedures and rules leaves you poor and destroyed at worst, and gifts you a middle-income lifestyle at best.
True rebels don’t have a cause
Its inherent
Do whatever you want.  No, not that.
I said to my eccentricity
All lone crusaders, Zealots & jingoists are liabilities
They need to be eliminated
Thrill of organized anarchy
But no matter what happens ,, *Tupac’s voice* “Keep ya head up”
Part of my Mojo is being insane
Insane as in eccentric
Y’all forget that Louis Farrakhan killed Malcolm X
Minister Louis Farrakhan and Suge Knight are long lost cousins
My personality has a phat ass
I said to it
All that jelly and no bread
Rub that Rumbustious heinie on this dick
Drop it like a mixtape
Spread the cheeks with your own hands
My personality being obsequious obliged
She weeps as I stretch her cervix
Mourning glory
Oh yeah, she’s female
I told you I know how analogies work
Can a hypocrite call another hypocrite? This is gauche.
I see everyone likes you…you must be hiding the true you…
The heavens stop and listen to the man who speaks from his heart

Uhunye is likeable to some extent but he’s a fascist
Wake up and smell the coffee!
We’re the spoilt kids of Mwai Kibaki, we’re not used to fascism, c’mon
Gunshots – the soundtrack to democracy
Lord of The Rigs
The war against willpower has many casualties.
We all lose when the family feuds
When shit hits the fan it scatters directly to people’s plates and mixes with their foods
They rejected Ronald Ngala’s Majimbo system at independence
Majimbo system still came back as devolution
The State is the biggest enemy to Free Thinkers
Kenya puts the B in Beast Africa
Corporate controlled politics is better than Mafia controlled politics
Qwani hii Kiambu Mafia ndiyo branch ya illuminati ya Kenya
There are no conspiracy theories in Kenya
Even that unsubstantiated claim that the government has Marijuana plantations in Mt. Kenya is true.
Wikileaks should do an exposé on this Mt. Kenya Mafia thingy
Mutahi Ngunyi is the poster boy for the intellectual side of the Mt. Kenya Mafia
What I’m trying to say is,
Mutahi Ngunyi ndiye Mafi ya Mt. Kenya

What do I ache for?
I ache for Grandeur than a Cadillac’s grill
Painting and writing with no shirt on
In a mansion that sits on my 50 acre ranch
With my wife’s pussy throbbing to harmonize in the background
Throbbing so hard it defeans the livestock sounds
Sipping caviar
The finer things in life with a lil bit of rough ends
The beautiful women with rough edges
You’re laughing at me and I’ll be richer than you in  5 years
I get rich
And the endgame begins
When I get older I wanna listen to Angolan and Cuban music
Focus on low-hanging fruits.
There is no future Stagnation
We ride the “Time will never stand still” wave.
Living in the present but taking mind trips to the future
Sometimes I feel like
You have no right to have hope
Being hopeful is stealing from the future

See I come from a place where ambiguity is accepted, credit cards are declined
All 20 year olds suffering from relationship ambiguity
I hate ambiguity in a woman
No such thing as mild ratch
Its either you’re ratchet or good
She has a conflict of interest 👎🏽👎🏽
To please her followers or say what’s in her mind
Stop hiding your nastiness
Why are you scared of your nakedness?
After dark, all cats are leopards. — Zuni proverb
⊕ #NativeAmerican

Sexual tension is enough kink
Enough to bring out the nympho in her
And the animal in me
Biting the lower lip is too obvious
The tension so intense she gets goosebumps on her cleavage
Let’s get naked and touch each other
She pronounced naked like nekkid and I’ve literally never swooned so hard.
I brought enough dynamite to blow her back
Your gut is the only part of your body that could function alone.
It has as many neurons as a cat brain.
Am in your guts and you still trust it?
I hate her guts that’s why am inside ’em
Girls only squirt for guys that they love
Love had to thrive to prevent breeding of people
boyfriend allowance 2017.
Its in the National Anthem
Natukae na HerMoney
And its September so..
No Dick is Free
Put your money where your mouth is

Somebody tell Rihanna that she’s
Looking for the black man in all the wrong places
She needs to come to the factory of black
Archetypal uncorrupted DNAs
Not those uncultured POC
Uncluttered uncultured swine glass
The darker the flesh the deeper the roots
Like dirt, know your roots to the ground
Hollywood is America’s greatest weapon
They’ve smeared African as a benighted being,
empty of faith, philosophy or reason,
but with abundant instincts and superstition,
Put some respek when you mention the Black King motherfucker
find your inborn African spirit because, you know what, Africa misses its people.

Riri just went and dated an Arab
Its like Arabs wondering why people hate them
Them mopping about people hating them..
Without Oil.. Arabs are the most uncool people on earth
People hate Arabs not Islam
The pure Arabs, Omanis and Saudis
Iran is the best Muslim country; fight me
Persians are not Arabs

Achoo! That was a blessing
Virtually kissing these women
Virtually slapping that boring iPhone woman
Call me Kofi Siri boe
These girls mad that a nigga knows himself
He seems lost but knows his worth
These girls seem to have a kink for broken hurt niggas
Not all who wander are lost
Sometimes you gotta remind a woman she’s badder than the ones she worshiping….
I don’t mind not getting the girl.
At least I appreciated beauty and never held hate and misery near

Alexander the Great was a greedy motherfucker
Elon Musk is Alexander The Great reincarnated.
Julius Caesar was an arrogantly ignorant motherfucker
This nigga burnt the Great Egyptian Library of Alexandria
Razed knowledge to the ground
History has been written by those who have conquered others
Mahatma Gandhi was a racist motherfucker
Christopher Columbus was a fraudulent motherfucker
Jomo Kenyatta was a tribalist … Nvm
Bleeps and expletives
Vis-a-vis censorship is for pussies

Don’t be that guy who flosses with Cognac bottles
Wanaume! Wanaume tuna ndevu, tufanyeje?
Tunyoeni basi! ~ Diabolical Aboud Rogo’s words (Translation : In fact, shave your beard, )
Mzee Jomo Kenyatta : “Wanaume Ni kuonana.”
“To be a man is to man up”

Cry Out Amen by Lil Wayne is the realest most emotional rap song ever made
Its 10× deeper than Tupac’s ‘Dear Mama’
Wayne poured his soul
All hail Weezy; Call it bad weather
Back when it was still cool to say that you were the Kenyan Weezy
As cool as Lil Wayne’s graphics designer btw

Jesus Christ riding a donkey in Judea and half naked Gandhi-types meditating.
Outchea trying to please everyone,
What about me mahn?
You don’t need to DO anything to receive. Release that notion.
I wasn’t born to give bribes
Mum has never ever given a bribe in her lifetime
We live off of her good karma
We leech off of her Graces
Am not ready to adult

“I don’t do drugs. I am drugs” — Salvador Dali
Saying dumb shit in clever ways
What if Mojo was all a note to self
Its all fun and games till I drop the next Mojo
You peeps act like this shit doesn’t affect you
At least I don’t abuse it
If I abused it most of y’all minds would rot
I’ll give you post exposure therapy
Same way I wouldn’t wish on any movie to corrupt my thoughts
Its not my fault
I don’t make the rules
Products of a God-given human creativity
Oh I live via Pope’s teachings not Olivia Pope’s fixings
That safety in number bullshit is a farce
C’mon man, we ain’t flamingos
The individual matters
Why should I worry about the next dick carrier
Kila mtu na maisha yake brathe
You calling me girly coz I got lotion tolerant skin
Just say you’re jelly coz my skin is clear
Go somewhere and suck a titty kemosabe
The last verse is for Random mumbo jumbo
“To be wise is to grow a white beard and smoke mysterious substances from a wooden pipe.” – Someone, somewhere, a long time ago
One of the harsh realities of this world is that one thing feeds off another to beget another
Hijacking Muslim holidays to begin doing damage
Weekend began early
Pettiness is nothing to brag about.
Donkey with stripes.
I don’t obey my thirst. I tuck it
Underneath the mattress
Where I hide my feelings
Pouty lips and sweet tits
So thirsty of appraisals she fakes a low self esteem
She said I was an itch she needed to scratch
And we never banged
She touched herself after hours to the thought of me
Locomotional train wreck
Cranberry, Canberra, Cannabis, Canaan, Canada
All these cans but you still choose to cannot
Not just a Speck of dust passing through the glory of creation
I pray that I don’t end up wily beguily
When I had nightmares they said its coz I listen to hardcore hip hop
I can rap to 70% of EMINEM
Rap god represents the remaining 30%
No Better way saying this but
I had a dream burying my face in your boobs
Burukenge first became a household term
Mellowed by life
Knocking on Heathens door
Bitch I’m HollyGrooving
Steady mobbing only God can stop me
Extravagant tastebuds
Need a sweet influence
even doctors need doctors.
Stop being pro seed
Use a rubber
Proudly delivered in DMX’s raspy voice
That’s a real nigga for you
How do you loathe narcissism but approve of vanity?
I killed it
Fist bump my nigga

Twitter: @mighty_leny

Laudato Si

The whole world is about to make an unparalleled rite of passage.
                                         ~Lenny Almighty.
                                         Transcendent Stoic.

How you decide to cut down rare indigenous trees in order to pave way for a stone wall fence still baffles me. Like you can't improvise or something. These baby boomers. Smdh. The number of trees that have been felled in Nakuru. God have mercy on us.

His Holiness Pope Francis is the chillest Sensei to ever traverse the 21st century. The most slept on Sensei matter of factly. Perhaps to the levels of Marcus Aurelius, Arcanum or Rumi.

He produced an encyclical named (Laudato si’ : Italian for : “Praise be to you”)
Subtitle: “On Care For Our Common Home”.
Which I curiously went to check out expecting the same old hackneyed environmental tired punditry shit. He does more than talk about climate change, and he makes it look sexy.  The blind see what they want to see.  Don’t let the climate change talk make you fail to notice other teachings in the encyclical. In this encyclical, he takes an ethical interdisciplinary standpoint, a principled way of looking at what’s licit and illicit; factors like mutation, healthy politics, technology, bureaucratic hate, humanism, The financial crisis of 2007-2008, A jab towards Capitalism conjectured by anti eco-snobbery rhetorics , anthropocentrism, anarchy, poetry. All these with a dab of ranch. Supplemented by other disciplines including Islam. He basically points to the cracks in the planet that we inhabit. “The external deserts in the world are growing, because the internal deserts have become so vast.” “The emptier a person’s heart is, the more he or she needs things to buy, own and consume. It becomes almost impossible to accept the limits imposed by reality.”

The Pope could easily be met with accusations of being vehemently ipso facto disgusted by Romanticism or being a Communist Pope but he affirms his position as that good kid who can’t get bullied. He even says “realities are more important than ideas.”
You can’t put words in his mouth.
Pope Francis’ reverse heavenly medieaval diction & language with a profound conviction to match to the extent as if he’s God’s direct mouthpiece or puppet. And how excellent is it to be God’s puppet.
Never have I seen a man so sure of his authority as a teacher like Pope Francis. You’d think he’s Ezekiel incarnate

“If we scan the regions of our planet, we immediately see that humanity has disappointed God’s expectations.”

This one by Pope Francis hit me hard.
The society was dying from drowning and he’s the only one who’s giving it mouth to mouth without trying to kiss it pervertedly like everyone else. His is the only best solution of saving society.

“An authentic humanity, calling for a new synthesis, seems to dwell in the midst…….. Almost unnoticed, like a mist seeping gently beneath a closed door.”

I applaud the book because it shares a lot of my views. Most of the views and standpoint ideologue philosophy I held prior to reading the book.
It just happens that we share the same views. His are just wisely and more elaborate. You feel me. He occupies a point of view that compels his readers to take him seriously. Me am so compromised by my past stupid writings.

We need more people who are capable of staring into the abyss of darkness without falling in, and without losing sight of the light.

Spiritual,? Not really.
The word spiritual has acquired a bad name with its embrace by New-Agers et al. with its association with magic and out of the world mumbo-jumbo. So I use it reservedly.
So not really spiritual.
One thing for sure is that he ain’t dogmatic.

I heard that Pope Francis gave Trump this encyclical when he visited the Vatican. It is too soft for a staunch Capitalist like Trump. It might not even touch his heart or sway his views on Production & Climate change. A little cussing; you know a little motherfucker here and there might have helped the cause.
And it has a Stockholm Syndrome point of view lecturing to it. So yes a little motherfucker would have helped.

“………and that being good and descent are worth it.
We have had enough of immorality and the mockery of ethics, goodness, faith and honesty. It is time to acknowledge that light-hearted superficiality has done us no good.”

Everything in the book/encyclical is so deep I can’t even quote verbatim. Lest I end up quoting the whole book.

Am so happy that Pope Francis made a piece so worthy for the Catholic Millennials to read.
My siz laughing at my poor taste in literary works. Pope Francis is G.O.A.T in my eyes. So, she says whatever floats your goats. She’d rather read about vampires.

Finally someone I can call Sensei. Take that Dalai Lama Louis Farrakhan P.L.O Lumumba nonsense away from me.
Behold, Pope Francis.
Master Sensei.

3 popes in my lifetime. One survived an assassination attempt, died later on, one retired, you are the pope for Christ’s sake, *literally* actually for Peter’s sake; you don’t get to retire. You die on that seat. Pope John Paul even drooling in his last days causing people to go emotional with pity, never retired till his death. Then there is this leftist woke pope. Pope Francis. My Nigga. I actually like him.
Pope John Paul II was a Politician. We now have a Pope. You know, Patron-like, leftist, activist for the weak and hip at the same time. Pope 256.
We have the wokest Pope ever. You just gotta love the guy. Quoting verbatim from his encyclical Laudato Si:

” Everything is related”
“Everything is connected”
“Everything is interrelated”

“Woven together”
“Part of a network which we will never fully explore and understand”
“It cannot be emphasized enough how everything is interconnected”

The reason am saying he’s the wokest pope is because of this. The words “everything is connected” or something of the sort speaking about divine harmony and fraternity or sacred geometry have been repeated in the encyclical close to 70 times give or take 15 to 20.


They echo Hippie thoughts, Hopi Native American thought


and Hermetic Qabbalah doctrine.


So yes he’s woke. Even Leonardo da Vinci held the same thoughts


“Learn how to see, Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
                                          ~ Leonardo da Vinci

From the encyclical;
“Intimately and inseparably connected in this universe.”
“All of us are linked by unseen bonds and together form a kind of a universal family, a sublime communion which fills us with a sacred, affectionate and humble respect.”


“There is an interrelation between ecosystems and between the various spheres of social interaction, demonstrating yet again that “the whole is greater than the part.”
“…….also entails a loving awareness that we are not disconnected from the rest of creatures, but joined in a splendid universal communion.”
“…. human life is grounded on three fundamental and closely intertwined relationships: with God, with our neighbour and with the earth itself”
“As believers, we do not look at the world from without but from within, conscious of the bonds with which the father has linked us to all beings.”
“Give us the grace to feel profoundly joined to everything that is.”


The Unified Theory of everything
We are binary strings of ones and zeroes. Our subconscious minds are coded with innate mental connections back to our Universal Programmer.


Think of Sacred Geometry as the written law of creation. Rigid, flowing algorithms of energy converted into a physical formula. This is the unified theory of everything.
Wise move accepting it into the church Pope Francis.


All beings are energetically connected.




Separation is an illusion. It is spiritual.
Mainstream conditioning shall never laugh me out of the spiritual philosophy of Pope Francis


I will explore the possibility of a path out of the seeming impossibility of escaping the cul-de-sac of our spiritually disinherited and disenchanted condition. According to Haile Selassie: “Spirituality does not come from religion. It comes from our soul.”

“We must stop confusing religion, and spirituality. Religion is a set of rules, regulations, and rituals created by humans which were supposed to help people spiritually. Due to human imperfection, religion has become corrupt, political, divisive, and a tool for power struggle. Spirituality is not theology or ideology. It is simply a way of life, pure and original given by the Most High. Spirituality is a network linking us to the Most High, the universe, and each other.” ~ Haile Selassie I


      Or not
Therein lies the problem. You can’t replace something with nothing.
“A little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth men’s mind about to religion.” – Sir Francis Bacon

Pope Francis states that:

” A spirituality which forgets God as all powerful and creator is not acceptable. This is how we end up worshipping earthly powers, or ourselves usurping the place of God, even to the point of claiming an unlimited right to trample his creation underfoot.”

“I would add that religious classics can prove meaningful in every age; they have an enduring power to open new horizons….. Is it reasonable and enlightened to dismiss certain writings simply because they arose in the context of religious belief?”

If there is something like Christian braggadocio, Pope Francis further states:

“The rich heritage of Christian spirituality, the fruit of twenty centuries of personal and communal experience has a precious contribution to the renewal of humanity.”

“I am interested in how such a spirituality can motivate us to a more passionate concern for the protection of our world. A commitment this lofty cannot be sustained by doctrine alone, without a spirituality capable of inspiring us, without an “interior impulse which encourages, motivates, nourishes and gives meaning to our individual and communal activity.”

As you can see His Holiness is rooted in a spiritual understanding of the human condition.

                       ∞∞∞ ∞∞∞

“Relationships have been broken, both outwardly and within us. This rupture is sin. The harmony between the Creator, humanity and creation as a whole was disrupted by our presuming to take the place of God and refusing to acknowledge our creaturely limitations. This in turn distorted our mandate to “have dominion” over the earth.”

Fair assumption Pope.

Sorry Master Sensei but I’ll have to differ with you on this part. This part where you say:

“We are not God.”

The only way of making man’s responsibility as custodian of the earth stem from within is by declaring him a God.


We are the gods. If we aren’t the gods then let the true gods come clean these earthly mess that is ……. Well we are still fucked either way coz every earthly mess is of humans’ own doing.

man is a divine being—the likeness of God, or better yet, God’s vehicle of manifestation in the world.

We are the gods

Behold, thouthren,

“Bid the invaders take the shoes from off their feet, for God is here within.”
  -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Or better yet, transcendent in comparison to other species.
We are the true gods. We’ll even cause the Armageddon. Mankind will completely annihilate itself without help from outside.

The Anunnaki👽regrets giving Humans free will because through EVOLution, Humans already surpassed their slave DNA & are re-becoming Gods.

It’s all in Urban Dictionary, I don’t make this shit up. 
Truth is a mighty volume of epigrams and paradoxes.
… Real truth is caught in single word.
… And the ultimate truth bleeds even now in a-
Wreathed mess of skinless time. Time!

That old saying of “I’ll believe it when I see it”… well, it really should be, “When I believe it, I will see it.”

According to the 11 Laws of God:

0. Law of Amen – You were made in the likeness of a peace that nothing can disturb. Reclaim your peace that you may attain to your reason for coming into existence – the enjoyment of life.

1. Law of Ausar – Your nature is an unconquerable peace, therefore nothing or no one in the world can be against you. All experiences come to you to promote your reclamation of peace, that you may in turn, aquire wisdom and power.

2. Law of Tehuti – When all of your thoughts, feelings and actions reflect the Word of God, then the power of God’s spirit and a peace that nothing can challange will flow through your being.

3. Law of Sekher – When the emotions of Man manifest in response to the Word of God, they have the power to influence the course of any and all events in the world.

4. Law of Ma’at – God needs you in order to come into the world. Fulfilling God’s need is the highest act of love, and only through your love for God can you fulfill your love for others. Become the Love of God in the world for the protection of the world.

5. Law of Herukhuti – Know that God neither punishes nor rewards nor protect, that you will have the comfort of controlling these yourself.

6. Law of Heru – You have the power but not the right to ignore God’s Law. Choose to follow the Law of God with the Love and Joy that grows out of understanding and the wisdom and power of God’s spirit will flow through your being.

7. Law of Het-Heru – It is not what you imagine. It is who is imagining. Are you a human or a divine being?

8. Law of Sebek – It is not what you think or what you affirm. It is who is thinking and affirming. Are you a human or a divine being?

9. Law of Auset – Prepare to sacrifice everything to become the vessel of God on earth, and you will, in turn, receive everything.

10. Law of Geb – Know that from heaven you came and to heaven you will return, seek not enduring works on earth.

You become what you believe. You are what you worship.

At all. There is no GOD outside of the divine self. Az in Namaste. Namaste directly translates to “the divine in me bows to the divine in you.”

Qwani how do you think confessions in Catholic work. It follows the Namaste principle. The divine in me lays bare my shameful acts to a chosen divine(Priest) for absolution from sin. Approved by humans (gods).

Prayers too. The god in us is akin to our bargaining tool to the universe. The god in us is connected to the universe. If you ask God for something, the God in you through the web connection to the universe makes it happen.  ‘The Universe is nothing but the Divine uttering its own name to itself.’ – Ramakrishna. Most of y’all may say that’s tantamount to thinking like a Mason, but boy o boy; Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. It is multiplicity that reveals unity; one is only definable because two exists; knowledge is predicated on this illusion of separation.


Whatever the Ritual involved, the Rosary is designed to speak to your feminine side. Its actually the only feminine prayer making it the strongest prayer on Earth. A Prayer with a motherly benevolence.
Women are emotional in order to feel the divine energy at the highest levels and to be supreme healers and lovers and mothers. Not to drive men insane. Her deep spiritual connection to feelings is to inspire a man to his spiritual heights as well. She is not a nag, she is an oracle.

We are living a life out of balance by only having one feminine prayer. The rest are all masculine. Yin & Yang much? Protect The Divine Masculine
Uplift The Divine Feminine

Even though Pope Francis blatantly says that ‘We are not God’, he turns around and says this later:

“each of these sublime realities is God. This is not because the finite things of this world are really divine, but because the mystic experiences the intimate connection between God and all beings and thus feels that all beings are God.”

That’s a subtle acknowledgement. I know the nuances involved in Papacy. It was imperative for him to denounce but still imperative for him to acknowledge. He’s perpetuating binary thinking. Mahn the word became flesh in order to remind us that we are the true gods.

“Grace, which tends to manifest itself tangibly, found unsurpassable expression when God himself became man and gave himself as food for his creatures. An act of Cosmic love. “Yes, Cosmic!”

Not my words. But I know that this is a nefarious way of using his words to justify my theories but the only panacea.

“The universe unfolds in God, who fills it completely.”
“The ideal is not only to pass from the exterior to the interior to discover the action of God in the soul, but also to discover God in all things.” Bam!

In the beginning of time, the subjective soul was unconscious of itself. It then evolved overtime to become conscious of itself, and then conscious of other in relation to self. In time, the Soul will evolve in consciousness to develop the realization that the Self and other are One, and thus complete one rotation of the circle of life.
This is why Saints have the ability to pray for us. The self and other are one. This is even why we get to decide who and who become Saints.
Saint Aquinas
Saint Anthony
Saint Mary
Have the abilities of praying for us.
What is bound on earth is bound in heaven.
We decide who the Saints are. Like St. Valentine who was beaten by clubs, beheaded, buried under the cover of darkness, disinterred by his followers, is commemorated  by sending each other chocolates in honor of his martyrdom.

We decide for ourselves everything on earth.
National Anthems, laws, everything.

God chooses the leaders, huh. God doesn’t choose the leaders, we choose them. Coz we are the gods.

God won’t interfere with Kim Jong Un and Trump’s pissing contest.

God doesn’t meddle but Lucifer meddles. Hence the concept of selling one’s soul to the devil. It goes like this
Lucifer ain’t a god; hence cannot create; thus uses us (humans/gods) gods in flesh to create. Evil & Nefarious.

The gods are great but people are greater
For it is in their hearts that gods are born

Old cosmologies, symbol systems and religions are the products of humans’ own creativity; God just approves by putting a stamp on the current unanimous worldly zeitgeist.

Mat 18:18 “Assuredly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

And zeitgeists do change. Abrahamic Religions just happen to be the main current Zeitgeist.

As above so below. What's bound on earth is bound in heaven

No ‘new’ is as good, as the ‘old’
For ‘old’ is all, but, there to gage
In bazaars of ‘now’, still past is sold.

There are only two options. Either Become CHRIST conscious or join the Illuminati

The awakening of consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind.
If by binding something on earth it gets bound in heaven, then there’s so much we could achieve together but ‘together’ is a word we miss in our socialisation, hence the purpose of wokenisation.
Romans 11.17 – Try to do what everyone considers to be good.
Being woke means an analogy as much as coming out of slumber if we fail to realize that we are the true gods.



There is no term more ubiquitous, obnoxious, and self-serving in our current lexicon as “woke.” Woke is safety-pin politics, masturbatory symbolism, and virtue signalling of a deflated civil society insulated by algorithms, filter bubbles, and Google Chrome extensions that replace pictures of Donald Trump with Pinterest recipes.
Woke is a misnomer —— it’s actually asleep and myopic. Woke is a safe space for the easily distracted and defensive pop culture inbred. Woke is the average millenial curled up in a fetal ball scribbling think pieces about Konza City and Game of Thrones while its rights get trampled by ascendent fascism, domestically and globally.

The main reason the Pope doesn’t want to acknowledge that we are gods is not to precipitate a “The People vs. The Gods” debate but because he is against anthropocentrism.

“Modern anthropocentrism has paradoxically ended up prizing technical thought over reality, since “the technological mind sees nature as an insensate order, as a cold body of facts, as a mere ‘given’, as an object of utility, as a material to be hammered into useful shape; it views the cosmos similarly as a mere ‘space’ into which objects can be thrown with complete indifference.”

“The intrinsic dignity of the world is thus compromised. When human beings fail to find their true place in this world, they misunderstand themselves and end up acting against themselves.”

“Yes we have unique capacities of knowledge, will, freedom and responsibility but we shouldn’t be anthropocentric. Since a misguided anthropocentrism would yield to biocentrism which would entail adding yet another imbalance, failing to solve present problems and adding new ones. A misguided anthropocentrism leads to a misguided lifestyle.”

“When human beings place themselves at the centre, they give absolute priority to immediate interests.”

According to the Holy Father,

“the best way to restore men and women to their rightful place, putting an end to their claim to absolute dominion over the earth, is to speak once more of the figure of a father who creates and who alone owns the world. Otherwise, human beings will always try to impose their own laws and interests on reality.”

the science of Laudato si’ is watertight. He intentionally left a few lose ends for you to fill in the blanks and decide whether to tighten or loosen further the ends.
By being against tyrannical anthropocentrism, is the Pope endorsing the thought of evolution without really endorsing it? You feel me?.
I mean Laudato Si provides a blank check of sorts to anyone willing to play the role of the tough talking straight shooter.
Am more than glad to do that

Climate Change Vs. Global Warming
Fossil Fuels vs. Plastics
Deforestation vs. Endangered Species

Global warming is not real. Climate change is, and that’s because the earth goes in cycles every few hundred years. If it is real it should be put under climate change. Fuck this duplicity.

Global warming obfuscates climate change.
Plastics obfuscate fossil fuels
Endangered species obfuscate deforestation.

one way to disarm a dangerous idea is to give it a non-threatening euphemism.
This is what is happening right now. The elite or whoever control the world won’t allow Capitalism to fail. Every solution to the world’s mess is economically insensible. So they use diversionary techniques. Make you talk about Global Warming instead of Climate Change, Plastics instead of Fossil Fuels and endangered species instead of deforestation.

one way to disarm a dangerous idea is to give it a non-threatening euphemism.

Does the scientific community, NASA and the world Elite have something to hide about our existence? Absolutely! sooner or later you might realize even reality is make believe

Pope Francis tells us :

  “Considering all the available information and of calling things by their name. It sometimes happens that complete information is not put on the table; a selection is made on the basis of particular interests, be they politico-economic or ideological. This makes it difficult to reach a balanced and prudent judgement on different questions, one which takes into account all the pertinent variables.”

All humans are susceptible to the “Illusion of Truth” effect – The more we hear something, the more we believe it’s true.

Global warming is not real. Climate change is, and that’s because the earth goes in cycles every few hundred years. If at all it is real, it should be put under climate change. Climate change can result from position of continents, axis tilt; orbit ellipticity, and precession, HOWEVER. Those processes take… Thousands and thousands of years and can’t explain the current state of rapid warming. That’s why people are calling it global warming.

Many tend to forget about the worst once the good times return, however briefly.

We romanticize summer so much in the winter. That time the heat? The smells? The scorching sun?

In the wet months you forget about global warming.. You even joke that the world is too wet it needs to be put in rice… But when its dry and hot you start your empty anti eco snobbery rhetoric

I honestly don’t care. Not in a bad way. I just don’t have room in my heart for endangered species and all that other bull. Only elephants. No need bullshitting around. Mahn too much new age bullshit hypocrisy.

Let me tell you about endangered species, all right? Saving
endangered species is just one more arrogant attempt by humans to control
nature. It’s arrogant meddling. It’s what got us in trouble in the first
place. Doesn’t anybody understand that? Interfering with nature. Over
90%, way over 90% of all the species that have ever lived on this planet,
ever lived, are gone. They’re extinct. We didn’t kill them all. They
just disappeared. That’s what nature does. We’re so self-important, so
self-important. Everybody is going to save something now. Save the
trees, save the bees, save the whales, save those snails. And the
greatest arrogance of all, save the planet. What?

I’m tired of these self-righteous environmentalists, these middle-class
‘Woke’ baby boomers who think the only thing wrong with this country is
there aren’t enough Half marathons, people trying to make the world safe
for their Toyotas. There is nothing wrong with the planet. Nothing wrong
with the planet. The planet is fine. The people are (fucked) —
difference, difference. The planet is fine. Compared to the people, the
planet is doing great. It’s been here four and a half billion years. Did
you ever think about the arithmetic? The planet has been here four and a
half billion years. We’ve only been engaged in heavy industry for a
little more than 200 years.

Two hundred years versus four and a half billion, and we have the
conceit to think that somehow we’re a threat, that somehow we’re going to
put in jeopardy this beautiful little blue-green ball that’s just
a-floatin’ around the sun? The planet has been through a lot worse than
us, been through all kinds of things worse than us, been through
earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, continental drift, solar flares,
sunspots, magnetic storms, the magnetic reversal of the poles, hundreds of
thousands of years of bombardment by comets and asteroids and meteors,
worldwide floods, tidal waves, worldwide fires, erosion, cosmic rays,
recurring ice ages, and we think some plastic bags and some aluminum cans
are going to make a difference? The planet isn’t going anywhere. We are!
We’re going away.

These things had to go
The world only had room for the African Elephant
Leave the polar bears alone. Its their turn to evolve.
The most conscious are the gods.

The universe is a beautiful woman. Choosy. And it chose us, mammals over reptiles. Mega reptiles (dinosaurs) went into extinction for mammals to thrive. The universe chose mammals because it knew that only mammals had the right ingredients (love for young ones, breastfeeding, internal fertilization) for springing up a being so high in intelligence and intricacy. A being who was able to find the earth’s clitoris and make her cum. Man. Its our turn now. The best we could ask of the universe is 10 million years unchecked by other species.


“Sobriety and humility were not favourably regarded in the last century”

We’re going away. Pack your shit, folks. We’re going away. And we won’t leave much of a trace, either. Maybe a little Styrofoam … The planet’ll be here and we’ll be long gone. Just another failed mutation. Just another closed-end biological mistake. An evolutionary cul-de-sac. The planet’ll shake us off like a bad case of fleas.

The planet will be here for a long, long, LONG time after we’re gone, and it will heal itself, it will cleanse itself, ’cause that’s what it does. It’s a self-correcting system. The air and the water will recover, the earth will be renewed. And if it’s true that plastic is not degradable, well, the planet will simply incorporate plastic into a new paradigm: the earth plus plastic. The earth doesn’t share our prejudice toward plastic. Plastic came out of the earth. The earth probably sees plastic as just another one of its children. Could be the only reason the earth allowed us to be spawned from it in the first place. It wanted plastic for itself. Didn’t know how to make it. Needed us. Could be the answer to our age-old egocentric philosophical question, “Why are we here?”

Plastic… asshole.

“Doomsday predictions can no longer be met with irony or disdain. We may well be leaving to coming generations debris, desolation and filth. The pace of consumption, waste and environmental change had so stretched the planet’s capacity that our contemporary lifestyle, as unsustainable as it is, can only precipitate catastrophes, such as those which even now periodically occur in different areas of the world.”

“Although the post-industrialist period may well be remembered as one of the most irresponsible in history, nonetheless there is reason to hope that humanity at the dawn of the twenty-first century will be remembered for having generously shouldered its grave responsibilities.” 😂 😂

“When nature is viewed solely as a source of profit and gain, this had serious consequences for society. The vision of “might is right” has engendered immense inequality, injustice and acts of violence against the majority of humanity, since resources end up in the hands of the first comer of the most powerful : the winner takes all.”

                            ∞∞∞ ∞∞∞

Pope Francis seemingly speaks to Kenya, Nairobi to be specific in Chapter 3 of the encyclical – Human Ecology.
All I could see was Mukuru/ Kibra/ Korogocho/ Mathare/ Baba Dogo/ Dandora and KiaMichael. The populous Eastlands. This area houses over 2.6 million or 60 per cent of the city’s population and its most active workforce.

“Respect for our dignity as human beings often jars with the chaotic realities that people have to endure in city life.”

“It is important that the different parts of a city be well integrated and that those who live there have a sense of the whole, rather than being confined to one neighborhood and failing to see the larger city as space which they share with others.”

This is very true mahn. In Kibra, the young and old are equal in hopelessness. Kibera, Mathare and Kangemi are a ticking time bomb. Just one mistake in the heights of Charles Taylor could lead to the biggest pogrom in Africa’s history.

“I will do whatever he asks,” said one supporter, 50-year-old Polycarp Orinda, a resident of Kibera slums.

“I will go to the streets if he wants us to go there.” – AFP

These people have no hope. Don’t judge them for blindly supporting the only person selling them hope. If you’ve got hope, own your privilege but don’t judge and favour favour the killing of the less privileged.
Brilliant minds are fading away in these slums.
Its fucked up coz they’ve got no friends/ relatives in high positions.

“There is also a need to protect those common areas, visual landmarks and urban landscapes which increase our sense of belonging, of rootedness, of ‘feeling at home’ within a city which includes us and brings us together.”

The African capital city looks like any other in the world, with all the edifices of power and wealth—extravagant presidential mansions, resplendent parliament buildings, ornate courthouses and a skyscraper or two. But its concrete solidity is deceptive.

If it were to vanish in an instant, society would not lose much. It has no treasure troves of art and artefacts, or architectural heritage like the Forbidden City, the Taj Mahal and the Sydney Opera House, and cultural life like Broadway or the Rio Carnival which are woven into our identity. In Nairobi what else brings people together other than that K’Ogalo mascot the Tom Mboya statue? That amusement PARK they call the Parliament? Or the Jevanjee smoking zone perhaps. Or Uhuru Park ?
Wangari Maathai was beaten up and her dreadlocks cut through pulling coz she stood against those sick heads who wanted to turn Uhuru Park into some Prime Real Estate.

The vast majority of the African city’s residents have no stake, no property and perhaps most importantly, no social status.

Long ago, Nairobi used to be dismissed in travel brochures as a go-go city without a soul. Well that was better.
Nairobi is now the garbage city in the sun.
It is now filled with thieves, rogue matatus, smoke and slums upon slums, Chakula imelala ya Spur, broke reckless teens, hopeless debauchery leading to 25 and over clubs. Its a hopeless mess.

Oh, I forgot, and street children have quadrupled. Its like Kidero poured them there. (Thank God he’s out btw.)

They accost you on Kenyatta Avenue, the city’s premier boulevard that cuts through the middle of the city. They play hide and seek along Mama Ngina Street. Mama Ngina Street was once the cleanest, best-organised human-friendly street in the city.

Pope Francis says

“We were not meant to be inundated by cement, asphalt, glass and metal, and deprived of physical contact with nature.”

Mahn I couldn’t agree more

The Penalties of Urban living in the 21st Century

Early Stages of Madness

The urban dweller, unlike his country counterpart, is subjected to constant and very fast changes of the physical environment. Obviously the body, especially the brain, has to adjust to these changes as fast as they occur in order to keep the individual in a balanced state of mind. The human brain, being the wonderful organ it is, is normally able to cope with these changes for a whole lifetime without an individual showing any major change in his state of mind.
Independent tests on 10000 dead adult urban dwellers and on the same number of country dweller show, however, distinct, signs of wear and tear on the brain tissues which, had the individual lived to a certain age could have resulted in total madness. There is, however a pronounced absence of these signs in the country dweller.

Every so called skate zone/ skate park is crowded asf.
You can’t skate in Kasa if you’re not part of a crew/ gang. You either learn their handshakes/ gang signs or bounce to Panari and skate with the rich kids. Even worse, pay fare to That skatepark behind Nairobi School (Shangilia Skatepark). Or if you’ve got brass bollocks and no brains go skate on Muindi Mbingu Street then we’ll pay for your kanjo fine or you get knocked by a matatu. Mahn fuck Nairobi. In Naks I can skate anywhere. Wherever whenever I want to.

Nakuru though. We built this town. Planned it, Even though Moi heavily interfered with Nakuru Politics, at least the town has a soul. It is super lit as far as I am concerned. Town organization, specific matatu zones, less cartels, specific street kids zones, More ass, booty to look at, less snobbery, you can trust absolutely anyone in Nakuru, less thugs… Zero thugs, healthy rich-poor balance, organized slums. More chill spots.

“We were not meant to be inundated by cement, asphalt, glass and metal, and deprived of physical contact with nature.”

Nakuru niggas are running out of stuff to diss Nairobi with coz we recently started living in a glass house.. Throwing stones wouldn’t be a good idea.

Since late last year, Northern Nakuru was gripped with what is the biggest Mosquito infestation in Nakuru history.
The mosquitoes were so vicious and they came in millions you’d think Nakuru was Kisumu.

The sophisticated 21st century mosquito. Mosquitoes not native to a land tend to be the most ferocious. The Nakuru mosquitoes for instance. Kenya’s once transition safe heaven now dangerously infested by these nuisance insects. Hazard recipe.

Let’s say there was a plasmodium epidemic.. 90 % of the kids not sleeping under nets would die.

Mosquitoes are a human reflection

They ingest on our DNA

I fucking hate mosquitoes. I mean, I know I am delicious, but I don’t give out free samples

👊 I am always thinking who and why this blood sucking creatures exist and for what purpose 😉

From where i am sitting, the mosquito epidemic could only be due to climate change.

The real climate change is happening in Nakuru.
From 2004 – 2010 it was steady but from 2010 – 2017 it has become rapid.

I have witnessed close to 40% of the outer town Nakuru forest population get lost. And the indifference to it sucks.

In Nakuru, the planting season has drastically shifted from February to April. Rainfall dependent farmers now begin planting in April, let that sink in. Next, farmers will begin planting in August. And it ain’t funny.

The only town left with sane & better weather is Eldoret. So it wins. It wins in everything apart from swag. The only major Kenyan town with no swag.
But a better climate is better than swag.

Climate change sucks mahn Mosquitoes in Nakuru. Nakuru of all places who would’ve ever thought

Now Eldoret is cooler than Nakuru, literally.

All these things are caused by institutionalized greed.

“Corrupted behavior is directly related to environmental deterioration.” – Francis

The root cause is quitting the laws of nature and assuming the laws of man.
They overbuilt, put nature to the test. If you’re in tune with nature like the Hopis, the balance of life, the harmony of nature, if you understand that, you don’t overbuild, you don’t do all these moron stuff. Its a symphony, everybody is in the band.

Francis asks “what the commandment ‘Thou shall not kill’ means when ‘twenty percent of the world’s population consumes resources at a rate that robs the poor nations and future generations of what they need to survive.'”

Yet climate change poses an existential threat to us in Africa. Although the continent produces two per cent of the annual greenhouse gas emissions, it is expected to bear the brunt of the negative effects of climate change and global warming. 

“The time has come to accept decreased growth in some parts of the world, in order to provide resources for other places to experience healthy growth.”

And as the French say, noblesse oblige. Those in a position of privilege must accept the responsibility that comes with that privilege. 

China, the world’s biggest polluter, what a sleazy definition. Its like that guy who persistently farts in class. Magnanimously ignominious to be precise.

America the second-largest polluter in the world, it has, over the years, emitted more planet-warming carbon dioxide than any other country. Their religion is capitalism. A focus on profit.

“Where profits alone count, there can be no thinking about the rhythms of nature, its phases of decay and regeneration, or the complexity of ecosystems which may be gravely upset by human intervention.”

“Whenever these questions are raised, some react by accusing others of irrationally attempting to stand in the way of progress and human development.”

There is no solution that wouldn’t plunge us back into 1850s living standards and vastly cripple our economy.

When one man is happy, another man is sad, as The Manhattans sang in the famous 1973 golden oldie album, There’s No Me Without You.

“Many things have to change course, but it is we human beings above all who need to change. We lack an awareness of our common origin, of our mutual belonging, and of a future to be shared with everyone. This basic awareness would enable the development of new convictions, attitudes and forms of life. A great cultural, spiritual and educational challenge stands before us, and it will demand that we set out on the path of renewal.”

“In the absence of objective truths or sound principles other than the satisfaction our own desires and immediate needs that limits can be placed on human trafficking, organized crime, the drug trade, commerce in blood diamonds and the fur of endangered species?”

one can also hear some yawns in the audience. Sorry I tricked you into reading this long ass post.

To sum all this shit up I think what the Pope is Tryna tell us is to live by the Golden Rule.


The existence of pain, death, thought, and emotion solidify the Golden Rule as primary, and all others as mere commentary.
If you don’t live by the Golden Rule you’re full of shit; The Lord sees through bullshit.

It would be so unfair for God to interfere with human life..


Blessings are there .. In other words they are known as karma.. But God doesn’t interfere with human life.


We are the shapers of our own reality. Ever since Jesus, The days of God meddling came to an end.

The all time homerun king

If you pray….. I already said that.

Kendrick Lamar categorically stated, “What happens on earth stays on earth” The universe is autonomous and self serving. Every wrong you do gets punished in your lifetime & every good deed you do gets rewarded in your lifetime. Nothing but your heart gets carried to the proverbial Rubicon. Lesser souls perhaps get thrown into the abyss

Nemesis, goddess of moderation, not of vengeance, is watching. She chastises, ruthlessly, all those who go beyond the limit.

“Truly, much can be done!” ~ His Holiness Pope Francis.

Ignore me and get the encyclical. Read it.

Twitter : @mighty_leny

Mojo IV


I said fuck God
I said fuck God coz I felt like he was using me as an experiment.
“Let’s take his dad and see how he’ll fair and turn out.”
Like why did He take my dad?
I was in a dark place Ya Bish
You took my papa; Now you’ll be my papa
I won’t allow you to go deadbeat on me
I make excellent mistakes
Water which is too pure has no fish
Poor kid among rich kids
Bitcoin among vultural Federal Banks
Fuck your bureaucrat dad and bring that wallet.
Otherwise not commanded but covertly taken
Unhealthy sense of entitlement
Addicted to my mother’s love
Am so Sorry if am mother fixated
Its a bad feeling not knowing what’s important
I needed a dad to drum it in.
2 PAC – You need a dad to show you where your manhood is
Amina told me that am A bad poet
Coz am unconscious where I ought to be conscious,
And conscious where I ought to be unconscious. It makes me ‘personal.’
I wish she never told me
Now I’ll be more personal than ever
don’t ever believe in your own hype.
Am personal coz my intent is to make you take this personally
infuriating some, inspiring some
If you get offended you’re guilty
Do not bleed before you’re wounded

My genes and my upbringing make me resist the pecking order
Resistant to being the bottom feeder
Even though am a lazy muhficka
God bless my mummy
Her 40s rejuvenation is happening
Midlife clarity
The guilt I feel for spending her money on girls
Mum inculcated an ability to remain rooted in thy self.
Most generous woman
Beyond amazing
Approaching saint status

Knew that Colonel chic with sweet ass cheeks was cuffed
Mama used to gas me up that I’d be as tall as Miguna or Colonel Mustafa

Why you brother me when you know you got a brother

Dear Mumbi, I fell in love with your gay side
Vanessa’s Dichotomy
Her cats and pips is aight but
I want her gay side
LG yangu imeBeaT
You know you’ve actually made it when Louis Franchesci mentions you in an article
Prompts you to change your name to VannéSir
I’ll be as corny as I want coz I like you.
By that pool
She had her clothes on
And she still gave me a sizeable boner
The human body remains to be the most controversial piece of art yet.
I’m probably not trying to seduce you this is just a side effect of being myself

Shyla mocking me that I ain’t getting money
Doing it for the honey not the money
The Dopamine. If the money comes well and good.
Only impure minds would forego the spiritual reward for a financial one
And the penny drops in shit
Penny dreadful
I refuse to die in the hands of a bureaucrat.
I pay that bureaucratic know nothing his salary
Like do people intentionally go to University to study on becoming bureaucrats.
People matter more than money,
Money doesn’t corrupt a person, people corrupt money

Nothing changes if we keep playing safe
Dick caveat
Caution to her windpipe
Only an algorithm can beat me in chess
There is no modesty in chess. If I am good I am good.
No toning my achievements down.
Am so good that I don’t even fear being cocky coz am craving being humbled
Perhaps am not a true Stoic
Stoics ejaculate without experiencing pleasure
Too much ego and not enough soul.
My ego is bigger than my dick
The absurdity of the sentence speaks for me

In a world where the parameters of being male enough are measured by how alcohol tolerant you are.
I’d rather take Ethiopian Kush
Weed free 2017
3 Muskebeers: Faxe, Old Monk & Coconut
Shots to kill her with salt and lime
Manze peer pressure tuwache
There’s no difference pragmatically between
You wanna get high? & Lets get high
Catch 22 at its best
Backwoods and weed, issa date
Not touched kush in 2017
But my perceptions still matter
In no particular order
No honour in borrowing weed and condoms.
Weird is not illegal
Weed is illegal
Weed will buy you some time when depressed
These animals we call people
Humans converting chocolate’s colour from brown to royal purple.
They made purple kush
Naah mahn.. Kush ain’t supposed to be purple.
Weed strains are a social construct
Drugs are like shoes, everyone needs them but they don’t always fit.
Reality is just a crutch for people who can’t cope with drugs
Fuck is you saying old fool.. Drugs and Gangs are cool asf. I dont see how you can hate from outside of the club, You can’t even get in! HAHAHA! Leggo

Team mamoshi
Hell always tastes like heaven, at first
Pregnant Pause

My littest coolest friends are smokers
Cigarette eccentricities
Since I can’t change them
I find delight in roasting them
Me and my polemics
Italians consider it courteous not to complete a cigarette
Smoke it to half; throw it away
Kenyans smoke even the filter
Learn some courtesy Haha
Extraterrestrial ItAliens
Tried smoking once
Nearly coughed my lungs out
Cigarettes are meant for after sex
Heck cigarettes are currensy in prison
Just leave the smokers alone
Nothing you do will make them quit
In fact they get their eccentricities from the cigarette
Hell always tastes like heaven at first.

Opening The Gates of Hell
As hot as Puckered fat lips
Biwott and Kivuitu, the Dukes of Hell
Hell begins on the day when God grants us a clear vision of all that we might have achieved.
Kinda stupid how you react under pressure
Cannibals eating vegans as vegetables in hell
Selena Gourmet Steph acapella
Vegan rock star putting on leather
Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo
A string of infinite finites
Racist Jewish Orchestra artist Ziolinist
Devil is in the details of course
Niccolo Machiavelli
no offence but fuck you if you litter
You’re going to hell with the rapists
No motive in rape cases
Cui Boner?
Brut Faberge
These kuyo chics with their warugasm
Am spelling Bs in Di Car
I am porn again
The Stripper Pope
I DJ you twerk
Twerking to dubstep poisons the soul
Sorry for the invectives Lord
House EDM artists and their weird names
Anonymous proxies in the deep web
Being killed by a secario is a compliment.
Omnium-gatherum Oniomania unanimous anonymous animus Give us the onium to fuck Tha police before they are fucked in hell

Winter is here
Game of Thrones’ fans can gobble deez nuts
J Cole’s fans can fondle my balls
Beyonce fans will get a pass
Game of Thrones’ fans used to shit all over the house when they were kids
Outchea forcing people to Imagine Dragons
Shitting bricks enough to build a house
Syncretism is worshipping Yoncé with the same fervour as that you give your God
Choose one
It makes you a Rumipithecus Sir
Dissecting this shit
Call me Shawn Cutlery.
Speaking of The Carters
Muthamaks is richer than Beyonce and Jay Z combined
While you’re at it fighting for Uthamakistan
With one of your ass cheeks deflated by inflation
Uhuru is richer than Dr. Dre & Diddy combined
These fuckers ain’t even in our generation
Its arrogant to think that August 9th exists
If we experience violence in these polls
We’ll have fucked the annals of History
And that’s not fair to History
Especially since History is a man.

No rubber No Ride
This subliminal condom product placement ain’t working
Look at Usher
Gonna start making it glaring
Institutionalized virtues
Institutionalized wearing of condoms
Niggas suddenly assume that skank pussy melts condoms
Would rather bang random chics @ a party raw
But when it comes to hookers
They suddenly remember latex
Newsflash my nigga..
Hookers use PEP Drugs
Gone are the days when hookers had unhealthy pussy
They are perhaps more skilled in pussy care than your WCW
Friendships break, relationships break
Only when it comes to hookers do niggas suddenly remember that condoms break too
Those Salgaa hookers are so temptingly hot
Devil is in the details
Mahn.. They would so pass as normal chics during the day
Especially those pretty brown skin skanks
Mahn those pretty brown skin skanks can gerrit
In a topsy turvy universe perhaps
Throwing banana peels on a tiled floor is a hazard
Throwing slimy condoms on any floor is a hazard
Condom product placement
Institutionalised wearing of condoms

Looks are secondary to performance
If she flirts with every nigga
That’s a no no
Its like me and scalding hot showers
In my head I be like
They passing her around like a blunt
The blunt finally reaches me with saliva on it
If I were a girl one thing I’d avoid
Always being the divisive factor
That shit never works on Alpha males who stick to the code
A whole army of trill niggas
Bros before hoes
Trying to hit it with all my niggas is messy
It doesn’t divide us if that was your intent
Wouldn’t let a stupid bitch kill my mojo
Cut it Cut it Cut it Cut it Cut it
That girl is way too messy you need to cut it.
Agoraphobic to largess pussy
I’m good, thanks
Am always incognito pussyblocking my niggas
They know how disappointed I would be if they shagged skanks
That’s inclination for respect
Respect for themselves and an incognito respect for me
Mahn, skanks can be 10’s too
From where am sitting thats
Scraping the bottom of the pudding cup

My nigga Alex with the rarest fetish
Nigga has a subconscious hair fetish
He Never even knew he had it
Till my quasi pseudo psychologist fired ass told him so
This nigga is Old Testament when describing a woman’s hair
Nigga dated for four years mahn
You bet that Chic’s hair…
My man gives me insights on condoms
Couples don’t use condoms
Its all about trust & respect
Niggas date for raw sex
That’s rich.
Perhaps I need to grow up and get a girlfriend

I need Kimaru baby to spice up my Mojo
Back when she was a petrol head
That shit was so sexy
Don’t roll your eyes
If I could follow her twice
So she knows how badly I like her
Send me your location baby
Beauty that helps me increase my sanity
Decrease my sanity God forbid
Or boost your self esteem
the king conquers the world
he conquers everything,
or so it it may seem;
then he meets an invincible force,
when he finds his queen
A man’s conscience is malleable
It can be reshaped
What is a queen without her king?
I don’t know but let’s ask
Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, Sammuramat, Victoria, Elizabeth, Amina, Tzu-hsi
Amina castrated males after fucking.
A concept. I wanted to paint that shit

Legend of Sika, a rose personified
Flowers are okay
But she’d rather you
Pin her against the wall
In the dark
And personally
Deliver a bouquet
Of chills and shivers
Armchair sexer
Its the thought that counts
Hashtag #Mojo
I could be a virgin for all you care
Pinning floozies to the wall
Don’t give it all up for these bimbos you don’t even love
Only someone who doesn’t love you would diss you for not knowing how to pin her on the wall
That shit only happens in movies
Unless you wanna teach me
Niggas always the first to pull the love card when cornered
Am guilty

Play pussy get fucked
Play ass get fucked too
Digging your ass girl
That’s a double entendre
You say truffle butter like its a bad thing
Truffle butter makes her ass get fatter
That’s equivocal
You say ‘butt-slut’ like its a bad thing
A rosebud by any other name would smell as sweet…
Lana Del Ray looks like the type of chic who is intensely addicted to anal
Newsflash: However dirty the sex is its still sacred
There are consequences for bending natural law.
Like Sexually Transmitted Demons
Double standard logic rising above double standard logic
Everybody wants to draw the line,
But nobody is sober enough to draw it straight.
Don’t perform rusty trombone on me
Don’t even explore my prostrate
Lest I get addicted to the intense pleasure
Who’ll serve these pleasures after you’re gone
Girl’s preoccupation with male ass
You couldn’t stop her if you tried
Lest you get blue balled
Nothing more than a pinky finger
If she does it then most girls do it
Double standard logic rising against double standard logic
Poetry so bad it makes Dangote cry
Who the fuck is Dangote anyway
Madness is a Muse

There is a wisdom that is wealth but there is a wealth that is madness
“Heaven-sent madness is superior to man-made sanity.” – Plato
One persons craziness is another persons reality
artists & creative finessing depression and madness
You’re not actually gonna blame people without guns for losing a war. Are you?
The poison cheaper than the cure
Every love story is a tragedy if you wait long enough

Is it July yet?
He committed suicide by driving his Alfa Romeo down a cliff
Its May and my Speares are Shaking
Speary Trigger happy like Mercutio
See what i just did there? Yes? No? Okay. 😐
Chester Bennington hanged himself
Its so painful
To the neck
And to our hearts
As if it wasn’t evident in his music
Firewood begets ashes
As obvious as
Poop sliding on the windscreen
Anyone not prepared to die does not deserve to live
that awkward moment between birth and death
Hope them 20 something’s don’t kill me
Fuck living rich and dying broke
Alexander McQueen hanged himself too mahn
Six Figures under
Raincheck that

Box logos Boxers
Supreme box Chevy’s
All these boxes but I only want yours
I donno why I keep going back to her arms
Its like a dog returning to its vomit
Clinging to a mistake coz I spent a lot of time making it
She kinda took advantage of my rookie days
Back when I had zero game
She kinda took advantage of those days mahn
Not that my game has improved
We were both from different worlds
The unity of opposites
no girl might be able to bung the hole left by her
So I think
Being 3 years older than him doesn’t make you a cougar
Fucking rich old men with expensive watches
Longines Rolex Michael Kors & Mobutu Sese Seiko

Drinking blood from a human skull
“Being woke ain’t enough nigga. You gotta GET OUTTA BED.”
Gentlemen don’t hold pens, we wield swords. And swords get rusty if not used.
Certified Gentleman. Put a stamp on it.
Even though I release the pain with a pen
Your inner Child IS your Highest Self.
Thy ego doesn’t allow space for jealousy
Force of habit
Habit is overcome by habit
Please let me find euphoria
Closing ranks
Today prepares for tomorrow to ruin
At my inflection point
MIA SAN MIA We Are Who We Are
I don’t bake sale
Bonding over nyama choma builds character
People telling me to watch my language
I say fuck that
Mojo is a phase that will pass
Don’t mess up my stupid
Immah Give it to y’all same old raw.
No need to censor my shit
So, how I can no longer try to sound like an eclectic.
Little son of bitch.
It glares it ugly head
Axis of hysteria
Complicated isn’t always better
Come to Kenya for Christmas Kaiti
Hottest foreign chic I know
If Lucas could kill
The Caucacity
No such thing as good guys. They’re just guys
Adios my brothers
Be young & dumb. Be young & live.
Welcome to Stoicville
Don’t shoot the messenger
Lull it over
Lenny, Plug


Mojo III


I just wanna reach CHRIST conscious yo.
Blaze of glory
I wanna be Nikola Tesla woke
Heck.. I wanna be Medusa woke
Nigga with the most balanced Yin & Yang
Shihtzu feng shui
Pain of rebirth cosmic bullshit
Eating carrots coz it gives you tunnel vision
I can get away with saying shit coz its poetry
So scared that peeps see through my fugazi deep
Are you down to clown turn that frown upside down
I don’t have the patience for practical jokes
Really working on being woke
Am feeling Sensei
Photoshopped myself on TIME magazine
Inserts “Senior TED Fellow” in my bio
Thirsty under thirty
Caliburn Ng’ang’a my good friend
Thirstiest Nigga alive
Mi najibamba jo
Debauchery everywhere
The church in bed with the government
A licentious relationship; To preserve the cherry flower they use the back door
The government after finishing his business spits in the church’s anus
So much for arbitrary talks
Debauchery everywhere
Conjug eeked up gated community but
We don’t discriminate
Base hate for sleazes, skanks and Lickspittle sheeple
Fucking the professor for upper credits
Ultralight Dean
Father stretch my arse (her)
I won’t say her name
I guess a sleaze is the male equal of a skank
I prefer comfortable silence to forced conversations
Am many things but I ain’t thirsty
All the pussy I let bounce past me
Coz of my inconsistency and ego
The miaows turned into roars
And the sloth watched as poverty crept in
Popcorn in hand doing nothing
Like the universe owed him
The world is filled with stuff that enforces pride
Tried to kill it
Keeps coming back
Like an iterating allergy
Bounced back like a boomerang thrown in the metro
You can’t iconoclast eccentricity
Christians hijacking Muslim holidays to continue with debauchery
Weekend extended
We really are the pits
Drinking dry concentrated Old Monk Brandy
Teetotaler but only booze that will touch my lips
That old hermit’s yoni water
Coincidence is a Coward’s rationale.
Nigga why have you veered towards the mundane or the frivolous.
Once upon a time
Kelly Rowland Corrupted my mind
I used to be Intricate than American Gods
Deeper than American Gods
Fire in my blood burning for purpose
The need to carve my name on the world’s flesh
No fucking around break my foot in your ass typa person
More brutal than Indian zealots
Ask Nelson
Institutionalized virtues
My brain.exe has stopped working
Humble in a way that says my humility makes me better than you👎🏽👎🏽
nothing youth wouldn’t fix.
The prosecution rests

Just need a girl that really understands me
Fit for a king
Blood.. Soul.. Fear

That Vanessa and Buda love
My Idil type of woman
hooyatha cuun
If I had such a girl,
I’d shag her brains out
Then I got such a girl
Prettiest woman
Prettiest lies
Really don’t get these girls
She said she needed nuts in her diet,
not tea bagged for breakfast.
A whole brouhaha about nothing
Put her in a blunt and smoked her
Before I could tell her that my dad was a doctor
No Regrets
Its like taking off tight shoes
We’re so young mahn.
Don’t turn the page. Just rip it out.

Her ass was pillowy
Softer than cotton
If you pricked her, marshmallow would ooze out
Squeezing them cheeks like I want lemonade
Shut up and eat the lemon Beyonce
You never know an ass is big till its on your face
That ass was big
Capital letters BIG
Azin Galileo
A man grows with the greatness of his task

“Lenny I don’t want to be in a poem”
Then don’t drop it so good

Outchea defending her
Like how twitter defends avocados
I really ate this app
My ambitions as a writer
In an abusive relationship with these twitter hunnies
Its the curse of great beauty

Spirits up.
Panties down..
She looked like an Egyptian concubine
Big Russian titties
South African thighs
Colombian ass
De Divina Proportione
Rubik’s cube typa ass
Come on, Stick it wherever you want
Occupy all holes
Occupy hole street
Opening doors
Condoms slimy than the walls of a bathroom in a boy’s boarding school.
Cave to my will
Feed my inner demons
Serve my guilty pleasures
He was too broken and she was running out of duct tape.
Empty depression
Blank Ocean
August Angst
Frank Ocean’s vulnerability.

You’re so slippery
Like what does it take to catch you?
That elusive shit is cute till its cute no more
Hot as Venus
Am very literal
Making me look needy
Like its a million dollar pussy
Be her rock but don’t take her shit
There’s a difference between a rock and a toilet bowl
One’s Terra Firma while the other’s Terra Cotta

Look what we’ve got here.
A social experiment for the nigga who never begs
Fuck your lickspittle connections
I’ll get that job
I’ll turn out aight
Just gotta sieve the bullshit
Connections & Bribes Kitu Gani.
Kaa nayo.
Gotta despise these human prisons
My ancestors would turn if I submit
Bending before breaking
And heck I can bend
Further than a hooker “scrubbing floors”

Corollary superfluous labia
A guy knows
Giving it the (NO FUCKS!) Kevin Gates look
Staring at it like Darth Vader
Vad Nyke
Just do eat
That’s what she said
Rome Ants Gladiators
Glad he ate her

Like an old remote
She begins working that booty after its slapped
Wa Wild thot
Looks @ me and asks
“You like it?”
Has Machine Gun Kelly ever said Nigga?
Naah I’m being coy
Feeling euphoric and shit
Luck, that’s wishful thinking for the weak
Stingy with the ubers but
For her I’d
Loosen the purse strings

What are we?
An us
A fellationship
Pussy haberdashery
Freedom and adventure F.W.B
Mind altering substances ft. You
Generous with material stuff
Selfish with immaterial
You feel me
We could be HEROES
All my friends are bread
Push me the peanut butter
Flibbertigibbet ragtag
She said she misses the old Lenny
Please don’t tempt me
I grew up mahn
Oh yeah ships sail
Individualism stickler
Like shoes you need big ones as you grow
And now I sound like an Adult Stickler

Stentorian husky base ni kama Nimechapa ombitho mbichi
A man unhappy serving his fellow men has a shallow motive
Holy fuck, The joy of being woke
Patience miscreants
Am so fucking busy
Eating what I feed you coz its served right.
Stuck somewhere between being a pussy and not wanting to cause my mama pain
Fuck your quixotic persona
Don’t piss on my tree, DAWG
Bending before breaking
And heck I can bend
Further than a hooker “praying”
Kick Anubis in the nuts if he comes for my sinful soul
Bucket List : Autograph her cleavage with my nut
This shit irks you?
nobody cares babe, go smoke a blunt
Sesquipedalianism is my opponent
All I know is there’s more than I know
Its like a black mirror episode
Nigga stay woke


Zeitgeist #5: Affirmative Action

The Firm baby

Talking about the greatness of Nas and his illmatic album has now become a banal cliché. People’s thick skulls and intransigence of Insisting on Hov just because he made it big as a mogul. SMH. A poet and a mogul walk into a bar. Jay Z vs Nas. The cliché is as worn out as a tyre retread down to its canvas, we only do it because of people like Charlemagne Tha god, Dj Akademiks and Miss Mandii who have the nerve of thinking that BluePrint the album by Jay Z is better than Nas’ It was written. Fucking red herrings. Always bringing up RocNation, Beyonce and TIDAL.

Introspection my nigga. Younaaimean. Introspection. How’d they miss Take it in blood and Affirmative Action. Just because of these two tracks .. It Was Written makes you wonder What did we ever do to deserve Nas. Nigga waxing poetical and philosophical like it’s his first language. How does it feel to be Nas. Without Nas, Oldskool hip hop is nothing.

Though a short lived group, word to Nas for forming The Firm. Matching AZ, Cormega and Foxy Brown, Sensei nigga; something close to this matching in this age would be if Anderson Paak, Quavo and Travis Scott formed a collective. How eccentric would that be, Perhaps more eccentric than if 21 Pilots and Daft Punk ever collaborated.
Even after being in existence for only a year, The Firm are immortalized by their song Affirmative Action. Everything about this jam strikes a note of creepy realism in any true hip hop buff.

Track: Affirmative Action
Genre: Posse-cut Hip Hop
Writters: AZ, Cormega, Nas, Foxy Brown
Production: The Trackmasters

The jam is 21 years old and I’ll say with my chest that this is the most Arresting Hip Hop Classic. This track is going to last forever. You can take that to the bank.

From AZ’s accent, Cormega sounding like Nas, Nas sounding better than Nas you feel me, to the Guitar beat and the beat Climax in Foxy Brown’s verse &; to the Eccentric lyrics; to Foxy Brown stating “They Praise Allah with visions of Gandhi” …. This will be the most remembered Hip Hop track generations to come.

Talk about lyrical maturity that makes the already potent beats and rhymes all the more compelling. I don’t care if its trashy tough-guy talk, what matters is that it strikes a note of creepy realism. Especially its beat.

The song’s beat is extremely mafioso, sounding straight out of Narcos or American Gangster with strings and crescendos, i love it.. It makes my heart sing.
Its a guitar and its impeccable. Its like the Flute in Mask off or The Piano in STILL D.R.E. Word to the Trackmasters mahn. Great beat. Guitars in Hip Hop are so against the grain.. That’s what makes them so eccentric, especially when you find a good rapper to flow with them. Nas for instance.. How he bodied and owned the beat in The Message. But that’s another story. Stringed instruments.. Guitar/ Ukelele/ Nyatiti/ Harps  Anything guitar-like really touches my soul. The Roots could perform this track live on stage very easily.

Nuff said. This is one of the best posse tracks of all time. Its like a baton race from AZ to Cormega to Nas and finally the baddest bitch Foxy Brown.

Foxy Brown’s verse on the jam is the greatest rap verse ever performed by a woman. Puts Eve, Missy Elliot, Lady of Rage and Nicki in introspect. The Bravado and surety in her voice, Damn she’s bad.

She’s bad milk. Milk with pubic hair in it. More than 14 incarcerations. Damn she’s bad. We really gonna act like Foxy’s box wasn’t eaten by Jay Z. So sus to even think about it. Fat lips and everything.

Nas literally having Jay Z for dinner in Ether

Foxy Brown brushing shoulders with Prodigy and Ll Cool J and wanting an equal piece. This is a bad m’fer we’re looking at here. Close to the end of Affirmative Action she says in her refined menacing voice :
THEY PRAISE ALLAH WITH VISIONS OF GANDHI. For a first time listener of the track, this will be the most vivid line you’ll get from the track.

“They praise Allah with visions of Gandhi”. This phrase has stuck in my head even though I can’t seem to assign meaning to it. Its eccentric AF. This just shows you how much Nas’ wisdom was rubbing off on Foxy Brown.

The line inspired an album title. VISIONS OF GANDHI. Visions of Gandhi is the 3rd album from underground hip hop group Jedi Mind Tricks, Greatest form of flattery to Foxy Brown.

The Firm baby.
AZ is not mentioned as one of the big names.. The next guy doesn’t know who AZ is. This nigga has the finest hip hop accent. You should hear him saying “Fettuccine Capone”. You’ll think it some diamond coated punany yet he’s just talking about pasta.

Cormega was in the wrong side of history for falling out with Nas and leaving The Firm. Swept under the rag like the Based curse.

Nuff said. Affirmative Action; Just for this track, The Firm deserve all the gassing. It cuts across everywhere.

Coz of QuietStorm, Mobb Deep are the best rap duo.
Saigon ~ Enemies
Dilated People’s ~ Worst to Worst
Cypress Hill ~ Rap Superstars

Any Hip Hop group but not Wu Tang. Wu Tang clan are overrated. Nothing magical about them. Don’t get me wrong.. Raekwon is great no problem, but Wu Tang Clan is overrated. Rapping well is one thing but choosing beats is another thing that seals. Anyone in this new age who claims to like Wu Tang is a fraud… Anybody who even likes C.R.E.A.M their magnum opus. Trash is a strong word. Let’s just say they chose shitty painful instrumentals.
The best thing that happened to C.R.E.A.M was Boi-1-da.

Boi-1-da really sampled C.R.E.A.M’s chorus like a pro and incorporated it into Pound Cake. The chorus is chopped throughout the song to make a  neither rueful nor celebratory beat. Drake did some poetic justice to the beat considering Jay Z featured on the track. “Cash Flows Everything Around me cream get the money dollar dollar bill yo.” Most sampled line ever.

And you know what, Drake stuck with Boi-1-da ever since. Vultural traits aside, the nigga knows loyalty. That’s a bop.

New Age Rappers. Stick With Your initial Producers. At least make 90% of your music with them.

Trying new sounds… Switched producers. Therein lies the problem. Hopping from producer to producer is Hip Hop harlotry.

Joey Badass couldn’t make his 1999 magic with All Amerikkkan Badass because he kinda abandoned Statik Selektah. Making one track with him. Funny thing, this was the best track on the album. Legendary featuring J. Cole.

Ace Tha Don & Shukid

These guys used to have that ripe demand for respect. Going hard on the beat and everything. I donno where that fire went to.
A hunch would be, they abandoned their producers. Kina Odie on the track na Kevin Grands. You should’ve stuck with ’em mahn. These niggas made underground rap radioworthy.

The thrill of underground rap. You’ll have the most loyal fans.

Shukid & Ace Tha Don had the firmest grip in the kenyan underground rap scene. Filling in big shoes once wore by kina Ukoo Flani Mau Mau & Kalamashaka.
What’s going on niggas.
Savvy choruses, Trashy pop beats, Trappy rap styles is all I’ve been seeing lately.  mainstream, R&B and pop-leaning sounds. Its phony as shit

These niggas sold out bad. I really believed in these niggas. Mahn. The audacity of comparing Ace Tha Don to Royce da 5’9 then the nigga turns around and makes a song like Banana. This ain’t even Hip Hop. Its Kapuka. Sema Homerun ya kusell out. Remember how hurt Rick Ross was when he found out that Birdman’s was fake? Am that hurt.

Grainy, pop-savvy choruses. What’s happening Shukid?
Come on my nigga. crossover sensibilities and radio-friendly hits that’ll be gone tomorrow. Choosing mainstream makes you bottom feeders. How could you trade being underground kings. I still jam to One Day// Say What You Want// Alpha & Light Work by Ace Tha Don. Real music lasts. All that other bullshit is here today and gone tomorrow.

Your departure from the raw, underground tone of your debuts towards mainstream is a faulty gambit. Now look. Barrak Jacuzzi and Steph Kapela bypassing you niggas.

Y’all played around Now Steph Kapela, Anje, Barrak Jacuzzi and Asum Garvey are out to dethrone you.


Steph. Tell your homie on the right (Shukid) to stop selling out

Groovy Hip Hop finally made it to Kenya. The edge that Steph Kapela brings with his original diversity is refreshing asf. Its like balancing R&B and Hip Hop ile style ya Anderson Paak. Its groovy am telling you. Just check out the Nigga’s YouTube. I fancy that Steph Kapela has the freshest Serenades.

I needed something new apart from the usual Ndugu Omolo na Kina Pizzo.
A new rapper. Someone to gas up. Someone to SON these niggas.

Enter Steph Kapela, out all of you other niggas.
All of you other niggas apart from Poppa Don. Poppa Don is the only rapper who stuck to the roots.

Big up to Benady and his Flag 42 cohorts. Keep up the hunger.

Juu ya Hiyo story Wacha niende  nikaone American gods.

Twitter: @mighty_leny

Mojo II


A boy is a man who waits to be called forth
Nawa mikono na utakula na wazee.
Nigga made it to the 2nd floor, 20 now
When I drive immah need a bigger lane
Namastay in your fucking lane
Parentheses around parental paradigms.
No more Teenage angst
Tethers me to a purpose
Running with the big dogs but staying on the porch
Left the monkey business in the zoo.
High density identity
They sleeping on me
The Mustang Stallion is my Spirit Animal
At least that’s what my conscience told me
Why would I argue with my own conscience over the truth
That’s like me telling myself ‘don’t tell me what to do’
Water adopts the shape of its receptacle
In between categories and definitions
Inside every man lives a legion. Thousand versions of himself.
Choose your poison. Mine morphs into a Stallion
Said it with my chest, heck
Said it with my balls in grip
A wolf doesn’t know its a wolf. It just knows its hungry.
Tree in the forest my friend
Two for Teusday
Leaving all the childhood shenanigans
Revealing the layers to my soul
The die has been cast and the Rubicon crossed.
Instagram ghosts
Of Vynils and Polaroids
Superheroes stabbed call it a Justice Leak
Smart but short of social skills.
My perks of being 20
Shangri LA Nerdocrat. Wisdom rocks dude. Perks of being 20.
What’s the point of Brass bollocks and no brains
I hope this feelin’ lasts for fuckin’ ever
A drunk needs a reason to stay sober
Quid pro fucking Quo

Ever since i realised that I have a Stallion’s spirit.
My dumbfounding monumental ego quadrupled
Kneel and Kiss the ring
Summa cum laude cunt
willy nilly.
I’m being extra, is you even enough baby
Am an alpha I have options
I only chose you because am a gentleman
At least I ain’t like the
Punctilious pusillanimous punk pussyfoots who simp over punk pussy
I just wanna slap the bastards
so many pussy niggas around me i’m getting horny 😤

Cute innocent looking girls wearing chokers
a notoriously difficult bunch to pigeonhole,
Am still a canine at heart am a dog. WOOF!
Come to think about it
Those cute innocent looking girls with fat asses be the freakiest.
Ironclad theorem

Do tell

Skrt Skrt
Skirt up
Skit with no panties
Take a peek at this boo 😘
The goddess between your legs
Makes mouths water
savour the delight
Smell her flower
Savour the delight
People never get the flowers while they can still smell em
Ventriloquism coz her thighs pressed against my ears
You don’t speak when you are eating,
Shaven clean
All root hairs plucked out like pages of Exodus from a slave’s Bible
She wish a niggawood
Dick harder than an armadillo
Round peg in the square hole
Wrap it up I might put a son in you
That pussy tight but I’m claustrophobic
Coochie come and coochie go its all the same.. Cunta Kindred
This one’s Cucci, Sporty pussy, Emre cunt
Memento cats; Keepsake pussy
Thrusting momentum pedal to the metal
Made me woke and shit
She gahdamn disgusting, my gawd
I’ve never even seen this part of Pussy town before
That pussy snorts cock deep call it Cunt Cobain
Finer than a winery
Save the coffin spaces
The sex was so bomb she killed him
Mind blowing awesoma

She said she likes punks
Lucky for me
She’s a hot mess wipe your glasses pal
One time she gave me sympathy sex.. Haha
Why mahn. I can’t see the sense, why?
I Stevie wonder why.
Let her know that am dangerous
Literally tear that kitten up
Stallion in a cat
gripping you up fucking and choking you
hindsight is always 20/20
Sometimes it takes the Future just to Ci*errors
Sometimes witches merit saving

Your pussy your rules, I said
You pussy, that’s what she said
She said she hates dominance *type attitude*
Like that counts for something?
Suck it before I dick slap you
Macho machismo masochism
Chattels speak ill of their masters if not fed well
Slutty groans “Oh Lord”
I turn in my Project A-

You can’t play God without being acquainted with the Devil.
Our father who act in hell
The devil’s butthole on the other side of the glory hole
That’s the wrong place to enter
That’s very satanal
That ass structured like a peach
Structure is the doorway into freedom
Carried my Stallion-like behaviours to the 2nd floor
She called it Tomfoolery? Go figure
Its like Ashton Kutcher Buzzin kush and Martini on his Aston Martin, So to speak
Am just playing.. While all good jokes contain true shit.

She pretty and she witty,
More interesting than the Zaire’s Lumumba and Kasavubu fiasco of 1960
Raps better than that Short bad rapper – introverted tailor Lil Uzi Vert
she’s cold as ice, but in the right hands she melts
Its not just something you take, its given
There’s a lot of sharks out there
Ooh, girl, you a blessin’
Her beauty awed the eyes and calmed the soul
Stick around some real feelings might suffice
Sometimes I catch a buzz just to help me picture love
The concept is as depressing as Stanley Tookie Williams life story.
Makes you wanna Pay a little visit to rock bottom

Real Dirt is not under your nails. Its in your soul
I don’t think y’all heard me
They can cut my flesh but not my insides
And now I look stupid when I talk
the mouth betrays the heart.
Boss up lil homie
You don’t see color and want to go back to black and white.
These things Go hand in hand like Panties, fishnets and Shakespeare sonnets
Its simple mathematics
I keep my enemies on the leash capiche
Even a fool can bite the king if he has teeth
Alive is a very broad category, a man with no hands can still be alive
Hate me but respect me
even 👏 though 👏 am 👏 an
Adolf hipster Harry thotter Shitbag Olympian Motherfucker
I’m a bad motherfucker coz the good die young
Life’s a bitch but God forbid the bitch divorce me.
Coz immah go out the same way that I came in
Right by the pussy with nothing on my mind
How come he’s not in counselling?
Am not crazy am a realist. Same difference
This is ice cream for bed wetters. Grade A bullshit
Jinx up nigga the show is over muhfucka

Twitter: @mighty_leny